Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector MODDED


Attract cats by placing food and items in your yard!
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“Playing Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector is as easy as one, two…and that’s it!
Step 1: Place playthings and snacks in your yard.
Step 2: Wait for cats to visit!

Attract cats with food and then watch them romp with your toys! More than 40 varieties of cats—white and black, tabby and calico—might stop by. Rare cats are rumored to roam the neighborhood too, but you’ll need particular items to entice those elusive felines. Each visitor is logged in your Catbook. Become a master kitty collector and fill it up!

You can even make albums of your cat photos, or save them to your device and use them as wallpaper!”

“[Suggested For]
Android OS 11.0 or higher

[Compatible With]
Android OS 4.0 or higher

If you’ve found a bug or have other concerns, please contact our technical support team.

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• Bugs have been fixed.


40 comentarios en "Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector MODDED"

  1. Great app! It’s the perfect idle game for someone who has a busy schedule. I’ve had it for about a year and I still have some cats to discover. The screen size doesn’t adjust to my phone, but I really don’t care. If you’re a fan of cute cats, but don’t have a lot of time, this is perfect! The most I’ve ever spent on this app in one go is probably 5 minutes – which was just to redesign my cat yard and put different toys in. 5/5 stars!

  2. Very cute app. Not really a game, more of a cat-attracting simulator where you buy toys and treats to attract various cats. It’s relaxing, simple, and doesn’t encourage you to waste a bunch of time on it which I like. I had it a couple of years ago when it first came out and loved it. I re-downloaded it and it brought back some good memories. I just wish the app was updated to support larger screen sizes. I have an s22 and there’s a large black bar at the top which is pretty distracting.

  3. I’ve had this game for about 2 weeks and I’m already loving it! I love how simple yet intriguing it is! The cats even give you gifts when they leave if they had a good time! I haven’t seen a single ad or annoying pop-up. One of the currencys, gold fish, is extremely hard to get. But thankfully, it’s still possible to get even without paying! It’s a really low maintenance game, with lots of cute designs! For all those cat-lovers I recommend it! Even if you have a REALLY busy work/school schedule!

  4. I had this game on my previous phone and it was absolutely perfect, very good game. The only reason this isn’t five stars is because it doesn’t adjust screen resolution.. so there’s a large black box at the top. It’s pretty annoying, but the game works perfectly otherwise. Currently uninstalling and reinstalling the game again to see if it works, will update if it does.

  5. instant happiness production upon viewing the game Edit: I’ve nearly 100%ed the game, I’ve gotten every single memento, cat in the catbook, goodie, remodel, and wallpaper… Except one wallpaper which appears to be bugged, I’ve unlocked every other one but it appears this one is not unlockable. Absolute completionist agony, game would be 5 stars if this wasn’t an issue!

  6. A cute time killer. I can’t bring myself to delete it, and have often forgot to come back to it. I started memorizing the cats names and appearances, and was excited to see all of them and some of the rarer visitors. One of the best apps, would love a 2nd one on switch with more things to do. Maybe mini games and all that, playable with the cats you collected, with their varying stats. But you can only use the visiting cats in the games, not just because you collected them. Would be cool.

  7. The cats are so cute. I like being able to rename them and use the camera to take pictures. I also like how some of the cats move when playing. However, there’s no way to back up the game to retrieve my data when switching to a new phone? Very disappointed that I’m going to lose all of my cats that I’ve collected and have to restart with each new device. When installing the game on my new device, it says no saved file found, but there’s no save function in the game. Please add a save function.

  8. Fantastic game. Needs a progress saver. I had a room extension, a different backyard, and nearly every cat on an older phone. I switched to a new phone and was quite disappointed on having to start back at square one. I nearly quit playing altogether. I would LOVE it if that feature was added. I’ll change my review to 5 stars if something is added.

  9. Very simple, relaxing game. My daughter loved it too but when I got a new phone it erased all of my “progress (cats, albums, yard expansions, toys, etc). It didn’t have any option for me to link it to an account first so I could save my progress so I assumed it would somehow magically save it lol But, it did not. Haven’t bothered to play it since then.

  10. noodle dice:

    Love it. Super cute, super easy, and great for people who spend a lot of time on their phone, as its nice to check inbetween switching from one app to another. I wish it was cheaper to convert silver to gold fish, because the expansions take a bit of time, but it doesn’t detract from the quality or enjoyment at all. Lovely lack of intrusive, repetitive, game-breaking ads as well.

  11. It’s a good time killer, to just check in fix some things, re-fill the food bowls, collect gifts etc. Or to spend more time laying out and planning how you wanna decorate your yard and spend your money. The only thing that’d make the game better, in my opinion is being able to play with the cats themselves, being able to use the mementos, or being able to look at other yards. Besides that it’s pretty decent and would recommend to little kids especially.

  12. Bobbi N dice:

    Cute, no pressure game. It’s nice to be able to just check in whenever and see which cats have visited – a nice change from all the intensive hands-on games out there. Only issue I have is that the camera has “dead spots” on the screen that won’t allow me to take an individual picture. They seem to be on the outer sides and towards the bottom. It’s somewhat annoying when I want to capture that adorable face rub and can’t.

  13. I loved this game. I played it long enough to collect ALL the kitties and almost all the mementos. And then it crashed. And kept crashing and kept crashing and neither I nor anyone else could get it to run. I thought it was maybe because I was trying to run it on Android 4.0 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (it runs on my phone) but I just checked the system requirements and that appears not to be the case. I am very sad. I want my kitties back. UPDATE : I got a new tablet. It works now. 5 stars.

  14. K dice:

    A simple and relaxing idle game where you take care of cute cats. It’s very easy to play, only requiring you to fill out a food bowl every few hours and buying new toys for your cats. The ads are non intrusive and completely optional. The only difficulty may come from maxing out the affection of each cat as they appear randomly. At some point, the game runs out of content as you bought everything already. But I’ll be damned if I still come back from time to time.

  15. Goldfish dice:

    Not optimized for newer phones. Stays the same ratio, but at the bottom of the screen, rather than the top (where there is a lot of blank space), and no choice of how to display the game-no settings at all for it; which makes for a rather uncomfortable experience. The game runs fine, its cute and fun; but I can’t give above a 3 because of the poor optimization, as I cant comfortably play the game like this. 5 stars for design though, that goes above and beyond. It’s very charming.

  16. Fun game, i havent found any like it. Not a lot bugs that ive noticed. Very straight forward. You put out different types of food and collect the cats that show up. Each has a unique personality and likes different toys. The longer you play the better it gets. You dont need to spend real money but you can if you want. Honestly its more fulfilling if you dont. Ads are mostly optional. An easy going, fun collecting game.

  17. Priest 2 dice:

    Single greatest achievement of the human race I’d reckon. Absolutely gorgeous graphics and a storyline one could argue is even breathtaking. Each cat has so much personality and it’s fun for the whole family. Edit: I really also love that even the ads aren’t forced in you. The cats will bring you a brochure but it’s your choice to open it. A small feature I’d like is a way to zoom in on a cat’s profile picture in the album, to make it easy to get a reference picture to draw them.

  18. Cute, simple game. Adorable art style. A bit repetitive, but still a rewarding play. I use the term “play” loosely as it is more of a check in from time to time experience. Unfortunately, had to uninstall as it’s camera feature overrode my phone camera allowing me to only take pictures of the in-game view even when the app was closed.

  19. You just feed cats, buy gifts and better food and feed more cats. That might sound boring, but it’s actually nice if you’re feeling stressed. Plus, the music is fun, the graphics are cute, and the special cats you can feed are pretty great. I like the different yard designs and I also really like that special items can be bought over time instead of requiring real money. I’ve played this on and off for several years. It’s a personal favorite.

  20. Intuitive controls, easygoing game! the art is really cute and lacks the necessity of commitment that keeps me from coming back to games like Animal Crossing – the cats are strays, they’re not going to starve if you don’t check the app for a week or month or so. Perfect game for someone like me who forgets things a lot but still cares very much about these virtual creatures!

  21. I love this game. It’s very simple, so not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a collecting game with adorable animations, this is perfect. I thought I’d get bored but there’s enough things to collect that I’m still coming back. Best of all no ads so its truly relaxing. My only complaint is the “camera” doesn’t center correctly on a lot of the rare cats so their heads are cut off.

  22. The whole game is really good! It’s ad free unless you click on an add! The cats are super cute too, but i’m having a bug in the enter password area. The word is “snatch”, and i put it in, but it said that it was incorrect. I triple checked to make sure it was spelled correctly, but it kept saying it failed. I hope you fix this issue soon, so i can get my daily awards!

  23. I’ve been playing this game for years and I love it. There haven’t been any real updates in a while though. I have to wonder if the update/crashing/no response to customer concerns is an attempt to force us to start over (possibly getting people to use real money on fish). Lucky for me, we found a way to back up my data when I switched phones, so I won’t lose years worth of progress if I decide to continue playing. Not sure if I will bother though.

  24. I’ve been playing this for so long, I now know each cat by name automatically. Still love it even years later. Would love to see more remodels added in the future. The backgrounds are very cute as well. I’m now on a mission to get every item and cat available. It’s also reasonably easy to collect goldfish, which I really appreciate as it makes the game much more enjoyable. And… no obnoxious ads! 10/10 absolutely recommend! Thanks for such a great game! Tbh, wish I could give it 6 stars.

  25. Best kitty app. 10/10 all the kittens. I would maybe like to see a way to pet them or play with them, but there are so many cat apps that I’m sure others do just that. I’d also like to see some kind of reward system for the optional ads that show up in yiur menu from time to time (you have to click on the kitty and accept the ad , entirely optional ads.) I watch the video ones from time to time just to support the app, but a reward system would be nice (i.e. 2 gold fish for watching a video.)

  26. K M dice:

    Cute and good collecting game, no ads being shoved down your throat, you can choose to watch an advert by clicking a cat on the top of the menu overlay, which is a cute way to execute that. There’s so many items, a good amount of cats to collect. I always come back in winter and start playing again. It takes awhile to collect all the things, cats etc. Keeps me on my toes seeing what cats show up to my yard. 🙂

  27. Amazing! I love it! This is such a cute game! At first, it was going a little slow, then cats came like WOAH. The key is food. The more food you have, the more cats will come. Its best to change your items out for more cats with different food types too for a better experience. 10/10 game, would recomend to anyone! Sorry for the exsesive exlemation points and any spelling errors I may have made, but really, this game is awesome!

  28. I love the simplicity of the game. The general concept is cute, too, and quite addictive. I have to say, though, that I love that the game isn’t constantly trying to shove ads or purchases into your face. The “buy golden fish” button is extremely small and not too eye catching. Even then, the gold fish are not required for the game AND you can get them from both the cats and trading the normal fish for them. This game is cute and a refreshing breath of fresh air.

  29. really cute game that doesn’t demand a lot of time, cats animations are simple but so adorable. really really like how the secondary hard-to-get currency is still able to be obtained by non paying player (you can buy with a certain amount of the main currency, or sometimes get a couple for free). i also don’t think I’ve seen a single ad in my few days of having it. 10/10 recommend for anyone who wants a simple, low-maintainance, and free to play cat game

  30. This game is so simple and so charming. It’s a lovely little 30-second pause to take throughout your day. Having to close it and wait a while before anything changes helps prevent it from being too addictive. The art is absolutely adorable and it’s so much fun discovering all the different cats and reading their profiles. It’s also nice that the English release still includes the option to put the UI in Japanese–I’ve been using it to practice my Japanese reading skills!

  31. This is a great way to pass the time it’s cute it’s easy and really fun, you only have to check in every so and so and you dont have to purchase any items with real money t ok progress, it’s just in game money (fish and gold fish) which is super easy to get. The best part is the ads, there are none when you go in the menu there is a cat with an ad sometimes but you choose to watch it if you want you aren’t forced to.

  32. Very Cute, Needs More Interactive Parts. I love the idea of cute little animated kitties visiting, even when I don’t see them. So adorable! I would like to see more of a game aspect put into play though. Give options for upgrading the size of your yard (update: they did this!😁 up to 4 stars now!), make it so that you can buy motion sensors in the goodies shop that notify you when cats arrive, maybe even add some kind of item crafting, anything that would make this app more interactive.

  33. I love this game! So cute and barely any ads. Recommended for people who don’t mind waiting for things and have a lot of spare time, not recommended for those who like action-packed, fast, super games. Definitely something I enjoy! The graphics are great even when you have it on low graphics, and the music is cute (Though I often have my phone on mute). Anyways, five stars! Would recommend!

  34. Adorable! The simple artstyle and animations work together perfectly to create a calm but cheery atmosphere! So many different cats! There’s a lot of things to purchase and they’re all affordable- even the “special” goodies. You don’t have to watch ads unless you choose to, and that’s when a cat ocassionally offers a “brochure”. Love it!

  35. jen c dice:

    Amazing. Simply Amazing. It is very relaxing and calm. I would recommend it to people who need something calming. It isn’t the best app for people who hate waiting though, as the cats come and go as they please. I would like it if when the cats came when you were offline, that it would atomaticly take a picture and record data if it was a new cat. Otherwise, it is the best app ever. Plus, it suggests looking at ads, and not forcing you to see them.

  36. Vanna A dice:

    So I absolutely love this game! I have played it since I was in high school. However, I have had to switch phones a lot since then and everytime, I would have to restart. Now I’ve noticed that IOS has a way to backup in game, but Android doesn’t and that kind of sucks cause it makes me not want to keep downloading it since I would have to keep restarting. If there is anyway to fix this I would appreciate it! 😁 Or if there’s a way that doesn’t involve me decrypting something I would like to know

  37. This is the cutest game/simulator/whatever it is. It’s cute, relaxing, there’s no way to lose or mess up, and it’s not a time suck. Your tasks/interactions per session are limited but that’s what I like about it. Satisfies my need to check things but won’t keep be there for hours. Also the music makes me happy instantly. 5/5

  38. A perfect game. No need to waste countless hours at a time on it, you’re in fact dissuaded from doing so. In app purchases aren’t mandatory to enjoy the game fully, either. The game itself is quite relaxing and appealing to the eyes. Its simple, but every new accomplishment or discovery always has the same Flair to it, making it that much more enjoyable. Not to mention the cats are in fact cute.

  39. Its a very fun and cute game! The best way i can describe it is that it is a game where you can collect all diffrent types of cats by getting them “goodies” or toys from the fish the cats give you. there are different types of cats and some are (in my own words) rare cats because they need certain food and items to come to your yard (these cats have different designs like clothing). You can even change the background of your yard! all in all i think its a great game and i highly recommend it!

  40. Blizzard dice:

    There’s a reason why this game is so well-known. It’s addictive, and the cats are so stupidly adorable. The gameplay is relatively simple and doesn’t require much skill or strategy. Really nice casual game. Only issues I have with it is that the game crashes sometimes on a Chromebook when I start it up, and that once you get every remodel, goody, and memento, there’s not much else to do unless there is an expansive update.

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