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Welcome to Design My Home Makeover. Play the newest home design meets word puzzle game! Help clients decide, master, design & decorate their homes and transform their dreams into reality with zen home makeovers!

Can you scrabble and solve all the crosswords and anagrams? Challenge your brain in the best free offline home design words scrabble game. Solve word game puzzles to help design, decorate, renovate, build, fix, match, flip, remodel & create the perfect dream project home makeover with adorable room decor life.
The goal is to design, decorate, create, makeover, match, flip, fix, remodel, renovate your client’s adorable house project, mansion or 3d home & play word puzzles. Become the best home designer as families are counting on you to renovate their adorable home down-and-out fixer uppers!

Expand your vocabulary & demonstrate your interior designer skills as you search and scrabble words, solve crosswords in this free offline 3d home design word search game.

* House Design: Open-ended addictive puzzle game-play. Master various styles at your own disposal! Makeover, master, build, create, renovate, design, decorate, match, fix, flip client’s 3d dream project houses, mansion, manor and homes by yourself & make them happy!

* Express yourself: with an incredible variety of high-end designer furniture, lighting, flooring and other decor choices. Challenge your sense of design – adjust wall colors, flooring and furniture placements to harmonize the atmosphere. Customize every piece of your own furniture. Any place in location, any color you choose!

* Renovate: Remodel 3d homes, mansion, houses, manor with traditional interior styles or go Modern? You decide, you design! Rebuild outdated interior designs into outstanding big makeovers with bold happy accents, pops of color, stylish fixtures & finishes.

* Furniture Styles: Own and master all furniture styles & become a truly professional zen decorator, each client with his/her own design challenge! Renovate a variety of fixer uppers that need your interior design eye: big kitchens, bathrooms, decks, zen living rooms, manor, offices & more

* Multiple houses / mansion / homes: Not happy with decorating, building, designing, creating only one house and just one life story? We have plenty of 3d simulation houses for you to build, flip, design, craft, match, renovate, remodel, create or decorate! Design and renovate different room project styles including family-friendly living rooms, rustic kitchens, stylish bathrooms, chic bedrooms, private study rooms, zen manor, own office spaces & chilled out decks!

* Different Stories: Work with different types of client personalities. Help various HGTV like clients brothers, celebrities, families, newlyweds to transform big dreams into reality. Build the most incredible zen property or fixer upper for brothers, celebrities and families with kids. Help them master, create, design, decorate, renovate, build, match, flip, fix, remodel and makeover their life project homes, broken houses, manor & outdated mansion into adorable dream happy makeovers.

* Exciting crosswords levels: Test & improve your spelling, vocabulary and word skills for free. Enjoy the best selection of word search, word scrabble and crosswords. Stack words to play crossword solver. Intelligently designed free crossword game allows you to train your brain by connecting, searching the words & resolving anagrams. Solve crossword puzzles and experience incredible brain challenging fun in the most addictive word search game.

* Rewards: Unlock rewards & earn them as you impress your big clients by decorating the home, house or mansion of their dreams with adorable big happy makeovers. Scrabble & hunt the words and find all life answers and solutions to the crosswords.

You don’t have to be a house flipper in real life or know house building, interior designing, decorating, creating, renovating or flipping. Design My Home Makeover is a free to play game.


- bug fixes and game improvements


40 comentarios en "Design My Home: Makeover Games MODDED"

  1. Kim E dice:

    I gave it a 2 bcuz it’s more of a word game than design. Way too many ads. They start as soon as you log into the game!! Can’t start play without an ad. It’s too much and their desperate way of driving u mad so u give them .99 to stop them. I can’t survive by wasting any money on ad removers. The design graphics are cartoonish and the 3 choices they give are not very good ones.

  2. J. Heaps dice:

    Unlike a lot of decor games, the decor is classy and realistic. Gets more expensive, word challenges do get harder, but you still get same reward for puzzle. I’ve done 8 rms, & already not doing much decorating! It is really only worth playing when they offer challenges, earn tickets for challenge, so you are doubling your rewards for each puzzle. Something to fix: sometimes I am unable to double a reward & can’t back up to do so later.

  3. I’ve been playing for awhile & have new insight. You should be given the tickets for Challenges during regular game play so this way you have them to buy furnishings for the Challenge. It takes forever to play & get tickets. I’ve never finished a Challenge because of the time it takes, but I’d like to! Regular game play is great! But it could be so much better!

  4. One of the best home design Games I have found. The puzzles are fun, not tedious. Not too many ads. Simple, no gimmicks, and no in app purchases necessary to do well. I also really appreciate that each room has furniture that goes well with all of the other options, you can mix and match instead of how most of these games go where you just end up having to pick all of slot 1 or slot 2 Etc to make things work.

  5. Probably my favorite home design game, because you earn your way through by playing word games, instead of having to make purchases, or wait for rewards, like most games. As you get further into the game, levels become more difficult, and the furniture becomes more expensive, but the rewards don’t seem to increase much to keep up with it. That, and the fact that you can’t sync your progress to keep your game if you get a new device cost it a star, otherwise I’d have given it 5.

  6. Misleading. It’s all cartoony. I’m looking for something more realistic. Like design home. Edited to add… It’s one of the games where you only get three predetermined options to chose from, and no, it’s not real furniture. Sure they are good graphics but nowhere near what I would call realism. The images here on this page are not from the game.

  7. This game is sooooooooo fun! When I got it, it said it had adds, but it really dosen’t! You can choose when to watch adds, and if you don’t press an add button then you can do all the puzzles and games you would like without wasting time! All i’m trying to say is I would recomend this game if you’ve never played it! I don’t know how people think this is like a 1 or 2 star game! If you wanna give it a low rating, I would recomend a 3 star rating at the lowest.

  8. I’ve played almost all the decorating games available and this is the easiest and the most fun. I am a word nerd so the puzzles are easy for myself. You earn money for the furniture by solving word games. There aren’t alot of ads. The only complaint with most decorating games is that you only get 3 options at a time. More colors and different choices would be awesome. Please fix this because I love this game. We need more choices and more colors.

  9. I’m new to the design game. It’s cool so far. It’s a good beginner game for the whole design thing. I’ll repost at a later date when I’ve played more. Well as usual WAY to many ads. when you’re playing the puzzle or match 3, and your doing the puzzle part way more than the decorating part it gets really old really quick!

  10. T. C. dice:

    You spend more time doing the word games than decorating. You have to buy everything & don’t get an option to skip anything. You only have 3 choices to pick from, which isn’t very much choice. I am at level 50 for the game & have just started the 3rd room. You don’t get bonus credit for many words. I like the game is based on something different other than the match game. Good luck to the creators!

  11. Just installed and started playing again. So far it is entertaining. The design part takes a lot of coins which are earned by playing word games. I don’t remember why I uninstalled the first time but I suspect the decor items became too expensive or the word games became too difficult- or both. We will see.

  12. I enjoy it but one issue is being able to save the room once it’s finished. Also not able to redo anything once down. Isn’t there a folder to save each completed room. I would like to look back at them not loose them completely. Kinda disappointed about this part! No sense of accomplishment if you can’t see the finished product.

  13. Although this was fun at first, and I love the idea of earning “money” via word challenges rather than some brainless activity and/or endless waiting, it very quickly reached its limit. The word challenges have become too challenging for it to any longer be the relaxing design game I wanted, and there is no other way to move forward without spending real cash. And as far as that goes, the design schemes/options are FAR too simplistic to justify spending real money on.

  14. I love this game. It is a word game, as opposed to match-3, ( which i am so tired of ). The puzzles are fairly simple though they do gradually getcmore challenging as you reach higher levels. I do not care for the blue prints that show the items to use. I very much prefer choosing my own designs.

  15. l l dice:

    If this was an actual home makeover game, I’d give it 5 stars. You will spend more time playing that effing word puzzle game. At first I didn’t mind too much. But like I said you spend more time on it and some of them are really long! Dude, I’m not trying to expand my vocabulary and improve my spelling thru puzzles. I want to get buzzed and play with interior designs. I’m super bummed by this, I like the design part of the game.

  16. Some may like it. Given just 3 choices per item is childish. Especially since there are 3 patterns. Choices MUST fit one of 3 patterns. Have to keep playing side game. So boring! I just want to design. I have word games. I play my own choice of word games. This word game is the pits! Why do I have to play a word game to design. And I cannot really choose direction of designing. No freedom of choice! Choices so very limited. Good bye. I’m uninstalling.

  17. I found the crossword very therapeuticthen the decorating very fun and entertaining! I had a great time experiencing decorating and the beauty of it, I learned skills such as color coordinating and many more! I definitely recommend to those who are thinking of doing something dealing yet fun and creative at the same time!

  18. The puzzles are great and interesting. This is one of the more satisfying home design games I’ve played. And there’s not ads playing every 5 minutes unlike other games.

  19. I have not long started playing this game but I am enjoying it so far, smooth game play, easy to earn coins to buy furniture. The only thing I dint really like about the game is there isn’t a lot of furniture choices and wished it had just a little more realism on the look of the designs

  20. It was the worst, but wasn’t the best. I had ads at every single login and after ever round of word search, it got frustrating after awhile and I barely made it to the second room. Im not a huge fan of time consuming game, I like a quick and easy, 5 minute game to relax and stuff

  21. I like this game. The words are a bit challenging but not too difficult yet! Other people reviews are complaining about to too many ads. For me, I have not seen a single ad yet and that’s even better! I enjoy this decorating game!

  22. Beth dice:

    I can’t decide whether I like playing the games or decorating. Storyline, graphics and characters are fantastic. Holy Cow Studio games do not disappoint.

  23. This game is perfect for kids because when children play this game they can lern how to decorate room or building’s. It helps to boost their qriosity about architecture etc. In this game I noticed a very good site, it also provide grammar knowledge. Totally loved it, play fun & lern. Child loved this game. Founders are doing great job. Thank you!

  24. I have asked kindly ived begged nothing seems to work! This game needs to be fixed! I am saddened but I have to just give up and quit….cant get the ads fixed. Start typing in letters. It goes to ads got a long wait and battle to get back to my page..I hate this but theres not much choice. It’s been 2 mos.

  25. I like this game it is unique because the first reason cause of the game it is different than what other games are like . The reason I gave it a four is because when there are wall lights for example you have to do each one not all together and the normally all or most stuff match together but this on is just a few

  26. Its so good the graphics are amazing but the reason I’m giving it a 4 is because of the ads but you could just turn off the wifi then no ads great job designers.

  27. Ella Hall dice:

    An great game that will improve your brain function. It is great how they incorperated designing in with a word game. The game it has varitys in it .

  28. Hannah dice:

    It’s a fun game and the levels do get progressively harder. The only thing that I would suggest not having the game break your “streak” when you press one letter.

  29. This game does not have a lot of ads and it’s super enjoyable if love word playing games. Not alot of coins to buy furniture but you might have to play two to three earn more than one piece. 5 stars for me.

  30. cool game and dosent have puzzles, like most games have puzzles that you have to make 3 in a row or whatever and this one has like word puzzles.totally fun and cool i say 3-4 stars because adds take over the game and im on level 60 and the words arent even real words.

  31. Its a good game but very basic. Many items were unable to be switched out once you choose them this forced me to base a whole room upon one object which was annoying. I really didi like the designing of the app it carries a very clean asthetic to it. I really appreciate the quick response from their team to my comment. Also after spending a hour hooked to the game I cant really complain. Thank You!

  32. Nice concept. Graphics. Sound. Fun. Other decoration apps have issues; so far this one does not.

  33. Enjoyable game…gives your mind some exercise! I enjoy playing a lot of your other apps as well, for years now. I know that if it’s from Holy Cow Studios, it’s going to be the best quality material on every aspect of the apps they make

  34. This games is amazing it is very easy all you have to do is guess the missing words like wordscapes every level and you get to spend the money you earned in decorating the room.

  35. This isn’t a game…it’s an Ad platform!!! I can see having ads to pay for games…but the amount of Ads in this game is ridiculous!!! They even play an Ad when you open the game! 😤

  36. Fantastic, great, one of the best interior design games I have ever played!! I absolutely love it!!

  37. The graphics are great, I love being an interior designer so these type of games have become a hobby of mine now.

  38. i really love this game, i love desining and the puzzels! If you like those, things i really reccomend getting this app. I really love it and is a brain twiater with the puzzels. if you are downloading right now, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did! thanks for reading!

  39. This game is so much fun! It has minimal ads. If your like me and you don’t like match three games, this game will be perfect for you. It’s a crossword btw. And to everyone who’s reading this, hi!

  40. Lidia F dice:

    It is very fun and is enjoyable but is only getting 3 because of ads all the ads go on and off. But I still recommend this game.

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