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Enjoy village farming games and follow magic forest adventure with friends!
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Tired of hundreds of boring candy games? Build a town, harvest hay and trade with fairy villagers in the new farming game!

Charm Farm is one of the best farm games in 2020! Start an adventure full of wonders in a fairy village, expand the borders of a magic forest and build a fantasy town!

Develop a magic farm to help the fairy villagers Shmoos in their fantasy farming town. Trade your best goods with the neighboring farming town to further develop and expand your village. Harvest hay for fairy animals and build a new village.

Do you love farming games and want your own fairy farm? Are you looking for farm adventure games? Charm Farm game is just for you and it’s completely free!

Fantasy farming town and fairy animals in the magic forest. Start your farming adventure and build a city of your dream!

Features of Charm Farm: Village Game:
🍓 Charm Farm is a new adventure in the genre of farm games
🍓 Build and decorate a fairy village
🍓 Decorate the magic forest to create your own magical farm
🍓 Set out on an adventure with the villagers and feel like you are a part of the story
🍓 Trade the best goods with the neighboring farm town
🍓 Collect daily bonuses and rewards
🍓 Create a unique magic farm
🍓 All of those make Charm Farm one of the most beautiful simulation farm games!

Charm Farm is an amazing farm story, it is a free to play casual building game, though some in-game items, such as rubies, can be purchased for real money.

Enjoy playing your favorite free village game in 2020!

Enjoy your staying in this wonderful magic town and cheerful village. Shmoos village and new farm adventure await!

Game support:


Minor Bugfixes have been made


40 comentarios en "Charm Farm: Village Games MOD 2022"

  1. Easy going game. Things take resources, time, space and patience. Perfectly suits my tinkering desires. I’m not the type to be tied to my phone nor gaming all day. Pop in, set things up… back to Earth I go! The cutie patootie Schmoos are helpful in their tasks. Only thing I don’t prefer is that you can’t go back to old adventures and there aren’t very many new locations… That would be super cool to add on for sure!

  2. Very fun even in strictly free play. A cute little farming and crafting game with occasional small outer region exploration. It let’s you move objects with relative freedom, so if you change you mind later you can swap buildings, trees, even garden plots! It’s not an intense game, made more for casual play. Occasionally it will have an issue loading. It claims there is no internet but just be patient, after a day or two it will start working again. I’ve had it happen 3 times, but very infrequen

  3. Good graphics. The game starts out fun but after you reach level 11, it becomes very boring and repetetive. You aren’t able to fix one of the buildings until level 18. It would take me weeks at this point. Activities take forever to complete as well. I bought a diamond pack and after spending all of them to level up faster and finish upgrades, I still feel stuck…and bored.

  4. T G dice:

    This is one of the best time management games I’ve found. Graphics are great, timing isn’t excessive like other games, fun. I would give it 5 stars except for a couple of things I think detract from the playing experience. A lot of people seem to agree there’s not enough storage space — how about adding a barn for crops, wood, raw ore, etc.? Leave the storage house for processed and bonus items. Also, when the camping trip starts you lose workers, maybe make it start later in the game?

  5. Cute game. It has the potential to become a favorite. However… I am into decorations and it is taking way too long to make money to decorate. Usually any money you manage to save the game wants you to spend on more buildings. Nevermind the gems, just the regular coins are too slow in coming. You do more quests and make money then you have to use it for more buildings?Trapped in a cycle here. Will play a while longer to see if it gets better. REVISED: I’ve dropped u two stars and quit playing.

  6. C. Pethke dice:

    Cute game, fun storyline. A few suggestions: 1) Some required materials come from completing the Caretaker’s daily tasks. But it’s hard to complete all of these before they reset and I have to start over. Maybe reset them at midnight instead of in the evening? 2) I think it would be easier to feed the animals if the feed mill made 3 animal feed at a time instead of 1. Just saying. 3) More Schmoos would be a good thing, so players could get more done. Great game otherwise.

  7. This is one of the cutest freaking games ever. I laugh out loud all the time reading the conversations between the shmoos, and between them and the animals. The graphics are awesome; I love watching the animals play and bounce around. I seriously wish this was the version available on laptops also; it’s way more fun than the other one! The only change I would make is to make the portals moveable like the other buildings (or flush against the backdrop).

  8. Two stars because its a cute game that was really fun at first. But like the thousands of other games exactly like this with a different skin, its just a micro transaction farm…with the amount ads I watch just to progress, it should really be much easier, it takes days to complete a task now. You have to make a ton of money on ads alone, you’re just another greedy corporation!

  9. It’s a darling game. Unfortunately it’s way to difficult to get the necessary tools to open land that you need to move forward in the game, yes I do everything available to get the resources. The quests of camp, old man shmoo,regular and quests for keys. It’s fairly obvious the random is not very random when you get a lot of one item and none of others.

  10. This game is very fun and addictive to play. I really enjoy it, but I thought if two things that could make it even better. Number one if you could connect with others and trade. It would help with acquiring upgrades. Number two if you could have more than one shmoo work on something, maybe speed up time it takes to complete a task that way. Other than that the game is bright, colorful, and has lovely music. Very nice game.

  11. Lisa N dice:

    I really love this game and have been playing at least a month and a half now. I have to say it’s been a game I’ve looked forward to daily. However, it’s now getting so difficult to earn gold to move forward. You try so hard not to spend any so you can do the quests. But you cannot do the quests if you don’t spend gold (to plant, to mine, etc) and it’s not balanced. I like to buy things from games (gems are fine!) But not gold where it’s just wasted. I’m now getting frustrated.

  12. Nyx Nox dice:

    There is a timed event going on and I have been unable to get into the game because a box pops up saying there is an update. Clicking on that takes me to the Google play store but there is NO update. Every time I try to get back in the game that same box pops and keeps sending me to the play store for no reason since again, there is NO update in the store. I’m losing time to complete the event and because of this error I can’t get pass that screen so I can’t contact support.

  13. Love, 💘, love, this game! Bright, with lots of colors & super cute characters. No pop up adds that I have seen so far. You can watch adds to earn extra things or speed things up, stuff like that & the adds have all been really quick. I had run into a small glitch I guess I would call it, it happened only one day. I contacted their customer support, they got back to me within 24hrs! They were super friendly too! I can’t stop playing this game, but hope I never have to reach an end to it either

  14. L dice:

    A help section with archived tutorial information would be helpful. Invasive pop up ads at random times. Maybe, when the game opens, have ads but let us alone unless we take an offer to watch something in exchange for something after that. More rotation options for objects would be nice for placement of objects and buildings. A lesser animation option in addition to the high quality would be good for people with less memory or battery intensive gameplay.

  15. I really want to love this game but, it wont let me play for more than a few minutes before it freezes up and goes black. Not to mention, some things take way too long to make. And the cost of everything is too high. Seems like it only gives useless tools 90% of the time, while the tools you need to advance are scarce.

  16. I have only recently started playing this game and have just passed Level 10. This game is absolutely charming and very playable! I was not expecting much. I have found these types of games to make unreasonable demands either in the quantities they want you to produce or having quests that require products you cannot make without spending money to level up faster. Charm Farm Forest Village takes things at a very nice pace. The characters are adorable too!

  17. Pros- Great graphics, unique elements,nice storyline, quests are easily accomplished, Daily free boosters and items.Cons- not enough quests, difficult to earn coins for decorations, the gameplay has no flow meaning lots of small wait times before getting anything accomplished, free time boosts dont match crafting times. You basically need to spend real money to have an enjoyable experience. Only into it for a few weeks and progression has come to a snails pace. Will probably uninstall.

  18. I really liked this game but storage would fill up to fast and you would have to get rid of things you need, cant finish a quest if you have to get rid of everything. The green drop of whatever builds up fast and NO getting rid of that. I will attempt this in a few months and see if it changes. Thank you

  19. This app totally rocks and so do the makers. You have to work a bit for the outcome you want but it wouldn’t be any fun if everything came easy. Its good to make your brain work a bit. After recently having a glitch in the app, I was responded to and helped right away. Not something you find much in other games and apps. Try this one out folks. Its very enjoyable.

  20. I Love this game!! The sounds crack me up! The biggest problem is the air balloon seems to have unreachable requests. It bums me out so I’m not going to play that part.

  21. It is a very cute game, and the Shmoos are adorable, but I keep getting the message that I am not connected to the internet. It usually reconnects in a few minutes, but it is VERY annoying for game play!

  22. Well , I Loved it ! until today when upon opening the game, it froze several times and now It seems to be back at square 1 , and I was 22 or something. Don’t really know what else there is to say. 😑 The game is really nice, vibrant colors, great character design both artistic and with a well made plot.Easy to go through levels and improves my memory and management skills. 😍🌴🖖 Anyone ? Any help with this situation ? Regards, RA☀

  23. Blue Moon dice:

    I played this game in PC mode and it was great but this version is better. This game is perfect because the maker doesn’t force to buy gems although it would make it easier. For harvesting items it doesn’t take long, for buildings that takes time to build there is an option to watch ads and reduces to 10 minutes of waiting time which is satisfying in my opinion, the animation is cute, the graphics are perfect, the game play is fun like no other farm game you’ll find out there.

  24. Awesome, addictive. The only problem: I realize this is the modern way, but the push and manipulation to make people spend money in the game is just taking the fun away. And to make it perfect one would only make it possible to accomplish the normal achievements without having to pay to advance – it defeats the whole idea of a ‘game’. Taking away just a little of the forcing to use premium features to have normal gameplay would go a long way into making this truly addictive.

  25. Wonderfully well that this game survives this day! I was playing on browser and on my old iPhone. So good and relaxing even though there is often server connection problem. But I understand the issue and no reprimending. 🙂

  26. I like the game but stops slot says no internet connection I check to see I can get on Facebook other games just this one I’m having problems with won’t stay connected deleting the game can’t play it.

  27. Pleaaaaaaaaaaase fix your ‘ no internet connection’ problem this is getting ridiculous! And don’t tell I don’t have internet connection, because I doooooo 👿!!!!! I’m going to change my rating when you fix the problem!

  28. Shmoos are absolutely adorable!! Have not been playing long will see how it goes hopefully can play as being a Senior on limited income there is no extra for a game but I do not mind watching Videos!

  29. Great gameplay, fun and entertaining graphics, exuberant colours and exciting adventures. I’m hooked on playing this game! The downside is, the game takes forever to give you supplies for buildings and upgrades. Like days on end and if you want to excel in a timely manner, you need to spend gems (real money). Its a shame because this game has great potential, however I understand completely that coders and game artists need to be paid their worth. Overall, this game is worth downloading!

  30. Fabulous game and very easy to follow, brilliant story line and awesome graphics, love the way you can interact with the little blue villagers,making them say hi, skip, play tap ball and the like must admit they do look funny when putting sun glasses on . My only issue is that when you move things it’s tricky to put it exactly where you want to especially if your placing it near another object, just a minor niggle . All in all brilliant game and very very adictive. Thanks

  31. SOOOOO CUTE!!!! And very relaxing overall ^_^ lets you play without paying as long as you have the patience, with daily goals that guarantee you at least a few building tools per day.

  32. This game is so cute and adorable love the farming and animal great storyline and graphics very fun and addictive I’m back lol I so love this game the smoos are so cute and the forest village is very awesome I get lost enjoying the game so relaxing and calming


  34. Paige Fox dice:

    Reasons this game is the best: The conversations are hilarious. The animation is adorable. The ability to gain rubies without spending real money is frequent and awesome. There are very few ads, most of which are optional. The pricing is reasonable for the optional purchases, and they often have great promotions.

  35. Good casual game Started out ok but I’ve been playing a few of months now. It’s good if you’re not in hurry to get anything done. I also experienced that unless you have red gems there’s really no way to go further and upgrade your buildings unless you put money into the game. Other than that graphics are great and the critters and shmoos are cute.

  36. I found this game on my computer i used to play this game online and i thought about installing this game on my mobile and to be honest i like the story line of the computer more cuz its uh idk more magical? I guess … But the point is the story line isn’t as magical as when i last played online on my desktop. And another thing i don’t like is that u can’t fully rotate the buildings and i want the buildings facing other directions than just two. I like it but not enough to give it 5 stars.

  37. A beautiful game. Free play is a very slow process. This is NOT a fast paced game. Adorable and I love it. My only issue is that camping takes way too long and the rewards aren’t worth the cost imo. I also am dying to see more updates! New areas to explore? It’s a game I’ve enjoyed playing for a long while. I highly recommend it.

  38. I love this game. I’m hooked! Edit: I have discovered as I play this game that some items take longer to make, the longest so far is 2 hours 10 minutes long. I’m okay with this but I worry that some items in the future will take more than 3 hours. I’m not sure that I would like that. I do love the Schmoos!! The missions are fun but as you progress through the levels, it takes longer to pass. This makes for fewer missions until you complete a level. I’m on level 23 right now. Still hooked!!

  39. the bigger houses should add more than one shmoo, the cost for houses should be with coins not rubies or make it easier to earn rubies, the rate of the newer materials are way to long. 30 mins is long enough to wait for materials to be made. other than that i love the game. The new side adventures are fun. Just wish we could move the entrances. Very adorable game.

  40. Love the storyline and decorating ideas and the cute animals and farming very fun and addictive game great graphics also

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