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Play the magic bubble shooter puzzle game offline! Shoot & pop all the bubbles!
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Bubble shooter – bear pop is an addictive, classic match 3 and time-killing bubble shooter game, once you get started,it won’t stop,
Bubble shooter – bear pop is a bubble shooter game with 680+ well-designed puzzles, and more levels are coming soon! In this Bubble shooter – bear pop game, you can be sure that this is EXTREMELY fun!
Bubble shooter – bear pop helps you experience interesting challenges to get rid of stress after tiring work.

Aim, shoot, and pop bubbles to save all the baby bears.

Bubble shooter game Features:
★ More than 680+ well-designed bubble pop levels.
★ You can play the bubble shooter game without WIFI,anytime, anywhere.
★ Try to use limited bubbles to win bonus levels.
★ Various bubble items can help you get higher scores.
★ Various gameplay features make you can’t stop playing.
★ Great visual effects.
★ Regular updates.

How to play the Bubble shooter game:
1. Choose a level to play
2. Aim carefully and tap where you want to pop bubbles
3. Match at least 3 same color bubbles to make them pop, free all the trapped baby bears in the bubble!
4. Use your strategies to clear all the bubbles for higher scores and 3 stars
5. Easy to play and control

• Bubble shooter – bear pop contains ads like banner, interstitial and video ads.
• Bubble shooter – bear pop is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE and coins.
Bubble shooter – bear pop is a very funny and wonderful bubble shooter game that you should not miss.

You will love this bubble shooter game! Pop bubbles to rescue the Babies trapped inside the bubbles!
What are you waiting for?Get ready and download Bubble shooter – bear pop now!

Enjoy this Free Bubble Game! If you have any suggestions,please contact us: [email protected].

Thank you everyone for playing Bubble shooter – bear pop!


The time for a new update is NOW!

★ Added 5 bubble levels, the total number of levels reached 845!
★ Difficulty level was easily changed.
★ Enhance special effects and experience better
★ Optimized the gaming experience and solved known issues!

Thank you for your continued support and feedback, The Bubble Shooter team will work harder to make the game better and better.
If you have any questions, please contact us through the in-game email and wish you a happy game!


40 comentarios en "Bubble Shooter MODDED 2022"

  1. I kept having issues with the free ads not pulling up. The response team was quick and tried to be helpful but it kept happening. They had me try several things but it kept on happening so I had to uninstall. Otherwise a great game as long as the ads were working. Tons of freebies when it did work.

  2. This is a fun little game. I gave it five stars for the simplicity, how well the app runs, and for the fact that there are almost no ads. Most free games bombard you after each level with a 30 second ad you can’t exit out of, this game may give you one non-timed ad after 2-3 levels. So that’s refreshing. Cute game that’s not frustrating.

  3. Game great, but don’t expect to watch a video and get your reward. You click on the get reward button and just get a horrible static sound. Only way out is to close app and reopen. At that point, reward is lost.

  4. Update: 2/5/23 Removed 2 stars because new phone & transfered data & none of my progress was saved with this app. Also lost bonus items I PAID for. I’m uninstalling. Just know know this happens.

  5. I love bubble shooter games but there are usually SO many ads that I just end up playing something else. I don’t have the patience for long ads that you can’t bypass. This game is great though! I’ve been playing for days now and I think I’ve only had one ad! Fantastic! Thank you for a cute game.. Motorola Edge Plus 2022

  6. Good bubble game with acceptable ads/purchases. I understand free games use ads or in-app purchases to drive revenue. The majority are downright predatory. This is an exception. Gameplay is fine.

  7. Lynette dice:

    Finally an app game that doesn’t cut into your fun game every few seconds asking it you like it. This game is amazing could play it all day if l didn’t have other responsibilities, but alas l’m a gramma and have to take care of people,(cooking meals,cleaning,etc) you get the picture♡

  8. Enjoyed it until I got to a certain level where they give you 36 balls for a really hard level and it is impossible to pass without paying money. I have tried over and over! At this point the game has become extremely frustrating. I play games to relax so I’m uninstalling it!

  9. The ads are very minimal. And there seems to be no glitches or pauses. Fun game for any age.

  10. Made it to level 502 not to many ads kind of a fun little game but now I’m bombarded with ads from Google play and it’s the only ads they are so be ready

  11. So far so good. This is a fun, relaxing game. More challenging than other bubble shooters I’ve played.

  12. Elena Tan dice:

    Level 487 is impossible to get past. I’ve also tried boosters but nothing. I’ve been at it for 2 weeks. This game used to be very relaxing..challenging at times, but now it is just nerve wracking. If the only solution is to buy boosters then no thank you. I did it 🙂

  13. I enjoy playing in the evening, finding it really fun . I’ve been stuck on level 487 for over a week now and to be honest I’m getting very fed up with it. Can you please have a look to see what is happening and inform me about the outcome. It’s a shame that I’m still on same level for 2 months. It is impossible to get past level 487, so because of this issue I am going to delete it.

  14. To many ads! First it was 13 levels until I saw an ad then it became every 3. I know this is how games make money but an ad every 2-3 minutes is ridiculous.

  15. Calming game,lovely to play after a stressful Work load. Very colourful.i like it.

  16. Diana Cox dice:

    It’s a really fun game with cute graphics, I really playing it!

  17. Nice game. Finished all levels. Can’t wait for more.

  18. Game is very rewarding fun hardly any ads come play and have fun.

  19. I love it so much its great thank you for this game ,its so great that when ever am upset with something i just get my phone and play the game and while am playing this game i just forget that i was upset about something so once again thank you for this game guyz

  20. This game is so relaxing and helps with eye and hand coordination.

  21. Good game and thank you for return it back to 10 opportunities to gain rewards.

  22. Fun game ads give you extra balls. So it’s worth it

  23. It’s a fun game to play. Not many adds unless you want to accumulate some extra bonuses, (which you don’t have to purchase if you watch the adds to receive) for free!

  24. I really enjoy playing Bubble Shooter. More time playing levels than watching ads. It’s a win win scenario.

  25. Fun game, challenging but relaxing. Very few ads! The interface is great and I love that I can play previous levels

  26. Hi I’m Dawn from zambia ,this game is nice n easier to play is Abit of addiction but all in all I like it ,the own of the game should just improve in some areas ,I need to see it get hard but it’s always simple easier

  27. I have a 22-year-old son that is severe epileptic and I clean and cook and work everyday so at night I like to have some stress relief and this game is awesome I downloaded it an hour ago and I’m already on level 35 this game is awesome I can’t put it down thank you so much for creating this game and I recommend it to anyone

  28. Ho! Yeah you’re right about everything Sir. This game is incredible 😍😮😍😍 the best slot bubbles Game ever

  29. Lots of fun and hardly pop up ads

  30. Brenda K dice:

    I love this little game your not over ran with ads you can actually play a game without being bombarded was ad ad ad its nice for once there doing something right

  31. Kind of reminds me of Adventure Island 2 with the way it’s formatted. Of course there is a big difference between the two. However, they both are easy to see, meaning the bubbles and shooter fill the whole screen, and the controls seem to be spot on. I’ve played several bubble shooters, and only a few have stood out. This is one of them. If you give it a chance, and at least stay with it till level 20, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  32. Very entertaining. Gets your mind focus on the game. Now how do I cash out! I’m doing very well. If not a money game then it’s to bad. I’ll have to find a game that pays you out for your time in a busy schedule, without loosing your main focus in your LIFE. There is more things out there besides playing games. Everything in moderation, I suppose. Now where is the button to CASH OUT ? IS THERE A BUBBLE SHOOT OUT WITH Cash?

  33. I originaly chose this because I really enjoy most Bubble Shooting games. And this one was rated 5 stars by everyone. Because I have played other games like this, I felt it was way to easy. I kept going ànd about level 8 it started getting a little harder. Then I realized that adds weren’t popping up all the time. Awusome!!! This was my 1st day playing this game, and I only had a few minutes to play. I’m hoping as the levels increases it also continues to get more difficult. We’ll see!

  34. Kimberly dice:

    It is a cute game, but gets boring after a while.

  35. My issue with this? It says, “Save All Bears.” They are clearly NOT bears, but cats.

  36. I give five stars cause this is a great way to pass the time and have fun doing it

  37. The ads are minimal. But you can watch extra ads for coins and boosters, etc. I watch the ads during commercial breaks while watching TV. Haven’t noticed any extra battery usage and it doesn’t make my phone run hot that some other apps do. Very fun and casual, would recommend it to anyone.

  38. Absolutely Fun to play and my children love it too

  39. Love the game but it is too hard to get boosters and win coins unless you buy them would be nice to win them a little more especially as you are in the higher levels

  40. It’s a little kid game that is a good past time. When ever stressed out it helps to clear up the day.

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