Baby Dragons: Ever After High™ MODDED 2022


Play, dress & feed your virtual pet to collect gems and earn daily rewards!
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Hatch, play, feed, style, and train your Baby Dragon from Ever After High™!

Get a fun new surprise every time you fill her happiness meter and make sure to visit your dragon companion every day to collect enough stamps to unlock a FREE friend—Brushfire!


• Put your magical dragons fire-breathing skills to the test with target practice!
• Take your Baby Dragon out flying to collect gems but be sure to avoid those wicked clouds!
• Develop your dragon’s memory in a tropical beach memory matching game.
• Go on a river rafting adventure with your Baby Dragon.
• Earn gems and orbs by playing with your dragon to purchase enchanting new outfits and accessories for your pet.
• Don’t forget to play with their cute critter friends too!

• Style your dragon with cute accessories, patterns, and magical auras!
• Decorate your dragon’s camp with fun animated decorations and furniture.

• Dragons need to rest after an exciting play day; give her some time to nap and she’ll thank you for it.
• Your dragon looks thirsty; let her sip some tea before going on your next big adventure.
• Looks like your Baby Dragon wants to play fetch, stretch those legs by throwing the ball around.

• Go to the Dark Forest to rescue Apple White or simply explore
• Set out to the Mirror Realm and meet Darling Charming
• Journey to the Land of Giants and collect Magic Beans
• Travel to the Enchanted Forest and meet Pixies
• Send your dragons on different adventures in the land of Ever After and earn rewards to help you level up faster!

• Don’t forget to take pictures of your dragon and your cute camp setup

Inspired by the Dragon Games season of the Netflix series Ever After High, welcome to Ever After High: Baby Dragons!

Please Note: This app is free-to-play but some items can also be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases through your device settings.

This app allows users to create and modify photos. These photos are local to the device and never shared with any third parties or stored on our servers unless otherwise specified.

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Hi Dragon Trainers! We’ve got an update for you!
•A known issue has been addressed which was affecting purchases and progress
•Previous in-app purchases can now be restored
•Progression can now be saved in-game


40 comentarios en "Baby Dragons: Ever After High™ MODDED 2022"

  1. This is a really cute game. I’m still a fan of Ever After High, and the dragons are just adorable! Unfortunately, there’s a bug that doesn’t allow me to buy anything. It says I’m not connected, though I’ve checked and my connection is fine. I’ve read the reviews and others seem to be having the same issue. I don’t think the new update fixed the purchase bug. I hope it gets fixed soon though. Then I’ll happily rate 5 stars. :3 Thanks for reading

  2. I wanted to address a possible idea for the game. You know the adventure section? Well, what if there was an ACTUAL adventure. Like a level in a video game. It would help you bypass the wait time because you are the one playing the level. I thought that you didn’t implement this because you designed too many quests, so why not scope them out and consider which ones you’ll keep and remove? Overall, this game is really cute.😍

  3. I want to give this one 5 stars because the dragons are adorable and the animation is awesome. However, the game crashes frequently, is slow to load and sends me back to the egg selection several times before it finally does load the camp. The dress-up section won’t load at all. Daily and reward stickers often get stuck and can’t be closed. Much of this could be due to slow or no internet and low memory on my phone. Also the adventure section is a bit boring: nothing to do during the wait time.

  4. The game is amazing! Its user-friendly, super simple and amazing to heal your inner-child with but i have one problem – I want to buy a new dragon but whenever i try to make a purchase i get an error screen saying something along the lines of, “Youre not connected to the internet, browse the store some more and come back later” When i quite literally have excellent internet connection. Please fix this bug!! 🙏💕

  5. My daughter loves this game, the music is good and it’s really cute. Unfortunately, we can’t purchase anything. It says we aren’t connected to the internet when we are. I’ve even switched WiFis. I thought about downloading it on my phone, making a purchase, and “restoring purchases” on my daughter’s tablet since she uses my Google play store account. However, there is no “restore purchases” function that I can find in the app. There isn’t even a “Contact Us” button in the app.

  6. I use to play this game as a kid and I wanted to play it again, and when I opened it it crashed 🥲 I remember some details about this game and it’s very good! I just think it crashes on certain android devices (mine is a z fold Samsung if any of the devs are reading and genuinely wanna work on the glitch), when I was younger I had a android not the same model tho, it was a LG. Anyways I really hop the devs fix this 😀

  7. It’s a good game. I decided to revist for fun, as I loved it when I was younger. For kids who would want to play this game, I’d reccomend it. However I WISH, I always did when I was young, that you could get more dragons. It becomes less intresting I remember, after you get them all. It’s fun while it lasts. This always bothering me as a kid, so I’ll mention it: The sounds the dumb chickmunk thing makes get old REALLY fast.

  8. I give this 4 stars, I love this game and it lets me feel like a child but I’ve been playing this for at least a month now and I still don’t have any stickers on the free dragon, not only that it doesn’t allow me to make in-app purchases saying “You must be connected to the internet to make a purchase, browse the shop in the meantime” When I have amazing connection for literally everything else

  9. This game is amazing although i have a couple of problems…im not asking for the creator to make the dragon eggs free, but instead create a new way to buy those eggs using in-game currency (ex. Robux) since some of us can’t afford it, but overall this game is fun, i really recommend it!

  10. woof dice:

    It’s a great and fun game! But I only have on issue that I also saw another person have; I log in everyday but I’m not getting a free stamp (for Brushfire)! It’s quite frustrating, considering that I installed this game a few years back and it was working just fine! If this bug gets fixed I will happily change my review to 5 stars. Hope this gets fixed!

  11. Can’t buy anything, it keeps saying I’m not connected to the internet. I’ve tried on both wifi and data, cleared the cache on the apo and cleared the cache and data on Google Play and signed back in, to no avail. The issue is on the game’s end and needs to be addressed. The developers of this game are losing money as long as it remains unfixed. Thank you.

  12. Amazing game! I would like if you added Multiplayer to play with other dragons and make friends. Also add new features and more things to add onto your dragons (accesorries, etc). Many thanks for making this game! I would also like if when you first get the game, when it says “here you can choose you baby dragons” you can actually pick it instead of the game picking it for you. And when you have more than one dragon, you can add a button that says “combine” to add another baby D. 5 star though!

  13. My daughter really likes this game but it won’t let me purchase anything in the store! It just keeps making me type in the number code & then kicks me back again. I’d definitely give it 5 stars otherwise. The characters & everything are adorable! It’s well made, there’s a lot to do, everything is reasonably priced but the purchasing thing is a real deal breaker.

  14. This is awesome! All you do is adopt a pet. Which is reallllly fun… And easy. We do tasks to adopt our pet. My favtout one is the fire training. We put it to sleep and use hay, we dress it, we customise it’s home and….. Basically we do everything for it to help it live. The best bit us when you do the things you get gems. You can use thoes gems to level up! I’m on level 6 and almost on level 7, I also only started today. So see, it’s pretty easy to level up. Enjoy the game and give it a try.

  15. Well its a great game!! But theres one ity bity little bug. Its about the free dragon brushfire. I’m logging in every day but i’m not getting any stamps. Its getting very frustrating. I would love it if you fixed it. But otherwise the dragons are very cute, and the game itself is fun. Thanks for reading.

  16. HEXCELENT! I really love this game and I have been playing it for a few years now. I started playing when I was little and I absolutely still love it! I miss Ever After High so much and I have been a fan eversince little. I recommend this to anyone else who is a fan of Ever After High! The graphics are really good and the movement animations are so cute!! The baby dragons are so adorable and this game is very fun! I like how we can dress up the dragons, buy furniture, as well as play games too!

  17. I loved this game but have just updated it and it has erased all of my progress. This needs to be sorted as, as much as the new stuff looks good it puts me off putting any effort into the game if i know you’re just going to destroy all my work. I had basically all the dragons and most accessories so this is extremely frustrating.

  18. 2020 was a rough year for us all. I spent hours – days worth of time – in this game. I’d bought almost every dragon in the game, and almost saved up 90,000 gems. Enough to by all the master levels, and whatever accessories I wanted. I logged in today, to find it ALL gone. All my dragons, my gems, hours of my life. Wasted. Salt to injury, the next thing I see? An offer to by back some of my progress at a discount. So why two stars? Why not one? It’s a genuinely fun game.

  19. I think the dragons are just adorable! I would have given it 5 stars but there are some things that could make it better. Could you actually make the other dragons able to get? It is impossible to get other dragons without having to spend money! Another thing you could do is make the dragons grow every new level. Also to add more levels then 10. Otherwise, really great game! 😁

  20. I love the game! But it gets a little lonely seeing the dragon fly off and meet some friends on the game and I can’t. Can you please create a game where you are a new character at ever after high and you meet everyone! Otherwise, I love the game, can’t even describe the fun I’m having with this game! Just please fix the glitch that’s on the date of the lucky wheel. It seems the people who created this game don’t reply. I’ll keep you updated what is happening. Appreciate all the work your doing..

  21. I LOVE this game, so many things to do, great graphics, and amazing mini games!!! My only critic is to add more dragons. I also think that all of of the dragons should be able to purchase with gems and not real money and not just 3. Other than that it is a incredible game.

  22. I really like this game! It’s fun and I’ve been playing it off and on for about 3 years now. The only problems I have are 1) It costs way too much to save up to get new dragons and 2) It takes forever to fill up the happiness meter. Other than that it’s a really fun and cute game.

  23. Great game I love the concept. But I really just can’t seem to find this entertaining anymore, I’ve had it for 5-6 months and still have it. there’s just not really much to do. I’m not sure of this is beta or not but please add more updates. Suggestions- +1. More dragons 2. More minigames+ that’s pretty much all my suggestions other than that I love this game it’s really fun~

  24. The game is quite good, it is fun to play. However, having to pay money or 8000 gems for just one dragon is a bit too much. My sister and I had saved up all those gems to finally get Nevermore, but I believe the game has been updated which is why Nevermore is in an egg once again. This is disgusting. If you’re going to make us pay or save up so many gems for a single dragon, let us keep the darn dragon.

  25. I like taking care of these cute and adorable baby dragons. The customization of the dragons and their habitat is very stylish with many options to choose from. Love the games that I can play with the dragons and enjoying tea parties with them. Getting forest buddies to keep the dragons company is good when I am away. Great game for dragon enthusiasts who loves taking care of them. Great game and I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who loves dragons. Keep up the good work.

  26. Delph T dice:

    It’s a cute game. But after reaching level 10, I’m no longer able to level up further. It said I’d have access to other accessories and such, but I leveled my dragon up past 10, and it got reset on level 10.

  27. Giving it a 1 star because I downloaded it multiple times and was never able to get past the first screen, it kept crashing. Pretty frustrating, and a waste of time. Looked like it would be fun to play with my daughter, maybe I’ll try again another time and they’ll have the problem fixed. 🤞

  28. I love the game, the animation is great, everything is pretty good. only thing is, I’m supposed to be able to get a free dragon (brushfire) by getting daily stamps, but I’m not getting them, I haven’t gotten any at all. I don’t know of that can be fixed, but I would love if it was

  29. I have to rewrite my review as they have actually made some nice changes and improvements. It’s still amusing to play again after the one update reset my progress. This is still one of the few mobile apps that has managed to hold my attention. While there are purchaces you can make there is a lot you you can do with out spending any money on this game. There is also nothing in it to really annoy parents so it’s something you can let yoru kids have fun with. Ads are watch by choice not forced.

  30. I love this game because i watch Ever After High and i know everything about it. My favorite dragon is Deejay and Nevermore. The game has no ads and i love it. it is fun because i get to take care of the dragons. my favorite thing about the game is going on the an adventure. i also have ever after high fashion game and ring tones. this game is the best game ever.

  31. purchaced all the upgrades for my daughter, and it suddenly started saying that everything was “unavailable” within the store and i needed to connect to the internet (I am). no option to restore purchaces- just a big waste of money. its sad because she loved it while it was working..

  32. Its a wonderful game indeed, but I would just want to point out a “bug” or whatever you should call this. Whenever I’ve put the dragons happiness bar at 100%, nothing happens after. And the daily spin you’re supposed to get has never appeared. Please fix this. Thank you.

  33. Fairly fun game over all and my niece loves it. I have noticed though that I am not getting any stamps for anything like logging in and playing with my dragons. Also if I try to actually buy any dragons is says I need to be connected to the internet and won’t let me purchase anything. I also feel like the game just kind of comes to an end once you have everything you can purchase with gems and reached level 20 with all your dragons.

  34. This game is so cute and very fun to play. I love how the devs are very generous at giving gems and accessories. I want to suggest that they should make a game where the dragons catch the ball and shoot it in circle points just like in the series. After leveling up to a certain level, the dragons will turn into big matured dragons. Also, when changing dragons, the narrator should also change the voice for example nevermore and Raven Queen and Breabryn and Apple White.

  35. It is a pretty fun game I just wish leveling up was more complicated and not so fast to where you can make it to level 10 in an hexact hour. This game could also use some more things to do with your pet dragon.

  36. Horrible!!! I unlocked the Nevermore baby dragon using 8,000 jewels. It takes a lot of time to earn the jewels and after the recent game update, I no longer had access to it, why?! I’m pissed and there is no reason why that should happen!!! DX< I will only change my review if this error is fixed.

  37. a fun game, but to get the other dragons without paying, is so difficult, since each dragon that you can get with gems is 8000 gems, other than that it’s a nice fun game, that I enjoy, barely any ads, unless you watch one willingly to sped up some adventures, I would’ve given it five stars, but I didn’t feel like this game deserved it, but it’s still a good game

  38. It’s a good game. I got to level 10 with Braebyrn but I couldn’t level up after that. I tried 2 times, so I should be level 12, but I’m only at level 10. Making it impossible to complete the quest of her getting to level 20. Please fix this.

  39. I love this its so much fun to play. You van dress up your dragon and even decorate. But, On my starter dragon it says that i need to get it to level 20. And when ever i get enough orbs i should go to level 11 but it says everytime that i have reached the maximum level. Other than that, this game is so much fun.

  40. I like this game it’s fun with the new updates and stuff but everytime I try to pay the matching game it freezes on me and I have to wait to go back in. If you could please fix this bug that would be great. Thank you.

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