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Play Solitaire to travel around the world!
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Brand new Solitaire Journey, based on classical game play.
Addictive and challenging, wonderful design and intuitive UI.
♠️ ♣️ ♥ ️♦️

♥ The world scenic themes, backgrounds, card back
♥ Winnable deals
♥ Draw 1 card
♥ Draw 3 cards
♥ Single tap to place a card or drag and drop
♥ Standard Klondike scoring
♥ Smart hints show potentially useful moves
♥ Auto-collect cards on completion
♥ Auto-save game in play
♥ Statistics all your scores
♥ Daily challenges and achievements


Minor bugs fixed.


40 comentarios en "Solitaire Journey MOD"

  1. Good game. Fun to play, pretty backgrounds. I like the classic card backs, but wish the faces had more variety. Best of all, what ads there are aren’t intrusive, they only come up to unlock new card backs or get coins (so far). Update: as soon as I reviewed this game, I got an ad after every game instead of being asked to rate the app after every few. Disappointed, and I’m removing stars and will likely delete the app.

  2. I read the reviews about this game and decided to try it, even though everyone complains about the ads. After playing for some time now, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about!?! These are MAX 5 second ads and most you can skip. EVERY free game has ads but most can’t be skipped and are much longer so, THANKS to these creators for not making us suffer! I love that I can just play solitaire – no animals to collect or farms to build. If you want straight solitaire, this is surely THE game for you!

  3. Fun app minus the ads. Used to be manageable with the ads but now for some reason, the ads are more frequent, longer, and difficult to exit from. Especially the ads that freeze the screen or do not allow you to exit from them. This has been the norm as of late on this “use to be” fun app. Looking for something new now. 😐

  4. It’s a good game. My suggestion would be to add a feature that allows cards to automatically go to the foundation piles. I wish people would realise that they can turn off WiFi to get less ads.

  5. I have been playing this game for many years. This is the first time I have had a problem with it. It froze when I went back to play. Had to reinstall and start back at the beginning. Bummer, but I have come back. This is how much I enjoy the game. Edited, I have not had any more problems with this game. Still loving it. Update, the game just froze again, 1/1/23 . Happy New Year!

  6. Been playing this for a long time, but I’m trying to get rid of extra games & this one has taken to dropping out of the game in the middle for no apparent reason & forcing extra ads on you. It’s STUPID & it’s driving me crazy, plus it’s an auto-dealing game which is terrible & infuriating in the first place. I come in to play the daily challenge & it’s hard to even get to & wastes my time, forcing other games on me all the time, this new ad issue is the last straw so I’m going to delete it today

  7. I loveplaying Solitari e and this is a great version, TOO! My parents at old me to always have a deck of cards since NOVEMBER one can play a game with out someone’s help. My daddy told IF Im ever lost just deal out a game wnd the rescue party will immediately show up, too! So Imalways travel eith my deakmof card to play & to never be alone, Too! Yeah I’ve flown all over z& I’ve never been lost or in n3ex of rescue, You! I recommend this app to everyone, too!

  8. So far this game is enjoyable. Classic solitaire. 5 second ads at end of each hand. Only played a couple of hands, but if nothing changes, this is exactly what I want.

  9. I really like this game it is nice and fun to play it has different backgrounds when you do so many games get a different place around the world, it is a bit challenging and all the things like magic and hints when needed I would recommend this game to Friends and family awesome game just Love it

  10. Wonderful graphics and easy to play. Just be careful not to click the cards too fast, especially if you have a seizure disorder like i do.

  11. By far the best game update I have ever had usually I have to wait for a few days after the download has been installed until I get the results from the update but not today went to play solitaire and there was a update available so I did and was I glad that I did cause after the update had been downloaded and installed all done in around 5 minutes updated installed and ready to be played well impressed 5 stars I must say

  12. Wonderful graphics. Great response time between movements selection from the app. I like to play for relaxation.

  13. Wolfie L dice:

    Great start playing, after second game a request to rate game. I declined at this point, but before next game starts so did the crass adverts for other games. Uninstalled.

  14. I really love the game its my favourite it would be even better if we got paid for playing the game. Regards Mr Norman Edwards as I said earlier nothing has changed I still love the game its just the money thing I still think it wrong to offer money knowing it will induce people into playing the game making you a lot of money but not living up to your promises of money it’s not right bot I’ll keep playing the game because as I’ve already said I love the game so I’ll keep playing Mr Norman Edwar

  15. Been playing this for a long time but lately when it comes to skipping the adds as always worked but isn’t now and this is every game for more than a week!!,,resulting in closing the app completely and restarting!! Clearly there is a problem. Checked if there are any updates…None… Can you please fix what was once a relaxing game which is now virtually unplayable,,as will be unistinsalling.. sadly.

  16. I loved to play solitaire, which is a challenge to win and put all the cards in the right way in less time.

  17. Solitaire journey is a good game so far has started on the first level I cannot wait to go to the next level cuz each time you get to unlock card back in and sitting. Enjoyable and peaceful and relaxes me especially when you have a hectic day.

  18. Great its my favorite game.been playing solitaire card games for years they are challenging and easy to navigate and they also fun love to play it it’s still the best .i love it.its also calming.its the beit keeps you sharp. it thanks still the best.the best game on the planet thanks its the best game to play. Its calming when you are sressed out. Very .the best game to play.thanks its still the best.

  19. Love it. So relaxing to play early in the morning when it is quiet and trying to wake up. Thank you Solitary Journey.

  20. Quick reactive games. Only played a few so far (busy, busy, busy!) but no hang-ups as yet. Wish I was on that beach in card deck!

  21. Great card game with good card colours and I like the music. Very relaxing and it keeps my mind sharp and focused. 5 stars ✨ (I pay for no adds)

  22. So far so good. Super relaxing to play while looking at a scenery of a beautiful beach.

  23. Relaxing.Mostly quiet, I love that. Backgrounds mellow, mostly still – no dancing Santa’s, cute kittens, or noise.

  24. It’s a challenging solitaire game. I love it. Keeps me thinking and busy. Ellen

  25. Casey B dice:

    Well this game went downhill fast! On the first deal I had to use a hint (which is very rare for me) and it showed to click on the deck but there was nothing left in the deck except face cards. I tried to use the wand but it would only say I had moves left, which I clearly didn’t. I was stuck with an unwinable hand and the ticking clock. Very, very disappointed! Uninstalled, and in record time.

  26. I enjoy this solitaire game it takes me back to when I was thirteen and my family and I played solitaire to help us relax and get some rest for the next day. Time: 9:46pm. Date: February 14th 2023.

  27. The automatic card makes it more comfortable to play faster. I love the feature.

  28. I just wish that the spider solitaire cards were bigger and the other cards when you play, cards could be bigger also.

  29. Simple easy play but still gives your mind a bit of a workout.

  30. David F dice:

    Basic solitaire game. Negative ads from Fox News and DeSantis… reactionary, anti-democratic wack-o’s. Annoying ads…. never realized how many different solitaire games there are! If it weren’t for those ads, there would barely be ANY ads! I minimize the game as the ads droll on and go back to the game later.

  31. Nice smooth playing no hoops to jump thru! Love playing without annoying ads. Just wish when I got a new android I couldn’t move it over with the progress saved. I lost a lot of scenes and levels as well as the 23 wands! Other than that all is good. No use contacting the maker you are completely ignored!

  32. Joyce dice:

    The game was made smaller and i am now having trouble seeing to play. Please return back to the larger game!

  33. I really like this game, but what hate is the forced adds. I don’t mind adds between games, but it’s frustrating if a game can’t be finished without watching several ads. They give you 2 fun rounds and next round is impossible to finish, unless you ask for few bonus cards and watch a 30s video for each. Shame.

  34. Fun so far! Im excited to see all the different unique backgrounds etc. It kinda spices up an old classic! Gives you another reason for wanting to win besides the obvious lol. Solitaire can sometimes get boring after a while so I like the concept of having to win a certain ammount of games in order to unlock different pictures/features. Very cool!

  35. Love the beach so really enjoy the background scene. This game keeps me entertained and relaxed during breaks from work… And the calendar is helpful too. Have to give 5 stars because that is the only amount allowed or would give many more! If you enjoy “Solitaire” you will be more pleased with this app than the many other apps of the same kind. No problems and no adds just lots of fun and satisfaction.

  36. Great game smooth play and easy to read cards. I like it very much. Thank you. I have 2 Android smart phones and I have this game on both my phone’s. It has great choices for card backs, face cards and great back grounds to choose from. The ads are far and few between. Only lasting no more than 2 seconds. This is the best Solitaire game I have found. Get you won’t regret it . Hours of good play. Have fun!!!!!

  37. Nice app. However, when using hint if there’s not a move available on the played deck it indicates there’s a valid move in the pack. I’ve followed this hint by turning over the pack but alas still no valid move available. If this is the case then a message saying ‘No Valid Move Available’ is expected and the game ends. As it stands you go round in circles until you decide you’ve had enough. Still scratching my head on this one. Maybe it’s just me but there again maybe not. 🤔

  38. Love it is makes me use this OLD BRAIN. And keeps me going every day. Thank You. Play this Every Day many times…my Favorite of ALL Times.

  39. Galaxy Note,4 / Android 6.0.1 I’ve got major complaints about this “Journey Solitaire”. 1: Games are heavily biased towards a win, rather than a more realistic, evenly balanced weighting between wins and losses. 2: “Autoplay” shouldn’t count every card it casts off as a “move” ! At that point, I’ve won the game and “Autoplay” ought to be my last move. Results are more easily interpreted that way. EDIT. Later that week 3: App is a battery hog; uses 1% / min. My phone gets uncomfortably hot!!

  40. I’ve played this game for a long time and enjoyed it. Such a shame that you’ve added a 30 second ad after EVERY SINGLE GAME. This is overkill and it’s ridiculous and unnecessary and unfair to your players. You can show 15 second ads once in a while, not after every round. If this doesn’t change, I’m uninstalling.

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