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Light up Hatsune Miku's concerts with the tap of your finger!
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Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder (MikuTap for short!) is the Hatsune Miku game for smartphones that YOU can join the making of!
Light up Hatsune Miku’s concerts with the tap of your finger!

The controls are easy! All you do is tap!
Gather all sorts of costumes and adorable friends to perform concerts around the world!

– Tap to make the crowds at Miku’s concerts go wild!

– Dress Miku up as you like with a wide variety of costumes!

– Collect cute support characters that will help your concerts!
 In addition to Hatsune Miku, other popular virtual singers such as Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, KAITO, and MEIKO appear!

– With Skill Trees and all sorts of items, make the kind of Miku you want!

– Tons of illustrations by popular artists made specially for the game!

Download now and start tapping!

*In-app purchases available

Devices with Android OS 5.0 or higher
Devices with OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher
*We are unable to provide support for other devices.

*For a smooth gameplay experience, we recommend playing with a Wi-Fi connection.

*The game may not perform smoothly with a poor connection or under certain conditions.
Closing the app, rebooting the device, or clearing your cache may improve performance.

*Please read and agree to the Terms of Service in the app before playing.


Minor fixes.


40 comentarios en "Hatsune Miku – Tap Wonder MOD"

  1. I enjoy this game a lot, so I have some suggestions. First, it’s really hard to find a group with active players to do events and make friends. Maybe make a new “Active” category, or automatically disband a group after however long? Second, whenever I have a bunch of figurines, my game gets really laggy. I would like a low quality option in the settings that players can turn on to prevent lag spikes. I imagine it would eliminate particles and simplify backgrounds. Will update rating if fixed 👍

  2. Cat Smith dice:

    It’s a cute game. Very addictive. My one problem, and it’s not really a problem, is that it replays the same 3 or 4 songs that are part of the game. That could just be because I haven’t unlocked any extra BGM or it’s just those few songs on there. It would be nice if there were more songs, or a way to customize songs (like import other vocaloid songs into the game) but that’s the only “bad” thing I have to say about it. Cute graphics, controls are good and responsive, and it’s just overall good.

  3. I would love to give this game a 5, but the ads are so annoying. Tap a rainbow star? Watch a 30 second ad? Been away for a while? Watch a 30 second ad to get that bonus. The easy way around it is to purchase ad free right? $49.99! It comes with bonuses, sure, but I’m not spending $50 to remove ads! And the in game purchases are so expensive. The cheapest thing is 8.99 for the passport, and that expires! Buy this game only if you have a strong resilience towards in-game purchases like I do.

  4. Okay. I love the game and want to give it five stars, one problem. Every time I turn around, it says there is a server error and brings me back to the title screen!! It’s happened during super concerts a lot and then I lose my progress and have to start over again and again. Please fix this!! I’ll change my rating ifwhen this gets fixed

  5. It’s a really cute, addicting game! I’ve really enjoyed it so far. The only issue I see is that you need to have a strong internet connection to claim rewards. If you don’t, most of the time it loads forever or until you close the app which gets annoying. Oh, and for those that are wondering, it’s not a rhythm game, it’s a clicker. I mean, it’s “Tap” Wonder, so, like another reviewer said, please stop leaving bad reviews just becuase you thought it was a rhythm game. Anyways, would recommend it!

  6. I’ve been into Vocaloids for a LONG time and played a lot of the rhythm games. This game is definitely a good change. I like tap games so it works for me. The graphics are super adorable. Like the fact we can get free stuff from ads. Only thing I’m not a fan of is the same few songs playing over and over. I know I can turn off the music but I want to listen to the music(of course). It would be nice if we had a list of songs we can pick from. Overall this game is enjoyable and fun.

  7. Really interesting, reminds me of the click dating sims, I dont know why. The concept is great, good visuals. I’m actually enjoying it. But I really want for you to use your jewels to buy a small album of music lists from famous songs by the crew and be able to change your character to the rest of a crew like diet or trio.

  8. Great game! I love to play it. Although, at times it can feel a bit too childish. Although that isn’t the big issue here. The figurines are way out of balance. I love the concept of the game but I hate having to rely on one specific figurine to be the money maker and the rest are simply there for their skills. I’d like a better and more transferable scaling of their profitability so I can truly feel like I need them.

  9. I didn’t know what to expect …..but it wasn’t this. A SUPER boring game if you’re a fan of any of the ProjectDiva games or any rhythm game. You’re literally just tapping away…..for pretty much nothing. Cute art I will give it that, but not worth the arthritis later for what they call figurines (they help you get more points) in the game that cost a ridiculous amount of points that you have to tap for.

  10. Its a nice yet simple game, I’ve had it for around 2-3months and love playing the game when I feel the need to move my hands and its really addicting if you love simple games. The only things I wish were changed through my experience is that the prices for everything that costs money was lowered (50 dollars for removing ads???) and there were more background themes to enjoy, other than that its great 🙂

  11. This gets 1 star because whenever you leave the app and build inactive progress (as one would in clicker games), you have to watch an ad to get that progress when you reopen the app. I’ve lost countless hours of progress because I accidentally click outside of the window by habit and poof! No second chance to try and redeem my progress. I want to like this game, but locking the progress I made behind an advertisement is scummy.

  12. nacisse dice:

    its a decent clicker game. i know the creating outfit part was only recently added but i wish it was easier to create the outfit parts. the only way to get the materials for them is through either the random roulettes or placing in contests, which is not easy to place high enough for any decent reward. id rather be able to deconstruct outfit pieces for those materials instead of getting one gem out of them. otherwise its an ok time killer, but it would be better if it was offline

  13. This game has a relatively quick progression unlike others of the ‘clicker’ genre. It’s really simple, just clicking, but I found myself wanting to see more of the game, unlocking figurines, and maxing everything out. Great, simple controls, music is vocaloid songs, it can get repetitive but I don’t mind. The art is cool, and graphics interesting and colorful. This game doesn’t spam you with ads, so you won’t be clicking X’s every 10 seconds. Simple game, addicting mechanics.

  14. Onyx dice:

    I love this game, but I’ve recently re-downloaded it and unfortunately can’t log into my account as I keep getting a message stating that an error occured due to poor internet connection which I know isn’t the case. Overall, I believe this to be a good idle game with one mildly irritating flaw.

  15. Completely dead game. You don’t actually do anything. You just wait. The events are non-existent. The prices for everything are ridiculous ($7 for three skill points when you require hundreds in order to do anything useful) and simply not worth it. The only new “content” is an picture you have to pay $18 for. Not to mention the devs decided that one server is enough so you have to play with people who are active when you’re asleep. Overall a costly, headache-inducing experience. Not recommended

  16. loved it for when i had it. then i tried to move my data from another phone and it wont let me. keeps saying “error occurred when trying to connect to the server”. sucks because i paid to have ads removed and stuff unlocked.

  17. Wiley dice:

    really fun idle game with miku and main vocaloids!! UPDATE 12/15/2022: a new update came out that completely rendered my game useless. It doesnt have any new updates but it won’t let me play because it says there is.I dont want to un install because ill lose my progress…. UPDATE 12/16/22 It reset all of my progress. I’m quitting.

  18. This game is fun but I’m trying to transfer my save data but it won’t, it keeps saying “transfer failed, connect to the internet” something like that, and I’m connected to the internet and it still won’t work, I’m kinda getting a little med and frustrated, I’ll change it to a 5 star if you get it fixed.

  19. Kevin Ta dice:

    I really enjoyed it! I loved how it had costumes! It is a really good game! This is the awesome game I ever seen! I’m Also a Fan of Miku! It’s a great game to play! So fun to play it! I just got in but, I got back to the title screen. But I really enjoy it! It’s too cute!

  20. metz jumz dice:

    This is the Japanese game i want. I wish this was a offline game but this game is so cute! Its my favorite game after all. But i have some weird glitch. I got double xmas wand thingys and i was constantly confused. This game is miku like and i would really cry so freaking hard when the game will go down or shut down. Top 1 of my favorite miku games. I would recommend this miku game to a friend. Bonus review i love this game sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

  21. This game is awesome it is cute. But still lacking and that’s fine cause this type of gameplay don’t need it much

  22. Okay, 30min. in and I must say, this is fun. All you do is tap; sure it does sound boring but once I tried it myself, I end up enjoying it. Visuals are cute, customizable Miku is a plus, and dang, I really love the music. Although, the thing is its not available for offline play, which is kind of disappointing since not everyone is connected to the internet almost 24/7 and this type of app is usually there to pass time. I hope we’ll get more songs and more cute outfits in the future.

  23. FN LN dice:

    Overall this game is good. But I have 2 BIG PROBLEM. 1. Connection. Instead of playing it, I can’t connect to server. Even if my Internet is fast, not 100% I can login / just stuck at main menu. 2. Account Data. Sometimes I have to delete this game. When I reinstall, I want to backup data but I CAN’T. My eyes 👀 just see [Transmission Error] and I have to MAKE NEW ACCOUNT. If the developer find a way to solve this, I’ll change my mind.

  24. Sukifox dice:

    Great tap game, easy to learn and the animations are really cute! Would give it 5 stars but there is no option for the game to keep running in the background like other tap games, if you want to make progress the game has to be open all the time. Edit: it does keep collecting after you close it, just sometimes it doesnt work.

  25. ZH Chee dice:

    I was really looking forward to this, but I ended up getting a heavily P2W game instead of an actual rhythm game. It’s just tapping and the songs in the background are repetitive and limited. I’ve been playing for a few days as F2P and I’ve barely reached lvl 200. It got boring very quickly and not much happens. If you don’t watch the ads, you can NEVER advance as quickly as you’d like. It gets SUPER laggy too and it’s annoying. Incredibly disappointing.

  26. Overall good tapping game. Biggest problem is that you basically can’t progress levels when offline (even the ones you have cleared before). Something needs to change with auto play system it’s waaayy to slow. Other thing is when tapping you can’t go as fast as your fingers tap and concert clearing should go smoother without delays.

  27. Kenneth dice:

    This has no disruptive ads, extremely fun gameplay, amazing new songs, and super nice looking UI! My only issues are, this game currently doesn’t use Google play to save progress and uses Ateam to save progress and is slow on low end devices. Other than that there is no reason not to get this! Edit: I see a lot of people disappointed that’s this is not a rythm game. This is clearly a tapping game don’t give something 1 star just because it wasn’t what you expected. Project Sekai is in the works!

  28. The graphics and music are really good. However, the only motivation for me to continue tapping was simply to collect more equipment and characters. I suggest quests to be added to make it more interesting. The quests could give out downloadable images as rewards. Edit: I didn’t understand the side panel at first and therefore was not motivated by the rewards. Changing of Illustrations for active skills did not work for me. Clearer introduction and instructions would help. E.g Lucky voltage

  29. s n Meeks dice:

    I cant play because it says transmission error. I dont know how to fix. Please fix this.

  30. This is an tap game, as desscribed. The art is cute, the mechanics is easy to understand, and i like the music. This would be even better if there is option to adjust the music, sound effect, and voice volume, the sound effect is too loud. Overall i’m having fun. More important is this game has zero ads

  31. keeps saying a new version is available but i go to the play store there isnt any new version

  32. It’s not letting me play the game. It’s just saying “there is a new update available” but there is no update! Please help

  33. I love the graphics and how aesthetically pleasing the game is, the artstyle of the game is really pretty! Although the game is wonderful for how it looks, it can be really boring. There isn’t really much to it as the morjority of the time is to spend taping the screen but I do understand as the name of the name is literally “MikuTAPS” so that practically makes sense. A really great game for the looks but not so much for the fun.

  34. it funs to get the best of the year and game and it’s super super duper hard and I expect to game jewels is your goal at game I need all even there is so beautiful and amazing game🤩 Hehe cool

  35. Kiskoni dice:

    Requires an interent connection to start, gain rewards, along with a few other things. Strangely enough, you are able to watch Ads offline but need online access to actually get the rewards. The game is clearly a cash-grab, seeing as it had the audacity to charge the player $60 to not have ads. The actual gameplay part is rather decent, there are plenty of upgrades to help it go by much easier. Overall, if you like Miku, it’s a decent game.

  36. reiisen dice:

    First off, yes, I agree that the prices of the packs and ad removal are high, but this is Crypton, what did you expect? Some game where you get everything for free? The costume rarity is understandable, it is a costume after all. The headgear and hand accessories are enough to last you if you aren’t looking for anything flashy. But yeah, overall, the game is decent, the songs are good, and Crypton is overpriced but we knew that already.

  37. It’s the same as regular tap games but the theme is vocaloid, so I love it. My only problems for the game would be with the figurines going from the bottom to the top and not having a way to change which song is currently playing. Hope that in the future more songs would be added and more features as well, I really like the current line up.

  38. Vanitas dice:

    I like the visuals of this game, it’s just that this game is very boring. There is nothing interesting about this game. The most annoying thing is that when I can’t finish the super concert, I’ve to do a restage?! Hmm, come on. Does that mean I’ve to start over from the beginning?? Very annoying. And also why can’t I see ads? Though I want to get an extra reward! I hope this game gets fixed again.

  39. dominique dice:

    I honestly love this game but i uninstalled the game a few months ago due to storage reason. After I fixed my storage I thought it would be nice to revisit the game and play it again. When I downloaded it and tried to play it, it said “Transmission error, Please check your internet” my internet connection wasnt bad so I just thought it was a little mistake. Nope, every time I redownload the game it would always say “Transsmission error, Please check your internet”. Could you please fix this?

  40. emorbius dice:

    great game! graphics are cute, music is cool, and its just a good game to play when you’re bored. the thing is, some parts of the game pass to quickly, like one minute i’m completing concerts in half a second, the next it takes around 5 minutes to finish one, but i think i can get used to it!

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