Mr Bean – Special Delivery MODDED


Deliver boxes stacked on Mr Bean’s green car in this awesome driving game.
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🚙🐻No delivery job is too far for Bean and his trusty sidekick, Teddy! So buckle up and start your engines, in this awesome official Mr Bean game.🐻🚙

Mr Bean Driving Games
🛑Play the OFFICIAL Mr Bean driving game for FREE now and deliver to all his friends & foes.
🛑Test your driving skills – get to the finish line as fast as possible WITHOUT dropping any of the precious packages.

Customize Mr Bean’s famous green Mini
🚗 Upgrade his old Green Car with Paints, Wheels, Toppers & Trails. Collect them ALL for special bonuses!
⬆️ Level up your Experience to unlock more upgrades.
🚀 Craft power-ups in Mr Bean’s Boost-a-matic to give you an edge on each run.

Deliver to 4 exciting original AREAS!
🏙️ Drive through the steep streets of the CITY.
🌳 Climb the high hills of the COUNTRYSIDE.
🏔️ Ride the rollercoaster in the MOUNTAINS.
🏜️ Melt your tyres in the DESERT

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Free to download and play, but contains 3rd party advertising and some in app items can also be purchased for real money.


Mr Bean has released his first major update in a while. He is super excited for you to try out the new features in his game.

He has many more ideas to come so stay tuned and up to date.


40 comentarios en "Mr Bean – Special Delivery MODDED"

  1. Funny game. Simple in concept (as all games I like). But there are some freeze when playing in old devices. I’ve played it on a 2016, 2 Gb ram, Android 6 device and it constantly freezes (fortunately it’s just a second or less and the gameplay recovers). It makes the experience less enjoyable. It would a good thing to check for this undesired behavior. Otherwise, this is a really a nice game.

  2. This game would get 5stars if not for the weird physics and some weak level design. Boosters are mostly useless. Most missions could benefit from an extra 3secs to the time limit. Too much ads in the game, I’ve never played a game with back-to-back ads after a level. I like how the unlocks are handled. The more time you put in, the faster you can unlock everything unlike most games that requires endless grinding. Overall a fun game and worth a playthrough, a must for Mr Bean fans.

  3. Update: To the devs, Thank you for the reply but I am still experiencing that stutter in the game. Often times, it seems like there is that “trigger” for the ad, but nothing appears. Only the speedometer is gone and the game still hangs for a few seconds as I had mentioned. To be fair, it is better than before but still hangs for a random amount of time.

  4. The game is ok but there’s only one issue and it happens every after you finish a level the game will take u to a page or something were you can not come back and play the next level unless you have to cancel the game and open it again to play the next level in simple it lacks a back key after a level to proceed to the next level

  5. Those who complain on slow downloading and the game crashing when starting, first you need to make sure that you have a stable internet connection, and also that your phones’ processor is good enough to keep up with the app. Also to those complaining that the game has too many ads, try playing without wifi or data connection and you definitely won’t get a single ad. Anyways, I LOVE the game and Mr. Bean, even bought the one-time-purchase thing coz I love the game that much. Have a great day!

  6. This has been one of my favourite games yet, I always loved Mr Bean aswell! The gameplay is excellent, as are the customizations too. One or two things I would like if there were to be an update is an adventure mode and more than 30 levels. It would be interesting to choose different characters to play as through the game.

  7. 草泥馬 dice:

    The game is very fun and addictive. The ads can be a bit much but after all I don’t mind watching a few ads to win some special features for free. I can open the game today, the screen is frozen at the beginning I can’t get in and play. May I ask how to fix the problem please?

  8. After updating the game on 28-11-2022 the entire functionality of the game is changed, I’ve been playing this game for past 2 years it was perfect, now after this update since, I’m at Level-15 but the missions appear to be starting from scratch, in which I’ve already completed it, then what’s the use of playing since I’m at Level-15, and the game has lags a lot and pops with recommendations unnecessarily while playing inorder to follow the social pages of the game. Kindly fix this issue ASAP.

  9. Update: So when i want to play the level 12, it was very difficult and tricky when i at the water pool, i’ve tried everything to pass that. Anyway, I love this game, the car is customisable and this game has crazy hilarious boosts.

  10. sana dice:

    You could have been into same level layout or somewhat you happened to encounter an exact box stack layout on that track layout you just went through, which you definitely will have zero trouble maneuvering your run – killing the fun in longer runs. What’s with the drop rate of each box has? You could have not need a month of playtime to reach the lv30 content, because of luck in getting parts for levelling up. Just saying.

  11. Love this game. But please the are too many inconsistencies. After every race there’s a menu which is difficult to eliminate please correct it. It’s making the game annoying.

  12. The game was perfect prior to the update, unfortunately the update has brought bugs such as the settings menu opening randomly whilst driving. The physics are broken too, the accelerator now pushes you so that you are front wheel heavy not back wheel heavy. I also used all of my gems on extra slots and those are gone now so I lose my 50+ gems. The timer whilst driving is gone which was one of the best parts of the game please bring back the old version of the game it was perfect the way it was.

  13. I love it especially it has Mr. Bean voice speaking but the problem is, it is quite hard to control although I just start playing. I suggest that make more cars in the game for him so that it’s more fun. Anyway the game is very good, the graphics, sounds etc are good too. Keep creating more games like this

  14. I love this game. But the power ups is limited, and when you try to deliver a box on a hard road, the time is short. When you try to use rocket power up it slow sown your mph. Why I gave three stars, because the star and the slot for power up is equal.

  15. It’s just a cash grab. Two nice and easy rides, then you have to use boosters that can be conveniently bought or you can watch ads for them. Which would be kinda acceptable if you didn’t have to watch random ads after levels. But you do have to.

  16. MaTiN R dice:

    It looks getting the licence of Mr. Bean costed a lot for Good Catch; so they’re trying to make money in anyway possible. If you want to play and you don’t want to waste your time with looking to the screen until the game gives you a mission, you need gem. For getting gems, you have to pay real money or watch an ad; there’s no other way. I saw pay to win games before, But this is a new thing: PAY TO PLAY.

  17. Its funny seeing box by box fall and bean hufts for failure. But does it need 40 seconds to prep, box, and deliver to all the destinations? Its even IMPOSSIBLE since, hey! Even a record of like a 2 or 3 hour won’t do the trick and really? Fragile boxes arent THAT fragile in real life because of well, bubble wrappers, it still makes sense though. Since it is a cartoon edited into a game, so everything is possible. Though confusion is not what you want, so just fix it please? Youll get better 😀

  18. I absolutely adore this beautiful game the graphics are so good my phone lags partially but it’s amazing 🤩🤩 I mean it’s better than any other mobile game the fact I can drive Mr beans car amazes me and it’s not just that the game also gives me links to data center services witch I’ve always wanted but never knew where I could get it and it’s sooooo good that they can’t put it in 3d because the graphics are so good it would crash the game that’s why I love it so much and recommend it to anyone.

  19. I like this game this is one of my favorite game, but there’s a problem. The break not too strong amd there’s sometimes a very long road in a short time. The rocket car loose easily when I drive. I wish maybe the rocket car much longer. Good joob creator.

  20. The game is very bad and very difficult to play The car’s speed is not enough to cover the route in given time…also the roads and bridges are very difficult to cross and the controls of the game are very bad.Whenever I use a booster the car goes out of control and the car crashes😕…..

  21. I would give it 4 star but I don’t like some things in this game like it’s been 2 years of this game and there is only 30 levels in it and the all levels are so easy that In only 3 days I had reached to 27 level and there are only 4 powerups from which only MONSTER TYRE is a usefull powerup and other three is trash. I would like if there will be more upgrades it’s tooo kiddy game just can be completed in 4 days😁. But nice game it is

  22. CJ Walker dice:

    It’s a fun little time killer. I like that ads don’t just pop up after each delivery, it’s a welcome change from other games of it’s type. I highly recommend it for those waiting room sits, especially if you have kids, it’ll keep them pacified.

  23. This is a very fun game, me and my brother play it alot. But it would be really cool if like a map editor was made for it because we can make our own tracks instead of repeating them again and again. Keep it up!! Thanks 👍

  24. Excellent ! The Game is very Good….It is So Relaxing💖 The problem is while driving and playing game it suddenly show setting and Stucking There. Then i have to Exit the game and Open it Again….That so Terrible. That is the Reason why i Give only One Star.🫠 I like….I Love this Game💖

  25. Great game but keeps freezing after level 105. Given up with it now after uninstalling and having to start from the beginning, only for it to freeze again. Shame as I loved the game.

  26. well it is a great game and have alot of space to improve, i really hope that i can use the coin to update my car like turbo or engine this is so good if the game can do like that and maybe so new car i guess or other kind of vehicle on another map like driving a speed boat on the sea? or fly a hotballoon in the sky or maybe chopper? it may be great if it have such an update

  27. Nice game but for the second time after reaching levels over 100 the screen suddenly becomes black and game is not responding. You can hear only music playing with black screen. Was forced to uninstall this game.

  28. I’m a fan of Mr Bean but whenever I watch the advertisement to refuel my Jet and save my add-ons it totally didn’t even show the advertisement I had to close out of the game and it took my nitro boost, plus it’s so hard not to flip like how do you control that? Anyway I uninstalled it I’m still going to continue to watch Mr Bean on YouTube though you damn right! 😎

  29. This is a good game OK have to do. and I will be in touch base with you, you can also, I will be able of the best. if the person that is not the same thing with a little 94, but it was not able and willing 3 the s the, .Liu the first time. I understand that it is. but the fact, it would much rather have a lot of people who have a great day.

  30. Is enjoyable but be warned. The perks keep running out & give you an unrecoverable landing, thus losing the perks & then asking you to spend jewels either keeping them or getting more. Was fun to a certain point but has now just become a jewel grind

  31. Mike Fonz dice:

    It is one of the best apps i have ever played! I love when the boxs fall, it is funny, and the failer. Mr Bean is one of the best shows because the cartoon is so funny! Also i play this with my sister and she is bad at working the car. Rate this app up to 5 stars if you really love this app!

  32. A rip off. Not very much fun. Lots of ads. I purchased the vip pass and it’s not worth it whatsoever. I think there’s many other games out there with the same playability with less frustrating features.

  33. This game is great, but there is a bug that doesn’t allow me to play the game when my daily reward showed when I was offline , so I now had to put my data on and it still didn’t work, and I now had to delete it and download and lost all my progress 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭, so fustrating, pls fix this problem.🙏🙏

  34. this game is the best you need to download it so if you go too fast and all the luggage will fall off it happens to me quite a few times and it is the best game ever you need to download it now it is so much fun and sometimes if there’s a bridge made out of luggage and then and then if all the luggage Falls then Newcastle’s and and you need to restart all over again but it’s quite easy not quite it is easy and I hope you guys enjoy it ever gets it

  35. download it and you will find ice,fire and huge wheels sometime you will find a pink parachute don’t use it it makes you lose mister bean is so funny I wrote a paragraph but my baby sis erased it so I wrote this. Also if an ad comes you can get off the app and then go back on the app and the ad will be gone it may not work for you.

  36. There are certain levels that I think poorly design, ranging from Timer too short plus with complicated stage, to a stage with too many impossible bumps with such Top Speed and Acceleration Mr.Bean’s car had. This game need more fix on level design.

  37. This is the best MR. Bean game I have ever played. The boosters are fantastic, and the graphics are excellent. I recommend you to download this game if you are a big fan of MR.BEAN. The game makers can add some more background such as Forest. But over-all it is fantastic

  38. This game is full of rage. They give u a short amount of time and the boxes r falling very easy. I don’t recommend playing this game. And also your ad takes way too long the load.

  39. They put an advert right over where you need to push the petrol. Makes it almost impossible to play. Makes you click the ads the whole time.

  40. i love it mr been i cant tell what a great game this is and girl i would like to say this is the third crop you have given this is a great option italy don’t drop the parcel you will grind it so very good second option to make the mat thicker third option the car runs yes me three it is very nice game and and the final level will go ahead and I also play you bye

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