Farm Heroes Super Saga MODDED 2022


Match 3 to Grow & Harvest Cropsies in this Fun Challenging Switcher Puzzle Game!
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The makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are back with even bigger Cropsies and more switcher fun in Farm Heroes Super Saga! Help the Farm Heroes defeat Rancid and win the Country Show in this adorable match 3 adventure.

The Farm Heroes know Rancid Raccoon is up to his old tricks again and it’s up to you to help them defeat him in this puzzle quest. Grow and harvest the biggest Super Cropsies and stop Rancid from ruining the fun for everyone!

Adventure through this Farmtastic puzzle game while collecting as many Cropsies as you can! Help Fidget the squirrel collect his nuts, harvest adorable Super Cropsies and go on a puzzle quest to meet exciting new Farm Heroes. Be careful on your adventure and watch for Rancid Raccoon, he will pop up and try to stop you when you least expect him…

Farm Heroes Super Saga features:

Match 3 Games – Easy to Play, Challenging to Master
• Fun game with Farmtastic puzzles with new game modes
• Match 3 games with hundreds of levels for hours of fun!
• More fruit and veg to harvest; grow the biggest Cropsies and will the Country Show

Farming Fun – Switch, Connect & More
• Switcher gameplay – Match 4 fruit or veg to grow Super Cropsies!

Connect to Online Leaderboards
• Connecting online through Facebook lets you compare scores with friends on the leaderboards and save your farm adventure on mobile and tablet devices

• Connect to the internet to unlock the full game features and keep collecting Cropsies

Take on this Croptastic Saga and help the Farm Heroes bring harmony back to rural farm life in this fun match 3 puzzle game! Defeat Rancid Raccoon’s sneaky plan and grow Super Cropsies!

Download today and start collecting Cropsies!

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Farm Heroes Super Saga is completely free to play, but some optional in-game items will require payment.

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Have fun playing Farm Heroes Super Saga!


Howdy, farmers! We’re bringing ya’ll a BRAND NEW update, filled with croptastic fun!

New to Farm Heroes Super Saga? It’s a farmtastic party that you don’t want to miss! Join now and flex those switchin' and matchin' skills!



40 comentarios en "Farm Heroes Super Saga MODDED 2022"

  1. The game is kind of high pace but also easy to follow with the beginning of explaining from tutorial. It’s easier to move the vegetables pieces during the game play. However it does become tricky when the windy element is involved you can move it in the wrong direction and be struck on level. The gold to use in getting extra five move is helpful but once it goes you can also be in a jam, until the lives build back up again.

  2. K Hays dice:

    2 MONTHS LATER AND STILL NOT RESOLVED! I’ve been playing this a long long time. Don’t mind the ads as it’s part of the deal if you want it for free. BUT lately at the end of a game, when it offers you 5 more moves if you watch an ad, the ad plays then it tells you the game’s over. EVERY TIME you don’t get those 5 more moves! PLEASE FIX THIS! Otherwise this is a 5-star game!

  3. T D dice:

    The game is fun and so it’s addictive, however it was disappointing to see that the price for coins and items goes up by 25% once you get to the 700 levels. I purposely made sure not to rate the game till I got further along. It was also aggravating when about every 30 levels are beaten, it constantly ask you to rate the game. Geeze where’s the loyalty discounts for those who continue to play and purchase the items time to time. It’s kind of insulting!

  4. A long time fan and player of King Games. All King games I`ve found to be enjoyable. No crazy explosions, overwhelming graphics! Just enjoyable puzzle character games without numbers or letters. Nice and relaxing and always challenging! However since Facebook linkage has occurred with all King games, it’s become frustrating and difficult entering most of the games. I strongly recommend that Facebook linkages be disconnected.

  5. I just uninstalled this game off of all of my devices. When I first started playing it was an easy 5 Star rating. Since the last 2 to 3 updates, it never stops asking you to look at an ad…. Even if you choose “no”. After finishing a level, it asks. When you don’t complete a level, it asks and asks and asks and asks. I had to choose “no” 6 times before it would let me retry the level. I got to the point where I said “F” it and started to watch the ads. Before uninstalling, I had over 40 power ups due to adds. I got totally sick of it and took it off. If it wasn’t for the ads, it would be 5 Star….EASY. I really sucks now, so download if you like ads.

  6. I have a stressful job. I started out with another Farm Game, a year ago, but it became frustrating. This game isn’t easier but somehow not as frustrating. I’ve been playing it for about 6 months. I play for a few minutes every day, on my breaks, being able to refocus on something else, even for 15 minutes, not only helps with the stress but sharpens my brain as well. Thank You!!!

  7. This game use to be good, now most of the time you don’t get the credit for country shows completed. The credits only show up about a fourth of the time. When you message them, they just tell you it’s on your end. I have done everything they say to do to correct it, but nothing works. The game itself has gotten to where you almost have to use/buy boosters to pass a level, unless you want to play each level 30 or more times.

  8. Gameplay is decent and fun. The biggest drawback is that more time is spent watching the animations than actually playing. For every swipe, there are several seconds of slow chain reactions or fancy flourishes, and even more between levels. If you’re in it for the looks, its great. But otherwise its a very slow-moving game.

  9. I love this game. It’s a perfect distraction. it is hard enough sometimes that I have spoken words of anger to it 🙂 but most of the time just challenging enough to keep it interesting and I like that there’s ways to earn the boosters that don’t involve money. I also like the extra challenge of having to do things in a certain order to win levels. Overall I think this is my favourite. Thanks

  10. Great game!! Relaxes me on a tough day!! Love the prizes on the different levels. Love this game! Waiting for the Christmas graphics! This is my go to game for relaxing. I’m just a little frustrated with the prizes when opting to watch the ad and the game keeps dropping. I really hope it can be fixed. I am finding that the game is still dropping after I opt to watch the ads for extra moves.

  11. Fun game at the start, but in the higher levels it becomes almost impossible to advance without spending money for boosts. I have also noticed that as you get into higher levels, the same layouts repeat pretty often. So you advance, but have to play the same hard boards with no changes, over and over again.

  12. Liking the new changes . Still very hard levels. Keep you interested in what’s to come. Good game. Fun to play, they’re so cute too. Great game… new animals are awesome. I have to think out the moves to get pass the very hard levels. The little bonus helps you get pass the harder levels..I have noticed that on Sunday it should be give you double but it hasn’t been.

  13. The game is challenging but some levels are more difficult than others for example level 427. You wind up having to buy your way through it instead of being able to skip to the next level and come back to it later. It would be more fun if I could use the basket to collect acorns as well as other needed items. There should also be a way to remove hay other than having the rabbit go through it. Hope the developers read this and improve this game using these ideas. Sometimes I don’t get full stars

  14. Jamie dice:

    I really love this game! It is extremely fun, challenging but not so much so that you cannot move on to next levels. They give you boosters for earning certain challenges, which is great so that you’re not constantly having to actually purchase boosters to move on to the next level. I do not like games where you have to consistently make purchases in order to move to the next levels. Love the game and him highly addicted to it, because it is fun and has the right amount of challenge for people!

  15. Surprisingly my favorite of all the games in this genre. It’s more skill than luck. I’ve been playing for a couple of years and never get bored. Every level is creative and new and gets the wheels turning. The only thing that’s missing is challenges to get unlimited lives or some kind of bonus for unlimited lives. I would like to win challenges for free gameplay.

  16. This was a great game, but then just like other games it got money hungry. I was happy maybe getting a couple of levels a day. Now you get stuck on levels for days and days. Without even a chance of completing the level. For example you need 50 carrots as 1 of the items, but holdup they don’t even mix in the 50 carrots to even try to make an attempt of possibly completing. But all is fine you can get infinity lives for a certain time if you buy the bars to do so. Now nothing but waste of time.

  17. Since the update on 8/26/20, I keep getting an error message that” unfortunately farm heroes super saga has stopped working”. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and cleared cache and still won’t work. Been playing for quite some time and now the game freezes in the middle of a level. I have to close the app. After reopening, sometimes I can get through a level and sometimes it freezes again. Very frustrated!!

  18. I have played this game for years, and now that I am up in the levels over 1200 I get quests to earn game pieces in the form of prizes. However when ever I finish a quest your game does not payoff with the prizes to be awarded, it say class prize and when I click on them they disappear and do not add the prizes. This has been going on for weeks and when ever I try to report, your scenarios don’t match and is very frustrating so I quit trying. Very disappointed!

  19. Fun game to pass the time. I just wish that the challenges didn’t change until completed. I will be missing 1-2 items, run out of lives and come back a few minutes later and the challenge is gone or with a new challenge. That part sucks! I guess you’re expected to complete the challenges with the 5 lives given in order to receive the prize.

  20. It took a while to fix the following: Freezing up at the end of each game when I have zero moves left. I have to quit the game, and don’t get credit for playing that round. Had been happening for a couple of weeks. Thought it would correct itself after update, but did not. Other than that, I enjoy playing the game. Game worked fine today, I’m going to increase my rating a little bit higher. If it continues to work, the rating will continue to go up Unfortunately it started freezing again.

  21. Will Bell dice:

    Higher levels are frustrating. It can take days to get through some levels because they are simply impossible unless the right random pieces fall in your favor. Even with the very costly boosters. I’m only on level 161 but I will probably stop playing this game, which is unfortunate because it is otherwise very cute and fun. Bonus points for being ad-free.

  22. l enjoy this game alot. Very addicting but not in a bad way. The only thing I don’t like and hope the developers could change, is how fast the level’s instructions disappear, I never get a chance to read them before they disappear. if they could give the player a chance to read it, and maybe press X or something to move on when finished I would have no complaints AT ALL and would continue to give 5 stars, but for now I gave it 4 stars. Thanks 👍 for another great game

  23. The idea of the game is fun, but after the last update the game screen freezes and won’t reload all the way once you’ve watched the ads for extra moves. It’s not my device that’s the problem, so I wish whoever works on the glitches would get this fixed. I like to play daily.

  24. Very infuriating. Since I gave a bad review I haven’t been able to beat any levels. Pretty sure they just want money. Used to be fun, about 2 years ago. Selected “watch ad for 3 free moves” and the game charged me “9 gold bars” for more moves. Fun game, but they just want your money in the end. “Hard” levels are often impossible to beat without using items or purchasing more lives. Sucks when you’re stuck on a level for over 15 tries and it’s based on luck not strategy.

  25. If i could give this less stars, I would. This game is designed to get you to a point where you MUST use special items that you have to pay for, or gold bars to havr enough moves to finish. Especially infuriating are the ice cubes that can ONLY be broken with lightning from clouds, and its COMPLETELY RNG. There’s no way to be “good,” you can only be insanely lucky, or pay. In many states, this would fall into the category of gambling. You should be forced to refund all money paid.

  26. Candy Crush has got this beat every day! There are not enough chances to go beyond moves and no winning extra chances to get more moves. Takes too long to get to next level. NO FUN!!!! Have a wrapped gift with 4 and cant open it! Just another frustration with this game!!! Have been waiting weeks for this game to be fixed. At the end when trying to get extra moves. After waiting thru 3 ads the game freezes up. I am sick of this game and uninstalling to go to another game!!!!

  27. I love this game, however lately there is a glitch in the basket booster. Instead of allowing you to choose which fruit you want to pick, it does it automatically, really sucks. Cost me a lot of money! Please fix it! I wrote about this problem in July, it is now almost January and the problem is still not fixed. I’ve sent video of the issue, followed the stupid instructions to reset things on my device but still doesn’t fix the problem. I am now officially pissed!

  28. I just started playing and so far it’s a fun game. The levels aren’t too hard; but I’m not that far into the game yet. In the beginning the game would freeze and that was annoying so I uninstalled, then reinstalled and it is fine now. You shouldn’t loose your points if you sign up under FB or email. They never post on your FB unless you do it yourself. I’m hoping that the levels don’t get to the point where I have to buy. If it does I’ll probably delete it.

  29. I’ve been playing this game for quite some time. (Years) Overall it is amusing, however my complaint is the disparity in the levels labeled as “hard” and levels not labeled. ( One would assume they would be easier. Not so) You could spend weeks on an “easier ” level and successfully complete a “hard” level the first try. Also, they are regurgitating previous levels. Idk if they have run out of ideas and they think we won’t notice or what but it’s the levels that you are grateful you passed.

  30. Really like this match-3 game! Starts off easy but gets more challenging as you go through the levels. There are in-app purchases but I like to win boosters and coins as I go. I would like to be able to win gold bars though rather than buy them.

  31. Issues with game freezing last 2 updates and issues connecting to Facebook and King Account constantly. Can’t send or receive lives without being able to connect to Facebook. Chrome is working fine & able to connect to the internet with other apps. Not sure what the problem is…😔

  32. Diana Can dice:

    Ever since the update I haven’t seen any quests popping up? It’s January 26th 2023 and still no quest, I don’t know what is going on with the game but the only reason for me playing is that I have spent a lot of time and money on getting passed the levels just to see if I can pass the next one. I hope this gets fixed soon. I don’t want to come to the point where I decided to uninstall the game.

  33. This is truly a great game can I add that you consider adding features like the one’s in Candy Crush Saga which are the Race where friends race against each other in every episodes and win rewards and add the Booster wheel to make the game more interesting, nice game indeed but the quests and the race option aren’t available

  34. Like this a lot. Really enjoy it. So much fun. Getting harder but enjoy the challenge. Enjoy the different houses and countries. Like the squirrels and little mouse. Like the fact you only have to watch one ad to get 5 additional moves. Sometimes this does not work.

  35. Fun to play, good prises. Sticky ads will freeze, forcing you to back out of the game and restart, causing you to lose your level. It doesn’t happen a lot, just enough to be annoying.

  36. This is my absolute favourite game and I’ve been playing it for many years. It has been great up until level 2460, which I have completed many times over the last two days, and yet it will still not let me pass to the next level. Please fix this bug, if not, I will not be able to play anymore. I have been able to rectify my issue as it turns out. I needed more space as my google account was full. As soon as I got more space, my game allowed me to advance. LOVE THIS GAME!!

  37. What are the coins for – no purpose!!! Highly addictive & great fun but the further the game’s progression – the less likely you are to win without payments ! really… not good as the fun goes & players will just leave & source new games like I have… rethink needed !

  38. It’s a fun game but needs more variety of games, storyline, power ups, and fruits/veggies like Soda Crush used to have. It gets kind of monotonous after awhile.

  39. I have been playing this game for years. I have collected over 10,000 coins which are kind of useless since you can only use them to buy more gloves or sprinkle cans which you can get plenty enough for free. Would be real nice to be able to buy extra lives with the coins

  40. A Great Game It’s brill keeps you interested It’s a game that keeps you interested.An keeps going and you have to use your mind.What more can be said excellent keeps brain ticking over..oh forget it it’s a game of to Half’s good and useless .Freezes ..stops lose your coin s don’t give rewards when it should it’s not good ….I rated it 5stars when lOver the past week or so it as much improved it’s getting better.great …

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