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A fun and cute monster-themed character creator with 1000+ parts.
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Ever wanted to create your own cute monster character but didn’t know where to start? Lost on what aesthetics they should have, what accessories or hairstyle they could wear? ‘Monster Girl Maker’ provides you with those tools to create such a character!

Monster Girl Maker is a character creator where you can design a variety of portraits using over 1000 different parts; skin, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, hair, accessories & clothes. This app allows you to create monsters with slime, stitches, horns, multiple eyes, wings and much more!

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If a purchase is not registering, try re-installing the app to restore any purchases made.

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This app was created by @GHOULKISS & @Normower (Twitter/Instagram).


- Added 2 new paid packs.
- Added over 200 new free parts.
- Improved support for screens taller than 9:16.
- Improved image capture.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Minimum supported Android version is now 4.4.
- Improved asset loading.
- Fixed bug where IAP was not confirming purchase.
- Part menu now easier to scroll.


40 comentarios en "Monster Girl Maker MOD"

  1. It was really really fun, and I got to be really creative with the app. But for some reason now, all my saves are messed up. Bits abd pieces of my monsters just disappear, like the mouth the front part of the hairstyle, nose, and background, and possibly some other things as well. I don’t know what’s going on, but to put so mich effort into the creation of something and have it ruined is pretty upsetting. They were really nice too.

  2. Really love this app! However, I wish they would add some reptile scales so we can make snake girls! Also, when selecting tattoos, you can’t really see because the menu controls cover the chest of your character. I also noticed that there’s no way to change the colors of the ears to match the extra layers of patterns you can put on the face. For example, say I make a girl with veins on her face. There isn’t an option to extend those veins onto her ears. If she has short hair that doesn’t cover her ears, the final product looks a bit off. I also would like it if they added more noses. Right now there are only about 3 or 4.

  3. As much as I love the game visually, the UI doesn’t work properly. When I try to adjust any color sliders, it’ll randomly jump to the next part or jump me back to the selection screen for whatever I was working on. So I’m just… Unable to change the color of anything without having to fight the app. I love the art style and hope for a monster boy version too! But… Only after this issue is fixed so i can properly enjoy the app. :’)

  4. This is the cutest, I love it, but only a liiiiiittle problem, its not huge, but it did freak me out the first time it happened. After you purchase the packs and after a few days of having them, your saved files will bug out? So, say the hair will bug out and your saved file will change with the front hair piece gone, but it does this to quite a few things as well, not just the hair. I dunno, it’ll fix itself after ahwile, its just weird.

  5. Absolutely beautiful art from an amazing artist. I spend a lot of time just messing around in this app. My one complaint is that the randomized option doesn’t produce very nice looking characters. When I’m bored and need something to draw, it’s fun to doodle randomized gals. Sadly, they always have fully saturated colors and are much too cluttered with accessories. Obviously you can’t expect perfect randomized designs, but it’d be nice if the colors were just a little easier on the eyes.

  6. I have never seen a better randomize filter on a dressup app! The color choices are endless as well and I’m really happy with how many options there are. My only complaint is that the save system doesnt show thumbnails for your saves and because of how the creation bank is placed on the screen, it is hard to see the changes you made to the figure. The organization is also unintuitive. Otherwise this is a really fun app!

  7. This game is one of the best customizable character games. I saw reviews saying “No customization” but it’s just they didn’t click the arrow at the bottom of the screen :> people also said it crashes yet for me it worked. Although they say “It crashed do not play!” Give it a shot, it might work! I love this game but just add a bit more hand customizations! Overall great job!

  8. it’s good, but I wish not as many things were locked, I’m not trying to be a choosing beggar, but please try to improve on this. also, when pressing reset character, I think there should be an “are you sure screen”. I was working on a character for 30 minutes and I accidentally pressed reset character instead of save. please try to fix this! best regards, a concerned stranger

  9. Theses a small bug where when you use the screenshot button, the record button shows up in the bottom . But other than that it’s an amazing app. I also wish you could preview what the items in the DLC packs looked like on your monster (without color or any other items on them of course) before you buy them so that you know if you really want them or not instead of having to pay just to find out you’re never going to use them.

  10. this app is really fun and addictive! it’s basically what you would expect, plus extra. the only thing I would suggest is having a trial-type thing for the locked items. basically, watching an ad to unlock certain locked features like clothes, hair, eyes, etc. that you can’t get. Maybe keep some of the things exclusive but you don’t need to keep half the wardrobe to purchase-only, probably just the special ones.

  11. I love the art style! GhoulKiss did great!!! The app is easy to understand, there is lots of parts to add to your humanoid. I myself like the coloring tool, most dress up apps limit the color but this unlimited. You can usually color the whole object too. I have a few things that I’d like though. There is very few backgrounds, and all of them are patterns. I’d like there to be a spacing bar, like the height bar but spaces things out. Over all this is a great app! I recommend it.

  12. I love this app! It’s reminiscent of deviant art but you get to play with their creations. The initial options are fabulous and the paid pack is so detailed, I didnt flinch to pay a couple bucks. And to ppl who are ‘disgusted’ to pay for art, get over yourselves, artists should be paid for their talent and there are still FREE updates, so obvi they aren’t after only money. I’d love to see more noses (even very simple ones), and better eyebrow options (the option to bring/send things forward and backward, like the hair over the brows, would work for me). I very much appreciate the attention to detail, like how when you’re selecting a color, you can use the dropper to choose a color to match one that’s been used, so your monster’s look is cohesive. Overall, this app is amazing and aesthetically gorgeous. Keep up the amazing art! I can’t wait to see what’s next, both free updates and another paid pack. I highly recommend.

  13. This game is amazing! The art style is wonderful! You’re given so many options and can be extremely creative with them! With every new update I always get so excited to check out the new items! My only issue is that when I try to use the eyedropper the game softlocks. It won’t let me choose a color or even go back and I have to close out of the game. Even with this problem I’m still giving the game 5 stars though lol

  14. It’s a pretty interesting character creator. Besides wanting more character options (the game makes you want for more!), there’s a few technical details I’d like to share. One, could there be a way to name your save files? Because one could lose creations easily if we’re not entirely sure what save is what. Two, could it be possible to “lock the colors” in their place in saves? It gets really hard to get a character and their palette up every time, when one could just have the settings preset in a certain save. Three, speaking of colors, I think having the option to set some sort of “color boxes” to drop paint could help greatly when it comes to coloring a character. Something like eight tiny boxes that can be filled and selected by the paintdropper. As a minor detail, can the stock body have the option to be earless? That would help a lot with anthropomorphic animal characters! I really like this game and the art in it. I’ve been making characters for my stories so as to have a point of reference in the future in case I forget.

  15. I love using this app! you dont have to pay for anything but like 30 items? which is completely fine! there are no ads which is the best thing in my opinion. it took some playing around to get the hang of but once you get it, you can do anything. being able to chose ANY color you wish and being able to eyedrop colors is awesome! I cannot wait to see how you all improve the app even more!

  16. I really enjoy this ‘game’. The artstyle is pretty, and you can make plenty of characters. Though it says monster girl, you can really make whatever. The new update added new items which are really nice, but some old items were changed. I wish there was an option where you could choose to use the old or update version of items. Also, a few of my saves were messed up after the update. There are packs you can buy for this game, but that’s understandable as this is a free game with no ads.

  17. This is one of the best customizing games ive played! I would suggest a few things though, for one; I had trouble figuring out which button to press to save it or overwrite it. Maybe instead of a symbol you could just text it saying “Overwrite” and “Save”. For two; Maybe like the second game, you could add a lower half of the body. And some poses. Though, I did notice that you seemed to struggle in drawing the lower body, no effense. Thx for listening!

  18. I’ve been a follower on insta for quite a while and have always adored your work and style, and then I found out about this app and immediately downloaded it. It exceeded my expectations. The update did wonders, even though I personally experienced no problems with the app before hand. I’m so excited to see new updates and content in the future. Only thing I think could be improved, as I’ve seen others comment on, could be layering (hair, animal ears, decorative stuff), the base ears, and instead of certain hairstyles remembering colors from a former character, remembering the chosen colors throughout one character’s creation. Other than that, I love this app!

  19. it’s really fun and it’s so far the best character design app that I’ve seen. I just wish you could adjust where the features sit on the body. For example: being able to move the eyes up towards the forehead or down towards the lips. it’d be pretty cool if the outfits were more customizable and if there were more options as well. But other than that the game’s awesome!

  20. There’s tons of customization options to keep you entertained for a while. Also the art is gorgeous. I love making cute monster characters and seeing what combinations I can come up with. It’s also has frequent updates with new items. I hope in the future there’s an update to change the eyelash color and more noses to choose from just because those would be nice little touches.

  21. Love this app! I can spend hours making different monster girls and create new characters. There are so many options with so many color combinations you could use. I check on this app almost daily for added content and buy any additional items that pop up because I just love everything that’s added. If I had one complaint, it would be to allow a layering system, because sometimes I want my hair to cover the eyebrows or for the horns to not be covered by the bangs. All in all, this is a great app.

  22. All in all it’s pretty good, but how do you use the eyedropper? Anytime I press it, all the buttons disappear and all that remains is the character. I tried tapping the character and around the screen, but nothing happened. Is this a glitch or do I not know how to use it? Also, I’d love to see hair with longer bangs added. I think that would look cool with the more basic eyes. Thanks for reading!

  23. This is the only dress up game that has stood the test of time on my phone. It is super cute, creative, and ghoulish! I really like that I can modify the face geometry more now too. A technical note: I have an S pen, and it works fine for most components, except when selecting an area to copy the colour from. I would love for this to be fixed, the possible alternative being a palette of recently used colours, which while I would also like, could get graphically busy for the user.

  24. I would give this app a score of 4.5. I’ve had this app before the first packages were available and it still provides me with a ton of fun. But, the only issue I have is with the head-to-body proportions. When I select the body type that’s “bustier” it make the head appear too small, in comparison. So, it would be nice if the game came with a slider for head size and different types of jawlines would be great for those who want more masculine characters. Still love the app, though.

  25. I love it! There are a few things I would love to see added, though. A few more options for each category, ways to change pupils (stars, circles, different hearts?), adjust sizes of things like pupils, irises, eye size, mouth size and placement, eyebrow size, length and height, change bangs/hair length, etc etc. Just stuff like that. I hope to be able to see some of this in the future, but if not, that’s okay too. It’s super fun, cute, and way too good at helping to kill time.

  26. The game’s great, despite the fact that there’s a lot of paid DLC for seemingly no reason. There’s plenty of parts to choose from, with or without DLC, and the colors of said parts can be changed to your liking. It would be nice if the hair highlights were optional (it screws up the hair gradient) and if head accessories could be moved around, but regardless, it’s a good investment of time.

  27. This game is great! You can make so many different monsters it’s unbelievable! There are so many options of clothing, ears, hands, etc. I do have one small inconspicuous complaint though… I am thinking that maybe you could add a button that says something like “Restart” followed by a little message that could say “Are you sure you would like to restart your monster?” That would be great! Because I have to remove everything I added before making a new monster. Please think about it! ❤

  28. I love this game but,there are three things that I wish could happen Do you think maybe you could add different eyes instead of the heart ones,another request I have is more options for clothes and the last request I have is for different body shapes. Overall it’s a wonderful game. I recommend it for for people who like dress up games, monsters and cute/scary things.

  29. this is amazing, but some of the recent updates messed up my saves and made my characters lose some features, which is really annoying because I spent so much time getting them all right and I didn’t save pictures of them onto my phone because I needed to save space, so now they’re gone. I’m definitely upset about that, but I do still like making characters. EDIT: making a new character fixes the saves, but the glitch is still annoying

  30. Overall, I have enjoyed this app for the past few years. It is fantastic to use for creating pictures to represent OCs in TTRPGs. I never had any issues until today. I went to work on making a picture for a new OC, got to the clothing section, and about 90% of them disappeared. I am not one to complain, but uh… Not too thrilled about that, especially since I did buy 2 packs for the clothing options. Please fix this!

  31. Very helpful if you plan on making OCs. As an artist, it’s very difficult to overcome art block, but this app can easily cure it. Just exploring around the accessories, hair, eyes, clothes, everything, it just made me inspired. The art itself is amazing, and made me feel motivated to try for a more edgy look. The girls themselves look incredible, and it gets very difficult to not make 10 at a time 😅 overall, best dress up app I’ve ever come across 👏

  32. Love it! I’ve been making all of my original characters with it and it’s been really fun. If I could make suggestions for things to add in the future, I’d say different nose options, wing options for the back area, and gorgon features like snake hair! It might also be cool to add arms and hands with different objects or in different positions. Otherwise there are a lot of fun options and I’m really enjoying it so far.

  33. Two MAJOR glitches with the newest update. 1) Most of the preview images for items are blacked out completely. (Around 80% of them.) 2) When a locked item is tapped and the info box for the purchasable packs shows up i have not found a way to close it without restarting the app entirely. Other than those two major issues, this is a very good app (or at least it was before the update.) If these things were fixed the app would be more or less perfect for what it is.

  34. I came back to this recently to check out the updates, and I’m still loving it! The controls are easy, there are many save files for your creations, and now you can even adjust certain customizations/facial features up and down. I never thought there could be a customisation app that would keep improving with each update, but this is it!

  35. I overall enjoyed this, while I do not like the inability to scroll through clothing or add ons ( which would make it a lot easier to create a character) and having to go into and back out of each one to see up close options, it is a good character designer with beautiful art. My only suggestion is to fix the way you have to go into and back out of each accessory, would recommend for people who are not in a rush to create a character, and doesn’t mind taking their time.

  36. I think this is a really neat idea. Though the style is great and i loved the options, it just feels…plain maybe? Not enough options of customization or clothes, no way to shift features up and down, and only 1 body. Wouldve been great to have different body types. I think a basic color palette or a way to save colors to a palette would be great too. Adding this in:Im excited to see where this app goes, and also potentially see a male version.

  37. very cute artstyle, I’m happy with the recent updates with all the new options and more,I think it’s very fair how you have many free and priced options given how many there are.Although the whole save and loading system is a bit confusing it’s not really a huge inconvience either. Edit: I still like using this one even when the second one came out, although It’s annoying when I try to make a POC character and there’s only straight or kind of wavy hair styles.

  38. hi again. another bug has surfaced unfortunately: when I load a save, the front hair and mouth are missing, as if I’d saved the character without giving the character bangs or a mouth in the first place. I’m really hoping my saves aren’t corrupted and all the data is still there and it’ll be back to normal with another bug fix update, which I trust you guys will be working on soon, if you’re not already. you guys are great with feedback tbh, I love it. keep up the good work, go tackle that bug👌

  39. this game gets better and better with each update! the style is gorgeous and i love that i can add more save slots and label them. i don’t have the paid version but i have plenty of fun with the free version alone. the only problems i have with the app are that some noses and lips overlap when you add them together or other fearures overlap oddly. but overall this is so much fun to play.

  40. Amazing! I love the new randomizer tool, and all the new additions are perfect! This is great for alien creature concepts, and I love the freedom of color choice and design. My only complaint is that the randomizer tool often has colors that cause eye strain, but I can always edit those out. It would be great if you could lock certain feautures and randomize the others, or even lock a color palette to avoid some of the eye strain with randomizer.

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