Ocean Blast MODDED 2022


Save the fish from the thrilling and fun matching puzzle game!
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Ocean Blast is an OFFLINE fascinating pop matching puzzle game with thousands of fun & challenging levels!✨
Match the cubes of the same color and combine boosters for even huge explosions to clear the board!

🌊 Dive into the beautiful ocean world, beat all puzzles to unlock aquariums of different themes, find your lovely fish friends, collect those beautiful decorations! Build your dream aquariums with a unique style!


★ Tap to POP cubes! Easy and fun to play yet challenging to master!
★ Complete tons of cube pop blast levels and unlock new aquariums & fish!
★ Collect lovely swimming fish and decorations for your own aquariums!
★ Decorate the aquariums for fish that each has their own personality!
★ Various special toy elements in an exciting cube pop blast puzzle!
★ Powerful toy boosters to pop blast your way to the next colorful cubes level!
★ Best brain trainer and time killer for everyone who loves puzzle games!
★ Enjoy the awesome ocean theme graphics in the cube pop blast puzzle!
★ Offline game! Internet free! Play anywhere without internet nor wifi!
★ Free puzzle pop games! Free to download and fun to play!

🐢 Are you ready for the fun pop blast puzzle adventure? POP! All your ocean friends are waiting for you in the Ocean Blast!

💎 Ocean Blast – offline game is free to play and with endless fun! Let’s POP!
Download Free & Play Now! Ocean Blast – Color Cubes Pop Matching Puzzle Offline Game


💌 We want to hear from you!
Any idea for Ocean Blast, please contact us through SUPPORT in the game settings or write us at: [email protected]

❤️ THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT TO OCEAN BLAST – free color matching pop blast puzzle offline game


Time to have fun in Ocean Blast! Let's Play!
- Add 30 new levels. 950 in total!
- Bugs fixed, improved performance.


40 comentarios en "Ocean Blast MODDED 2022"

  1. Loved this game in the beginning. Graphics are colorful & fun & I liked the fact that it’s fairly easy to win coins to decorate the aquarium. It’s fast and productive game play for the first 100, or so, levels. Then, once your free lives and boosters start to run out, it becomes almost impossible to win a level. Have to play the same one over and over again. No thanks. I play for fun & relaxation. Not to be aggravated to death just trying to win a level. Deleted.

  2. Very disappointed. I updated the game and it started back to the first aquarium not only that. You cannot play previous levels until the new update is available. That sucks

  3. I had to wait until I reached level 300 to give a real rating. The game is amusing and the adds are a max of 5 seconds.

  4. This game is not only fun for me but I also have an autistic son who sometimes has problems coping to new activities but even he absolutely loves playing this game as well..

  5. A K dice:

    Fun and easy I wish there was more of where you eat the fish thing tho I think it’s called a minigame and I wish there was more minigames

  6. A fun 😊 and relaxing game and the card’s are large and easy to read. Thank you on behalf of senior citizens.

  7. Disappointing! All those ads and half the time after watching them I don’t even get the rewards. Too many glitches! If not for these things, I would really love this game!

  8. Enjoy it greatly! I’m sure it’ll get harder as I go, but looking forward to the challenge .. 😄

  9. Love the game but when i reached level 39 all my fish and decorations disappeared. Now i have an empty tank. I found them back a few months ago but now they disappeared again. This game is boring anyways. Uninstalling

  10. I am really enjoying this game…graphics are cool, games in the early levels are pretty simple and the fish make it relaxing…the only issue is the constant ADs that come up at the end of every game and the beginning of almost every game… luckily they can be shut down after about 5 seconds…would probably still be better if there weren’t so many though.

  11. love this game too bad it has so many ads

  12. Because Ocean Blast had such high ratings and appeared to be the type of game I love to play, I took a leap of faith and downloaded it. In a few words: it’s basically pretty, but absolutely pointless. More important, after I reached Level 75 with all of my lives, the game kicked me off. When I went back to play, I had been charged a life. I call BS. Fortunately, the game was free, so the only thing I lost was time.

  13. The game is great. It has good graphics and it is fun earning points to get new fish and decorate the aquarium. Only downside is it does have a lot of ads but at least they are short or you can exit out of some of them.

  14. This game is really fun!!! I’ve only just started, but so far it’s great. The graphics are excellent and the sounds are too. Lots of different incentives for enhanced play. Hopefully, I can reach a much higher level in this game than in similar games. I like the aquarium feature a lot!🐟🐠🐚

  15. I really love playing this game and I’d happily pay ten bucks just to purchase a copy that I could continually play uninterrupted by the madness of advertisements but since that’s not an option, they’ve driven me away with the intolerable amount of other game offer advertisements…my brain is ready to explode!

  16. I would give more stars but I can’t thank you so much for being an app that I can connect to Facebook I have spent quite a few hours looking for a blast build game and have major issues when it comes to connecting or as I’ve discovered some other good games don’t even have a Facebook. Finding this game to where there aren’t any issues thank you and I don’t even like fish lol but I love this game especially the fact I can play offline.

  17. Update… I lasted as long as I could. I understand having ads but having to watch one after every single time I click a button and before and after every single level is a bit much. Uninstalled

  18. Angel Inc dice:

    They show that u can get rewards of double your rewards if u u watch a video ad I’ve yet to get any reward.

  19. This game REALLY gives that other game “Fishd*m) something to worry about! This is great! The games are fun! The rewards are plenty!!!! One suggestion— please name the fish!!! It makes us more “connected” to them. I am so glad I found this game, after being SO frustrated with that other game. Thank you for a great game!!!!

  20. So far so good! Just started but I love aquarium games that I can create. I did scan through fish and decorations and it is a suggestion to not have to play so many levels to obtain items. Other than that…loving it! 👍

  21. Silly fun and a little popping

  22. Very addictive game. Love it.

  23. Fun game, never a dull moment.

  24. Good for your brain and so much fun to play absolutly hope all who play have as much fun as i do.

  25. Fun and fast. Lots of ads but easy to close them

  26. Game is awesome,levels can be challenging at times

  27. Vera Vera dice:

    One of the best mobile games ive played! Very entertaining and wonderful visuals. Plenty of opportunities to level up and not with excessive request for in app purchases. Keep up the great work

  28. Played all available levels, It’s a Good game, lots of opportunity to get power ups & free coins which make building the tanks much easier. Can’t wait for the new levels to come!

  29. Very cute game! I love collecting the different types of fish! I just wish you could save your progress by logging into Facebook or Google, I didn’t see a way how.

  30. Tami Meld dice:

    I really love this game! I can tolerate the ads, because they serve a purpose. What I have a problem with tolerating, is the piggy bank! Coins that I have earned, I have to pay for! This will eventually drive me to uninstall the game out of pure frustration!

  31. m k dice:

    LOVE THIS GAME! Just started playing today and I totally get hooked! The levels at the first are simple, but gradually… you’ll face those challenging levels and you need to think how to win! Just want to unlock more cute fish soon! I love the smiling fish that cure my day!😍

  32. Very enjoyable no complaints so far

  33. I love the game but is at the point that I want to delet it. It feels like forever that it takes the levels if you finish the few levels the game opens. Its almost a week that I wait for the next levels to open. I realy likes the game but the waiting😡

  34. Game is super nice use your skill I’m quite sure you will enjoy this one 👌

  35. Great game good graphics,definitely challenging . I really enjoy playing not alot of ads which is a plus. Overall it’s a very cute fun game I totally enjoy I do recommend you to download this one you won’t be disappointed. Great work Ocean Blast creators. Sincerely Stone❤❤❤

  36. No ads until level 60. Then they get longer and more frequent. Levels become impossible to beat without paying around lvl 84. It was great and so much fun until then.

  37. Finally, I found this game! Colorful fish and cool levels! You can decorate the aquarium in your own style! It’s a pleasure to watch my little fish swimming in the aquarium!

  38. I am having a lot of fun with this game. I like the fact that it is very colorful and very easy to play. I like being to purchase the fish for my game and being given the chance to pick out which ones I want. I can also pick which decorations I want in my game. That is cool and makes me feel like the game is mine. But I have a question for the developers. How am I supposed to feed my fish. They need food too. Thanks for reading this review.

  39. It is a awesome game.. you think it’s like other similar games but it has a lot of unique features!! Ads are short and boosters are given often!

  40. You do have adds after every level but you can Skippy right through . But I found some other great games from these adds plus the adds and making purchases is how it supports this game..Thank you guys for making this game fun 😊

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