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amazing glowing neon doodle game for kids!
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Kids Doodle, the BEST android drawing app for kids!

Kids Doodle is particularly designed for kids with super easy-to-use painting on photo or canvas.

It has endless bright colors and 24 beautiful brushes, such as glow, neon, rainbow, crayon and sketchy, etc.

App supports unique “movie” mode, which can play back kid’s artwork like a small film. Children love it so much!

The built-in gallery stores both kids drawing picture and drawing procedure. Kids can continue their drawing whenever they want, or “movie” their previous masterpiece anytime they would love.

* paint on photo or canvas
* 24 brushes, such as glow, neon, fireworks, spark, star, rainbow, crayon, spray, ribbon, etc

* bright colors
* creative drawing
* built-in art gallery stores both doodle and doodle animation.

* “movie” mode to play back the drawing like a little film.

* undo, redo

* share drawing via Facebook, twitter, instagram, gmail, etc.

Share your Art on Kids Doodle Facebook Page


This game has iPhone/iPad version as well. You may search "Bejoy Mobile" on AppStore to download it.

1. Improve the effect of several brushes.
2. Fix several stability bugs.


40 comentarios en "Kids Doodle – Color & Draw MODDED"

  1. Baal Omni dice:

    I actually find this to be a very well built art program with a basic, unambiguous interface that I really appreciated. There are a large number of brushes, only a couple of the most complicated ones run slow enough behind your touch to notice, and the app is overall very well implemented. My only wish would be for a full version to buy to get rid of the ads and maybe be able to select brush and background colors yourself. But for a small kids art app, this is definitely a solid choice. Kudos.

  2. I personally really enjoy that this game doesn’t have a color switch option- instead it changes with every stroke in the order of the rainbow. It’s a great app for toddlers or smaller kids who aren’t smart enough yet to change the color alone. It’s got an easy interface and yet a lot of options. My 2 and 3 year old neices love it. Great app and I strongly recommend!

  3. My toddler enjoys the fact that she can use more than one finger. Still too young to play with the different “brushes” but I enjoy showing her. Talking about color and shape. I wish it could be full screen, so she didn’t click banners or buttons, and the ads are never fun, but it’s free so… I have only used it twice, and both times it did freeze on me, but I’m going to chalk that up to wandering fingers.

  4. Kylie A dice:

    I used this app for a last minute School assignment and it did the job.not only that but it also had so many great features. You can write in markers, pens, highlighters fireworks and sparkly tools. It’s great for doodling and writing as well as drawing for kids. Overall it works great as a digital whiteboard with several options and features to customize your drawing.

  5. We have a lot of fun with this app. There are many brush choices, and you can even draw directly on a photo. My only wish would be to control the color instead of random cycling. Even though it’s meant for kids, I find it to be a relaxing way to be creative, and I can even incorporate it into designs for my family scrapbooking activities.

  6. I totally reccommend this game. It’s amazingly satisfying and the different brushes are just so cool. I love how you can watch how you did your drawings over and over and in different speeds – sometimes I even make videos with that button😁. Just a minor problem. With the mode where you draw on pictures from your gallery the images that are landscape stay that way when you draw. I wish you could adjust your image portrait or landscape. But this is definately one of my fave games. It’s the best!!

  7. cafe sua dice:

    Yeah great app. I like it. Fun. But it’s just that when I draw aomething it just looks weird and it keeps on changing color. And the ads at the bottom of the screen just sorta block out space so I can’t really rub out all of the things I’ve drawn and thats kinda annoying so can you move the ads to the top of the screen? But apart from all that, the app’s really fun. Thanks.

  8. It’s fun and all, but the only issue is that the colors change randomly. I wish you would add an option to either have it multicolored like before but also add an option to change int one color. I also wish to be able to draw fractal like patterns for more fascinating artwork. Please 🥺🥺??

  9. Really really good, surprisingly I downloaded it for my kids but I use it to draw using all the cool effects for myself. It’s actually very cool and I would recommend, never thought I’d say this but I actually save my art work haha makes even the worst of artists look good

  10. It’s completely changed. Used to lock your phone so your toddler couldn’t mess with anything, used to have a black screen with glowing paint and make twinkly sounds as they touched the screen. Now it’s just a paint app. Doesn’t lock the phone, doesn’t have the shapes or make the twinkly sounds any more and my toddler managed to change all the settings on my phone. It’s also covered in ads which the child can click through to. It used to be great.

  11. My grandkids of all ages absolutely LOVE this app & I kinda do too! Wonderful variety of choices to inspire artistic creativity, easy for preschoolers to change between patterns of brush strokes, colorful, smooth action, NO interruptions to confuse or distract play. Thank you very much, please don’t update it to change a thing!

  12. Good doodle app for kids. But the constant ads is a complete and utter joke!! Running an ad-blocker for this app is a MUST! Running ads at the main screen is fine.. Understandable even! But on the drawing page? That’s rediculous! Use an ad-blocker or find an alternative! Or at least give the option to unlock an ad-free version with a one-time purchase

  13. It’s fun and very cute, but my toddler loves cars which is what the ad at the top were for and he kept ending up on the sponsors website. He’s definitely not buying a car, or anything for that matter, so putting the ads in a constant fixed location at the top is ridiculous and is the reason I’ll be uninstalling it. If your kid can leave the extra stuff alone, it’s cute. I would suggest for older kids.

  14. I do like this game, but I feel quite upset with the gallery where you “save” ALL of your drawings. I thought it would save them ALL, or if it ran out of space, saved them to another gallery page, but no! I went to save another one of my drawings, and all of my drawings I had saved had gone! I felt so disappointed! But apart from that, good game, but you really need to sort out the gallery please, because I really am not happy with it deleting all of my drawings when I’ve saved them! Thank you

  15. I love this game so much. Although I do have a few complaints. 1 reason this is a good game is because you can draw whatever you want. I love glitter and you can draw with it. I made flowers, cats, hearts and more. My only have 1 complaint. It has adds. I have played at least 50 or 60 games and only one does not have adds. Hatchimals. It is adds free. I don’t recommend installing the games from the adds. This game is a lot of fun.

  16. it doesn’t do a lot, and you can’t choose colors (it randomly selects a new color each time you lift your finger), but if you want to quick draw on a pic in your gallery or a blank slate to get a point across, it is quite useful.

  17. Rya R. dice:

    Nothing about it thats bad, Its a great app. I love drawing random stuff sometimes so this game is awesome for that, I especially love all the colors and different (fonts?). Although adds can be a little annoying when im trying to draw, but a totally over all GREAT app :)))

  18. Fun in a simple way. It is very easy to learn how to start and draw. Cannot choose colours and some brushes are worthless. Really good for neon and simple doodles. Overall worth it for children or if you are bored.

  19. My kids like it. It’s a nice little distraction for doctor appointments or long waits places. They can be creative and it’s easy enough my 2 year old can swap out one drawing type for another and switch to a blank pad. Recommended for parents that need a distraction for kids that like to make colorful designs.

  20. With no option to remove ads, your child will click on the ad bar at the top of the screen constantly, bringing up the Internet to whatever ad was playing at that time (not all of which might be kid-friendly). I’d give it 5 stars if they’d add the option to buy out the ads for an ad-free experience.

  21. An app for 2 to 4 year olds to learn to draw should not have constant ads that pop up for installing an Allstate insurance app just by touching a colorful button. No matter how many times I closed the ad and reported it to Google the ad kept popping back up every thirty seconds or so. So I will uninstall and advise others to avoid this garbage.

  22. Its really fun to right your name then to plus then right your siblinings name! then do some hearts everyone the save it then go to gallery then boom it looks super cute! and as everyone else is saying i wish theres no adds and i wish u can pick your color of your brush but still have a option if you want rainbow! But everything else awesome game! Perfect if you don’t have internet where ever your going! ♡

  23. I love it for my 14 month old but we can’t lock the game to keep her from getting into other apps and there are ads that she can click on, all willy-nilly. She gets frustrated with me when I go to close the ads and doesn’t want to draw, anymore.

  24. For a “Kids” app, this application has built in ads that can be clicked on by child users. The ads selected are not always okay for child consumption. There isn’t even a way to go “ad free” by paying for the application or a subscription. So kids can be playing and because of poor/developing fine motor skills, be directed to the content of an ad that has nothing to do with children.

  25. This is a great app to use with even very young children. The colors and designs combined with the simplicity of use make this app quite entertaining for children and adults. Great for those times spent waiting in doctor’s offices and long rides in the car. Messages and calls come through seamlessly and replying doesn’t shut the app down. This makes for happy kids, and happy parents and grandparents. Great work!

  26. An amazing app especially for kudos passionate for Drawing and Sketching. It is having wonderful effects and colourful pen styles. The best part is that it is not having any advertisements popping out. The best drawing app I have ever downloaded. 👍👍

  27. Anonymous dice:

    I had fond experiences with this app as a kid. I remember coloring my hair blue, my mom styling our cat with this app, and more! I’m totally biased, but that should speak volumes about the quality of this app! If you don’t want your kids clicking on the adds, then I recommend disabling internet access to their device. No adds will show up then, yet this business needs their money to bring your kids a fantastic experience. Please disable modestly. Thank you!

  28. This is a really great app if you have a toddler that wants to draw! It has many options, and the only con, is that it has a lot of ads that a toddler could click out of curiosity. But that’s the only con! This is a good app! 👍

  29. This game is perfect for toddlers , because they love to get creative with it, it’s got a large number of different colors and brushes, but I do have to take the iPad away for adds because there’s to many scams they can install.

  30. It is good but some Times it is frustrated that I can’t go in the side of the photo and the good side is that you can pick a photo of you then doodle over your self 🙂. And also there is different color ways that’s pretty 🆒 but I wish there was a problem some time’s I want a regular one like black or blue 🔵 or gust some thing that’s not rainbow or sparkles or every time I change my finger it is red then yellow I don’t know that bugs me maby not for you but this 4-3 stars 🤩 I would try it 😀

  31. Had this for my first kid many years ago. It was good back then, no ads and even had a ‘kids lock’ preventing them from doing anything but doodling. Now it’s full of ads and the kids just keep clicking them and getting upset when they can’t draw. App is no longer worth downloading.

  32. it has no brains needed, which makes it more like just a relaxing drawing game. I like the neon colors. the only problem is that it has some ads. but otherwise, it’s great!

  33. Back in 2016 I had payed for a copy of this app to be ad free. I can no longer find it, or find settings in the app for an ad free option. This is very dissapointing since I payed money for it. Please help me. I am more then happy to cjange my review of this is still an option so my chold can have an ad free experience. Thank you.

  34. I like that you can change the colors of your pictures and change the page color. (This was my 8 year old grand daughter’s opinion) Keeps them entertained for hours. I save every picture they draw. Absolutely LOVE this app.

  35. My toddler LOVES this app, especially the different brush types. I have never before wanted to pay for an app SO MUCH as I do this one. PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY so my toddler can scribble all over the screen without tapping the ad at the top of the screen.

  36. Nice app, but like others have said, needs a paid version to get rid of ads. Kids playing will continue selecting things in an attempt to get back to their drawing. This is not optimal for children.

  37. I truly love the game but the ads really need to stop i think its all good but really? We do NEED the ads? I’m not sure if your interested but I’m am a little I would really think of it more than just a toddler game but the apps or other things up at the top or at the bottom gets annoying because my little brother loves toys and he pressed the toys and bought them for that MATTER it got me in trouble because I told him about it and he wanted it and bought toys its really fun though♡

  38. Prisma dice:

    Way back when my dad was still with my family, this was one of the games he had on his phone for my sister and I to play in the car. Downloaded it for the nostalgia. So much has changed. I’m turning 16 tomorrow. You should be able to change the colors, but its a quick game for kids so it doesn’t really matter. There’s also a lot of ads you could accidentally tap on. Never grow up

  39. Do not download!! I thought this app was for coloring, doodling, & drawing. All it does is take up storage space and show adds to influence more apps that cost money. I wish there were good games for kids that were free. Until then, my kids can just play outside like I did when I was a kid. 😉

  40. the function button is so fickle, and the kids cant stay inside the screen without going over the back button or the add on top. other than that, it is great!

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