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Flowers are not mild and weak any more
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Flowers are not mild and weak any more. In order to protect plants in the garden, they take up weapons to fight against bugs. When two flowers of the same kind are merged, a more powerful flower will be invented. Join the defense war together and see how many bugs you can scare away.

🎈 Why Angry Flower:

Exquisite and aesthetic pictures
Interesting background music and sound effects
Endless levels for you to unlock
Relaxing gameplay and easy start
Classic merge game with new rules and innovation

🍀 Game Features

Link beautiful flowers with the same color and shape
The flowers will slowly update, so will the hateful enemies. Both flowers and enemies will improve skills and weapons
The number of bugs will increase with levels. So you should operate faster.
The higher the level, the more angry flowers will get!

Don’t hesitate to defeat those annoying bugs. The garden is about to be invaded by enemies. Flowers need your help! There is a variety of props and modes for you to choose. You will find pleasure in the game. Download now!

❤ Feel free to contact us if you have any problem and suggestion. We are always there to help you. And we value the game experience of every single user. Please email us at [email protected].


40 comentarios en "Angry Flowers MODDED 2022"

  1. Jessica dice:

    Don’t bother downloading this game! It’s a fairly fun game, but if you’re playing just four the game play, the ads get super annoying. If you’re playing for money, you’ll never get past $99.98, and you have to have $100 to cash out. So basically, you’re making them tons of money watching all the ads, and you aren’t getting anything but annoyance back. Plus, the ads start glitching at about $98. Try Mistplay instead.

  2. It advertise you can cash it when you want, but you need 100 dollars to cash out. So that’s a lie. It plays an ad or you have to watch an ad to get the 1 cent every 30 seconds of not sooner. The game itself is ok (could be great)except again there’s an ad every 30 seconds and an ad do get anything that’s free. So basically you get to play 30 seconds of game to watch ads.

  3. Great game and it’s almost easy to keep track of what is happening to the flower bed. But no pun intented there’s a bug in the system which has made my screen flicker like lights. While i am caught in between the download screen and the flower bed being merged together. As the flowers shout ” Uhoh! Uhoh! ” 10/23/20 I have to uninstall the game it froze and flickered again no cash pay out at all.

  4. EDIT: merge plants is the same game but without the annoying pop over ads! The game is very fun! However, you watch 3x as many as as you get time to play. The most demanding ads are for the penny. Most other ads won’t load. Even x-ing out, the ads play.

  5. The game play can be addictive, however after you get to $90 (you must reach $100 to cash out) ads that were paying you 7 to 8 cents drop to paying you just 1 cent!! And if you click the X to not see an ad one plays anyway so you can see the the developer is getting money whether or not you are!! At this point, you’re seeing more ads than game play!!

  6. Love the game. It just glitches too much. It will freeze up and then everything shakes. I have tried redownloading it several times but it continues to do this. I can’t even play it now. I really miss playing as this was one of my favorite games till this happened.

  7. The closer you go to being able to cash out the longer it takes and the less you make🤨I’m at alittle over $92, you have to have $100 and I only get a penny for ever 30 second add once in a while. Not worth it, do not waste your time. It’s sad because I thought this would be a good game, it’s kind of fun and added up quick in the beginning

  8. Y’all are petty as hell. The money was up to 10 cent per level. Now I’m within $7 of cashing out and you wanna give me .01 per level (which takes FOREVER to get a dollar) and then make me watch numerous ads just to get ONE PENNY. FOH.. so now I’m left with a choice of forfeiting the money I banked trying to get to $100 by deleting the app or playing this annoying rigged game forever just to get the money. I’m not sure the money is worth the aggravation.

  9. Its a cute game. I could overlook the fact that once you hit 95.00, you only earn a penny an ad. But it recently started glitching and now I can’t do anything. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled and same thing. Game is frozen but flickering at fast rate. Fix the issue and let me earn enough to cash out and I’d give it a higher rating.

  10. I really wanted to leave a good review but i cannot. I contacted them about the game glitching as i had reached 99.98. At level 31 flowers will not merge and now when i click to play on game it is glitching really bad and wont let me play. Smh yet another of the play up to just before pay out and never let you. Save your time dont install…be nice to play one of these and actually get what they advertise….waste of time and added stress in covid times we dont need.uninstalling now.

  11. Misleading… First of all, the advertisement that brought me to download this made it look like I would be able to play for a few minutes and then cash out whatever I had earned. That was a week ago. Like most games there is a $100 minimum to cash out. And in addition to that, it takes forever to get to that amount I’m up to $99.98. Around $90 the earned amount slowed down to about $0.01 every few seconds… And now I’ve been waiting 3 hours to earn that last $0.02 to cash out.

  12. REDOING MY INITIAL REVIEW! This game is fun. I’d love to star it higher, but SCAM. Sorry lol I’ve done a few reviews It glitched. i had to reinstall & they took $5 & knocked me back 40 levels. This time around i made it to $99.98. They keep sending me alerts saying “only 2 cents to go come back”, but they will never let me cash out as they have stopped rewarding me for merging flowers & for stopping bug attacks….so clearly can’t earn the money like that lol sad that companies do this. Waste.

  13. I am at $95.42 and every ad that I had started watching after $90 is only giving me a penny. I even updated it and still only getting a penny. The people that made the ads are getting paid more. You really need to fix this issue if you want more positive feed back. I see that there are only 2 good reviews for this game! But I believe them to be fake reviews. If I would be able to give zero stars I would. I feel like I am lying by giving it one star.

  14. I’m about to cash out at $99.98. I just went to play and the game completely froze on me. I can’t do anything with the game now. Ads don’t work. Not able to cash out when you want. Update your game. I uninstalled they game and installed on another device and now there is no money earning at all. It’s been renoved.

  15. Lies!!! You are supposed to be able to cash out at $100, however, once you reach around $90-$92, you only get rewarded with one cent for each ad you watch. Once I got to $99.98, even the one cent ads stopped. I understand that the ads are how they make their money but imagine all the money they are taking in from the multitudes of people watching the innumerable ads and we can’t even get the money that we’ve earned by doing all the work for them. Unscrupulous. Don’t waste your time with this app

  16. Game is fun! Made it to $99.98 now my app just stutters and I can’t do anything with it. Closed it and restarted it, cleared cache, restarted phone nothing worked. Afraid if I uninstall and reinstall I will lose everything. I spent hours upon hours to get.

  17. Just started. Will update as I go. It IS a new concept/ take on merge games, in my opinion. What you merge fights off something that is out to get it. The higher your merge level item (flower) the better it’s ability to protect itself and it’s fellow flowers.

  18. At the beginning of the game the money is good once you get over$90 dollars it’s a penny and you have to watch 2 ads to get the penny. Over the screen it shows people cashing out$100 every second. Next review after I cash out. Now I’m at $ 99.98 and can’t get two pennies to cash out why.

  19. I am reading a TON of bad reviews, basically saying this and other “play and get paid” are just stupid scams. You are drawn in at first because your balance goes up rapidly. When you get close to cashing out the payouts slow WAY down. Then it starts glitching and crashing. Some say their game will not even start. Other bad stuff: NO instructions on how to “play”. Ads initially are LITERALLY every 2-3 SECONDS. I’m reporting this to google play. I suspect the game steals private information

  20. Im having trouble playing your game. For some reason it keeps glitching out. Ive deleted and reinstalled it but the screen keeps flickering. Ive earned over $97 and I would like to eventually claim $100 but I dont see how if the screen keeps glitching.

  21. It is boring. The promise of cash keeps you coming back. Ads give you a cash reward that you can redeem when you reach $100. I have earned 1cent per ad for the last 3 weeks. I play every day. I have had this app for 2 months and bot earned enough to cash out. Also, it’s just another boring merge game.

  22. Just like all the other games, when it comes down to cashing out you freeze them just before that happens. I’m frozen@ $99.98. if that wasn’t enough now you have frozen the whole game entirely leaving me the only option I have which is to uninstall the game and losing all my paypal accrued earnings just the way you designed it to work. All the congradulatory users you post is a hoax because your behaving just like all the other games when it comes down to cashing out!!!!!

  23. I will see if i can seriously be able to cash out at the least at $650 or not? Because ALL of these advertisements shows people’s winning more than a nickel and more than $20…. So if it gives me winnings of at least $60 and plus then i will be able to give it a better rate. But if it starts having me win like seriously prices ranging from a nickel to $10 then ALL of these including this is a fraud and a lie! Truth shall be told!!

  24. The game would be fun if it wasn’t just ads on ads on ads, its so annoying. And at first you think the ads are worth it but after 90 dollars you only make 1 cent. It takes from the funness of the game. Uninstalled.

  25. Would have given top star EXCEPT! when you receive each new reward, it doesn’t keep accumulating your totals, so you end up with the new given reward instead. For example, 60 +60 = 120, not back down to 60…

  26. Only been playing 30 seconds. Don’t know anything yet except that I can’t play because the game won’t allow me to go on without a review. I don’t rate games because although they may be fun cash out is not possible when you get to a certain amount and then only earn .01 every 40 levels.

  27. Fun game but when ur on your last $10 to go then u only get $.01 to $ put that in prospective for you You will have to hit the button a minimum of 1000 times and that’s not counting all the apps. Which is a bunch of B/S. Final tally is between 1500 and 2000 times of hitting the button just to be able to cash out.THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED,AT LEAST PAY A NICKLE.

  28. Kuro Bara dice:

    Was nice at first u get a starting $60 for the first round but then it goes right to $1 then once u get to $80 it goes to 7cents then once you hit $85 it goes to 5cents then eventually goes to 1 and it becomes tedious and annoying uninstalling maybe you should actually pay up instead of making a click bait ad and a fake game

  29. Big fun. Have $99.98.Then the game crashed. Please help this like 5th game I have almost cashed out in. Then crashed the game keeping looking at the goal then NO SO SORRY!!! All while watching Ads. Saying we don’t do this easier cash outs. Flashing tiny hints to acomplish to lead to cash out.

  30. Merci MDS dice:

    It took me a while to reach the $98 because every ads i only get 1 cent and then it stops working?!!! What the hell, i only continued playing this game because atleast i enjoyed it and then when its nearing the $100 which is the minimum cashout it totally stops working. R you f**ng kidding me?! This game is nothing but a scum

  31. I also played this game for 8 days. I got to 99.98 and its frozen and i cant go any further. I contacted customer service but not even a reply. Such a shame. Im still getting allerts telling im 2 cents away from cashing out but i cant play it. Im also seeing notifications that people are cashing out. I reported this 5 days again no reply.

  32. Lisa J M dice:

    If you are looking to cash out at $100 dont bother trying. Once you reach $99.98 you will never see the tiny 1 cent increments you get from about $90 on. Too bad this is just another fake bs game “for money”. The game itself is cute. If I could cash out it would be a 5star game.

  33. Juliet S dice:

    I have been at $99.98 for x2 was now and although I am still playing, no wining option or point added.. this really sucks. Developers, if this a glitch, please fix it. If it is a scam, shame on you

  34. So far I am happy with the game. Just hope it doesn’t do what the other games do to me when I’m close to cashing out….the money starts slowing down and the score or points start becoming less. I will be back here….to let the future online gamers if its worth it to play or not

  35. It’s a fun game. As far as the pay outs, expect to watch hundreds of adds. After $90.00 you get .01 per add. I got to $97.80 when the game freezes up. Hopfully they will fix the program.

  36. It was a good game for a day or two then they stop giving you money im at 92 dollars and now they only give me a penny per stage/round…. Meaning id have to win 800 more rounds witch is crazy and on top of that the ads are so crazy that you get a max of 2 min of game play somtimes less before you get hit with another ad…… Its truly sad…. Gave game a one star ….. Till they can fix this issue…..

  37. Don’t waste your time just like all the other win real money game scams, get to $93.00 then pay you what the game is worth, a penny. Just another way for them to make money for the ads we have no choice but to watch. Did I mention that the game is really boring as F*×k? Its the same dumb @ss S%÷T over and over again. As if the game maker was half retarded with a flower fetish. Need i say more?

  38. It’s ok. ALL the games are fake. The only people that win alot are the makers and those hooked into their system either knowingly or unknowingly. It’s kind of insulting, like a mouse with a piece of cheese mentality. But it gives me time to think.

  39. The game was fun but when I got to $ 99.58 the game started flickering and I sent in an email requesting them to fix the issue. No response yet I’m going to give it a few days then delete it. Very disappointed.

  40. This game is like all the others it makes it great at first but when you get close to pay out that all stops at about 90.00 and you need 100.00 to cash out and its not right but it wil give you a 1cent after 90.00 and its then you have to deside what it will be grind it out or uninstall the game becouse after you do get payed and go back to the start i dont know it might act as it did in the start and give good payouts but of corse there is no such thing as free money so play it or dont

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