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Idle Air Force Base is the most fun idle game you’ll play this year! Feel the need for speed with this really fun, strategic military game where you’ve got to build up the finest Air Force in the world, so you can do battle, take cities and conquer countries!

You are the Air Marshall and the enemy is spreading across the world. You need to train your cadets to be fully qualified pilots over a serious of rigorous and tough training areas. From practicing ejector seats, to G-Force gyroscopes to bomb assembly to parachute training. Are you ready?!

Once your training is complete, your squadron will be ready to unleash an attack of drones, fighter jets, airships and warplanes. You don’t need to become a tycoon or be some kind of capitalist or billionaire, just the best at training troops and a strategist for war.

You have a full air force at your disposal with some awesome planes to unlock, fly and do battle with. Become a top gun with these mighty fine beasts of the sky:

RQ-4 Global Hawk
F-16 Fighting Falcon
A-10 Thunderbolt
C-130 Hercules
SR-71 Blackbird
F-35 Lightning II
B-2 Spirit
C-5 Galaxy

Compete in a series of battles and wars where you need to take out ground troops, enemy airfields, communication satellites, destroy cities and take out the capital.

Don’t bother being idle and going to the supermarket, hotel, water park, rollercoaster, just sign up to be a pilot and build your air force base to be the best in the world. Are you ready for adventure?

The Training Program ahead of you is extensive, tough, but fun!

EJECTOR SEAT – Emergency! Eject! The last chance to save your life so make sure you’re fully trained.

GYROSCOPE – Can you cope with the G-Force? Prepare your body to stay in control when you’re pulling some serious G.

GYM – You gotta be fit to be in our Air Force. So work it hard in the gym to be super fit.

BOMB ASSEMBLY TRAINING – There really is a right way to assemble a bomb. Learn well, or lose a few fingers.

WATER SURVIVAL – It’s not just the air you need to master. Make sure your squadron knows what to do in a crash landing.

PISTOL RANGE – Always be ready for hand-to-hand combat, this is war after all.

DRONE FLIGHT – Learn how to have an eye in every sky with the coolest drones in the air.

AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE – Those planes don’t just stay in good working order by themselves. Keep your spanner handy.

FREE FALLING – Who doesn’t want to fly? Get some wind in your hair and learn to control your fall.

MARSHALLING – Control which planes enter and exit the barracks

RAPPEL – Spring into action and with only the aid of a rope learn how to properly throw yourself out of a plane.

SIMULATOR – When all the training is done, the simulator will make sure your squad is ready for the wars to come.

So if you think you have what it takes to create the best air force base in the world, to unleash your awesome jets on the enemy, then download Idle Air Force Base now!


Minor Bug fixes
New dispatch feature


40 comentarios en "Idle Air Force Base FULL"

  1. Bryan Gee dice:

    This game is very fun. A really good time killer. There are 2 major problems though. 1. The cost after the F35 brings the game to a halt. I earn roughly 75 billion A DAY logging in 2 to 3 times. Run the math on how long it’ll take me to save 107 Trillion for the bomber! Too long! 2. The crew take too long to graduate. Multiple times I’ve had to sit with the game open for 10+ minutes before my crew counter goes up at all. Need to add an idle crew counter addition to stop this problem.

  2. Something different visually but pretty much a typical idle game. However some of the slowest progression I’ve seen in a game in awhile for an idle game. Started fast and moved steadily. Then suddenly comes to a slow pace. No interest in playing at this point when there’s nothing to do but slowly progress, collect money and maybe in a few months get to the next few unlocks.

  3. Very glitches. The grind on this game is insane. Have reached a point that leveling up is impossible. All zones are at 100% bonus and have maxed out a good majority of the extras. Can’t get more than 10t in the bank. After last update it is very glitch. Data does not save correctly and you tend to lose progress alot. It’s a great concept just very poorly planned.

  4. The game has really good graphics, a lot of camera maneuverability around the base, and the designs of the planes are down to the last details. But, whenever I exit the game and re-open it later, my progress doesn’t get saved so I get pushed back to the end of the tutorial. Please fix this, it’s a really good game and I want to play it but I can’t like this.

  5. I started playing this game and was enjoying it except for the ads. There are so many they should have named the game Ad Air Base. I made the purchase to stop the ads and it was much better. After an hour or so I stopped playing to go take care of a few errands and when I got back home I sat down to play some more and I’m starting back at the beginning. My purchase is gone. All progress made is gone. Glad I didn’t dump anymore than ad removal into this because that was a waste of money.

  6. I like the concept of building out a base and collecting income passively. I’m not much of a mobile gamer so it’s right up my alley. However, lately the game underwent some ‘improvements’ where you can no longer watch a few ads and have your base collect income for past 2 hours. As well, and this is the most frustrating part, the battles are not balanced at all. My forces out numbered the enemy 20 to 10 and I lost. It’s really frustrating not being able to influence the outcome of the battles.

  7. Was great for the first couple days. No invasive ads, you watch an ad to get a boost, and you progress at a reasonable pace. I’m still progressing at a reasonable pace, but every second action I take in the game triggers an ad. Weather it be checking on a training area or attacking an enemy base. Ad after ad after freaking ad. It’s like once you get to a certain point it triggers ads so you get so frustrated that you go premium. Runined a fairly fun game. Thanks 👍 and yes, 1 star is reasonable.

  8. **DINO ** dice:

    Great game, but it’s pretty grindy. It’s a hard plateau to reach each level and gets harder as you go. The ‘operations’ are cookie cutter but fun. As you progress in the game, the requirements to level each item become pretty enormous. I have completed all 31 operations culminating with the end of Operation Lead Balloon. Developers, when are you going to add to/ update the game so that there are more operations? It’s been a couple of months. Thanks 😊

  9. The game itself is fun and a nice time killer. However the ads are insane. The first week you have the choice to watch for boosts. Then after that you are forced to watch an ad after every other action in the game. I could just purchase the no ad feature for $12.99, which I was going to do before they pissed me off with the over use of ads. Now the game is just going to be deleted. I’d rather spend that money on a game that I like freely and not feel force with ads every 45 seconds.

  10. Daniel dice:

    Not a bad game overall. Pretty typical idle game. Ads are optional but kind of required if you want to advance at a decent pace. It lost a star because the “combat” system is not great. Whatever algorithm they use to determine a winner sucks. I’ve lost matchups where I’ve had a 6-1 advantage. Rebuilding aircraft is very time consuming until late game.

  11. Great concept, enjoyed building planes and sending them on missions. However I’ve purchased the ‘no ads’ deal twice now and it works until you log off and start up again. You will revert back to a point before the purchase, losing all progress. After the second failure I’ve decided to be done with the game and get my money back.

  12. Heather B dice:

    Game is an okay idle game, the graphics could be better and WOW, the cost they are trying to charge to get rid of adds or boost. I think they should rethink their prices. Most expensive I have seen so far. No way will I pay that much just to not see adds for one game. What a complete rip off. Not even any combo options.

  13. I was having fun building up my base but then I was just BARRAGED with a ton of ads. I am ok watching an ad for a boost but every time I upgraded something on the base I would get an ad. In less than 5 mins I had watched at least four ads. That’s almost half my playtime filled with ADS! Uninstalling and will not change my review until this is fixed.

  14. Base building aspect is moderately entertaining, but the war side has little to no strategy involved. Build up mass # of planes and keep throwing them at the enemy until you win. Definitely a pay-to-win game unless you don’t mind spending hours watching ads. The “Idle” part of the title is misleading when compared to other idle game models out there. The offline collection is capped to 2-3 hours, so they make you come back pretty frequently.

  15. First few times playing I enjoyed it but then after everything you do you have to watch an advertisement, which just gives me so much anxiety it’s frustrating. I would pay for ad removal like most games I enjoy but it’s usually only a few dollars but this game wants a big $13 dollars just to remove advertisement and that’s it. Don’t waste your time with this game while it looks like fun, it turns deep into watch ads every 30 seconds or pay us.

  16. Ari Moser dice:

    I was saving up to make the second highest costed building and I was started completely over like a bad nightmare. If you are going to make an update have all the servers save the game data of all your customers or else you will get a bad review like this. I didn’t spend months to start over, or at least if I’m starting over at least make the money come easier like all other games like this. Edit: Now, it doesn’t even save the tiniest amount of progress. Left to review and still no money in game

  17. Jamers dice:

    Fun game, Great to kill time and ads are evenly spaced out and I can tell lots of work went into this, but one issue I have that it’s to hard to progress, you have like 3 different types of planes and I’m needing to get 15 for one while I need 15 for so many others and it takes me half a hour just to get one more storage for aircrafts. Big downside that I don’t like.

  18. This game started out fun but it’s mostly a trick to get you to watch ads. They offer an incentive every 30 seconds and if you click the incentive you watch an ad and you get the boost. If you stop doing that every time you click on anything that makes you watch an ad. The game itself wasn’t bad it was just profoundly irritating so I had to delete it.

  19. Decent time waster if you have nothing better to do, but theres a few problems. Combat alone is bad enough for the 2 star rating. The enemy units are anywhere between 1.5-3 times as strong as yours and its a chore getting planes back sometimes. Like if theres 10 enemy units and you have the max amount of 20, you can still easily lose. It’s common to see 1 enemy take down 3 or 4 of your own. Also, on the wheel it says you can get 20 or 40 recruits, but you get 15-20 instead.

  20. Ray S dice:

    Out numbering your enemy 3 to 1 and you barely squeeze out a victory… Combat is broken. It really wouldn’t be that bothersome if it weren’t for the fact that every time you load the game you have to wait for your cadets to refill which takes around 5-10 minutes because they play on the training ground. Its extremely slow paced and the ad bonuses are so greedy. You watch a 30 second ad for a 30 second bonus not even worth your time.

  21. It has potential but everything is so expensive. You barely make anything and the upgrades are too pricey. The cost for the ad removal is $13 which is the highest price I’ve seen for ad removal. The gameplay makes you rely on the ads and pushes you towards buying it. Lower the cost of things and it would be better.

  22. Jon Comyn dice:

    5/26/20 I was pleasantly surprised that I received a response from the developers who took the time to respond to my initial review, where I noted a transaction to remove ads had failed and them 1 star. They responded that a new update was incoming. I am happy with the game and am finding it a lot of fun. I especially like the war sim. I question how much the “dogfights/attacks” are based on luck, but the strategy to run various coordinated attacks to help your odds is great.

  23. malcorn77 dice:

    As of 3/16/2021: Neon has finally fixed the combat system! I, out of a glimmer of hope, went ahead and reinstalled the game and with great pleasure I can finally win a match. I haven’t played it long enough to find every difference this update has made, but the combat system is finally back to an enjoyable state. I noticed when I read the description the update at that moment still said version 1.0.2 so I figured I would get thecsame broken mess but that was not the case!

  24. I really dislike the change from being able to stock up hours on the idle collection, on top of getting the 5 premium currency for filling it back up. This feels like a step back. But I like your games and hopefully enough agree that it needs to be changed back to the 8 hour. I’m sorry that I can’t pay for your bonuses as I would in other games but everyone is broke nowadays lol… with all due respect I lowered down two stars because I can’t check in every 2 hours and miss the free stars for ad

  25. It’s a good game, but…the ads are really bad!!! They keep going to black, and you have to hit the circle at the bottom of the screen to get out of the game!!! The ads also get locked in between each other, REALLY BAD!!! And again you have to hit the buttons at the bottom of the screen to get out!!!🤬🤬🤬

  26. No off-line cadet progress makes it major grind before having enough resources to go to war once for each time I play. I really used to love this game and now that enjoyment is lost due to it being nearly unplayable and unprogressable at the higher levels. Please consider adding a battle skip or on/off option as watching battles is not always enjoyable.

  27. Catrell C dice:

    Since the game wants to ask for my review after 20 minutes of play. Heres what I experienced. Easier Than most idle games with ads. Short tutorial. In total have watched over 50 ads and out of those 50. 30 are just to get back to main screen. So if you don’t like ads and don’t want to pay.( Don’t suggest!) There’s two modes which is fun but has a minute plus wait time before each attack plus a possible ad. Want too speed that time up, Watch a ad and get black screen no reward. Pay to enjoy!!!!!!

  28. Sam dice:

    I really like the game, I do, but there is a glitch where you can purchase an upgrade, or something similar, and exit the game, only to return and find that it has glitched, and you now have to buy it all again. This happened with a purchase that used actual money, and then it was gone. I hope that Neon Play will fix this glitch, and restore my purchase. Besides this, I think it’s a fun game, and a time killer.

  29. Tons of ads. Once you get the C-5 you immediately get thrown into “Wars” that require F-35s and B-2s, you can get by for a while without them if you don’t mind high casualties but there is a point where it’s hard to make enough money for upgrades and it’s practically impossible to win without the B-2 (Stalled out on Operation Monkey Tail without the SR-71). It’s also annoying as a plane buff that the planes don’t have realistic roles and capabilities in the game.

  30. Ok! So the problem of losing consistently when with huge advantage is fixed so, credit where credit is due. Nice. But I find that now the minus ➖ button barley work so you can’t send like a distraction force of 1 or so. The button some times works but needing lots of failure to tap it or sometimes just refuses to work.

  31. Anton Leo dice:

    Could be a good game if it would have some concept of balance Unfortunately it doesn’t. It is slow and slow…. And slow. And has forced ads. And that is all I can say. It could be fun, I guess, for those who enjoy ant farms

  32. Love the game concept. It is a bit add heavy. down side I don’t get why when I log off and back on there are no cadets in the base it takes a long time to get them through training and if I am watching adds to get them. If I have 50 cadet why are there not 50 in training when i log back in? Why are they disappearing when log off having to wait 5+ minutes or so to start getting aircraft is a bit long. Fix b4 I delete the game

  33. I would LOVE a game like this but fire academy so you can train people to become firemen. Other than that it’s a decent game. I think it has too many pop ups and customer support did not answer nor was the discord staff nice to me. It is hard to progress and keep moving through the game but it is fun. Ads are alright but please fix the discord, thank you.

  34. Slow and dull. It is not possible to play without buying in-game money or spending 85% of you time watching stupid ads. Also when you get the “free” gifts in-game to have to watch an ad after. It’s just an ad-fest

  35. There are so many ads the game is boardline unplayable. Everytime you click on something in your base, a new ad appears. Literally every 10-15 seconds there’s a new 30 sec ad to watch.

  36. I can’t fathom how many ads there are. And it costs an obscene amount to remove them. I wish I could give it negative Stars. The insane amount of grind is constantly interrupted by ads. The planes are also totally unrealistic.

  37. Hywel Lim dice:

    Very glitchy during the tutorial tells u to click this but immendelly freezeses the game and when u come back to the game it makes u lose progress And the captain or whatever needs an skip button and why the hell is there more then 2 adds in one ads and then it makes me go out of the game because i did it for the add to get rid and it makes me lose progress which is not cool fix this now please i will try enjoy ur game in the future

  38. Just deleted this app after sending the developers a screenshot of my missing progress along with a screenshot of my statement regarding my purchase of the no ads bundle. All progress was lost after logging into the app after a couple hours. Either I get my refund, or I’m suing.

  39. Progress is slow but it is an idle game. I have lost a lot of progress and had to do it all over quite a few times, which is agravating. But all in all as an idle game I am still playing.

  40. The game doesn’t save consistently. You could gain 100bn gold, spend it, close the game, then restart it. It will load a previous save from 12hrs ago, losing all progress.

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