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Awards-winning roguelike casual survivial RPG! Go from zero to HEROIC Survivor!
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*** Awards-Winning Casual Action Game ***
– Pocket Gamer Big Indie Game – Silver Award
– DEA Digital Entertainment – Silver Award
– GEPS Top 4 Game of the Year

Are you the Survivor that everyone needs? Or the hero that everyone wants? Shoot your way through Legend of Heroes, a roguelike action RPG game beyond your wildest dreams! Equip mega powerful crossbows, hunt enemies with your greatsword, max out your stats and shoot monsters in this thrilling, high-octane soul style action RPG game!

Use your knights to shoot through monster after abominable monster and crawl through dungeon after hazardous dungeon! Break through the siege that they’ve set up in each map and prove that you deserve your knighthood. Experience beautiful and unique new worlds, each with their own gameplay mechanic! Enjoy the hunt with endless waves in this action RPG! Unlike other royale games, you get to weave magic to blast enemies, shoot them in the face with your arrows AND stab them with your greatsword!

– MELEE AND RANGED COMBAT: Are you making use of ALL the Arc-hero weapons at your disposal? Shoot your arrows from afar as an archer OR ready your magic as a wizard OR swing your greatsword as a soul knight! All at the same time, like a hero! That, or take them out with one punch like Saitama. It’s your choice, the Last Survivor!
– UNIQUE SKILLS: A roguelike isn’t just a Archero-roguelike game unless you get special abilities on every run! Select soul knights mega skills like Chain Strike, Headshot, Thunder Arrows and more! With much more than Archero, you can collect them all and become the next Summon Hero?
– SIMPLE, INTUITIVE CONTROLS: Hold your screen to move and release to shoot or slash – don’t worry if you’re idle! This is an easy hunt siege royale game.
– INTERACTIVE ENVIRONMENT: Use the terrain to your advantage! Send crates hurtling towards your enemies and deal them extra crit damage with one punch! Explore the map under siege to your heart’s content; after all, it’s an action RPG! You might find some extra loot!
– CHOOSE YOUR HERO: Choose between nine different royale soul knights, all with their own unique powers and abilities! Maybe you’ll be able to find Saitama in the midst? Are you ready to grant them their knighthood, man?
– SHOOT MAGICAL SPELLS: But why stop there? Use your greatsword to slash and crossbow to hunt enemies! The mega monsters may be strong… but wait until they take an arrow to the knee from the mightiest man alive!
– SEE WHO YOU BEAT: Climb the rankings on the leaderboard to see which friend is the loser… and which friend you need to beat with one punch, just like a true Saitama!
– AWESOME SKILL TREES: Level up your skills and watch as the game gets faster and easier! Gain permanent buffs to your arrows, royale knights and greatswords! Do they deserve their knighthood? Bust through the siege monsters have set up!
– UPGRADE EQUIPMENT: Make your soul weapons overpowered and imbue them with unique skills that will help you in the hunt for monsters in this roguelike siege royale action RPG!
– GIGANTIC BOSS MONSTERS: Be prepared to face off against powerful bosses – you have to take them down like Saitama! You are a mega one punch man and this is a roguelike RPG for knights after all.
– FOREVER FREE: Play for free all day every day, 24/7 all year round! Play Legend of Heroes NOW!

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40 comentarios en "Dash.io – Roguelike Survivor MODDED 2022"

  1. 90% of the time, the ads you need to watch to collect various rewards either freeze the game or simply won’t play, saying “ads aren’t ready”. But when you finish a level, that pop-up ad plays fine. Ads that reward and help you progress the game never work, but the ones you don’t get anything for, work perfectly every time. Seems intentional, hence the low rating. Other than that, the gameplay is fun, so it’s a bit of a shame that that’s such an issue.

  2. This used to be my favorite game in the app store. The latest update has made it virtually unplayable. I get needing to make money as a gaming company. So I happily dealt with the ads that were on the game. I think my stats said that I had viewed 150+ ads. But with the latest update, there’s a new 30 second ad every time the screen changes. It’s a bit much. And there are also glitches where the environment won’t fully load. And dark mode lands you in a neverending load screen. Very disappointed.

  3. Cyphar dice:

    The idea is great. More fun than Archero with the mixed melee and ranged going on. However, there are still too many bugs after enough time to fix them. Sometimes leveling disappears, or your character gains a level but no new powers appear for choosing. It’s rare but possible to get stuck. If you leave a game, most of the time you can pick up where to left off, but certainly not always. Feels like a solid beta, but not a finished game.

  4. B. W. dice:

    I have played a lot of games similar to this and I have to say, this one is by far the best all around. Love the different graphics options, the choice of different heroes that have their own unique abilities and that there is no paywall! The game is generous with rewards. Great job. EDIT: Had to come back and drop the rating due to a major glitch on level 36 in area 2 of the dark world. There’s an enemy that simply can’t be killed at all. His HP never decreases. Huge glitch.

  5. The game crashes too often, and if it crashes during death and while watching an ad you lose all your progress in that run. Very disappointing. I gave this 4 stars a few hours ago, but now it’s going to stay at 2 stars. It has crasjed 5 times in the span of 2 hours but this was the deciding factor. Fun game. It reminds me of Dashero with the fun abilities and impressive graphics but if the performance is going to be this way then I do not recommend this to anyone.

  6. Edit: Camera angles definitely improved with the new update, but it’s still lacking. When you walk to the side of a room, the camera keeps moving with you, and half your screen is looking down into the abyss. The abilities seem spot on, and I love that the battle pass is a one-time purchase. So happy I discovered this on Reddit! If you’ve played archero, this will be a wonderful experience!

  7. D simmons dice:

    The game is okay. Alot of adwatching to play this game at its full potential. They are not forced to say the least, but your put in a position where it would be stupid not to watch them to progress. Getting double shot and things like that seems very rare to roll. heroic + gear is extremely rare as well to get. Been playing over 2 weeks and not a single one. The most annoying thing is the camera on lvls. If you move to the top of the stage. It blocks your vision from the lower half of the stage

  8. This is one one of the better Rougelikes out there, both in terms of graphics and game play. Unfortunately, after stage 10, the difficulty ramps up. Too many things that block your shots and 2/3 of the enemies can shoot over these same obstacles. The melee attacks should have their own button since boxes are targeted first over enemies. But the really cheap thing is in the later stages the mini bosses, they’re just regular bosses mixed in with normal ones and they have full screen attacks.

  9. Good game overall. Be warned, the timer on the death match stages keeps counting down when you pause it by tapping the settings icon. Update: a recent update added pets to the game, but they are pretty useless. They die really fast and then they’re gone for the run. Might as well not have them unless they get a lot better as they level up.

  10. Every update makes this game something new and something worse. The launch state of this game was great. Since launch the game has changed names multiple times, yanked characters, pulled the old event levels, changed the upgrade system, and most recently – become a totally buggy mess. I spent 20 energy to do the event, only to have my character teleport around and eventually get stuck under the level. I wish they’d just revert to the old version, currently it’s unplayable.

  11. I like the 3d experience instead of just top down. (Like Bow Land). Dont currently have any issues yet. Great game!!! Will update as I get further in game, currently area 3. Not an issue but I would suggest a way to get back some of, if not all, the coins and books you used to upgrade 1 hero once you’ve unlocked more. Not important would just be a little more manageable.

  12. It’s a good game with some unique aspects to it like cutting down trees and finding treasure chests. There is a glitch though in the game that I’d like to bring to the attention of the developers. Sometimes when you go to cut down a tree in the corner of a map, you can get stuck in between two trees not being able to ho anywhere. This happened to me in the second stage and I lost all of the loot I received and energy I spent for that stage. Not cool. I would’ve give this game a better review.

  13. Jonathan dice:

    Has more of a downward view, unique feature. I love it. The animations and sounds made qnd its still amusing wqching the flip when the pc dies, is pretty funny. – Lots of ads, some required, some skip able. Option to pay to remove all ads, especially for battle pass peeps … amazing option. – Ability to lower camera view, top too behind the shoulder, would be great. – Open the maps side to allow movement and choice instead of impending and forcing a location. – npcs damaged from traps

  14. I’m at the 3 level and I have to say this is so much fun. These are somethings that I immediately realized: The heroes are awesome. The movement is so fluid. The element attachment to your weapon is beautiful. The resolution and quality of the graphics style has blown me away. The fact that I watched no forced ads was a big deal for me.. If gameplay is sluggish. turn down the graphics in settings…..there’s 5 levels Oh and tons of manual camera control…..what?! Thats unheard of

  15. A totally passable archero clone, nice graphics decent maps and powerups. Not too many ads, but one overriding annoyance. Ranged blocking enemies — it’s not a bad thing that they need to be melee hit, it ads strategy — but the f-ing clanging noise that each of them makes when hit with magic. CLANG!! CLANG!! CLANG! heaven help you if you have atk spd up and multimissle its clangclangclang. Sound off then? Nope some enemies telegraph hits w sound. Too annoying. Uninstalled.

  16. Love it! The combo melee and magic weapon attacks is awesome! All the ads for rewards ACTUALLY PLAY and allow you to claim your reward. Gameplay is challenging, but not to the point of playing the same stage over and over until you have no choice but to give up and uninstall due to boredom and frustration (Archero). Great job devs!!!

  17. Great game. I think the ranged targeting system needs to be adjusted. It seems like its set up to target the closest enemy. I often find myself in a situation where I’m trying to shoot an enemy that is out in the open, but instead it targets the closest enemy, even if they are behind a wall and cannot be hit. I think it should prioritize targets based on line of sight.

  18. Not bad at all, keep it up! I noticed that, upon entering a room, it lags a little right when the enemies try to animate their first attack all at the same time. Sometimes I lag out and take damage, sometimes I time it well and move out of the way in time. Other than that, it’s a great start!

  19. Their alot of glitches with this new update 1. The game won’t let you claim the rewards for the daily quest 2. Items that I have obtain from the chest do not appear in my inventory 3. After starting a run I am automatically sent to the 40th stage completing it almost immediately 4. Their glitches with some monsters and their attacks. Please fix this problems

  20. *Edit* the recent update fixed the issue ! Thank you dev team ! Great game ! I spend hours a day on it and am always going on it first thing when I wake up to collect the rewards ! The devs are very generous 😃 my only concern, and I will rate 5 stars if I can figure it out, is when I play the deathrun daily runs, i can’t seem to locate the chests I get. I also get a message that says “treasure box warehouse full”. Where is this?

  21. Now i can play the game and it’s very satisfying. Although, there is another bug with saving to Facebook. I could save to google just fine but for some reason i couldn’t save to facebook — there is a message just saying “error”.

  22. Fun fast paced. No story but plenty of leveling up and this is not a you vs a horde of enemies. Short stages 2-3 rooms at the start. Makes you feel powerful choosing your next power of which there Are Plenty. Pick up and play or play for awhile. I like it.

  23. Fix the bug.. Teleport randomly while moving and invisible traps or maybe its just a random spot where u take damage.. fix it please and some rewards can’t be claimed even when you finished it’s quest

  24. hope less dice:

    The image is now blurry, now there’s an invisible wall in some stage, it’s laggy whether I put the graphics at lowest. It’s worse than ever.

  25. JL McLeod dice:

    When you enter a room the game stutters momentarily. Breakable objects don’t always go flying into enemies who are right behind the object. Enemies waiting right behind breakable objects destroy you because you have to waste an attack breaking the object before you can hit the enemy. Either take them out of the game or allow players to break object with their magic attack. Pets should be able to break them too. Not just the boxes but ALL breakable objects. Archero is the better game until then.

  26. I’m upset. I make a purchase in the game that includes epic chests. I open the chests and have none of the items show up. This has happened more than once (items not being there after a chest). What gives? I want to play but that’s the stuff that kills that desire.

  27. Chelsey - dice:

    If I’m offline i can’t open rare chests because the ad chest takes precedent- i have a backlog of rare chests as a result. I can only play online on WiFi at the moment because my phone has no time on it. Otherwise game is great

  28. The game seems to be broken in alot of ways, half the daily tasks wont let you claim the reward after doing them such as the fuse 1 item or complete a death run. Also where is the treasure warehouse because it says my treasure warehouse is full and so I can’t do them any more. Fix this soon

  29. I want to like this game, but it’s glitchy as hell and I haven’t actually received the rewards from my chests in weeks. I’ve drawn dozens of shards that never showed up in my inventory.

  30. Babz dice:

    Dash.io – Your “Daily Missions” reward system is broken and won’t register as complete. The Developers need to improve on their Q&A if they want to make this game succeed.

  31. Its pretty good and I’d say one of the better rouge like dungeon crawler selected one of 3 random abilities each level up game that there is the only other one that maybe I would say is better is “heroics an archhero story” that one is by far my favorite but this one comes in second and also it is early i barely started playing

  32. I’m amazed at this games Friendly drowning one deeper and deeper into it’s Charming appeal 😵‍💫😍. Awesome!

  33. egg dice:

    This game is incredible. I spent a fair amount of time playing the “first” game – Archero. Had very fun, addicting gameplay and progression. But after so long I stopped playing. But the new additions to this are amazing and make this feel fresh and new. My only critique would be sometimes it’s frustrating that my character will focus on enemies that are far/aren’t any threat rather than enemies that are close and attacking. That could be patched up. Other than that it’s almost perfect for free!

  34. I don’t play mobile games often but I am obsessed with this one. the single finger controls are really convenient and it plays quite well on a small screen. The upgrades difficulty level and enemies are all varied and exciting and we’ll graduated. It keeps things fresh. The ad system is my favourite: only watch ads if you want a little extra advantage. They are not mandatory. Great game. Well worth spending a little money on if you do wish.

  35. This game is fun. It has interesting mechanics, but at the last stage of chapter 4, I get a notification about modifying the game, which I haven’t done. If this gets fixed, I’ll definitely play more! EDIT: The bug did indeed get fixed, and pretty quickly as well! Having a lot of fun, and also really like that battlepass is permanent. I’d rather have smaller rewards, and permanent bp, than big rewards and having to shell out $5 every other week! Up from 3 to 4 stars

  36. A nice refresh from Archero! The dual mechanic of melee and ranged is super fun, but the game is not easy! Enemies hit hard and there’s not many opportunities to heal, and you’re not very mobile (this is especially challenging when diving bosses with your melee. There’s barely time to escape their area attacks). I guess stages are hard for now so you don’t breeze through all of them in a day and don’t have anything else to do. I’m excited to see where this game goes, especially item wise

  37. Edit: white screen issue is fixed, if the game polishes camera a bit more ( even with new options, you still can’t see much behind you) and aiming could use a check if enemy is not reachable then it should switch to next, then I will rate this five stars Pretty good starter, hope to see it grow. There is a performance issue at the moment when you might see a white screen when entering a new level

  38. Dar kji dice:

    This game is pretty nice and addicting. I really like the ideas behind it and I will definitely keep playing it. I would like to see maybe a function (in-app purchase) where you don’t have to see the ads would safe a lot of time for me to be honest. I also would like to see another function for deathrun where u can turn off the staring message with those -5 sec/hit it is quite annoying after a certain time if it’s possible 😉

  39. XVoid dice:

    The game has pretty good graphics and great effects. I really like that you can melee when up close. Overall the game is pretty fun though grindy. The music could have some variety since it gets repetitive quick. Also when you recieve gems from a mission the audio just stacks and gets really loud. In the dark area I think instead of just giving enemies bs stats you should make them behave differently. Sometimes I encounter an enemy with ridiculous healing which is just unfair.

  40. Kinda buggy. Keep warping character to random places on the make. Has some freeze studder going on too. From what I played, seems like it could be good when fixed.

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