Bubble Bird Rescue 2 – Shoot! MODDED 2022


Shoot bubbles to rescue the trapped baby birds. Enjoy this free bubble game.
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From the maker of “Bubble Bird Rescue”, comes out brand new game. Birds are asking for your help now. Be hero in the bird world, please!

Bubble Bird Rescue 2 has more delightful graphics, to make you relax and enjoy. It provides the unlocked boosters, to assist you in the bird world.

Shoot bubbles and match colors to pop and drop your way to rescue the trapped baby birds! You’ll be addicted to “Bubble Bird Rescue 2” from the first hit!

☆☆☆☆☆ Highlighted Features ☆☆☆☆☆
★ Well-designed FREE levels – each with unique challenges and fun puzzles!
★ EASY TO LEARN – hard to master! Can you score 3 stars on every level?
★ Score Big Bonuses – drop large bunches of bubbles to score sweet bonuses!
★ USE powerful boosts to help with challenging levels! All of them are unlocked from level 1.
★ Fresh and beautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics & effects!


Updated google payment service to 4.0


40 comentarios en "Bubble Bird Rescue 2 – Shoot! MODDED 2022"

  1. Cahoki dice:

    this is the most obvious cheating game I’ve come across yet. and you want money with expensive offers. ridiculous!!! the game makes your bubbles purposely miss when you are even in perfect aim. it won’t give the color bubbles needed. you can see the bubble actually shift to avoid a good hit. when you beat a level you have to wait for all the explosions for there is no way to bypass it. I’m sorry to say that this is one of the worse games I’ve come across so far. I can only rate it a one!!!

  2. Fun game, starting to get adds that I can’t get rid of unless I close the game, very frustrating. There is an X on the top of the adds, but when I click on it, nothing happens, and I can’t continue with my game. This has just started, there were no issues before.

  3. KAC dice:

    As I write this review, I see the one before it. I too purchased 2 packs of coins for $4.99 each, but did not receive the 1,120 in coins. I emailed screenshots showing the charges from Google, signed in & out of the game, but still no coins. Either issue a refund or update my coins!!!!

  4. Elena O dice:

    Absolutely amazing game experience! It’s as if the developers were actually thinking about the people when they were making it. Graphics really nice, levels challenging enough but not impossible, no limited attempts, and most importantly: the ads can be skipped after 5 seconds, which nowadays can make all the difference. There’s just the right amount of everything in this game. Thank you! 10/5

  5. Now since they updated game they don’t give you the coins you pay for. I have spent about $12 on coins I never received. I sent emails but no reply. I want money or coins back.

  6. Brilliant game, very addictive, but something’s gone wrong. Stars stopped paying out & now all I get is the daily coin thing. Targets aren’t reset each day, so no coins from them. And there are no ‘watch video for a reward’ extra lives any more. I’m stuck on a level in the 900s which apparently can’t be done without extras so I’m going to be stuck there for quite some time. Way to take all the incentives out of a game.

  7. Not only can I not cornet to Facebook now the daily task is not working ,and from the app I can not even use the rate is button as that isn’t working either. U always ask us to help you improve we’ll get the game working properly first. I never get any reply from you so a gd start. So come on people sort it out.. I just payed money 4 this game and I lost money on it. Please don’t spend money on this game. 4 a game I loved so much has been very disappointing. I will be deleting this game.

  8. The daily task video is not loading, so you don’t get the 3 extra lots of balls, if needed to help you finish level. Please fix it.

  9. Very much entertaining and keep me smile and it’s a good game cause it helps to be stressed free , very exciting , looking forward to the new level all in all this is one of the best game I love.

  10. I personally think this game needs a lot of different daily task each day cause for me it starts to become uninteresting to do the same daily task every time I enter the game

  11. I’m not getting my 3 points anymore. This is so frustrating. As stuck on 1 game forever. Points help us to finish a game.

  12. Colorful and fun! Love the upbeat music too. It’s easy yet allows a person to improve…;)

  13. Watch video has been stuck in loading position for several days.please fix. Also star rewards are backwards. You can’t even get rewards.

  14. This is a really fun game to play; and ya just gotta hear the theme music! Really catchy, and I love that too!

  15. it stopped giving me 120 coins for every 100 stars. You owe me 480 coins . I emailed developer 2 times. I guess since I don’t speak Cantonese or mandarin they won’t respond.idk!?!?!

  16. I just downloaded this game for the first time. The crafting is very interesting. Let there be no obstacle in future as I play on.

  17. I am very dissipointed,because again I did not get my daily tasks videos.Please repaire it.It can not go on like this.I want my daily tasks video’s please.😡😡😡Still no daily tasks and video’s!!!!

  18. Sorry overall game. Line to fire way too short. Not worth playing. 10 game played all 3 stars but frustrating playing. Uninstalling now. Fix you line of fire

  19. App has been messing up a lot, not able to use my extra balls bonus, it just stops showing up , even when I still have some to use

  20. It’s good app but the only badness is that it have many levels but starts to be difficult at a least levels

  21. This Bubble Bird Rescue 2 it’s a very addictive game and so far it’s so much fun that I can’t stop playing it so I decided too give it a 5 star rating*****

  22. Now 1 star: still not solved 120 coins issue. Edit my review: because when I entered the 1100 level, the game no longer gives you the 120 points you earn with 100 stars. The game definitely has a GLITCH! NOW 2 STARS! Enjoy playing this game as a wind-down. I gave it 4 stars because the game does always give you the points you’ve earned. So there’s a glitch in the program. Also it takes a hundred stars to earn only 120 points, it would be nice if it was more.

  23. Worst bubble game ever. The bubbles are too small to target and the dogs face isn’t happy at all.The aim line too doesn’t do good. After just five levels, the game gets strategic and very difficult to clear. There aren’t any props to help, and you can’t get coins from anywhere. You can’t win the level unless you are careful with every bubble and also have props. If it’s not easy, straightforward or player Friendly, it’s not a bubble shooter, I don’t see any good reason to play this game.

  24. If only you could give rewards for finishing each stage maybe 10/15 coins it would be great

  25. All levels are completed but next level may please release

  26. The worst part about this game is at the end just when you’re about to win they start giving you colours you have no use for. It’s so annoying!!!! So many time I’ll need a single blue ball and have 20 moves but you won’t get a blue ball.

  27. I liked the game but the problems I have with it turned me sour on it. uninstalling and hopefully you fix the way it will go completely in another direction when I am for where I want the damn ball to go. the adds are over powering.

  28. Arnab Sen dice:

    Very disappointed with its performance. It cannot see the exact point where the ball will hit

  29. Jay Pee dice:

    Playable for a long time if you can stomach the abusive ads.

  30. Way too many ads. Heavy battery drain. Better out there.l

  31. Do not like that I can’t get the daily task points anymore. Just keeps loading

  32. From the beginning it was smooth and lovely but difficult from the middle of the levels and the adverts are too much, it makes the game so boring. I might delete it soon

  33. it’s a real fun game .I would like to have the one in my Facebook can not log in why?

  34. Enjoyable game. It’s just that coins are very limited

  35. The game doesn’t save in face book .the game should be saved in Google account or play games account.

  36. If it wasn’t for all the unbelievable rocks, that make the game difficult would give 5 stars. There are more rocks than bubbles

  37. Some of the level is too difficult

  38. A boll of the desired colour does not yield Any thing. Very very bad 😔😐😤🤢🤢

  39. why the app has been stopped unable to play the game automatically closes the app

  40. Great game to pass time.. It looks like a game for kids but honestly, as you reach higher levels it gets tougher to finish.. Most importantly, you can play in offline.. Keep it up!

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