My Little Pony Pocket Ponies MODDED 2022


Build your collection of Pocket Ponies for exciting arcade challenges!
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In this ridiculously fun arcade game, join TWILIGHT SPARKLE and your favorite MY LITTLE PONY™ characters at the School of Friendship! As a new student, you are swept away in the first, awesome Pocket Pony Championship! Face-off against masters, students and teachers in thrilling arcade challenges using the unique Pocket Ponies figurines. Collect them all to make your perfect team!

• AIM at barriers and walls to get balls bouncing everywhere!
• RELEASE your Pocket Ponies’ magic to defeat enemies in fast-paced arcade challenges!
• LEVEL UP to get multiple shots going at once for crazy popping action!
• COLLECT unique Pocket Ponies, such as the Cutie Mark Crusaders or the Mane Six. No two are the same!
• RANK high enough to take on our legendary Pocket Pony Masters: RAINBOW DASH, APPLEJACK, PINKIE PIE or FLUTTERSHY!
• EXPLORE the School of Friendship and meet a whole host of characters!
• UNLOCK new areas on campus as you complete challenges!
• PLAY as a student character from MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship is Magic!
• BONUS: Come back every day for your daily reward!

In this unique game, the angle of your shot is key to your offensive strategy!
Gamers of all ages will find this game crazy challenging to move up the ranks of this fast-paced entertaining action!

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Minor improvements. Thank you for playing My Little Pony Pocket Ponies


40 comentarios en "My Little Pony Pocket Ponies MODDED 2022"

  1. Really fun game when you get the hang of it, but needs a bit of work! The overall game has been really laggy and jittery going from scene to scene, only being a smooth experience during levels unless you try to pause. Otherwise there are huge lag pauses doing anything else, room to room, menu to menu. Also it would be nice that if you turn all music and sound off for the game that it also turns off the sound and music of the start up movie.

  2. I think the game is great, but choosing your character at the start should be more than choosing the graphics for your character. For instance, you could give them advantages and disadvantages. Also, the difficulty is too high! The timers should be slower earlier on. There should also be more of a story and the game should be longer because you can get through the early levels very quickly. More characters should be in it as well, like Discord, or maybe a Nightmare Moon one. It would also be cool to see costumes for them that give them special powers. Aside from that, it’s a really good game, and the pocket ponies are really cute. The graphics are great, too. But what’s up with the trash can in Shining Armor’s room?

  3. Decent game with a mechanic I’ve never seen before. Thought I had a problem with the ad reward system, but it turned out my tablet just needed a reboot. Only two real complaints. One is that the game is kinda short right now, but they have promised more is coming. The other is the system of sending three ponies at a time. There doesn’t seem to be much of a point currently. My best strategy has been to power-up one pony and have them smash through everything.

  4. For the first few weeks of playing, eveything worked just fine. However, I’ve been experiencing many loading problems recently. The title screen takes more then a few minutes to come up, and any popups (like the ones that come up when I choose to level up a pony or start a match) take forever to open and close, which is extremely discouraging. I’ve seen some other people mention this before as well, so please fix this soon!!

  5. Hello. I think this app is awesome. I enjoy the challenges and the fairness of them. Nothing is TOO hard but I did have to replay a few levels. There’s a little bit of grinding but the payoff of getting better equipped ponies is so worth it. You all did a spectacular job with not only the character and level designs but the overall gaming experience. Thanks for making a fun application!! ♡♡

  6. I like the gameplay, and I like the visual style. The gameplay is fun. Has a performance bug that kicks in only after playing a while. (Sticks several minutes on load screen) I am already in contact with tech support, and will revise the review if the bug gets fixed. Tech support is great by the way, friendly and professional and responsive

  7. My issue is that the game runs slower every time I play it. At this point (I’ve beaten all 3 masters the first time, plus played a few more rounds) I can hardly play at all. It takes ages to load anytime I do anything. Go to a new area, wait 30 seconds. Click on a challenge, wait 15 more. BEAT a challenge, wait 45 for the victory screen to come up. Go back to the school, wait another 30 seconds for the “wow you won” dialogue. Too slow! Edit: 2 months later, same issue. No more stars for you.

  8. I love this game! I would love to be able to replay a level with the same ponies without having to re-enter the level and choose the ponies again. Just a Replay button at the end of a level. It would be nice to be able to access my pony team without having to start a level. I think the achievements should be worth more. To play 6 levels using all three ponies’ specialties earns 100 bits. I can get 100 bits by playing level 2, which takes about a minute and a half. At least make it a gem or two.

  9. Simple, linear experience. Fun for the little ones but a constant money grab. Limits on pony levels are arbitrary and designed to force story progression and nothing else. Before you unlock high level ponies many challenges are impossible. However once you unlock them they become too easy. Game would be more enjoyable if there were real exploration and open world elements. Opportunities for gem collection exist only as part of plot development, and are gone once the story is completed.

  10. I absolutely adore this game. However, i have a massive problem with it. You people need to implement a way to save our progress! I had several ultra rare ponies, and was on the second run through the levels in the second area. I just got my new tablet today and wanted to play, but the game doesn’t save your progress. Add in a save feature, and a way to recover lost progress, and i might consider playing again. Until then, my ponies are gone, and i am hurt. 😢

  11. Well this game is fun and simple to get used to. It’s not overly complicated. It does have plenty of bugs for sure you can find some just from having to watch an ad with the promise of extra coins/exp at the cost of closing the game and having to open it back up again. Let’s not forget the in game purchase that are quite unfairly priced but luckily have deals that will pop up to be convenient. However these purchases come with a draw back of possibly losing the items you bought with them!

  12. The level that forces you to play only one color(Orange) completely destroyed the game. The chance of having an orange character that can complete the stage is very slim. Even buying the in game currency and opening packs isn’t helpful because it’s still a slim chance of getting that color. I bought 10 of the best ones and never got an orange one. 4 of the 10 I opened up ended up being the same character over and over again. As of now, the game is unplayable.

  13. I PAID to remove ads and they came back. Not cool. Additionally, it will keep asking for a review even if you gave one. All movement forward will be made impossible without in app purchases as well. It also tricks people into watching ads by saying you have ten seconds to watch it for a free boost when in reality, you can click that free boost yourself at any time. I’m disappointed that I spent any time or money on this. It’s a money grab, and it grabbed my money. No more.

  14. Fun game play. Great graphics. Drops are well paced. I don’t feel forced to buy gems to be able to finish the game. Can replay old levels for experience and gold. Only complaint: can’t mute ads. I play the game with high sound because it’s very quiet but then the ads are super loud. Either give it a mute button or level out the sound between ads and game play.

  15. game is fun, it’s cute. i enjoy that you frequently come back to areas. I feel that love was put into the game. the game is fun and actually unique for me. i love that you play students vs teachers! but sadly the ads are a mess. buying something still gives you ads that are manditory to watch, and not the ones for bonuses(i love those!) Along with that, half the time I watch an ad it’ll kick me out of the app and i loose the bonus I should Have gotten. it’s happened at least 20 times.

  16. My daughter is a huge fan of the game, and like another parent said I get sucked in as well. I am curious if there are any future updates planned, as my kiddo is asking when she can challenge Rarity. There also seems to be an issue with playing ads at the moment, which is disappointing since we rely on those to get boosts. I’d say 95% of the time we try the screen goes black and flickers, and when the game screen returns – no boost. The other 5% it’s a Budge and which works normally.

  17. It’s a cute game that can kill some time, but the lack of support murders the experience for anyone that cares about their progress. There’s a complete lack of backup mechanism for if your device dies, you need to transfer to a new device, or a game content patch happens to wipe out all your collected characters. The only support I got for the latter was based on how recently I’d spent real money. Don’t get attached to your progress, because it can (and likely will) go away without warning.

  18. I do really like this game so far. It’s a fun game. My only issue currently is it is running extremely slow all of a sudden on my phone. It wasn’t when I first downloaded the app but now it takes forever to load anything and half the time after a battle it freezes and I have to close out and restart the app and hope for the best. I’ve done everything I can think of without uninstalling and reinstalling the game(unsure if I would loose anything if I did that) That’s currently my only reason for not giving this 5 stars

  19. I love the game and most of its features, but it does crash A LOT! Ive been cheated out of exp, bits, gems and boosts. Usually the crashes happen while watching an ad, but sometimes the game crashes upon completion of a round. This is especially upsetting when its a boss you just beat or a level that when completed would earn you a Pocket Pony. Please work to fix this MAJOR bug. I’ve tried on multiple platforms and this is not an issue with my hardware. That being said, Im still playing!!!

  20. It’s pretty fun. Simple gameplay, easy to obtain the premium currency without spending any money which is a huge plus. The only problem is there is a leveling bug. If you spend gems on a mystery box and it ends up getting a character to max level it tends to overcharge you. I leveled up multiple rares to 19 with this technique and it charged me 40 gems instead of 30. Other than that its a good pastime.

  21. 꿀벌 dice:

    It’s a fun and cute game and I really appreciate the replayability! I really really appreciate how you can play the levels without waiting for life refills and time limits. One thing that really bothers me is how difficult it is to get any color other than red or orange characters in the boxes. This game definitely can get difficult at times, which makes it a fun and sometimes frustrating challenge. Overall a good game but has some noticable flaws. For someone who loves MLP or a good challenge!

  22. the game is pretty fun for a while, but eventually you reach a point where you need higher level characters of a specific base color to continue the game.The game does not give you many characters that can be higher than level 9 for free, and if they are not the right color your out of luck. I’m stuck waiting to get enough gems to get a CHANCE to be able continue to play the game. I already spent 10$ I’m not going to pay more just for a chance to be able to play the rest of the game.

  23. Overall, I would say it’s an excellent experience, except for the fact that each rarity of pony has a hard cap that can’t be raised, which, for the later game content, can make things almost impossible unless you save up for one of the higher rarity ones, especially the ones at the highest level that trivialize all but the very final levels and bosses. It’s not good when your progress is all but hard locked to how many gems you’re willing to save up or spend to get those high rarity ponies

  24. Eddie B dice:

    It’s a fun action puzzle game with the adorable chibified chars you grew to love. Gives you a real challenge, especially in the later levels. It’s also highly generous with the freemium content. The game does have some gambling mechanics involved, and does somewhat push you to spend money for the premium currency. However, with enough planning, you’ll never need to spend a cent if you don’t want to. (You’ll need to put with ads instead).

  25. i cant open this game at all. Every time I tried my phone crash and I’m forced to remove the battery in order to restart my phone. Edit: I have a way to open the game… it’s like a glitch… when I open the game, akmist right away hold the square button on my android phone to try to have two apps running side by side. I kept doing thing and then the game will load. I have been playing ever sense.

  26. I never really rate games or apps. but this one really irked me. I love love love my little ponies, and I know levels are supposed to get harder and challenging, but the levels in this game are down right ridiculous. they dont give you enough time to beat a level without having power ups. and then put impossible blockaids in your way and you cant line up anything within enough time to go around anything. I’m about to uninstall it. it’s just not enjoyable.

  27. I really like the game and wish more people played it but I have a problem. In the quests there is this thing that says “complete applejack’s first master challenge.” I already completed the first and second one and I think I must’ve done it before that quest showed up so it doesnt show that I completed it and it’s stuck there forever. Still rating this five stars because the other official gameloft app requires you to literally spend thousands of dollars if you want to collect everything.

  28. I honestly love this game, though the reason I am giving it 3 stars is because of 2 things. The first thing is that I find it annoying how you have too pay too level up ponies, I personally think it should just level up. The other thing is THE CLOCK. It’s so annoying, you should be able to take as long as you need, it just makes you stressed and more tense so it’s harder to beat the level. Maybe if you changed this I could give it 5 stars, goodbye.

  29. Bonk Six dice:

    Unlike most other games involving microtransactions, this one has a very fun mechanic with creative twists, unique and cute art and doesn’t wall off any content behind a money wall or makes content too hard to achieve without paying. It’s short to complete currently, and shouldn’t force you to watch ads even when you don’t choose to for rewards. Edit: The game has only ever updated once since its launch, and not in too meaningful lf a way. Could have been a good game if it had any attention.

  30. Fun, but needs tuning. 3-orange level requirement is an artificial block to slow down progress. There are no Legendary orange ponies, and common ones will not suffice. This requires at least one, probably more, mid range pull, which is a steep requirement just for one level. It’s clumsy level design, and completely halts gameplay.

  31. This game is very fun and cute. While I enjoy it, the heavy lag and freezing is getting too much. It takes about a whole minute to level up your ponies, start up a game, opening a blind box, and even claiming a reward. It’s getting really frustrating.

  32. Right now it takes over a minute before the game finishes loading and you get to the intro video (I don’t recall the waiting time being that long when I first started playing). Most features work offline. Extremely challenging if you don’t purchase ultra rare ponies (in-game currency), and even then some levels require several attempts to pass.

  33. I love this game and have recommended it to other people to play who are fans of the My Little Pony world. I have recently experienced some issues like very long loading times up to two minutes long for the main screen menu to appear and 30 second load times in game when it used to be near instant. Apart from that it is a great game for all ages.

  34. This is simply the most addicting game ever. It is 100% not pay to win, of course you can pay your way to success, but there’s no point, nor fun in that. You can unlock lots and lots of pocket ponies. You can spend days upon days leveling your ponies, collecting bits and gems, and there’s lots of interesting tasks and challenges that not gonna lie are sometimes very exhausting, but the more challenging the better. I can’t wait for the new challenges to come, along with the new master.

  35. I downloaded this game on a whim a few days ago, and it has turned out to be a fun way to pass the time. I have made a surprising amount of progress without spending any money at all – knowing which levels to farm and watching the ads (if you have the time) to increase rewards is very beneficial. The only criticism I have is that recently loading times in this app have drastically slowed down for some reason. I do have the latest version installed etc., and I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

  36. Darnel G dice:

    A cute little action adventure that I have been playing since it’s release a year ago. Having nearly finished it. I have found that certain quests are now impossible or not worth doing. Resulting in a mundane experience. Once you beat the final challenge, there is little point to continuing. The quests in question that are impossible that I have encountered are ‘Level up W/X/Y/Z Pocket Pony, when I have none left to do so with. And the ones not worth doing are the ‘use boosters 30 times.

  37. Cora Lusk dice:

    I definitely recommend because it barely has adds and they don’t pop up when your playing(except when u pause the game). Also, if you watched the “my little pony” TV show before they removed 4 SEASONS, then you’d probably love this game! I wish I could rate this game higher it is the best game u can play it offline without adds. I’m just saying this is the best game you ever made Budge! EDIT: I like how you can restart so if you mess up,(like spending all your gems),u can restart.

  38. On the children’s version (Amazon fire) there is a glitch that gets the game stuck, which is very frustrating. Every time my kids repeat a level, it goes into the teach cycle about upgrading ponies faster with gems, which have been removed in this version, so there’s nothing to tap on. It then requires a tablet reboot or starting up other games to close it and to be able to come back in. I’ve been waiting a long time for this to be fixed, but no luck so far. Could you, please? Thank you!

  39. The game is fun on a short term base I mean for most of the time it’s fairly easy but fun. My only concern is , you can gather 60+ figurines. But when I hit the 20 mark I got constantly doubles, with a bit of time you can earn 100 gems in game, but everytime you manage to get it together you get another double. Its frustrating and I start the feeling it’s not worth my time anymore. Since I get the feeling that you can not get all the figures. Well thx for reading ^^

  40. It is a nice simple game that in the beginning was really hard, I finally got past the three orange level too. To get 5 stars need to make a few changes that three orange Level needs be altered. Also there should be some smoother progression of the pocket ponies. Getting a legendary makes the beginning levels trivial, maybe if they started at lvl 1 and had to be grinded up. Maybe have synergies when certain ponies are played together making the basics useful.

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