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Become a idle space farmer by managing waifus in anime tycoon game!
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Have you wondered what is it like to open a farm in space? Become a space farmer tycoon by managing your space agents (waifus) and idle profit and defeat enough monsters to make your dream come true!
Expand your space empire and give your farm a boost with specialized agents who will automate the workflow of your farm! Take this opportunity to conquer the universe with your farm – online and offline!

Idle Space Farmer is a simulation game that mixes farming monsters with waifu management to gain profit and become the millionaire in space. The aim of this idle simulator is to recruit the best agents to defeat as much monster as possible. With the income you make, you will have to hire agents and upgrade your farms and spaceship. Become the best space farmer tycoon, build a millionaire space empire, and earn a massive profit. Get ready to recruit your space agents now in this space farming manager simulator!

★ Get up close to your waifu and assign them tasks!
★ Upgrade your agents to increase your idle income: Sit back and become the millionaire without tapping!
★ Get idle cash and earn money: Continue farming in space even when you are offline!
★ Lots of rewards waiting for you in your space empire!
★ Cast agent’s unique skill to increase your farming motivation!
★ Every agent has a special tycoon booster: Increase farming productivity!
★ Prestige feature and different planets: Build up your billionaire space empire simulation!
★ Manage monster farms in multiple different worlds like a real boss: Become a space farmer tycoon by managing this space farming business!
★ Farm different kinds of monsters: orcs, octopus, mantis and more!
★ Collect tons of gold in this space farming and income management simulator!
★ No Internet connection needed: Get rich online or offline!

Take this chance to become a billionaire by recruiting farming agents without the need to tap at all. Get rich, expand to other worlds and buy spaceship upgrade, invest cash and become the greatest space farm manager tycoon in this strategy simulator!

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- Bugfixes
- Technical improvements


40 comentarios en "Idle Space Farmer – Tycoon MODDED 2022"

  1. Ca S dice:

    Cute little idle farming game, it’s all about the grind. Love the artwork. The further down you go, the money you get increases exponentially, as well as the costs. Interesting but it is monotonous. All I wanted to do was unlock the agents, so it was a neat little puzzle figuring out how to keep leveling up characters for super cash to get more characters from the gacha. You keep hitting walls where it feels impossible to afford the next level, then you’re able to do it with more gridning and then you repeat the process. I’m at a point where it’s hard to get super cash except for those expeditions, but you can watch 30 second advertisements to reduce the time.

  2. This is a wonderful idle game that should be familiar to anyone who has played other idle miners. The graphics are cute and have a retro Anime feel, without being stale. The gameplay is fast paced and the controls are intuitive. There are plenty of boosts to make things fun, and watching ads is worthwhile for an extra boost. Overall, an excellent game.

  3. A fun and simple game to pass the time. There a few periods where it felt like progress hit a dead zone, but last maybe a day or two. Currently on world 5 after about two to three weeks of play. Adding achievements added nice little goals, and the game is still evolving, so there is more to expect. Only issue as of yet is that world 5 is bugging out where enemies won’t die unless an instant kill ability is used, but then they don’t respawn.

  4. Nice game. But I do find one thing annoying. There’s a buff that gives a 100 times boost for 10 seconds after watching an ad. To take maximum advantage of this, I’ll activate a 1 minute boost just prior to activating the 100x boost. But there’s frequently an issue with the ad server that caused the ad to take too long to run, causing the 1 minute boost to time out prior to the ad being viewed. Really annoying.

  5. Good idle fun. Takes a bit to get used and prevent yourself from accidentally making things harder. Only current issue I’m having is sometimes trying to trigger an ad it will allow me to continue to play but won’t play the ad and won’t allow me to trigger another ad unless I close the app and start it back up. This has happened randomly as I play; even when I just started it up and waited for the double cash collection to be clickable.

  6. Bill Betz dice:

    Game was alright, no complaints there. My problem was with the ads, I don’t mind running an ad to get a bonus but the ads are set up so when you press the X to close it, it sends you to download whatever the ad was for. I finally got tired of closing extra windows 6 times in a row and just uninstalled the game. An ad is one thing, but I will not be railroaded into getting something I don’t want!

  7. Cat Lover dice:

    Great game. Very cute, takes little effort, a few minor changes would be good. An auto-system for some things or accelerated timers? Planet Rosean is slow if started late for example. Auto-leveling characters to a certain point would be nice, since right now I have to spend several minutes leveling up after prestige. Oh and the extremities like hands and feet on the girls aren’t super well rendered, though that’s a minor complaint.

  8. Fun gatcha game/idle farmer. Only problem is that it keeps stalling, buffering (whatever you call it), and it even crashed so I had to uninstall and then reinstall it. Even after clearing the cache and the ram, it still continued to go buggy. For further clarification, lemme give you an example: I logged in to collect my idle reward, tapped on “double rewards” (which plays an ad btw), and it crashed. Loaded it back up and it didn’t give me my reward. Leveled up my mine, but still can’t collect

  9. It’s an idle game. It’s very fair with resources, but if you’re not experienced with idle games and efficiency, you might hit a few roadblocks early on that cause a lot of waiting. The art for some of the characters is a little crusty, while other art is higher quality. I hope they fix this. There is also no lite/power saving mode for intense graphics, so some phones might have trouble handling a world with 30 farms. I hope they fix this also.

  10. Not as great as it once was. Super cash was far easier to get, especially with watching ads previously. Now the only way you can get it is with downloading bad apps, which is ridiculously bad. At least bring back the option to watch ads for some free super cash, even if it’s less. With all the more girls and features, it’s more needed than ever. If you can’t, at least make the chance to pull the same girl of a higher rate significantly lowered. Maybe add a free weekly (or monthly 5-6 girl pull).

  11. So far it’s to my liking, no problems. The progression speed is ok for me so far. I recently found out this game has an adult version on a web site with intense scenes but I’m so far in this one so I stuck with it, I just hope not everything got cut from this version that so I have something to look forward to. I cleaned junk files from my phone and I find that I have to start all over again. I started over, characters I bought are still there but everything else is gone and I had a six star too

  12. Its…okay. cute enough. I like the space theme, but the overall layout of the game is cluttered and a little confusing. There were also elements that werent explained that I didnt realize til later, like using the same girl on multiple stations. Would be better with a layout overhaul and a better tutorial system.

  13. Personally I love this game. The only thing I could see as a problem is the shop. Most of the items are heavily inflated when it comes to buying things with Super Cash. Now I understand and think it’s great because it lets you save up the super cash that you get in world to get stuff like a legendary chest for free but if you want to buy it with real world money you have to spend upwards of $20. Which is ridiculous for a single chest and the bundle you can only buy once.

  14. I’m giving the game a 2 star rate because it keeps crashing at random, But I think the game is good it’s not bad the graphics could be better, gameplay could have more stuff or storyline, or anything to make it more fun, add more character ‘s in the game. Please fix this crashing problem. I think it would be a great game if you fix it!

  15. The chibi art is very cute and good, but the full character art is full of some of the most unpleasant, disproportionate “sexy” girls I have ever seen. Aside from the art, which is usually the main appeal of games like this, it’s just your traditional idle game where you watch the numbers go up until you hit a wall. Decent waste of time for an hour or two before you inevitably delete it. Don’t waste any money.

  16. myew dice:

    I think more games should be like this. It’s nice, all of the ads are optional and they’re rewarding but not so much that all you do is watch ads and then get bored (I’m guilty of watching a ton tho). There’s a good balance. There’s hardly any pop-ups when you first launch the game. It’s pretty chill. I’ve been playing for about 2 months and I’m almost ready to unlock world 4 and I’m surprisingly excited for it. It’s a pretty simple game but it still kills time pretty good.

  17. So far I’ve enjoyed it, maybe it’s just me and my fat thumbs but I have to tap the X a couple times to close a window. As well, the UI feels a little cluttered, unless its already in the options maybe add a collapser to help clean up the screen. Also! I really love how uninvasive the app is, can’t wait for more

  18. The game is what it says on the tin. It’s a good time killer. Most recently I unlocked planet 5, and the performance started tanking hard. Like real hard. It’s heating my phone up when the app is running for more than 10 minutes at a time, enough to be uncomfortable, and tends to crash after a recent silent patch when I have a private ad-blocking DNS going. My device is a Note9. The adblocking bit is possibly entirely unrelated, but worth mentioning since it works 100% fine when it’s off.

  19. It’s pretty standard for an idol game. I think some the characters are nice to draw. My only thing is that I think you guys need to update the delay speed for the bonuses used in the game. For instance I had a boost activated for something, and instead of immediately taking effect with whatever multiplier is active, it’ll take effect a few transfer animations later.

  20. Decent way to pass the time and watch your farming build up. The real problem is with the ads. There are too many times where after I’ve watched an ad, I don’t get my reward, and I have to close and reopen the game after an hour, just to watch another one. Fix that issue, and I’ll give the game a better score

  21. Nice little idle game, played for a month or 2 and reset a few times. But I got bored with it, the characters and art style and everything was nice but not enough to keep me in it. There was some super end game stuff where you can make a team and fight waves of enemies and see if your people can last.

  22. Edit: Been 3 days and still no word or fix. Dropping down from 3-1 star until it’s fixed. Edit2: I did contact directly through that email. Wish I could drop another star just for that reply. I played addictively my first day downloading it with only a couple crashes during the ads, however, the very next day all ads crash then suddenly the game crashes constantly and is basically unplayable. Not sure what changed in that time. Sent a ticket to support and haven’t heard back yet.

  23. The game itself is fun, the only problem I have is whenever I go to watch an ad for whatever reason, only some of the are work. the top war battle ad pretty much never works the game of lost ad never works for me and a few other ads they load all the way up until the last second and then they just freeze and then I don’t get anything and I have to back out of the game, or sometimes the game freezes a bit before I even get to an ad other than that everything else works great for me at least

  24. Erik Oium dice:

    Enjoying the game overall, but notifications for bounties and expeditions would be nice. Got annoyed at getting the same 5-star four times in a row and had no way to do anything with duplicates to get characters I’ve yet to get. Information on what would be recommended on bounties would be a great thing so you aren’t just wasting energy on something you would have no hope of getting untill later. But overall it’s enjoyable and would like to see improvements down the line.

  25. Simplistic graphics, quintessential idle game. However, no way to sort characters by level or rarity, and no point in getting rid of them once you have them cuz prestige/cash. Ends with a lot of clutter and mess you have to scroll through. Also, only last 3 mines give any money, and the multiplier of each rarity can render two of those worthless (ie, a 6 star will generate almost 90% or more and the 5 star the level before that generates the rest, while 3 5*s split it 60-30-10).

  26. Really fun game to pass time, I enjoy it a lot totally worth it. Only downside it get stuck in the loading screen once you hit 8 or 9 world when try to get back on so I end up resetting it to the beginning, good thing you still get back the forever boost that you bought when you reset, hopefully this can be fix in the future Will give 5 star when the issue gets fix. I still would recommend this game to others. Also alot of beautiful waifu.

  27. Apparently if your device dies while playing, cause it suck a massive amount of battery life, you lose everything and have to start over from nothing so all my progress is lost and I watch several tens of ads for nothing. I’d rate it a 0/5 if possible. i was literally playing for 2 days, my first thought when playing a game isn’t make a back up of it constantly cause it might spontaneously crash and delete my data

  28. Not a bad game, like that it has variety. Few questions but main one might be some progression on the third world. I understand their has to be challeges but it seems a little to drawn out. Art is good and I doubt that this will have the “art and scenes” the other version has. But in the mean time maybe just something else maybe mini world events or something?

  29. For the first week playing, it was rough from a technical standpoint, game was choppy and laggy at times. But by the time they started updating the game around the second week of playing, damn. They really buckled down and made the game better, it ran so much smoother and there was some features that were added that I liked. Overall well done, hope to see more like this in the future. I want to talk about the game so please sponsor me!

  30. A grind with pleasant and clear progression. This game manages to avoid making the progression bottlenecks too annoying by offering plenty of extra activities. My only complaint would be the character designs, which are rendered well but lack immersive details. There are a lot of opportunities to design around the game’s themes (mining, space travel, kaiju, etc.) but the characters aren’t much more than generic sci fi warriors.

  31. Update, the gameplay has been improved so there isn’t a roadblock. However the advertising in the game is awful. To play the game efficiently you need to watch an ad every few seconds. And the ads are for the worst knockoff games you’d ever see. I would be willing to pay to turn off all ads but if that would break the balance then it’s a poorly designed game. Don’t waste your time with this one.

  32. 1. I thank the developers for being active and replying frequently, it’s actually nice to see this in my opinion. 2. The game is great, it has what you would mostly expect with a few twists and that’s a amazing touch that it’s not the same boring thing all the time. 3. I’ve only experienced a few problems -ads- which is expected most of the time, no offense however some of them completely crash the game. 4. Yes this is a long review and I apologize, leveling up is fine (Edit: Ads Fixed Thanks)

  33. Kayci Roy dice:

    Some instructions for things are confusing (nothing tells you that you have to unequip an agent before you can use it for fusion), and a lot of bugs that force the game to shut down on me constantly. but otherwise the pacing is great, lots of different things to do and you can comfortably be f2p. the constant bugs are pretty annoying but otherwise this idle game is technically fantastic for any minnows

  34. One thing I like is how prestige really helps on my progress, in just a day of my gameplay, I’m almost at 50%. Some characters has references to other games. Earning super cash is not hard since I can collect them in upgrades, expedition, and bounty hunter. I found a problem but it’s not critical, once I do prestige, and go to another world, the game freezes. But when I re-opened the game again, it’s all normal. Hope for more features in the future. BTW, I play this game 16 hours a day.

  35. Edit: I still think this game is a great time waster game that is enjoyable and rather rewarding. However I have been playing for quite some time now (2y) and only 2-3 new characters have been shown. I do like what you did for those said characters as I have to work for them. On-top of that I feel this game would really benefit from a story mode with comic strips showing it. The art style would definitely work well with that. Finally return the activate all to add free please. it’s very annoying

  36. Matthew dice:

    I like it a lot. There are many characters to collect, and I really enjoy the portal investigation mini-events and that through them you can buy special characters for the base game. Watching the ads gives you a very generous boost, and obtaining super cash is fair and balanced, and let’s you buy some stuff in the shop. However, only 4 stars because sometimes it acts like there is no internet connection and so you can’t watch the ads or do portal investigation which gets annoying.

  37. Usually games like this either spam you with microtransactions or make it as hard as possible to progress so you have to buy something. This game is not that. It’s actually really well made and easy to play. It doesn’t spam you with microtransactions and you can make a lot of secondary cash really easily. The only thing I don’t really like is the handfull of times they do have a quick pop up when you start the game, they don’t have the price for the bundle listed.

  38. If you want an idle game you can grind by running ads while you watch TV you can can’t beat this one. There is a formula to discover too of course, and with that you can make progress, boosts optional. Remove ads option? Well, without that no one’s gonna stream it… with it… that add boost would become a clicker function.

  39. Q P dice:

    Been playing for the past 2 months and it’s been one of the chillier idle farm games I’ve played. Only thing that the game lacks for my 5 star rating is the ability to mass buy agents at once (maybe adding buttons that the user can type how many agents he would like to purchase at once) would be a great Quality of Life improvement. I’m not too keen on buying 30 agents and always have to wait for the animation. Great game otherwise. Keep it up!

  40. Nines dice:

    Love the game so far. I like the art and I rarely run out of things to do. However the bounty missions are irritating. Whenever I try to do the hard bounty the game frequently crashes and in the last day I am suddenly doing half the damage and can no longer complete them. Please fix this as the rewards for the lower level bounties aren’t worth it.

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