Halloween Farm: Monster Family MOD 2022


Ghost Garden & Zombie fair. Build your own Monster farm with Witch & Vampire
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Hay! Happy Halloween & Welcome to Monster Farm Mansion in our mystic township city.
Look! Witch, Zombie, vampire, alien, spider, ghosts and werewolf!
Create your own fairy Halloween farm: harvest magic plants, feed animals, trade with friends, craft sweets and costumes, renovate the house, build a Carnival fair. Evolve a big farm in spooky mansion from abandoned township!
Grow magic plants: ghost hay, spiked ivy, dragon mushrooms, and too perfect apple!
Take part in a mystery fair and Carnival!

Dare to step into our grim village to take part in mystery life of our Monster house. Vampire will cook a drink potion of blood, a spider will spin his web and the witch will have dinner with a mystic graph in a dark garden…
What secrets this mansion keeps? Play and find it out!

Play it anytime offline!
– Develop your farm
– Enjoy happy fair in the Witch Mansion
– Harvest mystery idle plants every day
– Build a dark farm with weird plants and pets
– Craft costume and sweets
– Sell and buy goods
– Deliver goods by witch broom and complete orders
– Find hidden chests with treasure
– Beautify your farm land with bright decorations
Happy Halloween!
Try farm by Foranj games, a new farming simulator. Enlist the support of your family and friends, uncover the mysteries of the enchanted township and find all the hidden treasure. Create your own farm story!

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Dear Monster Farmers! Meet the latest features:
- Old rooms visually upgraded
- Interfaces upgraded
- Performance improved
- Some bugs fixed (including car delivery)


40 comentarios en "Halloween Farm: Monster Family MOD 2022"

  1. It’s cute. I wish there was a turn off ads option or skip them and still get the double rewards. I’ve haven’t been playing super long tho. Edit: I did by diamonds the ads are still there and plenty as well as I think a beginners pack for storage. Only saying this cuz developer said ads should’ve went away with a purchase. It didn’t for me so bug that I would love to be fixed for me.

  2. I love so much about the game, except a really important factor; the point of it. I am at level 16 and I’m bored with it. That being said, the graphics, the ease of play, the amount that it let’s you speed things up by watching ads are all fantastic! I just wish there was more to keep my attention. Also, the subscription option, imo, is way over priced. I have many games that charge for a month, what this game charges per week! I looked into it & would have subscribed but it’s too expensive.

  3. Very fun relaxing game with voluntary ads. Having played for a while, my only problem is that you can’t sell or get rid of things in your inventory. I’ve collected over 100 pick axes, shovels and axes with no real proportional use for them, since you can only use them when you expand. Any way we could get an update to fix this? Thanks for the content, tho!

  4. I really enjoy this game. Cute graphics, minimal ads and you get a gem if they do play one. The only problem I have with it so far is storage. You constantly run out of room so you can’t really stockpile items. If storage lasted longer, or I had access to the materials I need to upgrade it, I’d have no complaints.

  5. Absolutely love it! Except one thing in particular got me a little confused. I’ve got Frankie’s Studio and the Magic Hat and Mage’s Robe names are backwards. I’m sure it was a happy mistake. Other than that I haven’t had any bugs or problems besides having to open the app again because the screen is completely black when I try to open it the first time, which is a little annoying. Nonetheless, incredible work on the game. 👍

  6. Robin D dice:

    Edit: The graphics are fun and nice to look at and the controls work well. Unfortunately this game involves watching ads for every little objective; perhaps if it was for every other objective, or supplies didn’t run out so fast, or maybe if supplies were more easily acquired and in larger amounts it might feel more satisfying… .but that’s not the case and so iit gets tedious and boring after awhile.

  7. Great game but has many flaws it needs to improve on. Storage fills up too quickly. Ads are extremely excessive just to advance. I’ve accidentally bought items to decorate with. There should be a second option to confirm the purchase because once you buy it you can’t remove it. Also a waste of coins for something you didnt even want.

  8. Game somehow got worse. Its a fun game. When i can get it to play. Most times it lags so much it stalls out and i have to close and try again, losing some progress. The ads are bad. Let them run their course, then try to close them only to end up in the google play app 4 or 5 times. Then sometimes the game freezes up or starts over on its own. It can be fun, but i’ve had to restart the damn thing like 10 times today and i still haven’t done more than 2 actions. Fix please. Rated 2 stars now.

  9. Initially loved the game. Very cute graphics, multiple Halloween characters. Tasks are consistent w/earning rewards. However, right in the first few scenes where they are gearing up to send packages to friends, the game freezes and effects other items on the cell phone. My S10 is state-of-the-art w/plenty of memory, so no reason it should have frozen up. If you can fix this problem, I’ll try again. Otherwise, sadly, you’ve lost a player who has no positive feedback.

  10. the new update is messing up my phone. the game keeps freezing up and when you try to play the ads for prizes, it will play down to 1 second remaining and then freezes up. and you don’t get the reward. It did this to me twice. this is Not Cool. please fix. really like this game. would give 5 star if it was working better . also the help button keeps freezing up my phone.

  11. Average farm game. There is very very little dialogue and it makes the game feel unfinished, and for the most part you are on your own. Very few quests, super long timers even in the beginning of the game, and you can’t decorate anything without spending premium currency. The art is wonderful, however, and it has potential to be a much better game.

  12. Graphics are great. Cute game. If you opt to watch an ad to get a timer reduced it rarely let’s you get back to the game. Instead it forces you to go to the install for the advertised game and you can’t X out to get the reduced time. Save yourself the pain! The times for the things you make are ridiculous! I doubt I’ll buy anything just because it would do very little too really make a difference in the game play.

  13. I’ve been playing just shy of a month. Now the ads are mostly by choice with one involuntary ad. And honestly they don’t really bother me and can really make you advance in the game quickly if you choose to. However for the past few days the ads refuse to load, eliminating that option, the involuntary ad still loads normal. Since(if) it’s a Google ad problem I doubt uninstalling/reinstalling will help. Otherwise it’s a wonderful, fun game, just don’t click on any ad or you’ll have to X out.

  14. Lots of ads. $7.99 per week subscription to play effectively. Ridiculously priced. I’ve given this game a week and paid the week’s $7.99 fee to see if that helps. Storage fills up so quickly that you have to do a lot of purchasing just to play. Graphics are cute but game play is a huge thumbs down. Gets boring after a few days. Watching videos to get an item needed gets old. Good luck. Hope you guys figure it out. I’ll revisit if you do some major tweaking. Not paying 32+/month.

  15. Not really impressed. Cute graphics but the game is boring. You get one, maybe 2 quests per level so the rest of the time you just harvest stuff. You run out of space because there isn’t much to do with the items. Also I couldn’t figure out how it decides you get stuff to plant. If you are really patient this game is fine, I got bored snd uninstalled.

  16. So I started this game a few months ago and I really enjoyed it at first. It was mainly just mindless fun with a cool theme. Since the update they have changed everything it seems. Certain machines are now only available at a higher level and you need more items to make others. Basically they did whatever they could to make the game harder. Now I’m slowly losing interest because it takes forever to do anything without spending obscene amounts of money. Weird update direction 🤷🏻‍♀️

  17. It’s a decent game. It has ads though they don’t seem to be forced…you have a choice whether to watch them or not. The story is nice and after the tutorial, you really aren’t forced to go any specific direction unless the story requires it. Nice time killer overall.

  18. Fox Vyars dice:

    I downloaded this in October of 2020, and I haven’t been able to stop playing. I wish there was a spin off. I would like to see an app where the witch mixes up potions in the mansion. 🔮 Edit: 2021- the upgrade is everything I could have hoped for! After my review in May I asked for a potion mixing feature and there’s an alchemists lab now! They listened! If that’s not customer consideration, I don’t know what is. This app just keeps getting better! 🎃🧹🕯🕷

  19. The game is cute I love it but I feel like a few things could be improved. Storage space for items is really small. Items take a really long time to craft even from the beginning. I feel like shorter times would be nice, and I think machines and farms you can buy are out of order. There are like 20 things that require blood to make. I cant get a second scarecrow farm until level 24 but you give us the second machine we cant even use at like level 12 or something like that.

  20. Tony G. dice:

    Love the graphics, characters, gameplay and even the sound effects. Great detail. Love the option to watch a video for a reward. Love the “tap option” Very generous game. Not greedy or unfair at all. Unlike 90% of other games in its category. Wish i could sign in through google play. Wish i could chat/trade with other players. Needs events. Fantastic game!

  21. Brandy L dice:

    Fun simple game, the monsters and animals are adorable. I appreciate all the options to speed things up by watching adds. Customer service was very helpful and worked fast to fix a few problems i had receiving awards. Edit after updating, i don’t like that i can’t just give the kids their stuff and keep going the extra steps are silly, i also don’t enjoy that things cost more to make and that some things are locked again after i already unlocked them….

  22. I’ve been playing this one for a while now, and I must say it’s one of my top 5 games I enjoy on on Google Play. I love the style of animation and the look of the characters. getting started is very easy, and they have an adequate tutorial. I haven’t had to spend any money on in-game items, but I will because I believe in supporting developers that make genuinely good free-2-play games. It’s fun, and it’s relaxing. Only 1 problem. You’re in game progress is not synced through Google Play.

  23. The ads pop up every three minutes, and when you click the x to close the app it doesn’t close. It opens up the Google play store every time. I have to close the app and reopen to play but then a dumb ad does the same thing again. Such a shake because I was going to recommend my friends that live spooky stuff to get it but this is so annoying.

  24. Don’t download, unless you plan on spending real money to play… Although it’s free to download, you can’t get anywhere without spending true money. You can’t progress in the game, because you keep needing to upgrade your storage and silo, for this you have to spend real money, or everything moves at a true snails pace. It’s ashame, this could have been a truly adorable game if it weren’t for this. Unfortunately it becomes so boring and such a frustration, not being able to progress.

  25. Absolutely love the game so far. It is a little annoying though that items needed to expand are so hard to get unless you pay and its almost impossible to earn more than a handful of rubies a day to get them. Very addictive, fun and lighthearted. I have several of their apps and one thing i wish they would add that they dont have in this one are little things flying around that you can tap to earn coins and such. It would be so great to have like a few bats fly around every now and then.

  26. Sadly it is playable on phone only. Does not work at all in any way on a laptop. Bad eyesight needs larger screens. So maybe put a disclaimer somewhere noticable to save time and frustration. Its simple I’m sure to add a single line of noticable text that reads “This game does not work on PCs, phones or other handhelds only.”

  27. The game is pretty fun and the graphics are adorable. However, I feel like you run out of resources to upgrade and expand very quickly. Despite options to get building supplies from the witch etc… there are rarely the items needed to build your land. So ya almost feel like you have played yourself out of the game. Ultimately it’s fun until there is basically no point to playing cause you’re stuck.

  28. This game was cute, but it hasn’t worked right since the last few updates. I’ve reached out to support with no response & quit playing. When you purchase goods from the fair, they don’t all go to your inventory. You can purchase 9 of an item and get 1. There was a bug where all the room progress was erased & we were given tickets to redo some rooms. Since then I can no longer collect tickets. The Gazebo constantly says it has 1 hr and 56 mins left, that never changes & you can’t do anything.

  29. I luvs Halloween 🎃! I adore this game…so far. But, it took forever to install & the update takes forever to install as well. I have an Samsung S20 FE 5G, so it’s not my phone. All other apps don’t take too long to update. But the game itself is adorable. 🎃 👻

  30. Was OK… not so much now. Enjoyable game on the whole. Very expensive at £8 per week if you want the VIP pack. So, everything takes longer and less storage but still the game is fun enough. Lately however it has developed a glitch. The counts car has broken down…. the items that are needed to sell are all blank. And even though there is an option to send it without it doesn’t work either. Developers… please fix

  31. The tickets to fix the rooms don’t work that well. When I have 3 or 4 tickets to fix especially the first room, it says basically I don’t have enough for that, but the second room instead. Also, some of the ads take me to the app store instead of giving me my “reward”. So I won’t be using that. Still playing but disappointed about how this game is working.

  32. I’ve been playing for probably two months. It’s kinda fun but ALL THOSE ADS gets infuriating sometimes. Also having to ‘up your storage’ when you’ve played for only 5 minutes. U have to purchase everything. It’s ridiculous.

  33. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. The new upgrade you just did took all my progress away. I really enjoyed this game till then. It’s one thing to lose a few items, but when you lose levels, factories you built , coins and jems it is very frustrating. Hope you can fix this issue. No update as of 10/28/22. No response from the game maker. Will not be playing g anymore games by them. Very disappointed 😞.

  34. It is a fun game. However, when I updated, the limousine is no longer letting me do orders. This is the second time. Can’t send car or change anything. Just a blank box. I unloaded app and down loadied it again. It works now but had to restart from beginning.

  35. love game. now i can not even play it. after loading it kicks me off. so for past 2 days can not even do anything on game. why is it doing this? fix problem and ill change star rating.

  36. Love this game I can’t put it down. Okay now there’s a issue there’s one add that crashes my phone, since the update theres glitches. I’m still giving this 5 stars plz fix.

  37. When you put stuff into storage it disappears forever and doesn’t ever show you where it is like what I purchased fountains or something and I put them in storage it just disappears and I never see it again

  38. Cute but expensive. You can subscribe for $8 a week which is really steep for any game. You can buy full games for much less. You can still play for free you just take much longer to do things and don’t have as much storage for items.

  39. Well I was Really enjoying the game… But I decided to Stop playing, noticed that after going only a few days of Not playing.. several items I had bought with gems and gold had been Removed from my farm. What’s up with That?? That’s not right or fair, never had that happen in other games. So, if That’s how They are trying to Keep us into the game… Sorry uncool. Took my three stars back. Left a One star because the time I did play, it was cute.

  40. Did someone who’s legally blind approve these updates? It’s like everything has been changed to quite the larger size now. The print is so large it can’t even display amounts correctly – it claimed I only had 10 of something, when in reality I had 100+ in the silo. Is your main demographic drawing from Social Security? This size difference makes me want to give this game up.

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