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Welcome to addictive puzzle match 3 game in 2023! Offline is fine!
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💎Ultimate Match-3 game in the jewel world with addictive and exciting adventures!

Jewels Blast Dragon is an addictive and exciting adventure match 3 games filled with colorful jewels crunching effects!


In this jewels game, the level is very elaborate, with treasure levels scattered around the map. After your succeed the challenge, you will have the opportunity to open a super treasure chest and which will make you a super winner in the jewel world.

Next, please accept the invitation of the Match-3 game in the jewel world with addictive and exciting adventures!

👉 After arranging 3 or more stones in a straight line, then you can smash them.
👉 If you match 4 jewels in a line, you can create a straight jewel. A straight jewel can smash all the jewels in a row or column.
👉 If you match 5 jewels in T or L shape, you can form a bomb jewel. A bomb jewel can smash all the jewels around it.
👉 If you match 5 jewels on a line, you can create a windmill jewel. Windmill jewelstones can smash all the jewels it selects.
👉 If you combine 2 special stones together, you can create a variety of wonderful effects to help you pass the level.
👉 As long as you eliminate all the obstacles in the level and reach your goal, you can keep moving forward in the level.

THE FEATURES OF Jewels Blast Dragon:
💎 Rich mode. There are three different Jewels Match 3 game modes.
💎 Treasure checkpoint. Complete the time-limited challenge to open the Super Treasure.
💎 Free gift. Offer a surprise gift every day.
💎 Collecting stars. After the past the level perfectly, you will receive rich rewards.
💎 Simple and fun. It is full of challenges while relaxing and having fun.

💡 Easy to control, fun to play and have beautiful frames!
💡 Only need one finger to swap and match!

✨ It’s a free game, that you can play it offline anytime.

Jewels Blast Dragon is the Match 3 games in Google Play. It is unique, simple and fun, but full of challenges. After completing the level challenge, you will receive star. The Star can be used to collect the treasures that the Jewel world has prepared for you.

This is the most suitable Jewel games for you. It’s completely free, but some in-game items, such as buying extra steps and super items are not free.

If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]

👏 Match 3 Jewels and never stop! is waiting for you!

Privacy Policy:


Jewel Blast Dragon brings you happy hours

- Added 20 new levels and expanded the level to 3400 levels.
- Fix bugs and improve performance.

Thank you for your support of Jewel Blast Dragon!


40 comentarios en "Jewel Blast Dragon – No Wifi 2022"

  1. OMG! Please please please fix your adds! I like the game, but part of the game is warching adds. I get it, that pays for free games, but to sit through an add, and not get credit, is a waste of my time. It is mostly the state of survival, the zombie game, that doesnt give credit for watching. I am about to unistall, and leave you alone. But that sucks, and shame on you for getting me to that point.

  2. Eileen dice:

    I really like this game. Have been playing it regularly! Today however it has went blank 3x. It goes out black screen instead of loading ad 😏 I have to shut game off then reload it. 😣 Well got past that problem. Seems the fun is over for me. Ive endured too many ads trying for days to get past 151. All its doing is giving one or two moves. Then resetting countless times! I’m out!

  3. Now that I’ve completed every level as of writing this….The good: Many levels very challenging. Nice, clear interface, much better than most jewel type games. Easy to figure out features. The not as good: Hard to get resources (until I figured out a hack and was able to get as many as I want). A few bugs. And like many jewel games it gives you a score and yet it isn’t used for anything as far as I can tell. I’d recommend it. It’s fun.

  4. Loved the game at first, but once you get past 100 or so, you start getting some levels that you can’t pass without items. Then it becomes a pay to play game. Im’ so tired of all these games that make so much money from all the ads you have to watch, and still manage to force you to pay to play. Cash shops should be for game enhancement, not the only way to move forward in the game, especially with so many ads. Uninstalled

  5. Overall the game is fun with a mixture of challenging and easier levels. However the ads don’t load correctly and I’ve lost the dragon blessing (even when I won the level) and rewards multiple times because of this issue (quite frustrating!!!). Maybe need a different ad company as others have complained also. There are mandatory ads which load even when one has timed special effects awards so one loses part of those awards. Maybe the mandatory ads during the timed awards could be shortened???

  6. Graphics great. Way too many ads. You get paid for advertising i understand that, but if I pay for boosters with my tokens as you know that’s redundant. I expect something to help not just screw things up more. When gets down to last moves, the game starts spitting out colors that are not even on the board. I wouldn’t mind watching and ad at beginning of play then every 3rd or 4th game.

  7. K C dice:

    I liked this game better than most match 3 games I’ve tried. Some levels took me more than a few tries to beat but not so difficult that it seemed impossible. I never spent money to pass a level. The ads were ok not too long and not an overload. I ran out of levels to to 940 and the message was “coming soon” so I moved on to a new game.

  8. This is a fun app. I have played many Match 3 games lately, and I have uninstalled most or all because of the ads and or the “buy etc.etc” which I can’t or should I say won’t do anymore. So far I haven’t seen the same situation here. Update: 6/30/2022. I just reinstalled this app. It’s still a great way to exercise my brain…I have not had any ads pop up yet…

  9. I love this game, casual play is enjoyable, you can make good progress and can collect rewards but it has an annoying habit of periodically shutting down mid game, and when it does you can’t get back to finish what you were doing, you’ve lost a life and your bonus moves as a result.

  10. Sheryl dice:

    MY LEVELS ARE GONE!! I originally left 5 star feedback, this was my favorite go to game. I was several hundred levels in, going back and clearing levels with all stars. One morning I’m playing, went away for a while came back….ALL MY LEVELS WERE ERASED! Support was useless with a complimentary question every 24 hours, as if there was help on the way😆….there isn’t. There are good games just like this. Invest your time elsewhere

  11. This is a really cute game. Personally I love the ads, it gives me a chance to see what other games are out there, a moment to run to the bathroom, get another cup of coffee or juice, take a moment to adjust my eyes again before the next challenge etc. I highly recommend this game for all the match 3 lovers!!! Yes 5 Stars!!!

  12. Like playing game. There are way too many ads. I don’t want to watch ads i want to play game. Please reduce number of ads. There is an ad at least every three levels some i can skip others i can’t. Is there an option for ad-free?

  13. It’s too much of a kids game. I hate the squeaky little voices saying yay, unbelievable, etc. Also, it spends too much time on graphics between games – little creatures hopping around gift wrapped boxes popping up. Totally unnecessary! The only good thing is it doesn’t seem to have too many ads.

  14. Luke Lang dice:

    No ads and about an hor of free gaming. Than 15 mins into the hour its a 5 second add, no big deal. Than if u dont hit the x at the bottom after a match they do an auto add and call it a “support” add. All the sudden after every round or 2 its a 5 second add, again no big deal. What im afraid of is that these adds will extend to 30 seconds+ than from every 2 games this will occur after every round. The game heats up phone quite a bit however its pretty good on battery

  15. At first it is promising. But as the level increased, it become more and more nonsense. The challenge seems like always treaten our mission so badly. We have to go 4-5, if lucky, on the same level until we can solve it. That’s the reason I am uninstalling it. Thank you.

  16. False advertising. Avoid this game. Pay for a premium bundle and the game says there will be no more ads. So it removes a small banner ad from the bottom of the screen. The obnoxious full screen video ads continue as before. I enjoyed the game till that.

  17. Fun game. Would really like an ad free version I could buy. Also, would be nice if they fixed the bug that crashes the game when showing ads. It happens fairly frequently…

  18. This is a very fun and challenging game. I could see where some people will say there is to many ads. I can say though for the amount of free perks you receive from those ads makes it will worth having them. A game definitely worth checking out.

  19. I like this game. I can even handle the amount of ads. But, this is one of a couple of games I downloaded recently that I get redirected to prompt to download Lazada, without ever touching the screen. I am uninstalling both to see if I can get that to stop. Edit: developer. Not opinion. As soon as I deleted the game, my problem went away. I don’t really blame you. I blame the ones that pay you for ads. And I blame Lazada for paying them to make a phone do that.

  20. This game is ok. It’s not exciting and it makes u have to use the weapons provided for u at the start of the game. U might get 5 or 6 weapons and the way they’re placed u will have use all of them at one time. It what good is it when your own weapons destroys your other weapons. And when u need a certain color, it will never come but the others do. And it always give u free heart timers and arrows when watching videos. Why not the rainbows that will really help u.

  21. Full of 30sec ads you can’t skip. Levels are made sooooo easy that you spend more time watching their ads rather than playing. Deleted it after the first 50 levels and roughly 40 long ads. Garbage

  22. I recently started playing this game. Each level seems to be alittle different, which is good,keeps you wanting to get to the next level. Keep up the good work on making games exciting.

  23. David Key dice:

    The game us reasonable to play but the ads are now ridiculous. Double ads followed by double ads and still no reward. One ad puts up a black screen and an x in the corner. No way out. The x asks if you want to forfeit the reward. If you don’t it sits there. I left the ad to see if it changed – no – my phone ran out if charge. Rewards often 5 coins – not worth having as 80 coins is about the minimum useful. I suggest you don’t play this one.

  24. The game keeps locking up when I am in the middle of it, so I have to keep quitting and losing lives which is so annoying when I am getting on so well

  25. I enjoy this game. But every other level you pass there’s an ad. I don’t want to download other games. My phone can’t hold that much. The ads need to ease up.

  26. Match 3. You can play this offline – that’s cool. Okay, there are ads but not too many Play levels go up gradually. Nice basic game.

  27. K Law dice:

    Fun game, but almost too good at distracting me from my projects! Had to uninstall so I could get some work done! I’d complain about it, but this game is too fun to get mad at. 😁

  28. It’s a matching game. Simple but still challenging. I find these a nice escape when the noise around me gets too much.

  29. Ella Cobb dice:

    It’s enjoyable. What I truly appreciate is the size of the game pieces, they are nice and large. Also, caution: The game isn’t a push over. Doesn’t seem that way in the very early stages. Yet later, you will be challenged which is a good thing. * I’ve updated this review and lowered my original rating because the app is loaded with ads! Far too many ads.

  30. I like it, but its slow and the gems and things you have to move around to play The game are quirky and dont have a Broad range of movement and use.

  31. One of the best match three games you can play! You have to play this game. The ads won’t bother you because the game is challenging and so much fun to play. What do you have to lose besides nothing. Go for it!!

  32. Although I love the game itself and I don’t minds ads, I’m beyond appalled by the content of some ads!! This is a kids appropriate game but then highly sexual ads are shown. Really disappointed

  33. Freezes and I have to close app and lose a life of the game. I also paid in game purchases and it said it would remove ads if I did but they are now back.

  34. Ce 1 dice:

    Horrible intrusive ads. Please stop. I get ads are revenue but this is way too many and can’t even make them go away until timer run outs.

  35. Cool game, I love all the challenge all the different little things that come out try to get them to the bottom, to let them out. I’ll let my friends know.

  36. I love jewel games and this one is very good! I love it and it’s easy to follow, understand and you get great rewards!!! Two thumbs up!!! Best of all you can play this game with no Wi-Fi. That’s really good for me because I live way back in some high hills where just a cellphone is hard to keep 1 bar out of 5 bars. We have very bad connection.

  37. Ren dice:

    I would like an option to turn ads off. I know paying a little bit for that is usually what happens. Otherwise a very fun and cute game.with great visuals. Awesome for when you don’t have wifi and don’t want to drain your data!

  38. Only downloaded this game a couple of days ago, it was fine but today it keeps freezing during game play, you can’t move the jewels, I’ve cleared cache and force stopped it multiple times and restarted my phone but it still plays up again after a few games. Please sort the technical issues or I’ll have to delete it.

  39. Vanessa dice:

    This is my favorite game ever. It’s fun, challenging and entertaining…I have finished all the levels and I can’t wait for the developers to update new levels. Yes, there are ads, but it’s just 30 secs long maximum, totally acceptable considering the game is free. Best game ever – that’s all I have to say. Tks to the game developers l!!

  40. Be Voss dice:

    Unskippable Ads. Even if you choose NOT to view an ad for a bonus, you’ll get unskippable Ads after levels. Edit: Yea, I hear you on needing the advertising – but they shouldn’t be back to back, unskippable, AND lock up the game. Why TF would I pay for a game that locks up?

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