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Do you like puzzles and adventure games? Then Family Island is for you!
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Immerse yourself in an unforgettable world of adventure with a modern Stone Age family!

Imagine what your life would be without modern technology, what would you do? Perhaps you would explore territories, build houses or even entire villages; farm, harvest, or maybe you would conquer new lands.

You have an opportunity to be on a desert island together with the heroes of the Family Island game and try yourself in different roles: farmer, cook, explorer, trader and many others.

Interested? Here are some more features of our game:
★ Explore wild territories, solve puzzles, find hidden objects and set on a thrilling adventure to new islands.
★ Build and improve your little city in the middle of the ocean.
★ Start your own family farm! Harvest, grow crops and craft useful goods to trade with other characters.
★ Cook healthy and tasty food from the ingredients that you can find on the island.
★ Customize your village with beautiful decorations! Choose flowers and plants that match the unusual landscapes of your village.
★ Meet unusual animals: island hamsters, wild goats and even a dinosaur are waiting for you!
★ Help a family survive on a desert island.

And that is not all! Family Island is a farm game full of unexpected twists and captivating adventure!

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40 comentarios en "Family Island™ — Farming game MODDED 2022"

  1. The developers definitely put alot of thought and effort into this game. The graphics are great also the game actually has a storyline and quests that you interact with. It’s also a game that you can keep playing as long as you’re thinking ahead. If you run out of energy you can craft more by cooking as long as you pay attention to your resources. The only thing is it has taken energy from me instead of giving it to me. Also some things I have crafted for quests have disappeared.

  2. Love this game, lots great to say about it, but 2 big issues. The ‘pay to play’ as mentioned below, and extreme lag at times on my phone. After a few months I’ve found strategies to be able to get a lot farther on temporary quests, but I still don’t think it’s possible to finish them without spending money on extras. Which is especially frustrating when you want to know how the quest storyline ends! The temporary quest islands are also where the worst lag occurs.

  3. Good game…BUT… Buy this, buy that, buy, buy, buy or you can’t finish. The amount of resources to complete a project become insane. Unless you plan on spending hundreds of dollars a month…forget finishing tasks. I mean hundreds! Might as well do away with the order board as the payoff doesn’t even come close to what you will spend getting/producing all the items. The exchange is 1 point for each item regardless of how valuable. AND it fails to correctly register energy/ items quite often.

  4. I really like the basic concept of the game a lot. Don’t like how so many things are unavailable without using money to purchase them. Areas are unavailable without golden keys for instance. I can’t play the game sometimes for more than a minute or two because I run out of energy too quickly and can’t get salt anywhere to make food and when I click on the link where to find salt it takes me to an ad to purchase a package “deal” or to a chest needing several golden keys.

  5. Sadly, this app takes so long to load I forget to play it. I enjoy the story and events, I just wish it didn’t take five minutes to load. As soon as the barrage of available in app purchases (another very bothersome feature considering they constantly stay stuck on screen to tap and buy instead of in a purchase menu out of the way of gameplay, making the start up a pain always having to close out of every purchase option before playing) start to load it freezes and crashes.

  6. RayTay dice:

    Addictive and attention-grabbing game for a wide range of ages. My only qualm is that they add items (trees, rocks, etc.) to the landscape that I have worked so hard to clear. Edit: 1. The energy limit should be increased or the cost of resources decreased. 2. Continuous bathroom repairs are outrageous. We’ve already used resources to upgrade them. I hope they break less with upgrades, considering better craftsmanship should = less need for repairs. 3. Islands are too cluttered & demanding.

  7. I love the beginnings of the special events, but I almost always hate the ends. I can almost never finish! I even spend actual money for more resources and *still* can’t finish! I understand making the challenges harder, but when you need tens of thousands of energy to complete something, that’s ridiculous and it makes me mad.

  8. When I first started the game it was GREAT!!! Made to level 11 in 3 days!!! BUT now its just BOORING its extremely hard to get energy!! You have to upgrade this and upgrade that and it takes RIDICULOUS amounts of parts to do it. The islands are changed every 3 days, you would need a ton of ENERGY to get to end of quest in 3 days. Most times, I can click on a tree or a bush and poof I’m out of energy for hours. Half the time it takes 5 tries to even get it to load past 39%!!!!

  9. Game is fun to play but the events are pointless to most as there is no way to finish them without paying. Just once I would like to do an event and make it even close to the end. The time limit set on the events make it impossible to complete without spending alot. How about throwing in one every once in a while that we can all get ahead in!

  10. Family island is a great game. It’s fun, diverse and challenging. However there are some things I find absurd. The first thing is that you have to do so much to get your gold tools and there are never enough. Any of the prize gates on adventure Islands are an ungodly amount of each tool and you don’t receive as much energy or rubies as you spend getting them. It takes too much energy to accomplish the goals/upgrades/tasks you have to complete as well. I find myself frustrated instead of relaxed.

  11. It’s a “Pay to Play” Game is a lot of fun. I would have given it 5 stars, however, the more you get into the game the more impossible it becomes to complete tasks unless you purchase items. I don’t “pay to play” games period. I understand there being some exclusive things you need to pay for, however, I do not like it being nearly impossible to complete tasks if I don’t open my wallet. I lose interest quickly in games like that. There are other games I can play that don’t require that.

  12. Mostly the game is really fun . Lots of ways to make it your own. The biggest prob. I have is that some events are impossible to complete, or even make any real progress in, simply in an effort to force in-game purchases by making some events far more costly: 1. The amount of energy and item for each challenge is too high. 2. Many bonus prize areas can’t use. (Don’t have keys, shovels, saws, etc.) 3. Expensive to make/build the items to complete the event. I’m unable to pay to play.

  13. I just started playing yesterday and find this game a lot of fun. I used to be a big fan of the “Farm” game and was sad to learn it disappeared permanently when I had taken a break from games. This reminds me a lot like the tasks that we did back then, with ever changing islands to explore and tasks to complete. Lots of fun! But not easy to stop after a short while…”just 5 more minutes” easily becomes an hour or more because there are always new tasks that are “so close” to finishing.

  14. It’s a decent game to play and kill time. I wish there wasn’t a time restraint on being able to watch videos to open chests. Also, if there were more ways to earn energy quicker. Once you start building on your island it seems like it takes forever to save up enough materials to upgrade buildings.

  15. Reva May dice:

    Rating is because it’s basically a pay to play game. Especially if you want to do the “Adventure Islands” and is by no means affordable. You could probably spend $100 and still not be able to complete all the adventure islands. Made the mistake of spending a few bucks to support a game I enjoy and could not go very far. Stick to the home island and just be patient and it’s playable for free and still enjoyable.

  16. One of the few games that I REALLY enjoy. Super easy to maintain, but you do have to be strategic about using energy, and gems. All of the events really are NOT worth the time, you spend more energy/gems than you actually win in the end. The only real gripe I have though, is the regrowing vegetation. I don’t mind the grass, you have to trim it in real life, but the trees that pop up; then I HAVE to spend energy in order to chop it down, when it’s blocking resources. Still worth the play.

  17. I kept seeing the ads. I saw it got put on Mistplay. I downloaded it, expecting yet another ad-riddled mess and I was totally wrong. The graphics are good, the dialogue/localization is well done, and the UI works well and doesn’t get in the way; the story is charming, the gameplay relaxing, and there’s always some way to get just a little more energy…

  18. Sky Lucas dice:

    I enjoy playing this game! And it’s easy to earn energy and diamonds without having to spend money, which is greatly appreciated! With a few changes it can be even better. If I’m using at least 85+ energy to destroy a tree, rock, etc. I should NOT keep having to use energy to completely destroy it. As well as thr cost of gathering resorces is too high. Having the option to add friends and help them would be nice as well as being able to rotate items in camp.

  19. The game has a good story and visuals, but it has become too hard and takes a very long time to accumulate all of the items needed to complete a project. It’s taken me a month to finish upgrading a house and I play the game often! It’s also difficult to get gold tools. It seems they’ve also stopped giving as much free energy through their socials and you tube too. Overall disappointed at this point.

  20. An excellent game, until they started making the goals so difficult, that you had to spend a lot of money to finish. It used to be that several dollar energy purchase could be enough to get all way to the end. Now, I’ve spent over $30 and nowhere near end. So plan to enjoy what you can free…otherwise waste of money. Previously, I didn’t mind occasionally supporting developers, but the idea that I could end up over $1500 a year (30 per week), was a definite no go!!! Beware

  21. This game is great! Very aesthetically pleasing graphics are yours to enjoy as you are guided along on how to play the game. Different tasks are required of you in order to advance to higher levels. Increased levels means increasing experience points and such, for increasingly more difficult tasks that you are charged with. It’s fun, interactive, challenging and quite immersive! It’s a great way to pass the time and maybe even earn a couple bucks while doing it. Definitely 👍👍!!

  22. I don’t usually leave bad reviews on anything. I think this game is great to play, the graphics are awesome, but it can be very expensive to keep up and be competitive. I spent close to $300.00 in December and I have only been playing less then 6 weeks. I had a problem where my game lost a lot of progress and doing so it lost the last 2 purchases that I made which came to around $20. I contacted the family island team and got no help in recovering that at all. Shame on their mess!

  23. Jyl L. dice:

    The game has issues. It offers ads to watch for a reward. A lot of the time, I’ll watch the ad, but my energy balance never increases. Sometimes I’ll see a challenge that started out needing a certain amount of one ingredient. As time goes on, the amount of that one ingredient will increase. A lot of the challenges are unattainable without paying money. This is supposed to be a free game. You shouldn’t be required to buy keys to open a gate to get energy. Goals should actually be reachable.

  24. Its a fun game the whole 3 minutes you can play it. Clearing 2 objects takes all your energy then you have to wait hours to get it restored just to only be able to play 3 minutes again. Takes way too much energy to clear objects. Only way you make real progress is to spend money. Which is really sh!tty for the people playing the game who don’t have the money to spend. Not nearly enough rewards during playing either. And there are barely ever any videos to earn rewards. Wish I’d never downloaded.

  25. I’m more of a Civ player and this reminds me of a very lite version of that on a micro level. The HUD & menus are clean and easy to understand. The controls remind me of The Sims, which is great. It lets me focus on the game rather then remembering where the newest game mechanic is. I’m enjoying the flavor and humor of the games style is nice and stays consistent throughout.

  26. It was fun at first, I was able to obtain energy easily without paying out of pocket for gem package or energy packages. But the higher level you get, everything starts to use more energy, more resources, and more gems, just more more and more. Then it takes forever to create 20 stakes when your only able to do three at a time. And all the upgrading, how many times do I have to upgrade something. I don’t mind spending a few bucks every now and then on games but Kinda give up on this one.

  27. It’s ok…you can’t really do much unless you are willing to spend MASSIVE amounts of money for energy and hard to get items, like gold keys. I haven’t bothered with a clan, as they don’t seem to give you any bonus for being in one. Some build times are crazy long, stuff grows back in areas already cleared- costing you MORE energy, and it shifts your screen randomly due to the character convos, which I can’t just turn off. Overall, there are better building games out there that are cheaper.

  28. The game is fun to play but it requires wayyy too much energy and time to perform basic builds. The quests are fun but not possible to complete in the short time span and again requires wayyyy too much energy. If you plan to play for long, plan to spend lots of money – lots. It’s the only way to win or get close to winning. And currently, it’s not loading.

  29. Love the game but all the fun is in participating in event islands and the only way you can actually complete an event is $$$$$. Otherwise you can only participate once in a while after harvesting for a few weeks, if that. Maybe if they increased the amount of energy you get in trades per level but they do not. So you have to spend more energy as you level up but you never get any more energy back than in the first levels. Sort of like wage stagnation vs. inflation:)

  30. Sam Stein dice:

    It’s a fun game at first, you start off on an island and have stuff to do. Not far in the game you can go to different islands. I found one of them I enjoyed a lot, so I spent most of my in-game resources (almost paid for more) to work on the tasks there, however, they never mentioned access to that island would get removed after a time limit, so now ask my progress is for nothing and I’m never getting that back. Also lately I’ve only been able to watch ads for a reward once every 24 hours.

  31. Fun game, needs improvement. Clans serve absolutely no purpose for example, and nothing has been done to make it a part of the game. Constant events make it extremely difficult to progress, and are a major waste of resources. The closer you get to clearing events, the more outrageous the cost becomes to get anywhere. Its a cash’grab for sure. Tons of cheaters in events, and a level 20 competes against level 100+ players, making it very unfair & unbalanced. Needs a lot of improvements.

  32. K dice:

    As others mention this is a really fun, somewhat addictive game. However, the events are rigged to make you spend tons of money. I just did the math – one event task requires 2,572 energy to complete, but you only get 1 energy every 2 minutes. Yes, there are ways to get more energy but you often have to expend some to do that, so it ends up a wash. Therefore, it would take 85 hours to earn enough energy to complete 1 task in the event that ends in 14 hours. Impossible without spend money.

  33. Fun until it stops working. It was pretty fun managing the crafting and playing events, right up until the most recent event points stopped tracking. I tried the cache clear troubleshooting and that didn’t work, so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now it’s demanding an update when there isn’t one and is completely unplayable. Feels great to be someone who was willing to spend some money on items and then get locked out because the game broke.

  34. This is a pay to play game and it’s NOT cheap! I re-installed it after taking a break and the creators are getting even greedier!! Who has 100+ keys and gold tools for what is supposed to be a fun event. I blew through 6000 energy in less than 5 minutes and haven’t been able to finish the last few events. The game is fun but not for the cost. Debating on deleting again.

  35. I love the gameplay but I hate the constant pop ups to buy things, and the story pop ups. I know the storyline is very useful for children but I’m playing as an adult and still hitting skip every few minutes. But the pop ups are worse. Just make it pay to play andthose of us who won’t pay will leave. Give us a choice. At least in other games all I need to do is pay a couple bucks to get rid of ads. I’ll likely give this game up.

  36. I really like this game. It’s fun but like so many others I have two issues. #1 you can’t complete any island with out buying something. #2 the pop ups are ridiculous! If you click on a treasure chest but you have no keys up pops the ad to buy keys. Every time you’re out of energy up pops the ads to buy more energy. Then there are the character pop ups. It’s annoying and frustrating. These are the reasons I’ll be uninstalling the game. These aren’t technical difficulties 🙄

  37. PJ dice:

    The game play itself is fun. The frustration comes from the cost of energy vs the amount you get. You can have 500 energy and to complete 1 potion you basically use all of that. 10 potions to move forward…. it’s just too time consuming to wait for energy. I’ve made 2 purchases in my 2wks of play but now I’m so frustrated I give up.

  38. Love playing this game. The only issue I have is the amount of energy needed to play some of the adventures. The cost of making some items is overly expensive and makes it difficult to complete unless you pay to buy more and more energy. If you are not careful you could be spending your entire life savings just to finish a quest. Otherwise very enjoyable and relaxing.

  39. It’s actually a fun game. At first. But over time it becomes tedious. It takes way too much time gain energy back and way too little time spending it. I know it’s because you want us to spend money but geez. There’s a disproportionate amount of tasks compared to the energy and supplies you can acquire in a decent amount of time. Either way. It was fun while it lasted but I am uninstalling it.

  40. I like this game. I play it all the time. I gave it 5 stars! I was doing great picking up a little extra energy/gems for watching the ads etc., now it won’t let me have the extras, says its unavailable even after watching the ad! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. UPDATE: Great game! Fun to play. Issues seem to be resolved. Energy could be a little easier to come by considering the amount you use. Game play time should be considered per player as well, for extra energy bonuses!

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