L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop MODDED 2022


The LOL Surprise dolls make their debut in this matching ball pop game!
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Aim, pop, unbox — collect! Shake things up with the L.O.L. Surprise dolls in this matching ball pop game. Now with all new Makeover Series surprises including the doll customizer photobooth! Add ALL NEW Makeover Series #Hairgoals and Bling Series dolls to your collection. Don’t stop now… Keep popping to unbox and complete your doll collection. You’re almost there! Excited yet?

Pop matching L.O.L. Surprise balls.
Pop special L.O.L. Surprise balls to unbox items.
Unbox all 6 items to unlock a new L.O.L. Surprise doll.
Build your own L.O.L. Surprise doll collection.
Includes L.O.L. Surprise Tots dolls from Series 1, 2, 3, Glitter, Glam Glitter, Eye Spy Series, Makeover Series #Hairgoals and Bling series.
Purchase virtual L.O.L. Balls for a chance to find exclusive pets and lil sisters!
Discover your doll’s water surprise! Will she spit, cry, tinkle, or change color?
Customize your dolls in the L.O.L. Dolls Photobooth!
Confetti surprise balls pop confetti!
Quick! Better match the timer balls before they explode ending the game.
Look out for the indestructible balls that can’t be matched.
Be careful not to let the balls cross the bottom line – the board will clear!
For suggestions and support, please email us at [email protected].


Thank you for playing the LOL Surprise Ball Pop game!
This update includes a fix for a crash when certain game conditions are met.


40 comentarios en "L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop MODDED 2022"

  1. I love the idea of this game but it has room for improvement. I can find emojis no problem but great difficulty finding secret code emojis for the eye spy series dolls. Additionally, I think the game play would be more fun if each item you find is personalized to the doll instead of just the clues item. Would love to see what accessories each doll has and use them to speculate the doll before it’s opened! Overall though, it’s enjoyable enough and the collecting is super fun!

  2. It’s really boring, with little to no content. In many ways it is simply a ball pop game with a side of collecting dolls. Many of the games features require access to your files and photos. One good thing that I would add is that there are practically no adverts. The RNG based items in the game are not Random either.

  3. Ellie Lee dice:

    I really LOVE this because it has multiple games in one! And all of it is free! And the best part there is not a lot of ads so far I think I didn’t even have one! But the reason I gave this a four is that some of the mini games you have to wait sooooooooooooooooooo long. But take that one out then everything is AWSOME!

  4. Its really fun and I think anyone would enjoy it. There are cool features but I only gave 4 stars because when you open the ball to get your egg, you dont get anything other than the doll! I wanted to see a question and sticker sheet in the ball which was a bit upsetting but other than that the game is fun and addicting!

  5. Love this game! I completed it! But it would never let me update it. Only problem! Edit: updated!! now THIS is the only problem. It wouldn’t let me play. It would read “unfortunately lol ball pop has stopped”! Please fix it. I’ll tell you if anything else happens! take care!

  6. My 5yr old daughter LOVES this game!I wish you could actually collect the LOL’s personal water bottle,shoes etc.so then the suspense of trying to guess which one you will unbox keeps you motivated to continue,otherwise it becomes boring quick! Forever monotonously popping the balls.Meh.Also my spyglass has never worked since installation!?Emailed couple times in regards to the issue and have yet to receive a reply😡But positives- there is ZERO ads&you dont have to spend actual money to succeed👍

  7. its awesome that theres NO ADS. And the one problem about this game is that the clues we get for the dolls doesnt really match the dolls we actually get (My opinion) But lets just forget about the clues. I still love how we can buy virtual l.o.l balls, if you dont have enough money to buy it in real life then just buy it in this game (its pretty cheap in this game) and its sooo easy to get coins in this game!!

  8. My daughter loves this game. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because we noticed it doesn’t save the items (bottle, shoes etc.) you already had while playing the game. Now when you close it you loose everything. She loves the coins she finally got to see the unicorn lol doll and now she has it in her collection. Hope ya’ll eventually update it to include the new lol dolls. We would love to see her new dolls match the game as well.

  9. The game is very good the reason i gave it 4 star is that when you go to shop then you want to go back you are not able to you have reopen the app again the second problem the series is very back meaning it is till winter disco and not after that which was long back kindly fix this issue. In other things the game is nice

  10. I love lol surprise and i find this game pretty fun. But the reason why i rate 4 stars is that i have difficulty finding the secret clues. After i have found bebe bonita’s first part of the clue, i could not find the other half and when i got another eye spy series doll i could not find any of her secret clues. pls fix it and i will rate 5 stars next time! And maybe you can shorten the time we need to wait for the next search as its quite annoying at times when u need to wait so long . Thx!

  11. Mel Bel dice:

    It’s really fun because it’s like you are unboxing a L.O.L at home . It’s perfect because every time when you level up you get a clue !!! But when you exit the game you have to restart!!!

  12. The app is fun for me and my little sister (she loves the dolls and to me the game part is fun). She gets so excited when we get a doll. I gave this game 4 stars and not 5 because the option of the thing where you look around to find the emojis doesn’t work for us and my sister was really excited to do it.

  13. Ved Nit dice:

    I love this game . But still there is a problem. When the level increase then it gets harder to earn accessories. And one more. Please decrease the rate of the dolls and do all dolls in photo booth not only specific dolls. And when I see the rate of the dolls it is always above 750 lol coins. And please I wish that u fix it. But still I love to play this game. So please fix all that lol problem 😜😂

  14. I LOVE lol surprise, and I LOVE this game… it would be even cooler if you could change their clothes and play with them… maybe even have unlockable or purchasable rooms from the dollhouse where you can play with dolls you’ve collected. Also thought it would be AMAZING if there was a jackpot where users could have a chance to win an actual LOL Surprise Ball Pop exclusive that would be sent out in the mail!!! Also a daily spinning wheel where you can win coins, extra accessories, etc..

  15. my little sister is 7 years old and she loves the game she loves the dolls the gameplay she loves everything. and I personally love how you can play it offline so it keeps her occupied on long trips the only thing I want chaged is the amount of time for the balls to cross over the line and end the round other than that amazing game!💗

  16. My 4 year old absolutely love it. Game saved me from few journeys to toy store. Sometimes I have fault with secret clues, it’s just blank and can’t move forward, need to start again. And game is for everyone, child or adult

  17. it’s great tho..but the point is, u’re just playing the exact same thing over and over to get coins for a lol doll. Now, it’s quite boring. But, the good thing is that kids will not get bored overtime. I should say I would recommended this game if u like this type of game.

  18. this is so fun and addicting😋 i totally recomend this to all little girls who love this toy in stores. there is no ads !!! and if there is there isnt many. i love the little details and all the selections of dolls you can collect. I AM NEVER UNINSTALLONG THIS Game. totally rated 5 🌟 great job!

  19. meow dice:

    So I just got this game and i am pretty good at it but there is a reason why I give this a three star rating! So the first thing is so I was having a day off and I was playing the game and so then I got 7 hearted balls and it glitched on me then I had to close all my apps and then I opened the app again and I lost all of my suprises and now I had to restart please add a thing where you get back where you were it would help A LOT thanks!

  20. The bubble popping part of this game is pretty good, but the doll collecting aspect is downright lackluster. You can’t dress the dolls in other doll’s outfits, and that functionality would have made the game much more interesting.

  21. Pretty fun game need some adjustments first you have to wait an hour to play the mini games wait no 3 hours and then for the other mini game there’s only two you have to wait a whole day otherwise the main game is pretty fun and it’s a ball game where you like pop the balls with the color matching you know what I mean so bye thanks for watching my review

  22. This game is boring I thought this would be decorating a house and a game where you get furniture and travel and dress up dolls just started playing this game and it’s boring.

  23. This game is so good i re-download it super amazing i love unboxing them such a good day i reccomed it and its super fun to dress the lols up !! and u play a game to open the lols and many games !! and it the ball game u get each prize like bottles. shoes after u get all the stuff then u get the lol ball and get a lol~~ !!!! i can play this for hours , days

  24. really cool game, it has surprises that i haven’t seen yet ☺️.so im telling it is so cool but if kick one ball i lose so can u fix that thingy that has lags on. but i really like it suddenly if the every item is free. but i like it for 4 star cuz yea its just cute and 😊.

  25. Lol ball pop is a great game and it’s so fun but adding more activities to it will help make it make it better for my sister because she doesn’t seem to like playing it From layan (an 8 year old girl)

  26. Good game. It’s a simple ball pop, you collect dolls. I used to like LOLs, I don’t anymore as I’ve grown out of it, but I like to come back and play this game for nostalgia. Flaw? It hasn’t updated in ages. There’s so many other dolls now.. But they’re not in this game. It’s sad.

  27. Ana :P dice:

    Loved L.O.L suprise when I was a bit younger so I downloaded this game. This game was actually made by the official MGA entertainment. I unlocked lol dolls and they were so cute! I totally recommend this. Fun games to play and hunts that are generally really fun. I totally recommend this to L.O.L fans. Plus there is no adverts! 🙂

  28. i enjoy the game well enough, however i have reached the point where i have collected all the dolls i can through game play … how do i get the exclusive little sisters and pets, i don’t know where to buy these random balls from … more dolls needed, and more colour changers please … as for the spy glass, it only ever works every 3 or 4 days, took me a month to finally collect a ball that way, at which point i had already collected them all … and I’ve only managed to find 3 secret messages

  29. So I’m really intrigued about LOL dolls, I think the concept is a really cool idea and I’ve watched a lot of unboxing stuff, but I am conflicted due to how much plastic and glitter these dolls have it makes me really upset, so I will never ever buy a LOL doll but oll happily play this game because I genuinely find it really entertaining

  30. I had this game but I deleted it. It was sort of boring the only thing I really liked to do was collect the dolls. You need to add more stuff to do. I like LOL dolls but this game is not fun

  31. I loved the overall setup of the game! The emojis, the game itself, and collecting dolls! I guess you could say I find it “oddly satifying,” and overall I love it! I’m just a horrible player XD.

  32. It would have been better if it had more than one thing to collect the things to get in there LOL and more games to play on it so like you should have like like a whole city where you can go to like lol shop and you can collect coins playing different games

  33. this app is a really big disappointment I thought that opening lol dolls is gonna be so much fun and its gonna be even better cuz its in the phone and no waste of money but it turns out to be a silly game with silly ball games and other stuff like I waited for a really long time waiting for it to download and I was super excited but then I realized this game is trash !!!

  34. the new version of this game sucks because they have to pay for the LOL balls and if you want that involve dolls specifically you have to pay for it with your coins instead of the old version how you can just play with the balls and get the heart’s so you can get an accessory and when you get all of them you get a ball but instead they changed it with coins I hate it. I hope you guys change it back to the old version.😠😡😣😤😧😧😧😧😧😧😢😥😦😭😞😟😔😓

  35. this game was great and now it is sucks. it is too difficult to collect the items now. it doesn’t save your progress so it takes way too long to earn items and the dolls. the update is lame. uninstalling.

  36. This game is too boring and hard .Every time i opend a lol box the prize will disapere. And every time i try and try again to get a prize like an acsscoreis or a new hair it dosent work . There is somthing wrong with it because there is just two hair’s to choose plz fix this game .

  37. I like this game because it’s more fun exiting and it is basicly the same as normal bubble shooter but this one is DIFFERENT!!!!!! You can earn dolls acsesserys,bottles,soes,stickers and a note that matches two things together so I RATE 999999999999999999999 if I could so I love it so much.!!!!!!!!!!!I just want to keeeeeeeeeeep the whole game cause it’s soooooooooooo. Amaaaaaaaazinggggggg so good right? I can’t belive that I think this is the best game evvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr so right I play.

  38. When i receove the clue, its just blank and it freezes. I then have to exit the game and start collecring the items all over again. Please fix this!

  39. Gana Omar dice:

    Really fun and has all collections but there is a problem each level keeps getting harder and harder but still I love t o play it so much not only that also now we need a fun thing to do because of covid 19 and we have to stay at home so it’s really fun but if u can fix this problem it will be helpful but it’s really fun

  40. I love this but somtimes it hangs and doesn’t shoot the balls and there are more balls coming and l loose about 20 times . it also gives me some messages that you had benn gone too long but i just played it about 1 minute before it .

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