Detective Jackie – Mystic Case MODDED 2022


Get ready to investigate a mysterious murder of mythological proportions!
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A mythological painting holds ominous secrets. Only by diving into the details can Detective Jackie solve a young girl’s murder!

Ask the right questions and follow the clues to uncover a maze of winding answers and possibilities. Ask yourself: Do you believe in myths?

Detective Jackie – Mystic Case introduces talented private investigator Jackie Johnson in an all-new GameHouse Original Story. After losing her daughter to a devastating fire, Jackie dedicates her life to solving children’s murders and disappearances. But a puzzling new investigation lands too close to home, and Jackie is determined to find answers!

Can a new trail of clues solve a tragedy in the past? The evidence points in one direction: a mysterious painting known as “Medusa’s Vanity”.

What secrets lie just beneath the surface?
Can Jackie deduce the connections between reality and mythology?

Only a stone-cold investigator will be able to uncover the truth! Use your power of observation to determine the correct course for your investigation. Do you have what it takes to get down to the bottom of this ominous mystery?

🔎 Solve a thrilling murder mystery of mythological proportions
🔎 Use your detective’s instincts to follow the trail of clues
🔎 Play 60 story levels and infiltrate 8 exciting locations
🔎 Interview suspects and determine whether they’re lying or telling the truth
🔎 Master Jackie’s skills through 6 minigames including chemical analysis, symbology study, cold reading, object analysis, listening, and scent search
🔎 Discover ancient secrets hidden within priceless artifacts
🔎 Harness the power of a mysterious ring and unlock all new abilities
🔎 Prove your skills and unlock 30 achievements worthy of an eagle-eyed investigator

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40 comentarios en "Detective Jackie – Mystic Case MODDED 2022"

  1. I absolutely LOVE this game! It’s unique but it does have a similar strategy to some of the cooking leveling games I’ve played. It’s so immersive–you play as a detective & work to find clues by searching around crime scenes, interrogating people, help officers sample clues, etc in a level by level progression-type game. There are cut-scenes, skip options, well written scripts and the best thing ever–HARDLY NO ADS!! I highly recommend this game to everyone, it’s a must install!!

  2. There are some issues: 1. Playing on a bigger screen, a bit of the right side is clipped off, when you get to the last area, you have to really study the brush bristles so you get the right one. 2. It’s nice that you can get the upgrades fairly quickly, but you end up being unable to collect all of them before the game is done. Rendering at least 2 of them pointless. 3. Has zero replay value, unless you want to see the story. That aside, it’s a fun game, hope the sequel comes out soon

  3. Update of 10/20/22 still waiting for an 2 games of this need to know what happened! Great story have replayed! Update of 11/3/20: this game is fantastic. (the graphics and the mini games and it does challenge you and award you with each level.) it’ll hook you from the start BUT it’s been 2 years and there isn’t a second part to the story. I want to know what happens. 6/6/20Great storyline, characters are interesting, plot keeps you intrigued, great visuals and effects.

  4. Ashley dice:

    Edit: opened the game again after idle for a while. Continously crahes, no updates. Went through all the troubleshooting, but basically I cannot play 🥺 This game is great! It looks amazing!! The storyline is far from boring and keeps you interested. Interactive and not robbing you of game time with excessive ads, it has just enough and you actually benefit from them! Maybe I’ll actually try to get some sleep tonight lol it’s so addictive. Love this one 10x over!!

  5. It has a good little story for the game. The only problem is, I understand some games have ads, no big deal. This one though? Good lord. I had to watch one after every level AND before every level. That’s ridiculous. Also, if you lose internet connection or a little signal and can’t watch the ad? It won’t let you play the level until you do. I kept playing for a little bit, but was over it quickly. Especially when I’m watching two ads every level and the level maybe lasts 2 to 3 minutes.

  6. Was pleasantly surprised with this game. Right before this, went through game after game that would need some real money to progress (would promptly delete once i got to that point). The only money this game asks for is to remove ads, does not affect gameplay at all! So that was a great start. The story itself is engaging with interesting side characters. Easy to understand upgrade system. I was so invested, I finished in 2 days when i planned on spreading out the experience.

  7. Pretty different from the other gamehouse games. I do like the new look and how it’s not the same venue continuously for 10 levels like the older ones. The story line was pretty good as well. The worst part for me was how the level kind of just stops when you hit stars that go with objectives to the story line instead of having to do them on your own time within the level like previous games. You can’t move anywhere else until you do them and it throws me off and I forget what I was doing.

  8. Sharon dice:

    I’ve played Game House games for nearly a decade now and the mechanics in this game are by far my most favorite. They created an immersive experience. The mini games within stages is a fun addition. The ring upgrade mechanic is awesome and I love being able to control difficulty by adding more people to a stage. The story so far has me hooked, just, awesome all around. I definitely recommend!

  9. Okay so I love this game!! So fun & addicting, very complex as far as the story, concept, & graphics. It doesn’t lag & the characters don’t move at the speed of a snail like in Primrose Lake so that’s a plus. However, I can’t finish level 10 because the last task on level 10 doesn’t fully load. It tells me how to do it, but doesn’t actually load what it is I need to be doing so then I’m just stuck there.

  10. Rachael M dice:

    I think its a great game, but I have encounted a bug. Sometimes when I play a minigame theres nothing there. The first time it was teaching me a new one and I couldnt see what was going on, but managed to randomly click everywhere. The second time, theres nothing. Its stuck on this mini game screen with no mini game acting like I should do something. So glad I didnt put money into this game. Please fix and Ill rate higher. I love GH so much, so I understand these things happen.

  11. I love this game. Great graphics, music and sound effects. I like that some levels have choices you need to make, and I’m hooked on the storyline. The serving customers gameplay is unique for this type of detective game and it really fits in with the storyline. I just got to chapter 2 and the game is 100% free. You have the option pay to remove ads but they’re not intrusive or excessive and only occur in between levels. I look forward to checking out more games from this dev!

  12. This game is pretty good! My main complaints are the ending completely let me down. You work so hard to get to that point, only for the game to have no justice. There is 30 second ads before and after each level. The game expects you to understand the layout and functions of each level before even playing it. The ending still gets to me… very much a let-down.

  13. I like the change in gameplay. Instead of playing 10 levels using the same stafe/restaurant at one time, the stage changes with the storyline. It keeps the player from being bore d and picking it up when they realize they have yet to finish the game. The intigue in the latest games keeps the player engaged and the variety of stages in each chapter keeps things interesting.

  14. A great story and new game mechanics. It made the whole gaming experience new and exciting. I always enjoy a good mystery story and this was a very good one. However I did have some problems with the game not responding. The mini games would not pop up. I would hear the animations but the menu refused to show up. I would have to restart the game and level for it to work. Overall the game was enjoyable and I am looking forward to the next part.

  15. The game just got stuck in one of the scenes where there are not buttons to push. It’s was a very difficult level to beat and for it to stop working right after winning is very disappointing. It was near level 60. Really bummed out about it. I tried going out of the game and coming back in to redo the level but it simply happened again. Not good.

  16. I gave the game 3 stars because there is a problem with the graphics. The left eye of every character but especially the lead character is messed up and droops sometimes to the floor. So far I like the game, even though it’s basically just Parker & Lane which begs the question, why a new character/game when you could have just made a new Parker & Lane. I will change to 5 stars if the graphics are fixed. It’s just very distracting and disappointing. Not up to GameHouse quality

  17. ♡ this game! You can tell the effort that went into this. Storyline: Unique & entertaining. It has some depth but not so much that you feel sad playing a fun game that has depressing, RL aspects. Happily surprised: The character leveling up her skills- ring animation was so cool as were the detective elements. Gameplay: smooth & responsive- which is a dealbreaker in time management games! Graphics are great! 🤔: I wasn’t sure why it was important to get a ton of points if only to clear stars.

  18. It’s OK. If you like serving customers and talking back and forth with characters. There is in issue obtaining items to give to the customers. When I try to get the items for the customers it wont allow you to pick them up. Like the paintbrush, Cotton swab, and paint. It was very frustrating and boring. I uninstalled the game.

  19. I absolutely love the game. Love how you used the greek Gods and Goddesses. Great story line, been playing since today. One thing I do have a complaint about is the ads. After every level there is an ad. No option to let you exit or back out of the ad either. I know y’all have to make money some way, it’s a little frustrating. Maybe ease up a little? Every other level? Overall though, I’m downloading other games from you while playing this. Lol.

  20. I am speechless. This story captivated me, and I simply couldn’t put it down! The story was awesome and I love how it was told. The graphics were just as amazing as the story. I live how the characters have accurate expressions and that even the little things, such as the color of tools people use in different levels, are accurate. It’s clear to me lots of love and care was put into creating this, and thank you for it. I wonder if there’ll be a sequel, but the story is great just as it is. Tysm!

  21. Zoe Daly dice:

    The most fun detective game I’ve played. It combines management and choice-based levels. I really love how they weave the story and how it’s so much bigger than the actual case. Plus the visuals look great and there’s not many ads! Would highly recommend 🙂

  22. Loved it. Still has a few flaws. Like the puzzles, I wish it could have been a little bit more challenging. But I enjoyed it, I always beat the highest score. Easy to play and tap. I also just wish there’s a cancel button for when you accidentally click the wrong item and numbers to indicate what you clicked and what the character will do next.

  23. kayhobi dice:

    The game is interesting! I’ve finished the whole game just now, played it for a week, and I got the golden gem. What was it for? And there’s a few bugs which happen sometimes, causing me to replay the whole level again. Like: 1. Main character couldn’t continue to do anything after finishing a mission. 2. Could not restock stuff back to 3 items, it will stop on 1 or 2 items.

  24. The storyline’s really cool. But if you don’t like time management games then this isn’t for you since this is essentially just that. If you do like time management games, then you might like it – gets harder, different settings, different upgrades. I liked that there were different questions to ask and they gave different answers, and there’s also secret information that you can get from asking the right questions. Also, the animations are adorable and nicely detailed!

  25. Fun and intriguing! Graphics are amazing, and you can actually tell what the cartoon characters are feeling from their expressions and body language! Gameplay is good, but the sensitivity of selection objects needs to be improved and I do hope when we click on a station, it would be selected whether we click on the object or the character, as it is too specific to click on the character only.

  26. Fantastic! The storyline is gripping- I just had to play to the end to find out how it would conclude. The graphics are superb, bold and colourful. The gameplay is easy to get the hang of and flows smoothly. The main character is likeable and engaging and all of the characters are well written. There are a lot of adverts but I didn’t mind at all and there is an option to buy no ads gameplay if adverts are an issue for you. Thanks a lot to the developers for making an amazing game!

  27. I absolutely loved this game. Excellent graphics, exciting storyline and the gameplay is also amazing: choices combined with time management and minigames. Although at the beginning the minigames might be annoying because they stop you in the middle of the rushing, but you get used to it. The ads at the beginning and at the end of each level to play this game free are also reasonable, cos I can see you put a lot of effort in this game. Please make a second part!

  28. It’s the first time I’ve played something like this, mystery/thriller combined with a bit of Dinner Dash ^^. The experience have been fun, although I’m left with a cliffhanger :(. The gameplay, graphics, everything was nice. It’s also free(?) but you have to watch ads as payment each level. All in all, I love it, but I am too broke to buy the full game tho. Hopefully we’ll get the other part of the story for free in the future, thank you, devs! <33

  29. Nyle Eam dice:

    I don’t know how to feel about this game hence the 3stars. It is a good game and the story and art is amazing but I downloaded it due to the tag offline. I don’t mind the ads since they’re not intrusive but I’m visiting a place with a relatively low data reception and I can’t play the next levels because it requires you to watch an ad to unlock, which makes it not entirely offline game friendly, despite the tag and is already frustrating me to try and find a place with good reception in my area.

  30. Well-made game, showing a lot of potential, but only limited free-to-play. The story is presented in interesting ways, and we can influence it by acumen and being quick & thorough. Noteworthy mobile game, but this month my money runs too low for more! Drawback: Constant click-fast mini-games, instead of investigative work, which is moderated after success in quick button mashing. The constant 30 second ADS are a bit much.

  31. This game is amazing that I can’t believe it’s free! The animation is simple but unique, the cut scene are beautifully animated and the game itself is fun! The story line keeps you wanting to play more and I know that I will feel the same about the other games they created! Its not too short and not too long, not addicting but a perfect game formula. You need to be connected to the internet to play though but that’s nothing

  32. The story was good. Though the ending was left in a cliffhanger, I think it’s because there’s possibly a sequel?? Anyway, I gave it 4 stars because of the constant ads EVERY level. It would’ve been fine if it’s every 2 levels,but I managed to go by through it, and finishing it. What I really liked about this game is it’s gameplay and how challenging it could be. I really like management games, so I’ll look forward to the sequel (if there is one, maybe there’s gonna be a trilogy too?). Good day.

  33. I really enjoy this game! It fresh and interesting! For those of us a bit older, it reminds me the good old days, when games where really fun! I would suggest it! But, there are two things that keep me from giving 5 stars. First, there is no voice over, just a music playing when characters talk and second, the game feels like a big demo.. for $9.99 I want more.. I buy a game for phone/tablet at a price of a PC game!! I really hate the feeling of being ripped off! I’d like to see more of Jackie!

  34. Usually don’t post review, but this game was exceptional. Storyline was well written especially in showing a multidimensional character in Jackie, as well as the people who helped her along the way. No romance, which was a refreshing change. Gameplay was engaging and fun, and the ring was cleverly woven in the gameplay as boosters. Extra choices stages were also incredibly interesting, and added to the storyline. All in all, this game was basically perfect. Can’t wait for the sequel!

  35. This game is truly outstanding. I was even surprised to see such an incredible mobile game basically for free. The animations are smooth, the graphics are amazing, the lay-out is wonderful and the music is beautiful and definitely fits the ambiance. The prologue had me hooked already, and the story gets more intriguing as you play. I’m in love with this.

  36. Nice story & challenging at times. The graphics are a bit too much for my Infinix 8 but still manageable. Could do more on those mini-games & connecting clues (not just between three to four variables but a lot more than that) but the variety of the stages & the characters we control are nice. Would definitely play the sequel (if there is one).

  37. I can’t believe this is all free. The amazing graphics, interesting storyline, great game construction, zero bugs and lags are enough to make me finish the game in just 2 days. I hope there were more levels, but considering the cliffhanger at the end, there will be a second game being made and I’ll be waiting for that one. Cheers to the creators and developers of the game!

  38. Amazing graphics and intriguing storyline, but lots of loose ends. I didn’t enjoy being interrupted mid-level to perform actions and I also never got my reward for asking Gary about the art style, so was never able to unlock the full ring. Still cool though! I’d love a second one.

  39. The game has a very interesting story and is fun to play but, after level 10 the game starts to glitch and doesn’t load the mini games and then freezes leaving me to close out the game app. I am able to play through the game I suppose, I just cannot get 100% of the level complete.

  40. I have to say, I’m pleasantly surprised by how good the game is. I’ve played many many detective mobile game, yet this one is probably amongst the best of them. The plot is captivating, and the way the flow of the story is design is really logical. The art is cute, really suits the vibe of the game. Havr to say when I first saw the art here I didn’t like it that much, but you guys definitely change my mind. Highly recommended.

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