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Play the classic bubble shooter and puzzle adventure game! No wifi needed!
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Play the most popular bubble shooter game for FREE in Bubble Shooter Genies!

🌈Bubble Shooter Genies is the best relaxing bubble shooter free games without wifi or internet.
🌈Do you feel bored during a long trip? With over 1045 offline puzzles, Bubble Shooter Genies is your top free game to pass time & relieve anxiety!
🌈Come and enjoy the fun of matching and popping colorful bubbles in Bubble Shooter Genies!


✓ Match 3 or more same bubbles and pop them.
✓ Blast & pop bubbles to rescue cute baby dragons.
✓ Use boosters to pop bubbles more easily.


💥Shiny Bubbles & Amazing Burst
✓ New burst effects and cool shooting sounds!
✓ Color Bubble, Fire Bubble, Lightning Bubble… help you pop bubbles easily!

🖐Hundreds of Puzzles
✓ Pass levels to explore more areas like castles and ocean world!
✓ More puzzles and new maps are added monthly, for free!

🎮Easy and Fun Gameplay
✓ All you need to do is to match and pop bubbles, have fun and relieve anxiety!
✓ Collect awesome daily rewards and bonuses!

📶Best Offline Bubble Shooter Games
✓ Play this free bubble shooter game anytime and anywhere, kill time and relieve anxiety without wifi or internet!
✓ With wifi or internet, you can get the newest event and bonuses!

Any questions about this free Bubble Shooter Genies game without wifi or internet? Feel free to contact us.
Email: [email protected].

Try it now and join Bubble Shooter Genies with MILLIONS of players!


Download this new version and be ready to…

★ Enjoy 30 new Levels in New Episode!
★ Performance improved and issues fixed.

Thanks for the continued support and feedback, and be sure to update the game to the latest version to access all the new content!


40 comentarios en "Bubble Shooter Genies MODDED"

  1. The game is great, and I love being able to repeat old levels. However, it would be great to see what my old high scores are while playing a level or upon completing it. Update at deb’s request: The high score function described above would be nice, and I’ve noticed that regardless of where the final bubble falls, it always registers as the farthest left tube. I’ve watched it fall into the 1000 tube twice now, but the score increase pops up over the very first tube instead.

  2. Fun & entertaining but gets harder & stressful at the higher levels. Some levels are almost impossible to pass without spending a few bucks to get through it. I have tried on some levels like 20 times & can’t pass it until I buy power ups to help me pass, that is frustrating, almost makes me not want to play. The prize wheel is cool but you never gives you a good jackpot. The shooter bubbles sometimes change colors after being shot or you get unless colors that waste your shots. Still love it.

  3. The game that is simple but fun. I could personally spend countless hours playing this game. It has everything I want in a game; each level progressively becomes more challenging, there is barely pressure if you mess up because you are not handed only 3 lives but 7 and you can restart the level before you lose your lives. I appreciate the lack of aggressive sales that I obviously don’t want. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  4. Great game. Play it everyday. Few small issues but works 100x better then it used too. Every once in a while, the screen just goes black. Then I have to restart the game again, then it is fine for a day or two. This never happens to an6 other app or at any other time. Only when playing game. Not sure as to why this happens though. Can’t really screen record it. Never know when it is going to happen. When it does happen, can’t see the screen at all. It appears to happen on any level.

  5. After being assured the shooter bubble colors are picked randomly, I’ve had several issues in the 900 levels where colors at the end of a level are likely intentionally picked to be unplayable. This is something other developers admit to. I just completed six runs at level 913 where I was entirely denied the two colors I needed to finish the level. I doubt this is happening by chance. I otherwise enjoy the game, but please be forthcoming and honest with your coding.

  6. The last updates 700+ levels are aggravating. The game freezes constantly. Takes your points and coins but doesn’t allow you to use them. Up to this point I found this game challenging but doable. I played it to refocus from life’s stress. Not any more. It now has childish graphics and not as much fun. Updates take too long to arrive and have lost their appeal.

  7. Edit!! It’s crashing when I go to use my lucky spins. Or the free extra spins on the play button. Thanks Deleted again reloaded at level 1😢 it still was crashing. I’m going to give it one more time. If screen turns black and kicks me out I will be deleting for good. I really like the game. Wish it could be fixed.

  8. CJ Sumlin dice:

    The game would be fun if the shooter were reliable. As I advanced through the game, the shooter began to misfire more frequently. The bubble color changes and the shooter goes off prematurely. This usually happens right as you’re about to win and need every shot to be correct. I’ve become very frustrated as I’ve tried to be very careful with my aiming and shooting, but it’s not working. I’m going to have to stop playing.

  9. A fun bubble shooting game with lots of variety and challenges, but with one critical flaw: your score (and star rating) are random. I played an early tutorial level over and over trying to get 3 stars, even trying the *exact same* shots each time, and my score fluctuated between 120k and 220k, never getting the 3 star finish. The bees seem to randomly change (lose) value, killing your score.

  10. Katie Yag dice:

    Love this game! I finished all the levels without ever buying anything with actual money. It was tricky sometimes and I did use plenty of their game coins but it’s doable and a fun challenge. I do wish you could keep playing continuously. I was so determined to not spend real money that I often had to just stop playing for a while when I ran out of lives and couldn’t get anymore (they build back up over time.) But I understand they want to make some money on their end! All in all fab game!

  11. Fun game but serious problem that detracts from the fun. The bubbles switch on their own. Quite frequently. I’m not talking about the switch after each shot. Random switch as I am determining where my next shot is going. My finger is not over the shooter when this happens. I might lose 4 to 5 shots a game this way. Enough to impact the results.

  12. Another awful mobile game, that becomes more difficult the further you go in with giant pay walls to let you waste your money. Later levels are design to make you lose as much as possible and have you spend money to continue. 90% of the game is luck because of the different color bubble you have to wait for to shoot. Controls are garbage because even though you align a shot correctly, it will slightly go off in either directions.

  13. The game is fun yes, but it does get on my nerves. that’s not the reasoning I gave it 3 stars though. I’ve noticed that the lucky spin only lands on 2 of the colors the 2 pinkish colors. What’s up with that? its impossible to get the jackpot or anything else. now that could just be my experience but I’ve noticed that everytime I spin the lucky wheel.

  14. Great game, been playing for years BUT the new update has changed the shooting line, its not easy to aim at anything, let alone try to hit harder to reach bubbles. Please bring back the old line or give us the option to choose.

  15. Past level 1500, the game is almost impossible to pass without some boosters and $ to spend. Too many variables out of your control. Even if you literally play 2000 times per stage, you will never win UNLESS you pay. This is just another money grabbing game. However, I have managed to reach their highest level 1765 now without paying a cent – just by watching their stupid adds and earning their game $. PLEASE don’t pay them ever. They don’t deserve your or my money as they just want to rob you.

  16. I simply love this game because it’s not full of stressful challenges, on the contrary, it’s simple, exactly what people need to relax and enjoy the moment just. I hate games that makes us nervous, stressed and anxious, specially the ones with timer. This is great. So far I love it. I’m playing it for about 3 years now.. totally recommended ❤️

  17. The deliberate inconsistency of the targeting to make you waste shots along with the asinine colored bubbles not being available when a shot is needed unless there is a single color left on the board makes it extremely problematic to play and I have been frustrated each day since downloading. Now after almost two weeks I am deleting and moving on. Not worth the time nor the frustration.

  18. Jay F dice:

    Great mindless fun. Brings back memories of the original bubble shooter from my childhood. Edit: I don’t have any meaningful issues with the game; I like how I can turn my brain off and play this game and enjoy it for what it is.

  19. Fun game till you get to about level 70 and then all of a sudden it’s almost impossible to not have to buy new bubbles. I went 70 levels without wasting one bubble all of a sudden boom

  20. Get that drink your coffee and relax is a game where all you need is a little of your skills without any pressure I’m trying to think real hard and relaxing and enjoying then

  21. Great time killer. Not over ran with ads. I really enjoy playing it.

  22. great game but as you progress it gets more and more difficult to clear the level, so constantly being directed to the ‘shop’ to purchase extra bubbles. It seems to me impossible to get to the higher levels without coughing up for extras. Personally I would much rather pay up front for a game rather than being drawn in, then have to pay to complete. Uninstalling the game.

  23. the game is engaging at the beginning and is quite addictive. however when you get to the low-to-mid 30 levels it becomes virtually impossible to save all the dragons. the aiming device becomes more and more inaccurate and you have to learn to shoot more to the left or more to the right of your target when you want to do a deflection shot off the side. the whole game is designed to get you good and addicted and to end up spending money to buy extra lives.

  24. I have had nothing but trouble with this game and bubble shooter legend. My data disappears..after updates, and the carousel has gone. I have emailed these people and always says they can’t do anything. Don’t bother downloading. 😡

  25. Fun sometimes, challenging levels both skill & strategy design. However far too often ball color changes with a slight unknown movement, detrimentally to the play. Frustrating. Also the option to watch the ad for 3 more shots provides ball colors that still wont allow you to finish the level. I prefer games where there is a chance at least have a shot at a win. This game falls short there. I know they wanna make money. I buy to reward innovation. I wont just to play forward. Thats my end point.

  26. Matan D dice:

    Very Good gameplay and nice variations of powerups. And most important – NO ads overload!

  27. It’s fun, relaxing but enough of a challenge to keep it interesting

  28. It’s not boring at all ,many different stages keeps it original

  29. Totally awesome game very challenging very rewarding don’t have to buy anything very very nice.

  30. Ad’s for reward & boosters and spinning wheel are not coming in the game, thus, game becoming boring.

  31. Used to really enjoy this game but, on the higher levels it is nigh on impossible to complete a level (even the levels not labelled as ‘hard’) – there are simply not enough allocated moves (sometimes nowhere near enough). Of course the aim is to get you to spend money, which I was happy enough to do occasionally but now it is getting silly. Rapidly losing interest.

  32. Great game graphics really good sound I like a good popping sound it’s very satisfying really good game awesome

  33. After the update the game got very annoying. Suddenly there are very childish animations. The character clasps like she is mentally challenged, I cringe after every level when I need to see it. Moreover it seems that the game is designed to fail (not achieve 3 stars). It has happened a lot lately that I’ve had bubbles that I couldn’t use because that certain color was not reachable. This erheblich happened when I spent coins for more bubbles and then I could not use them. Please fix this!

  34. Still no ads or free spins, etc. Did an update when it was available but the extras only worked for one session of playing the game. It needs more updates!

  35. Since the last update the lucky spin stopped working and I don’t get any adds I’m at level 1498 but I can’t play no more because I can’t get any stars due to no ads at all, I loved this game please fix it .

  36. it’s happening all over again! The Lucky spin videos AREN’tworking properly nor the watch a video option for 3 additional bubbles. there is some kind of error/bug/whatever that doesnt allow the video to be shown properly as the screen turns black and the video is not shown and therefore the luck spin wheel doesnt work. Same goes for the Watch a video option for 3 more bubbles. Besides the prizes on the Lucky spin should change every time you change levels!

  37. Doesn’t link to Google Play Games. Means if you change to a new phone you’ll have to start all over. Wasted the money and the times spent. Customer service doesn’t reply to your mail.

  38. It’s a game like candy crush, I spent a few hours playing it and wish I hadn’t. Very annoying. Computer randomly allocates ball colour, so difficult levels may be impossible without paying with money to get ‘bonuses’… You still pay by watching the annoying adverts. So many adverts. On the plus side, it doesn’t ask for any permissions to play and it seems well programmed.

  39. UPDATE – Waiting too long for new levels to open up, uninstalling . – (original post : Not quite 4 stars but almost! I’ve been waiting for new levels after 385 to open up for a while now, when are new levels coming? I enjoy the game and I think it’s worth downloading, no intrusive advertising and fairly decent reward system – advancing can sometimes be challenging which makes things more interesting! No need to spend money unless you choose to.)

  40. It would be a good fun game to pass time, but for some reason the developer makes you require hearts to play more than 6 games in a row. Unless you want to shell out a lot of money you have to wait a long time for new hearts. It also glitches a lot with the ball you’re firing randomly changing colour as you shoot. Thus wasting balls, particularly frustrating on levels where you don’t get many balls to start with

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