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Match & pop bubbles in the addictive bubble shooter puzzle game. No wifi needed!
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Are you ready for a new interesting, classic bubble shooter game? You can aim, launch and pop bubbles until all the baby dragons are saved. Play right now! It has 500+ well-deigned levels, and more levels will be added soon!

Ready to start the adventures?
1. Match at least three same color bubbles to break them, free the trapped baby dragons!
2. Use your own strategies to get higher scores and 3 stars
3. Aim carefully and take the excellent challenges
4. Easy to play and control, and very addicted.

1. It has 500+ well-designed levels now and we update regularly to bring you more fun and new gameplay.
2. It has elegant level design that guarantees you excellent experience.
3. You can play without WIFI connection.
4. Try to use limited bubbles to win bonus levels.
5. Various items can help you get higher scores.
6. Various gameplay features make you can’t stop playing.
7. Great visual effects.
8. Regular updates.
9. Collect daily rewards and beat all the levels.

If you love bubble shooter games, please download it now! It is a classic and wonderful bubble pop game that you should not miss.

What are you waiting for? Bubble shooter is ready for you, go pop the bubbles!


The time for a new update is NOW!

★ Added 15 bubble levels, the total number of levels reached 830!
★ Difficulty level was easily changed.
★ Enhance special effects and experience better
★ Optimized the gaming experience and solved known issues!

Thank you for your continued support and feedback, The Bubble Shooter Splash team will work harder to make the game better and better.
If you have any questions, please contact us through the in-game email and wish you a happy game!


40 comentarios en "Bubble Shooter Splash FULL"

  1. So far I’m happy with this game. It’s fun and I like that it’s fruit and therefore easy to see. I’m on level 13 and it’s pretty easy right now… hoping it gets harder as I get into higher levels!! Very cool!! Edit: It’s too easy and in order to get measley bonuses one has to watch ads. The shooter is laggy and sometimes the fruit is sent to the wrong place.

  2. Fun, challenging, addictive!!! I love the graphics, the on-going pop-up “this is __ & this is what it does”, instead of a rules presentation at the beginning of the game. Just try it out!!

  3. The game is extremely fun and well made especially the graphics but two issues can be observed first, how do players save their progress and second, the ad pop ups while playing at certain moments during the game. If these issues are addressed i will continue playing

  4. Very short 3sec pop up adds aren’t a bother, especially when you earn so many rewards, Love that all rewards & coin collection can be doubled in 3seconds. Very challenging after level 125 Love this game… Ty

  5. Started out great now is just frustrating. Way toooooooo many ads. Game gives you no option to even try to move forward.

  6. Addictive game. Starts easy then progressively gets harder but doesn’t get frustrating. Ads are reasonably spaced.

  7. Starts off easy but gets more challenging as you go along fun colorful great time killer and seems black there are very minimal ads I really like the game

  8. An absolutely wonderful addictive game. Very few ads!!! Can’t leave it alone. Give it a try!! 5 stars for me!!

  9. Waiting to see if the game starts freezing up on higher levels, hasn’t so far.

  10. I am thoroughly enjoying this game. This actually helps me focus on things positive while playing.

  11. Great game. Not many ads. Lots of fun. I love it. You will too.Bubble fun.

  12. 5 Stars! Minimal non-intrusive ads, great way to pass the time!

  13. Great app! Cool graphics and sound! Fun for any age! Highly recommend!

  14. Fun game,not too many ads.It steadily gets more difficult

  15. This game gets a lot of things right and us fun to play. It’s also quite addicting 😉

  16. too many many ads that you cant even play, awuful

  17. I love bubble shooter, finally I found the one that I enjoy very much

  18. No matter how much you try you have to use the power to complete the level. And when you finish all power you will never get them back after watching advertisements. They will force you to buy all power that is the main goal of the developer. Some level is too hard. Do not download this game. Don’t recommend this game.

  19. Wow I love this bubble shooter game it fun and exciting and enjoyable and exciting I love it

  20. Fun to play and cute characters.

  21. Fantastic quality inside the game.

  22. Just hard enough to make it fun but not boring

  23. I wish I had found Bubble Shooter Splash sooner! I love it! Awesome graphics and cute characters also. I recommend this game to anyone else who loves bubble shooter games as much as I do. It has a spinning wheel that also helps you and several different kinds of bonuses. Give it a try, you’ll be happy you did!

  24. Worthless game! You have to work your butt off in order to beat the level I had gone to 65 level, couldn’t get any point unless I watch a video. I just kept trying to beat these levels and they make it too tough to even do it. I would hang in there if it took me six or seven tries but I finally would beat it but I just finally got tired of trying too hard. That’s ridiculous! You shouldn’t have to try that hard, and we’re not talking competition in this game, there is none. It all on app devel

  25. J Rhodes dice:

    I love this bubble target shooting game. Cute characters. There are many variations so you never get bored. Free daily rewards are generous. There are limited annoying ads. I can’t always get 3 stars but the lives are ample for my needs. I recommend this game because it’s fun.

  26. Dixie Rae dice:

    I was absolutely shocked when I started to play the game after reading their reviews I expected to find something very different with great graphics. This is a very basic bubble popping game with nothing different or special then hundreds I’ve other Bubble Pop games in Play Store. Suitable for young children it doesn’t even look like the pictures in the description.

  27. I love bubble shooter games and I reckon this game is better than bubble shooter. I can play this game 24/7 and can not get bored. And it’s good for concentration and also for kids if you don’t know your colors very well. What I also love about the game is the fruit how you have to shoot them it’s good for your eye sight and it would be a good game for arts and crafts if you have nothing else to do. They also give extra 5 free bubbles and I really like this bubble shooter game alot.

  28. The levels start out easy but once you start advancing they make them harder.. which is fine and adds to the game to make it challenging, but they barely give you any balls to shoot and too many rows to try and break cause they eat you to buy stuff.

  29. I really enjoy this game it keeps my brain going all the time

  30. Love this game, 76 and still playing games,and it helps Cancer patients,I know,because I’m one of them, it helps to keep your mind burst,while going through radiation and Kimi, Thank you.and God bless,,

  31. It’s fun. Very easy if you’ve played bubble games before, though.

  32. Yes I really like to play with bubbles shooter splash so fun game

  33. Just a fun game to occupy your mind

  34. This is one of best bubble shooting apps!

  35. Simple game with alot of FUN

  36. julie dice:

    Brilliant addictive game. Love the game

  37. Cheating player too much. No explanation of different bubbles. Too many ads and too long. Impossible situations and no boosters.

  38. Great game to play and fun to play.

  39. Ann Cain dice:

    Fun game! Very entertaining! Ads are no problem!

  40. I just started but i think its a winner.

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