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Find the Hidden Objects on an adventure through stunning worlds!
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Find the hidden objects on an adventure through stunning worlds! Experience four seasons in one day in our beautiful hidden object game! 🌱🌞🍂❄️

Hunt for hidden objects scattered throughout each level, collect useful items, complete quests, earn huge rewards, and meet fun characters on your hidden object journey! Zoom in on the scenes to help find tricky objects and use hints if you get stuck.

Explore the beautiful scenery from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each land has a distinctive graphical style and is accompanied by relaxing music. Enjoy a hidden objects experience like never before as you immerse yourself in each one of our diverse, unique lands. Do you prefer Spring or Autumn, Summer or Winter? We hope you like them all!

⭐ Collect hundreds of unique items and get rewards for completing collections
⭐ Zoom in on the beautiful images to uncover those hard to find objects 🔎
⭐ Meet interesting characters and complete quests
⭐ Travel through a variety of beautiful lands
⭐ Complete daily challenges from the Treasure Goblin 👹
⭐ Collect hundreds of different Creatures
⭐ Catch fish to complete your card in the Fish Bingo minigame 🐟
⭐ Earn prizes in our awesome Match3 minigame
⭐ Get tips from Fiona the Fairy, your witty guide 🧚
⭐ Use powerful Rings to help find hidden objects
⭐ Dig for treasure our minigame Lucky Dig
⭐ Collect increasing Daily Rewards for free 💰
⭐ Use Potions for lasting effects that help your progress
⭐ Replay levels in harder modes to earn more rewards 🏆
⭐ Earn free Coins from the Magical Coin Globe
⭐ Improve your memory and train your brain 🧠
⭐ Your progress can be backed up to the Google cloud
⭐ A free app with no internet connection required to play

Gather items on your adventure and add them to your treasure collection. You’ll receive a big reward every time you complete a collection of five items. Rewards will give you even more items to add to your collection – it’s a treasure hunter’s dream!

Find mysterious items throughout the world that can help you in your hidden objects quest. Use magic rings to help find hidden objects, quaff potions to apply temporary boosts, and use spells to recharge your energy.



-Improvements to our lovely Four Seasons hidden object game!


40 comentarios en "Hidden Object: 4 Seasons FULL"

  1. Update: I did un- and reinstall. I got to the same level and it froze again after level 6, on the “Not enough energy to play” screen. I did not uninstall but turned the app off for quite a while. When I returned I was able to back out of that screen and continue playing. Now I’m on portal 79 and enjoying the game. Changing 1 star to 4. Original post:I got through portal 6 and then it froze. I couldn’t go back, forward or clear anything out. All I could do was uninstall.

  2. Great game. Sight and memory excersize all while relaxing and having fun. There are more side games added that keep you using your brain as you enjoy them. With that said, there are a bit more adds, but they are well placed so the add will not be problematic. I appreciate the developers keeping this in mind and keeping the game free to play and stress free of interruptions. Thanks for the awesome pictures and graphics. It is a surprise to see the artistry and new themes with each new portal!👍

  3. I was really into this game. It’s like graphics were added to the memory game when you were a kid. I really enjoyed it and would’ve kept the 4☆ rating but you changed the frequency of the ads. Instead of them appearing about every 3rd scene change, they’re now after every single screen change. EVERYONE. My attention span can take the sporadic ads as that gives your eyes a mini break. Please can you cut back on frequency of ads. Sheer volume of ads shoots your concentration to hell. Thank you.

  4. I don’t think you actually read my review. I did like the game but it kicks you off constantly. It takes your coins and whatever items and coins you are trying to collect especially when you do the extra spin. You play the daily and special games which is nothing but a rip off. It will spin, stop on an item and then move to a coin. It makes a game that could be wonderful into frustrating mess that also causes eye strain and migraines. Not a game for anyone that needs glasses or wants to.

  5. Well I would like the game a lot more if you didn’t have ads every turn !! I know you have to have ads but this is really crazy ! My god you can go in the kitchen and make you something to eat in between turn’s ! And it shouldn’t be that way because you shouldn’t have to put the game down !! Cut the ads down Please !! It would be More Fun Then ! Thank you !!

  6. It is fun if you like finding hidden objects. Most of the scenes are pretty or interesting to see. There are some bugs and you have to restart the app now and then. I think they want you to hatch to many creature eggs at some of the higher levels. In one of the games I played they got up to 100 in a level of 20 portals, that’s way to many. The mini match 3 game you play is difficult. Give min yellow, red&keys. Need 40-Y,80-R,25-K,+ the others, but they give min rewards. Need to change.

  7. Lots of fun , my memory has improved . I always had a good memory until being restricted to my home and not using my brain . They say , ” if you don’t use it , you’ll lose it. I found it to be so very true. Remembering where items are in the pictures helped me in retain what I observe. The only complaint I have is the constant ads and necessary watching video to add points. I know that’s how you allow us to play without having to pay for this game. All good though. I So love playing it.

  8. Phyllis N dice:

    Do yourself a favor…pay the $ 3.99 for NO ads popping up. I paid and I get hours of play and I choose WHEN I want to watch an ad for double rewards or an extra spins. Clever use of colors, objects and pictures. Always earning coins to buy help or objects. This game is NOT like other games where it’s hard to earn things to advance. VERY FUN to play!!!

  9. There are challenging photos and then there are easy ones. All the pictures are calming and give a chance to relax. I recomend this game. The ads are there so expect them but this allows you to look away from screen. And focus your eyes else where. Thanks to all developers for making a game that costs nothing.

  10. Well first this isnt the first of your games that does this I’ve had to uninstall 2 other of these games because of this!! Im on level 185 and when i open it the next day it starts you at day 1 for your extras i guess also if you click to double rewards doesnt always do that!! The worst is the ads after each game you cant hit the x and it goes away you have to close out the game and go back in again!!! I really dont like complaining because i love your games period!!!!

  11. I like the hidden objects games and play several times a week. The only problems I see are these: I play on my phone and sometimes an object will be so far on the edge that only a small portion shows which makes it hard to find; also, frequently I can’t even figure out what an object is supposed to be because it is poorly drawn. However, as I said, I play this game and the xmas hidden object game alot because overall I really like the game play!

  12. Once you have it figured out and can find the items, ask the fairy for help, collect coins and all the other fun stuff, it’s absolutely FUN AND ADDICTING!!! There are alternative games to play and make it even more fun. Using the short ads are to your advantage and actually might get you something you really need. Loving it!!!!

  13. This is an awesome game and one of the few that are not only fun, but the makers aren’t money hungry ghouls. EDIT: Having now played for weeks I now need to change review. Way too many ads to have to watch and game stops being fun for free. EDIT: Almost replayed and then the ads reminded me why I stopped before

  14. Way too many ads from the very beginning which seems to be the norm for all this developers games you don’t even get a chance to get into the game before you get bombarded with one ad after another. Even after you watch the ad that claims if you watch it, no popup ads for 20 minutes you still get continues ads. Also you have to sit through two screens per ad. Too much. I’m not paying for no ads before I even if the game is worth playing.

  15. Its slow and I have to hit every option 2-3 times to get it to move. The ads are hard to get rid of when they are over. I hit the x and google comes up. I like the game but it is very frustrating to play!!!

  16. Kenneth dice:

    Have to wait too long to get out of the commercials to and get back to the game.

  17. Actually quite entertaining and fun. The side games keep it fresh

  18. The graphics are awesome, enjoying playing.

  19. Love playing this game. It’s lots of fun. Highly recommend this game. Thanks for making it available!!!

  20. It’s me again of course all of Fiona’s games are wonderful everyone should play them lots and lots of goodies and thank you

  21. Great game! I like that various other little games can be played , so it doesn’t get boring.

  22. Great game and sub games just wish there weren’t so many ads.

  23. Fun, keeps me entertained for hrs. Keeps my mind focused.

  24. Great game but to many ads and interruptions

  25. I like the Hidden Object games I have all of them so far , great job on all the games !!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  26. Beautiful, whimsical seasons and lots of fun

  27. Sometimes it’s hard to see the objects even when blown up

  28. I love hidden objects but hate the ads all the time

  29. Love this game because it’s good for calming stress other people siniors should play with it I tell others to try it. Thank you God Bless you and family

  30. could have been ok, but tired of playing the same first 6 levels repeatedly. stupid to have to play same levels repeatedly, 5+ times, because I can’t go further until ‘fate’ decides to give me a runestone. no skill or effort changes where I am, just a spinning wheel of rewards. Not a good HOG as all items can be found in <20 seconds

  31. Back playing again. Easier since my lasar surgery as I see 100% better. Back and still enjoy this game…

  32. I really enjoy this game. You have side games as well and that gives you time to build up energy. I actually don’t mind watching the ads, because I don’t have to spend money. Also it gives you time to build up energy to keep playing. Some of the things are a bit difficult to find. Also if you are following the fairy at times she can be annoying, because she just wants to open all the passeges instead of collecting the the things I need to feed my pig. That’s why I gave them a 4 star.

  33. This game has some bugs which are frustrating!! It does not always save your data correctly!! I will give it a few more tries but will eventually uninstall as it is not up too par with some other games!! If you fix bugs then it would be get a higher rating!! Very disappointed!!😨

  34. Fredric dice:

    Must look very close and be sharp.

  35. Hey, I’ve tried a lot of “hidden object” apps and I like this one best! Yeah there’s the adds and all and I know how we all feel but it’s becoming universal. So we deal with it. No punishment for taking too long to find all the objects. They’re hidden well, great graphics and a fairy!!!! 😆 I say ; try this one out, you might just like it. Ciao

  36. This is my 2nd or 3rd game from u people. It’s somewhat entertaining but not terribly challenging. Mostly, it helps me NOT focus on my pain. I really, really enjoyed the 1st game (Santa’s workshop); the disappointing part was it ended far too quickly. Is it possible that u might add more challenges rather than simply ending them?? Thanks!

  37. I love game have been playing over and over for years. This time I get very annoyed because some of the Aspen Dental ads will freeze and I have to exit out of game and loose rewards. Please fix this problem

  38. This was 1st game by developer that I played and loved the format, etc of how the game played. After finishing, I started looking for same type of game by same developer. I was thrilled when I found and downloaded 4 more. Unfortunately, they screwed around with diff aspects of games such as omitting option of a 20 min hold on playing ads after watching 30 sec ad. None of the new games offered that option and takes away lots of game time which eats up potions u may have purchased. NOT GOOD!

  39. This particular game is very sweet and soothing to me, especially at night, when I can relax and thoroughly enjoy playing it. Keep ’em coming, Devs, and all your excellent groups. I’m looking forward to all your new ideas, and gorgeous artwork. Just don’t forget, the oldies can be good, too!!!

  40. Betty dice:

    Beautiful pictures relaxing and healing soft music.

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