Smurfs and the Magical Meadow MODDED 2022

Help the Smurfs build a village to call home in this all new adventure.
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One day the Smurfs discover a rare and wonderful magical meadow in the forest. Since there is no better location for the Smurfs than a magic meadow, Papa Smurf collects all the Smurfs and moves them to the magical new land. Exciting adventures await the Smurfs as they rebuild their village in new amazing ways. Expect old friends to return and new ones to join the village with the magic of the meadow to guide them. Welcome to the magical world of Smurfs’ Village 2.


– Welcome your favorite Smurfs to the meadow including Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Farmer Smurf, Handy Smurf, Hefty Smurf and Brainy Smurf
– Find Smurfy items to upgrade your favorite Smurfs’ huts into Smurfy mansions.
– Visit the bustling town square and sell your fruits, vegetables and flowers at the farmers market.
– Plant and harvest crops with a swipe of your finger.
– Craft flowers into beautiful bouquets with Smurfette’s hut.
– Upgrade your Smurf’s huts with wondrous decorations and paint them fun colors.

PLEASE NOTE: Smurfs and the Magical Meadow is free to play, but charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.

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Bug Fixes And Optimisation


40 comentarios en "Smurfs and the Magical Meadow MODDED 2022"

  1. Britt dice:

    I love the smurfs and this game, I have fun building my village, however my only complaint is I bought the frozen trees a few of them to give my village a wintery feel for the season and the frozen tree is stuck in one place I am not able to press and hold on it to move it, store it, or even sell it, it’s permanently stuck in the one spot! Other than that games great! Just wish this was able to be fixed? I have all the required updates also on the game so I know that’s not the problem Thanks! 😃

  2. I enjoy the game, but it has some issues. Sometimes it doesn’t save when I log out so crops I had set up that take a long time haven’t been planted at all when I return. The social functions, such as visiting other villages, receiving gift items, etc.. don’t seem to work at all. And the “watch a video to receive a free acorn” function tells me that I’ve watched all the videos when I’ve never been able to watch any. And the clubs don’t seem to function. Get it together guys!

  3. It keeps crashing after new update, please fix it. I can’t open the game at all. Once I tried to open it on a different device it took me back 3 levels. This is SECOND time I lost all my progress and rewards, and considering the fact that each level takes more time, it’s just so frustrating. What’s the point to log in through FB if it doesn’t update your recent progress? ! Such a waste of time! Is new update that messed up everything? !

  4. Edit: Not sure what’s going on, but game will not load now. I’ve uninstalled an reinstalled and still won’t open. If not fixed I guess I’ll uninstall it completely. I’ve been playing it for a while and really liked it. Only downfall is collecting acorns to purchase certain smurf huts needed to open newer quest. Nearly impossible. I had originally given it 5 stars but have moved down to one because of all the problems I’m having now. Please Fix the Problem, so I can play it again.

  5. Can’t connect the game to Facebook. It starts to bring the Facebook screen up but then just flashes it and it disappears. Game also crashes every time I try to rate someone’s village, and I can’t watch any videos to earn acorns. It always says I’ve watched all the videos available, bit for as long as I’ve had the game, I haven’t been able to watch a single one.

  6. Used to play original Smurf Village years ago and recently started playing this one. Frequent crashes, half the time when watching video ads the game fails to give the free acorn, & Traveller Wagon is glitchy and leaves prior to the allotted time. Wasted alot of time filling the wagon only to find it left early. I notice it happens frequently so I don’t even bother with that feature. Game can be fun but the crashes and glitches are frustrating.

  7. I’m having a lot of trouble were you connect to Facebook to be able to join a group to get rewards it keeps logging me out of Facebook every time I go in the game also the red heart were you like someone village for heart every village I try to like it says there was a problem and then tells me to go back to my village I love this game it’s cute and keeps ur attention justneed to fix the bugs please and thank thank you

  8. Really good for passing time. Plus it is a all around good game. I love how the in game weather changes and changes from daylight to dark. Good farming simialator aswell.

  9. I rated this 3 stars because of some hiccups. Most times you don’t get golden acorns after watching the videos because you get booted out of the game. You can’t connect to facebook because you won’t be able to get back into your village ever again. How about you sync the wagon to game level play ? I was only able to send the first wagon away, the others you can’t do because the items you need to craft are still locked. Also you don’t get enough clovers to expand.

  10. I love this game ! But,the only reason I gave it 4 stars that sometimes it goes quite and boring it will be cool if it is exiting , but that doesn’t mean that you don’t download it . If you are a quite and a person that loves simple things then this game is waiting for you!!!

  11. Gets really boaring and very slow going. To get anywhere quickly you have to spend money. I think it’s time to bug out. Shame.

  12. Please update! I can’t rate villages, view certain actives because otherwise it crashes. For a month or two now. Beyond annoying and frustrating. Now 2 days ago it started crashing randomly every 30secs. Literally. Love the game but not like this. Not worth the headache. Please fix. Thank you!

  13. I was playing the game on my iPad(Apple) and I went theough a lot of levels and used a lot of time playing. I wanted to play it on my Phone(Samsung, I placed the brands to know if there would be something wrong if they dont have same brand) and I logged through facebook in both the devices. I did’t really open it on my phone no matter how many times I try and it keeps on crashing. I’ll rate this 5 if I solved my problem.

  14. Love the graphics of the game! Story concept is good too. Also like that you can socialize with other players. Only thing I’m having trouble with is connecting my account with Facebook. Other than that I would rate this a pretty good game 😊👍

  15. This game is fun! I never expected any bugs or crashes in the game. Be nice if you guys added more Smurfs

  16. Kayleigh dice:

    Game is still so bugged. I cannot even play properly because everytime I try, the Facebook message keeps popping up saying continue using Facebook. However no matter how many times I click continue, it still keeps popping up over and over again! I’m sick of it 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

  17. This game inspired me to build something creative! Even if I’m a kid, doesn’t mean that I can’t do something cool. Who ever creates this is a pro… ❤️

  18. The Village Expand box bugs out pretty bad and when you press the back button on your device to x it out and got to use crops it pops back up. Now the game isn’t wanting to open. I’ve restarted the game completely and it is still saying error connecting to the program. Please fix this cute little game. It has more potential than this

  19. S A dice:

    Game was buggy 2yrs ago and no support, was hoping new developer would pick it up and Update, when I saw it had been, installed for another try but still same problems with visiting villages, game crashing, and clubs. Too Bad want to play but both times not willing to buy Acrons when major aspects wont work. Maybe ill check back in down the road and see if its been cleared up.

  20. Lady dice:

    AD FREE! GOOD CLASSIC! however, few disappointments.. Game is glitchy, acts uncalibrated (when you touch a certain part of the game it’s off) , won’t let you thumbs up another garden. I invite friends but never goes though. Closes frequently on its own. No pending updates on the app but seems as if it needs one! I complete the club goals but have not received the hearts that I’ve earned. Frustrating!

  21. D W dice:

    I would give it a 5 but there are certain bugs that needs to be fixed. It is a fun game but not the easiest to accomplish some goals because you need special acorns to purchase items. You are not able to watch videos/ads to gain these daily free acorns neither. The cinema never works. The like button never works when visiting other villages as well so you can’t gain any hearts and that too make it hard to purchase any items needed from hearts and likes. This is disappointing.

  22. The Expand Village feature is buggy; it doesn’t work 90% of the time. It won’t expand the village, you can’t close the box unless you hit the back button on your device, and when you try to grow crops or do something else, the same box pops up out of nowhere and won’t let you grow crops or do anything else.

  23. very cute graphics.. love how crops don’t die.. wagon is iffy’ it leaves before time or changes.. game crashes Alot. . videos don’t play half the time and when they do you’re lucky to get the acorn.. I’ve been playing Smurf Village for at least 5years now and have never had the trouble I have with this game.. please fix and I will change ratings

  24. I forgot why I quit playing. The answer came back quickly. This is redundant. To expand land people have to be invited or you have to pay 100 acorns; which by the way are extremely hard to get . Can’t upgrade storage or anything unless you have a n obscene amount of acorns. Basically your going back and forth on stuff. It’s ridiculous. So, once again I am uninstalling. No reason in playing a game to relax if all your doing is treading Water and getting no place fast. Monotonously stupid.

  25. missdusa dice:

    Would give it more star but I’m about to delete this game. The quest are a little long first off which I spend maybe 1 min in it and leave because I have to wait a minimum of 20 mins. The biggest issue I have is everytime I want to expand land the game crashes and get stuck on land expansion which pressing the x button don’t work nor does expand works I have to physically reload the game.

  26. Love this game. This is the 2nd time I am playing and reached max level. However, the game just crashes when I try to expand the village. Please fix this URGENTLY!!!! This was not a problem before, it has started since the last update. Please fix the bug.

  27. My app crashes every time I hit “play”. I was up to level 17. Now it won’t open. I’ve even deleted and redownloaded the game and checked to make sure there were no updates. I guess I’m going to have to stop playing if doesn’t stop crashing. Disappointing.

  28. Good casual game, relaxing, laidback gameplay yet customer service isnt great at all. Gameplay seems updated alot more than smurfs village and game is still fun to play but from the first two days i have been unable to move anything after placing and now, after about three days of playing, the app will lag out and stop when trying to load. Also i have never been able to like another village as game will freeze as soon as i press the thumbs up button and has to be restarted…

  29. I’m stack at level 5 lol. The expansion now box button was covered by the tutorial box and the app is constantly crashing. Please fix it right away. I’m really interested in this game but I can’t enjoy it because of this glitches. Please pay attention to this matter for the app itself. Hoping for your response.

  30. Fun to build and grow the village. A little annoying as of late as it crashed a lot with the latest upgrade. Also, you can’t connect to other towns as the game suggests for some prizes.

  31. I was on level 18 so I decided to connect to Facebook to save my progress but all of sudden, linking to a social network crashes the game and it not letting me to in the app. It said I logged in Facebook serval times and over and over again I had to press that accept button but it still keeps coming up. If you can fix this I will be very happy.

  32. Ok so the game is varry fun n I love it alot, but it does have its downside, there are things u cant buy without hearts ( witch are points you get from liking other villages and other ones liking yours) but the bug is u cant like other villages it keeps saying that an error has occurred so you cant earn special points, u also cant send friend requests to make friends with you need in the game, if those small things were fixed then the game would be completely perfect!

  33. The app has closes on me for the millionth time…… The game always manages to load until I click on the “Play” button. Then, I will always get a prompt that says the application has stopped. This bug has been ongoing for more than 2 weeks……please fix asap.

  34. Love hate relationship with this game. This game is more fun than Smurf Village. But, so much bugs. Sometimes, you can get error connection although my connection is fine, you cant drag the crops sometimes, so you have to drag them many times until they work. Please fix it! Also, make more confirm button for using magic acorn!

  35. Game is great. Recent issues: #1 I cannot like other peoples villages to earn hearts, it keeps telling me error. #2 When trying to save after changing settings on my club group, it doesn’t save. Frustrating. Please fix.

  36. I love the concept of this game. So much fun. Glad it was taken over by Popreach. Hopefully they will fix all the bugs. Still cant like other villages to collect hearts. Active in 2020 group taking new members for those still playing. Also crashes when screen gets rotated.

  37. Kat Tara dice:

    Really fun game! ☺️ I’m really enjoying it, but I’m having a problem with Vanity Smurf’s quest. It says to complete the magic items collection, which I have. When I click on his quest, it just says claimed and doesn’t progress. Anybody else experiencing this?

  38. I purchased all huts and upgraded them all. Took months of play to achieve and I go on today and my blacksmith Smurf hut was missing and had to repurchase and now have to re-upgrade it. This game has many bugs, likes to crash and makes your items disappear that you worked very hard for. Smh.

  39. Edit:”do not waste your weeks to make a perfect village.It crashes down somehow.I have killed my precious time for a game can’t be opened. That app doesn’t deserve 1 star.”I cannot get in my favorite game today. When I click play button it crashes.I hope it is fixed as I have to harvest crops and collect daily rewards, mine, pool, log. I need acorns asap. I cannot play bcoz of that crash for 3 days I was 28 lvl with lots of special smurfs that corrupted update is killing me. Just make an update!

  40. The tutorial is so stupid, that I lost all interest before I finished it. You cant even read what is on the sceen because the popups! You are forced to read that you got quest to build fence, but you cannot do anything, because overdrawn with another quest to build field, than I stopped… It is not worh of my time. The designer should be fired thru closed doors!

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