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Compete in pet shows and help Miss Hollywood®’s shelter go from glum to glam!
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Budge Studios™ presents Miss Hollywood® Showtime! Miss Hollywood® and her fabulously fiercetastic friends live in an animal shelter that has gotten a little run down. Just like fashion, Miss Hollywood® knows that a little creativity can solve any problem! It’s time to help the pets compete in talent shows, and win prizes that will turn the shelter from glum to glam! It’s Showtime!

• Perform in different pet talent show challenges
• Show off your inner fashionista in pet dress-up show challenge!
• Jump your way to prizes in the trampoline challenge!
• Sing your heart our in the singing challenge!
• Test your aim in the cannonball challenge!
• Match what the judges request in the talent show to earn extra prizes!
• Customize the pet shelter with over 60 decorative prizes!
• Play with 5 pets, each with their own unique personality!

• Miss Hollywood®, the fashionista Chihuahua
• Princess, the royal, white kitten
• Hop, the hip-hop bunny
• Daphne, the hippie Dachshund
• Allie, the rock star black cat

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Minor improvements. Thank you for playing Miss Hollywood Showtime!


40 comentarios en "Miss Hollywood® Showtime MOD"

  1. Zoe Juwel dice:

    Great game and all but it’s pretty expensive if you want full features. It’s also bad that you only get 1 character free. I would like it more if atleast half the characters were free.

  2. I actually really like this game a lot no joke but I’ve had a problem since the beginning of the game. The problem is that the microphone button is will not open! I don’t understand why it’s not opening nor my parents. Maybe you could update this app and make the audio button work? Overall this game is pretty fun for kids and little children.

  3. I Love this app more than the vacation one because it has a singing contest and my favorite thing to do is sing! It’s so much fun to me! A big thumbs up and 5 stars for this app!!👍 My absolute favorite Miss Hollywood game and favorite game on Budge Studios!! Also one of my favorite games I have! That was a awesome choice of making this app Budge Studios, Thank You.😊

  4. Gets boring playing the same minigames over and over again and upgrading only one single room is tedious, especially when the other animals that you cannot get without paying, come in to tease you every two minigames. The art is good but I still don’t like it.

  5. m Chaubal dice:

    I hope we did not have to pay so much money to unlock other characters but you can’t win prizes so quickly in other games! The game is clean and the sound of the dog barking is adorable!

  6. I think I love this game. Miss Hollywood is I think a catdog. WAIT! CATDOGS ARE NOT REAL!!! I love dress up and fashion. The pets are good, and everything is USA sized!

  7. This is a cute game but i keep having ads when i get a prize and it’s annoying,truly ANNOYING!!! i like the game it’s so fun but it’s no fair you have to buy characters, and getting all of the pet costs 21 PESOS!!!!!!! please update this game💗

  8. The game honestly in my opinion is very very fun if you want to know how to do the singing competition you have to sing louder and long enough to fill up the meter also you need to go to your settings and make sure your microphone is on on the game just FYI.

  9. Ok, I used to play this all the time. Yeah it is fun, and I bought the Pack to get the other characters, it is cool, But really it should not cost Money. Please update it To be free, I love them all

  10. I like it but there is one tiny thing. I played and most of the characters were locked 🔒 and when I used to play it was free other than that it’s good (minus the microphone 🎤 ) please reply 🙏

  11. I give this app 3 star review because I gave this to a 4 year old she said that she liked it But you can only do one character in its really annoying And she keeps clicking on the characters that you are not allowed to do because you to have pay for them in so I got really annoyed when that happened because it’s not fair for a kid to have to not play with a game for little kids and you can’t even do all the characters so she was really upset when she could only do one

  12. I love love love this app!!! I only wish their were more characters that were unlocked so that I could have more fun! Other than that this app is amazing I love that you get to decorate their rooms!

  13. This is annoying because all of the other characters are lock and I just have no money to have those characters in my game I just have 2 characters it’s miss Hollywood and miss Hollywood’s best friend please fix this. WHO MADE THIS!!!!!!!

  14. I love the way how you do how you design all the things in this game and I really like it because it’s very fashionable and also you can create many things and also when you do challenges you get beautiful things in the room and also the the and also I’m doing wrong turns poor to rich and also you can unlock other rooms with other animals that come from different countries in the world like a girl that comes from France or Canada or Alaska or I don’t know and I really like this game I love it.

  15. It’s ok, it is just really annoying that you need to buy almost all of them! 10 bucks for all them? ripoff! it should be 5.00$! it’s really fun thoe. update it too because it is never updated.

  16. !Answer please! Paid $15ea to unlock everything on here and another Hollywood one . It keeps going back to being unpaid. ***Does it require the Google account to remain signed in?*** If so, it’s impossible to use what’s been paid for because I need to sign out of Google account to avoid child making purchases/ browsing store. Sick of having child locked out of expensive unlocked games!

  17. I love this game you get 2 character’s and you can help them by winning prizes and decorating there room I only wish you got all the characters and unlimited games to help them with overall amazing game

  18. Can you unlock all the characters please beaucus i don’t like that there is one character i try to unlock them but i can’t so it would be nice if we can get them unlockd but it’s a very good game 😜

  19. I love this game! Has Challenges and you get to dress the pup up! Except…. There is one problem, You have to buy the other rooms if you make them free then I will give you five stars! Thx!

  20. It’s cool cuz once I got the brown dog for free I didn’t have to pay it but once you completed all of them it gets kinda boring So I suggest that you ads some more clothes and some mini games that’s all thank you

  21. Just gave me creepy vibes. I couldn’t help but feel like this app was listening and watching my every move. Especially when you play the little singing kinda-side game.

  22. It is great! the only thing is that I dont like the thing wer you have to pay for some stuff , and you know kids really want to have the full experience to have fun, so I hope you do that.

  23. Dude Bro dice:

    Ok i lovd this game when i was younger and i feel nostalgic just looking at it, i still have a photo from this game from like 6 years ago as the background on my old tablet. i defintly suggest this game and love it so much <3

  24. I need more characters I have to pay ugh this is sooooo annoying fix this I would’ve gave it a five-star rated but I need more characters And. More games to play if you fix this I will give it a 5 star rating

  25. Addison dice:

    I think we should be able to help the other pets. We shouldn’t have to pay, this is a fun game and that kind of ruins it. Whenever I get a prize my app freezes.

  26. I dont play as much anymore, but when you finished rooms, you get badges and not more stuff. At least get some clothes for the poor animals.

  27. I really love this game because it’s about helping animals and it just makes me happy when there happy And it helps the people to always look after your pet and never aband them

  28. Its fun until i relised that its for little kids but whatever you also have to pay real money to unlock all dogscatsrabit and theres only five things you can do so unless you pay money you can finish this game in a day but it was a little fun

  29. Its really good but you can only get one character wich was the Character that firsed showed up and everyone else costed money and it’s unfair so please change it so the players can do all of the characters not just one

  30. I like this game because there’s a singing thing we’re you can sing and earn prizes but I like to say silly words like poo poo head and is that pee in your drink? IS THAT PEE IN YOUR DRINK!! / me and my sister love the singing aera it’s really cool.

  31. When i was little i use to play this there no adds but here one thing what you can’t do you have pay for the animals and i dont like that so please change it now >:( Im not going to paying >:( 👁👅👁

  32. I love this game it’s fun and it inspired me to rescue animals and it’s non violent. I recommend this game for all the little girls out their and boy’s.

  33. It’s amazing I used to have it before but I’m still a bit confused about the microphone situation.I dont remember how I did it when I was 7.

  34. I just didn’t like that much it is cute and sad at some point .The only character you can play is Miss Hollywood and you have to buy all the others . Please make this game better.

  35. I used to play this game when I was at a small age. There are some other pets locked – looks like you need to download full version app.

  36. I like this app because it is fun and that you can do different stuffthe only reason why I’m giving it a five star is because you should not have to pay to get other players but other than that this game is so much fun I think it is amazingand I and I like how you can do other stuff and you can get gifts and that you can decorate your home but they should show you how to use your microphone but I still think this app is cool and I think it’s amazing definitely get this app I think it amazing

  37. This game kida SUCKS you only get 1 caracter and have to bye all the rest! Also the caracters you have to bye are $4.99 Wich i basiclly $5.00! So Please DO NOT charge people for caracters. I have witnessed this in every BUGE game! The actictividys are fun. But Still we shouldn’t have to bye caracters.

  38. I think it is a good game. It would be better if we could get the other pets for free. I would like this for all the Miss. Hollywood games! I still give it 4 stars, because no matter what, it is a good game.

  39. I love this game but all of the over pets were so much money and I don’t think it would have to so expensive just for a game so plz fix it for all of your games but I’m still gonna give you 5 stars

  40. I’ll give it 4 stars because only miss Hollywood is un locked and others are not so please unlock all the characters since it gets boring all if a sudden thanks

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