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Mix and match feelings and fillings to create the cutest, yummy pastries!
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Welcome to BunnyBuns! A magical pastry shop where I use my MYSTICAL BUNNY BAKING POWERS to mix feelings with fillings to create the most delicious pastries EVER!!!

Sure your standard HAPPY, strawberry cake always sounds appealing at first… but sometimes it’s humpday (…hey Mike, am I right?!) and a sad, BLUEBERRY pastry is what really hits the spot. Tears with tart… YUMMM!!!

I’ve got the most interesting clients! I WONDER where they all come from?! I would ask but I’m just a shy little bunny. One of them appears to be on FIRE! (o.o)

Sometimes, if I give my clients EXACTLY what they want, they get REALLY happy and leave me FUN surprises!

I’m still learning EVERY day and I hope to unlock ALL the recipes so I can keep growing my special little bakery.

I HOPE you can help me. I would be FOREVER grateful. I may even let you sample some of my most EXQUISITE desserts!



Something's been cooking and it's ready to come out of the oven... A whole new kitchen!

Cook colorful new recipes to a slew of new customers in another part of the magical BunnyBuns world!

Over half a million downloads later, our star bunny baker is ready to get some help, so it's time to head over to the new kitchen and meet our new chef! You're bound to enjoy talking to 15 new customers, all with new trinkets and puzzles for you to uncover!

Lets have a cheat day with BunnyBuns!


40 comentarios en "BunnyBuns 2022"

  1. The game is relaxing and the designs for the pastries and characters are simple, unique and memorable! As in for the gameplay itself I think its okay but not really enjoyable. I like being able to make pasties but thats only for maybe 1-5 minutes before my character goes to sleep for 15, there is a way to skip this but it costs a lot of in game money thats difficult to collect with little time. Also whenever I share prizes to get more money the game always breaks and I have to restart it.

  2. Bunnybuns is a great game for when you are in the mood to play a sweet game but if you were perhaps feeling bored it is not the one to be playing. My experience with this app has been pretty great I haven’t run into too many issues but sometimes it just randomly kicks you off the game it does not do it frequently but it is still a bother. I love the cute little character designs😊 the waiting time for when the store is closed gets bigger and I have to wait 6minutes I would like that to change

  3. I downloaded this game when I had really bad anxiety, and it was a huggee help. Simple, happy, cute. Perfect thing to passively do and a great distraction tool for anxiety and anxiety attacks. Super cute, super easy. Just enough content to work towards to make it worth continuing to play, but not so much you’re confused or overwhelmed. Just simply making your funny little customer characters happy ❤️ also, no ads unless you choose to watch them for extra coins!

  4. It’s a cute game. Open it up and make a few desserts and then close it. No add spams is pretty nice, too. Progressing is slow due to how long it takes to get money but I really don’t mind it. Although I have noticed a glitch with the cat. After a few pieces into the puzzle the app stops collecting them and just brings me straight to the main picture instead.

  5. Has adorable graphics with cute characters and pastries, but that’s the most you’ll get out of it. Long wait times (so far only 18 minutes but it gets longer) before you’re allowed to play again for 30 seconds. while waiting you can play a frustrating mini game, which if you’re not very good at it, you gotta depend on watching ads to get more coins. The game doesn’t require much skill or thinking, just match the shape and color. Only thing keeping me playing is seeing new pastries. pretty boring

  6. I started playing with the demo and watched as bit by bit, this game grew and I LOVE it. The graphics are cute and the treats are fun to make. At this point, the only problem I have is with the puzzle pieces. They don’t register exept for the worm. The items work, but the puzzle peices just fly into the book and don’t go to the customer’s puzzle page. Tried uninstalling and re-installing. Didn’t solve it although it’s helped before with minor bugs.

  7. An adorable game!! I think the art and designs are super cute, and it’s very easy to play! One problem I’ve been having though is that, I don’t collect puzzle pieces when I should. The customers leave the pieces on the table and I click them, but it doesn’t complete any part of the pictures when it should. The girl dog and cat friends should be complete for me, as I’ve collected enough pieces but they simply aren’t. Overall I think it’s a very cute game, but hopefully this can be fixed??

  8. Its a really fun and laid back game, but there are some bugs that are pretty annoying. I have served every character in the game, but the turtle will not show up in the memoirs section. And every so often when I get a puzzle piece from different characters, they don’t show up in the final puzzle that I assume that should be completed. Also, when I serve some of the characters, they keep standing there and not giving me the money, causing me to have to exit the app and get back on.

  9. while the game is very cute and overall pleasing, there’s a handful of issues that dampen the experience. first off, any aesthetic changes you make, whether it’s changing clothes/mat on the counter, will be removed the next time you open the app. second, if you leave the app for more than a few seconds, it’ll refresh the entire thing. third, you’ll get the occasional bug where a customer will be invisible, so you’ll have to refresh the app to fix it. overall very cute, but it needs fixing

  10. A simple fun little game with optional ads, so you can get more coins, easy controls and fairly entertaining, but that’s just me. There’s no real upgrades, if you don’t count the cookbook. If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to pass the time, I recommend getting this. P.S- the characters are cute and you can’t really screw up when the critic comes around Edit: Just found out that you get new customers after a while and you can dress up the bunny baker :3

  11. Nice concept, but it’s not the best it could be. 1. Make customization options less expensive, it takes a very long time to grind the money. 2. Have 1 set wait time instead of it growing with each day completed. 3.Try to make it so sets can cross over. 4. Try to make the minigames more challenging, or put more chances for money in them so there’s a point to playing them. 5. Add more customers! The memos and their memory murals are very cute. Overall, good game, but it needs improvement.

  12. Sina Kast dice:

    Very cute, simple relaxing game. Well done, executed cleanly, and ads are optional only. It has a lot of things going for it, but for me personally, it just feels a little empty. One minor bug I had is that if I watch an ad when the food critic is on screen (the worm), both he and his requests turn invisible. So I had to just make random treats and deliver to the window until he left.

  13. Overall this game is awesome and I love it, and can’t wait to play more. A few bugs I’ve noticed though: sometimes when I give the little worm critic exactly what he asks for, he still gets unhappy. Also, sometimes when I get a puzzle piece they don’t register, and once I got one that vanished from my collection later. Mildly frustrating, but I still really really love this game!

  14. so cuuuuute! I just downloaded and I’m having a lot of fun. Love the vibe and aesthetic. after playing it awhile I notice the glitches ppl are talking about. customers will drop puzzle pieces but it won’t open their puzzle but rather a portrait of the crew. The health inspectors 4th star looks completely filled but you cannot obtain the star. I would also like to suggest upgrading the game so that we have more to do. new challenges would be great since I don’t want to uninstall the game.

  15. This is a cute game!!! I love the style and the characters!! I do have a glitch where isntead of the shop closing down for while, it actually automatically reopens, allowing me to play continuously without pause. While this is technically allowing me to constantly make money instead of having to wait, i dont think that was the intention of the developers, and they should probably know about it. Ive even uninstalled and reinstalled it and its still happening. Hope this gets worked out!

  16. An overall very fun game with lots of unique characters and dishes. Can get repetitive at times and the game does have minor glitches that I’ve found some time to time such as there being no customer when there should be or not gaining puzzle pieces when they are given to me. Other than these things, the game is very cute and a good way to spend time if you need something to do.

  17. it’s a very cute game, I like the art style and it doesn’t seem buggy at all (yet, I haven’t played for very long). I just finished neko atsume and this is a very fun alternative. edit: unfortunately, after playing it for a couple days it doesn’t work anymore 🙁 every time I open the game the bunny’s “sleeping time” is extended by a random amount. Last night I went to bed and it said there was 55 minutes left and now it’s something like 15k seconds?? I would love to reinstall if this gets fixed

  18. A very cute and fun game I can play between classes. However, one big issue is the tons of lag I get when I play it with SoundCloud. The app has also crashed several times and it even made my phone restart and freeze my screen. If that didn’t happen, this would’ve earned its 5 stars. The game itself is 5 stars, but the lag brings it down to 4, sad to say

  19. I really enjoy this game! The experience of playing it is so charming and pleasant, the animations and characters are adorable, and the pastries look really tasty. It also has minimal ads, which you can choose to watch for coins, but they’re not ever present or constant which is a huge plus. I also love that by its nature, it’s not one you lose a lot of time to. Unless you want to use up all your coins, you play for maybe five minutes at a time and come back to it later. Wonderful game!

  20. BunnyBuns is an incredibly cute addictivegame, it would be 5 stars but once you finish so many orders there is a wait time until you can play the main game again. Wait times can range from a couple of minutes to a few hours. It is really frustrating because all I want to do is play the game. if there were more minigames I wouldn’t really mind the wait, but the fact is there is only one minigame that easily becomes boring.

  21. Cute, but that’s it. You bake the same things over and over because it takes ages for anything to change. I like the aspect of the puzzle pieces and the little items that the customers give you, but you get the items WAY faster than the puzzle pieces. I have 90% of the items for the customers that come and no completed puzzles. It gets kinda annoying when you keep getting a completed heart that doesn’t do anything. Also, the clothes and decorations are too $$ for the rate you can make money.

  22. I played this game when it was still in early access and it’s improved… also it has gained lots of ads… but at least a lot of the bugs are fixed… I wish there was a way to save data. I got a new phone and lost all my hats ;-; rip… also there wasnt a way to take off hats or clothes so I hope that was added. I love the art style

  23. I love this game! It has a very simple and soothing concept, and the art is very cute. There are ads, but they’re optional; watching them gives you rewards! The only problem I have with it is that after a while the dialogue and characters get very repetitive. There aren’t very many different customers that visit you, and there are maybe a hundred different phrases they’ll say. The dialogue gets repetitive after a while, and I sometimes have two customers in a row say the same thing.

  24. I like it a lot, adorable characters and I like the idea of the game. But I haven’t been able to get past what I think is the tutorial. The games exits me out and when I return the whole things starts over. The shortest amount of time this happened 2 minutes. I can’t get past and I tried everything from updating my device to clearing storage, none of it worked. I like the game, I just hope this issue gets fixed cause I can’t play.

  25. Disappointing. A cute idle game with interesting characters and minor worldbuilding. Not much gameplay variety, and you can only really play for 5 minutes every 15 minutes or so. There are collectables, but most of them you need a lot of coins to get and even with watching every (optional!) ad it takes a ridiculously long time to save up, with no real gain. This game could be great if it tried, but it’s not trying at all. Also quite a few annoying bugs!

  26. I love this game! Its so cute and so easy to play. Its a greatt time waster and I love seeing all the characters. However I do have one simple problem. Unfortunetely I have run into a glitch where I cannot receive the last three puzzle peices for one of the characters. Ive run into another glitch where I dont receive the puzzle peice in general. Other than that, this game is great!

  27. Fun but has flaws. Although the concept is nice and the wait times between banking aren’t very long, the achievement system (puzzle pieces, memoir pictures especially the baker’s picture, and clothing) does not always work. For example, when you click on a puzzle piece it usually does not fill in another piece of a customer’s puzzle but just opens the memoirs menu.

  28. It’s a cute game overall but honestly needs some help. First off the amount of time you spend playing versus the amount of time spent waiting is waaay too disproportionate. The cooldown needs to be much shorter or the number of pastries you get to make at a time needs to be much higher. Second, the coin payout is garbage. The pastries need to pay more or the prices need to be lower for things you can buy. Or add bonus coins for items and puzzle pieces. Overall, just a cute waiting simulator.

  29. I would definitely recommend this game! The characters are adorable and diverse, the art is adorable and whimsical. It it genuinely wholesome and fun. The only reason it didn’t get 5 stars was because though you can progress without watching ads, it’s very very slow progress with the money you need for upgrades seem a bit too steep, and occasionally it can freeze and you have to restart the app before the next customer shows up! But overall, super cute game that I find myself going back to.

  30. This game is SO CUTE. I love the designs, and the little speeches the people give. The minigames are a nice touch as well, and this baking game is very addictive. My issues are: Sometimes the rater worm person will be invisible. I restarted the game and they were still missing. Everything is too expensive. You barely get any coins from working. You can only get coins from the ball bounce minigame, and it is very uncontrollable. Even then, you get one coin. The waiting times are absurd. Thanks!

  31. It’s bright and colorful with cute characters and the fitting music, but there are just so many glitches. Sometimes the puzzle pieces don’t unlock what they should, a few of the ads actually make it impossible to get back to the game without restarting it, and I feel the mix and match feature could have been better. I wished I am not confined to the recipe set and can actually use one shape from one set and a filling from another. The game is good, but it could be better.

  32. This game is super cute and relaxing, and I love making the customers happy with cute treats! However, I’ve been experiencing some glitches that take away from the game experience. Puzzle pieces don’t register anymore, hearts don’t do anything but make the screen go black, and stars have stopped counting towards a higher bakery rating. It seems that quite a few people have experienced similar glitches, and the description says they’ve been fixed, but clearly they haven’t. Might stop until update

  33. pretty fun! standard hyperbeard fair – a nice casual game with not too much going on. For me, it’s a lot like their other game alchademy, but also kind of reminiscent of kleptocats too in that you collect things from customers. looking forward to seeing all the game has to offer! edit: I’ve progressed a pretty decent amount and I’ve run into a couple game breaking bugs. The first was my bunny didn’t wake up. The second is Im stuck with 3 puzzle pieces left for the dog even when I get new ones

  34. The Mush dice:

    Honestly, the character designs are pretty cute and cool looking. Even if it’s simple, it’s a good game to play just to pass some time. The real problem is that it’s not balanced too terribly well. The time you wait after finishing a shift goes up by literal minutes. Also, you get as much coins as you should and accessories cost too much. It’s definitely not bad though. It just needs to be updated to balance out better coins earnings and wait time.

  35. it’s a fairly simplistic game with not much gameplay. Little little kids will enjoy it but if you’re older you’d be just as entertained throwing a bouncy ball at a wall and catching it over and over again. Graphics and animation work smoothly and are just as cute as you would imagine. But if you were looking for a complex baking game, look else where. All in all, it’s not a bad game but it’s not quite a good game either. 🤷‍♀️

  36. I love this game, it starts out a little slow but if you keep playing it gets better :). The characters are adorable and I love meeting new ones <3. The combinations to make buns is cute and I love unlocking more recipes for the customers ;D. With that being said I have a few ideas to make the game better. A few more mini games would be fun, and being able to make a little more money with each customer would be cool too. It takes a long time to make enough money to unlock new things :P.

  37. A cute little game with appropriately placed ads! no annoying pop up ads to get in your way. Short bursts of gameplay that can be renewed by watching an ad or paying coins. overall good game. My only complaint is that the game feels short. About 2 weeks of gameplay and I’ve collected most of the recipes. Hopefully new challenges can be implemented with the next update!

  38. Adorable, Simple, and Fun! Gives off the vibe of cutsie games like Animal Crossing, mixed with mystical creatures that are cute and unique. Similar to fast paced serving games I’ve played before but at a much more relaxed pace, and with all the different rewards you are inclined to keep playing. I like the dynamic of having to wait time in between rounds and dont mind it, it slows down the experience and keeps it challenging, but i do wish some ads sped it up and instead of giving coins.

  39. Sealie dice:

    This is one of the cutest games ever! I love the art style. Before, my rating was 5, but I had to bump it down a bit since I noticed a bug where the customers disappear. I can’t see their orders and I have to close and reopen the game. Hopefully, that gets fixed soon ❤

  40. very cute, great time killer! encountered a rare bug that temporarily stops progress. after picking up a puzzle piece, occasionally there will be no more customers to serve despite a ‘crowded background’. took two restarts of the application for me to get the clients walking up and ordering again. i feel like there could be more but i haven’t gotten (the second?) kitchen yet. not sure if that is more/different pastries and or clients. can’t wait!

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