Cat Game – The Cats Collector! MODDED 2022


Cute kitties to collect and earn by playing mini games and fun competitions!
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Join your friends and millions of players around the world who have fallen in love with Cat Game – The Cats Collector! Cat Game transports you to a colorful world where you collect adorable cats, care for them and build your dream cat Tower! Full of imagination and humor, Cat Game lets you play with your friends or in solo across a variety of special events and contests to win unique prizes like the very rare Legendary cats! The game features: – Over 900 cats to collect – Watch your cats come to life with cute animations – Customize and decorate your dream cat Tower – Special events let you earn exclusive cats and prizes – Enter contests to design the ultimate rooms – Play fun and addictive mini-games to earn coins – Join a club and play with your friends – Compete in the leaderboard for very exclusive rewards – New content added every week Enjoying Cat Game? Join our community! Facebook: Instagram: Need help?—the-cat-collector/

Cat Game is the cutest virtual cat game! From kawaii graphics to adorable gameplay, you’ll be caring for your kitties any chance you get! Millions have given Cat Game two furry paws up! 🐾

Cat Game is simple yet highly-addictive! To play, all you need to do is collect different kinds of cute & unique cats and build a home for them. AKA: your very own Cat Tower! You can decorate beautiful homes by creating personalized rooms and unlock cute new cats to fill them with every single day.

Collect normal, gothic, rare, unicorn, siamese, tourist, fluffy, persian, calico, angel cats and so many more! You can even unlock Legendary cats! There’s over 900 you can collect! 💫


● 900+ kawaii kitty cats to collect!
● Watch your animals come to life with cute animations
● Customize and decorate your dream Cat Tower
● Play special events and earn exclusive cats & prizes
● Enter contests to design the most adorable rooms
● Play fun & addictive mini-games to earn coins
● Join a club & play with your friends
● Compete in the leaderboard for exclusive rewards
● Daily missions & contests!
● There’s something new every week!


Create & personalize an adorable cat tower for all of your kitties to live in! You can even turn the tower into a full blown cat hotel! Put your interior design skills and eye for adorable decoration to the test. Play with adorable cat cafe decorations like:

● Plants
● Couches
● Cat toys
● Windows
● Dance floors
● Sandcastles
● Adorable animal furniture
● and more!

You can create different themes and vibes according to your own taste! 70’s, beach, dance club, farm, underwater, or royalty. The possibilities of creating your own kawaii animal world are endless if you use your imagination!


Cat Game is the perfect animal game simulator to play with friends! Collaborate with friendly paws by creating shared spaces with your friends. You can even enter contests where you compete by designing the best cat room!
You can even play with cat lovers across the world! Cat Game is the perfect way to make new furry friends and socialize in new clubs!

Enter regular events throughout the year where you can earn unique rare cats and special prizes! Unlock new challenging levels by playing mini-games!

Participate in non-stop cat-themed games like:
● Tetris
● Bubble Pop
● Spin the Basket
● And more!


Millions of kitty cat animal lovers play Cat Game for a reason! Cat Game is perfect for kids, crazy cat fanatics, kawaii enthusiasts, cute app lovers, and anyone who wants to pass the time in an adorable furry way! It’s a virtual cat cafe in your pocket! You’ll never want to stop playing.

Your future kitties are waiting for you now! Put your paws to work, play with friends & clubs, and get the cutest kitty game, Cat Game today for free!


• Improves lagginess in main screens


40 comentarios en "Cat Game – The Cats Collector! MODDED 2022"

  1. The game is fun, but there are some issues. Often (like 75% of the time) when I click the extra free spin button after opening a basket, the ad will play all the way through and then glitch right at the end and not transition back to the basket. Then I have to restart the game and I lose my extra free spin. Not the end of the world, but kinda sucks when you’ve just waited 6 hours for a basket to finish and have to do it all over again without that extra spin.

  2. Noe dice:

    i play in a competitive club, and this is one of my favourite games. the cats are adorable and there’s always new stuff being added. it’s synced with google play so i like that i can swap devices if needed, and i love the art style and the way it works. things are becoming entirely original again, and from what’s supposedly planned, i think the game is only getting better. just please don’t be money hungry, mino. you’ve got an amazing thing. don’t kill off your customers

  3. Addicting in the best way! My kids talked me into playing this so we could play together and now I can’t stop playing it. The graphics are adorable and I love the Tetris-like mini game. All the mini games are fun and it’s always exciting to see the next adorable cats and themes they add. It’s a game where you get to be creative and keep the mind busy while always working towards goals. I think it’s an all ages, great for the family good time!

  4. J Helmer dice:

    Very fun, relaxed game which is what you would expect from a cat game. Lots of great art and always new content. I love it. The option for watching ads in return for rewards is the only frustrating thing because the ads crash the game most of the time so you don’t get the extra reward.

  5. Overall really fun and great collecting game. My only problem is that you have to watch an ad to respin, in case you want a different outcome, and it’s fifty fifty if I go back to the game or a black screen. Sometimes the ads just make the game crash which is really annoying cause the rest of the game runs well.

  6. Jimmy dice:

    The game is amazing, the cats are amazing, and the animations are crazy good but most of the time when I’m given the option to have an extra spin I do it and it just crashes the game. It is just so annoying but I can’t do anything about it but wait like 50 minutes to spin a basket again, so please fix this!

  7. Fun concept to collect cute cats. although It’s mostly just a time waster. There is no real goal to collect cats like they don’t do much except help u collect more. I don’t love games where they use ads to boost your progress. Basically makes u feel like if u don’t watch ads it hurts yourself. If u want to pay to remove that it’s 10 dollars a month which is steep. It also has watching an ad as a daily mission. It also shoves their in app purchases at you. Can’t even complete the first room

  8. Great game but you should make the cats easier to get as we are able to stack up on the wooden logs and other things providing us with well over enough for furniture upgrades but have like a 1 in a zillion chance to get the cats. It makes the game less fun to play by making the cats a 26 to 45% chance at obtaining in the spins but making the logs and cotton 80-100%. Make the cats a 50-70% in the spins, like most other games or i am uninstalling.

  9. It’s an amazing game. Ive been playing it for a little over a year now and the Community is amazing. But I do have 1 problem. When I click ‘extra spin’ and I watch the add. The screen just goes back and no matter how long I wait for, it just stays back and I can’t do anything but log out and log back in and I don’t get the extra spin, even after watching the add. If this problem is fixed, Ill definitely give it 5 stars.

  10. I really loved the game, the designs and animations are adorable and the game play is fun. But it feels like every time I watch a stupid ad to get a free spin or up my daily coin count, it crashes the game and it’s so frustrating that I literally just uninstalled it. Maybe if they fix their ad nonsense, I’ll go back to playing. But as it stands right now, I’d rather play Mochi Cats, which is also a super fun cat game and they give tons of rewards for watching ads that don’t crash the game.

  11. Ika Roosa dice:

    It’s a super cute game and I WANT to like it BUT. It’s pretty much required to spend tons of money to make progress at any sort of speed. Earning coins is tedious af, & everything costs so much. Pretty much gotta grind at one of THREE minigames for hours. The “%chance of cat” on premium baskets is b*llshit; it says 51% chance of cat, but really more like 10%. Ads crash the game. At least give us more minigames to choose from, or at least increase the payout!

  12. Layne G dice:

    Well, if the game would open it probably would be fun to play… Every time I try to open it it attempts to load one of my old accounts, which wouldn’t be that bad, if it actually loaded. It just says “restart game to load data” so I do and it proceeds to crash every time. I have good memories of playing this game but I can’t play it now and it’s frustrating and honestly disappointed I re-installed after a year and this problem still hasn’t been fixed. Disappointing really.

  13. This game is fun and addicting but the ads for extra coins or spins doesn’t work most the time. The ads crash the game and you have to restart the app… Doesn’t matter how good my data or wifi connection is. This has been a problem for well over a year. I’ve sent feedback about it numerous times and no improvement. I barely play now because of it. Update: When you contact support, they tell you, “I’m very sorry that this is still an ongoing issue…”

  14. This is overall a delightful game to play! It has a fun mechanic that is diverse enough to keep you playing for a while. It’s a fun game that is easy to take a break from when you need to while you wait for deliveries. Adorable style and cute animations! Just stay away from the dramatic and slightly toxic chat and the experience is fun and cute.

  15. Don’t get me wrong, this game is super fun and especially good to play when you don’t have much time to play games because the game is time based. However, the amount of times I would watch an ad to get an extra spin on my basket then the game would crash is insane. It’s especially annoying when you have a basket that takes more that 8 hours to deliver and you don’t get a cat and kinda need the extra spin.

  16. Ter W. dice:

    The game itself is super cute. My frustration is with the ads. The ads are optional for additional coins/spins, which I want, but the ads don’t complete so I get nothing, AND it freezes the game. Usually it’s a Puzzles & Survival ad that freezes but there are others. It’s really annoying.

  17. It is an adorable game! It’s so cute and you can collect all these cute cats and all the furniture! But I feel like there needs to be more to do. Like just feeding our cats and earning new ones to do it all over again. Playing mini games that I can play by installing apps that are that game. We need more to do! I was thinking maybe you could make your character and interact with your cats. Or maybe your cats ask you to go fetch them a flower for a gift or things like that! It’s adorable though.

  18. I like this game but it’s so frustrating the amount of coins I’ve spent for an extra spin and of course the ad freezes and I have to restart the game. Funny that the ad in the daily challenges never has that problem. Seeing the reviews below, it seems like many have this problem and it really needs to be fixed.

  19. I think the game is nice, cute cats, great designs and most of the events are fun. My biggest issue is with certain ads, specifically the ones that start with pac-man. Half of the time the ad causes my game to crash and forces me to lose the stuff I was supposed to get. The other half of the time the ad just freezes and doesn’t work properly, forcing me to close out the game, which takes a long time as it causes everything to be super laggy. Again, great game, but terrible ads.

  20. Edited to emphasize that I’ve already contacted support and still nothing has been done! I love the gameplay and the events. The art and animations are cute! BUT I cannot get the chat to work. When I click on the text box to type, it disappears & my message can never post. Support went back and forth with me only to say there’s a glitch on my device. And it hasn’t been fixed for 2 months or so. We have tried everything!

  21. I absolutely love this game, I just wish it wasn’t so laggy sometimes. It’s fine if I play for about 30 minutes or so, but slowly my frames start going slower and slower until the game crashes eventually. I’m still giving it 5 stars because of the design, the positive chat, animations, and cutscenes. Only thing is that I wish there were more dialogue cutscenes from the cats.

  22. Rocket dice:

    I have been playing this game for a couple of years now, and it’s cute, I love all the events and the floors you can unlock. I do wish something OTHER than poppy cats was the event game once in a while, cuz that’s the worst mini game in my opinion, but overall I do like the game. HOWEVER, the CONSTANT, and I mean every time you switch from the main page to the shop- or the crafting page- or any page, you get multiple pop ups to buy the “sale” pack for $$. This is the most obnoxious thing.

  23. Kiwi :3 dice:

    This game is super fun! However, I have a few complaints starting off with the ads, the ads are fine, however, I cannot get another spin 1 more time because the game crashes whenever I watch an ad, this has happened 4 times now, 2nd complaint, the chances of getting a cat. The chances of getting a cat are soooo low! Way too low might I add, I’m level 20, but it’s already a 6% chance to get a cat, please make it higher, or something, but besides those complaints, cat game is a decently good game.

  24. My game has been pretty buggy for a while now. It’ll freeze and I have to restart it loosing my game points, it takes way too long to open now, and everything you click on has to be clicked about ten times before it registers. And now there’s so many ads. As soon as I’m about to get my coins after a mini game there’s an unskipable ad. I’m getting real close to deleting this game.

  25. I installed the game and it kept telling me to restart it. so I would get off and go on again. by the time it started working, I thought everything was playing through normally but after choosing the beginning cat, it kept glitching. It wouldn’t tell me what to do or anything, and it would stop working. whenever I get off of the app and go back on it starts back at the very beginning sequence of choosing which cat you want and then the whole cycle repeats. I really wanna play this game

  26. Akarra B dice:

    Cute and fun game. Love all of the little features like the mini games and the events that are always going on. Overall a good game if you need to kill time. Aww something else I love are the showrooms where you get to show off your coolest cats and items. I also like how you can like other people’s showrooms. Overall fun and interesting game and definitely recommend to anyone.

  27. I enjoy this game but I am knocking two stars off for two separate issues (and will restore them once the issues are adequately resolved). First, VIP does NOT stop ads. It says it stops minigame ads, but there aren’t any ads there anyways. You still have them after the free spins for cats. Thus, the second issue– the game freezes and crashes after the free spin ads, using up your spin and giving no reward. For $10 a month, I should not have to see any ads…….

  28. The game is pretty fun at first with cats being easy to get and cute and items being easy to make, but if your looking to just collect cats this might not be the game for you, events happen alot that are too short to get all the cats unless you grind all day and then another event is sprung onto you and you have to grind again. In the later game, cats are extremly hard to get without decorating the rooms which takes forever to make a single item to make the furniture you want.

  29. So the game has a lot of cats, like a lot of cats. My collectathon itch is triggered and the game appeals to me. Unfortunately the game is very ad heavy, the daily quest to watch an ad for 500 coins is fine, that ad is over an done with. The ads after a round of Matchy Cats are fine too. Then the problem appears, when you spin to get a chance for a new cat you will be prompted to watch an ad to spin again. The game has a 50/50 chance to crash. Other Ads work fine, not sure why this happens

  30. The game is super fun! I’ve enjoyed it for about 3 years now. Main thing that bothers me is that the game is sometimes so laggy its unplayable, despite trying to clear the cache, clear some storage on my phone, and lowering the graphics settings. I took a break from the game as I got a bit burnt out but when I came back it had updated quite a bit and I’m excited to play again!

  31. I love the art and animations in this game! And they are always coming out with new cats. And there is no ads unless you get a second of anything. But the ads crash the game. I cannot spin the wheels twice without the game crashing. This is why i changed to 4 stars. I would like if chances of getting a new cat was higher. That is all! ☆

  32. I would love to love this game, but after a couple days, I experienced too many issues. The main ones were a black screen along with frozen phone after watching an ad for rewards. The other is the lag when trying to pick stuff. Caused me to buy things I did not intend to. Really cute game though.

  33. Not a bad time killer. Ads constantly crash the game though, so extra spins don’t really do what they should. Game scales pretty aggressively after the midway point, making it harder to keep up with the costs of feeding your cats to advance the floors. Not a bad time killer though. If you’ve got money to buy the packs might be less of an issue than it is for me.

  34. I absolutely love this game. It’s really simple to play, not complicated at all. The cat characters are really cute and the animations along with them are very funny!The mini games you can play inside the game are really fun and I’m definitely addicted to them. In my personal experience with this game I didn’t have a problem with ads:they didn’t crash the game or interrupt the gameplay withour warning like some other games. I’d always watch ads by choice.The game is just overall great to play.

  35. The cute graphics and little mini games kept me playing for a while, but this game is HORRIFICALLY monetized. You of course don’t have to pay to play, but there are pop ups asking you to buy a pack constantly, the VERY FIRST ROOM can’t be completed without spending money, and there are unsolicited ads in the middle of games from time to time. Just not worth purchases being shoved in my face all the time.

  36. I love the game. Super cute and fun to play but there seems to be an issue with a few things that need some work. Displaying ads of any sort always gives me an error, whether it’s for daily coins, extra spins, extra coins on login from cat finds, etc. And I can’t seem to receive any of the special cats that are supposed to go to your inbox during events. I really wish these issues were fixable. Aside from that, great game!

  37. While the game is very cute and a good way to pass the time, the more I play, the more I find that I dislike. First, the good: the overall art style is very cute! I enjoy being able to collect both cats and decorations, and the fact that they offer minigames is a great touch; it keeps you playing the game while you’re waiting on timers. The community also seems very nice, and I enjoy the club and hearts system. And now, the bad: there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the graphics anymore, and as a result they’re quite blurry unless a cat is actually doing its animation. It ends up being quite distracting and taking away from the cuteness. Every purchase being $10 (including the monthly subscription!) is quite steep, enough to turn off a lot of players, I think. New players are punished in certain ways: you can only join a Club once you hit level 10, but if you do that while an event is going on, you can’t get Club event prizes. And a huge issue? They don’t let you get the daily reward without spending real money *every day*! Overall: great potential, but still has a lot of room for improvement.

  38. Absolutely love this, I’m so addicted, been playing for about a year or so. But lately whenever I log in and try to get the extra coins by watching an ad, I either can’t close the ad once it’s finished or I’m able to, but my screen turns black and the game freezes. I have to try multiple times to get the extra coins. Please fix this. It’s mildly infuriating. Thank you for this amazing game though!

  39. I played for a few days and absolutely adored it and was obsessed. The character designs are too cute and even the decorations are fun to collect! However, after a certain level, the game reveals its main objective: Pay to Win. The percentages of receiving items drops tremendously, and every other second something is popping up asking if you want to pay $10 for a pack. It got extremely tedious after a while and the lack of motivation made the fun of it die out quickly. Enjoyed it while it lasted!

  40. Deborah dice:

    I can’t really give a review on the currant game, but I did play it a lot in the past and give that part four stars. However, I eventually wanted to restart, but there was no way to do that. I like that the game saves your progress even when you uninstall it, bit maybe make it so that there are save files or something, or an ‘are sure, are really sure’ reset button that’s easy to find, but very hard to press by accident and says ‘Are you sure you would like to delete your progress’ or something.

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