Farm Zoo Happy Day in Pet City FULL


Animal City, friends! Build pet town with furry neighbors and farm hay every day
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Tending a garden is surely the best way to spend your free time. Live the happy experience of manage your Zoo Farm! Experience the quiet charm of rural life: a beautiful farm with a view to a river awaits you. Move to the happy animal village and become a wild farmer!

Grow a variety of crops on your farm near township: hay, corn, vegetables, flowers, fruits and apples. Harvest delicious crops every day!
Use your harvest to craft dozens of different treats. We’ve got all the recipes you need and the animals will be happy to help you to create it: make butter with the Fox, bread in Rhino’s bakery, ice cream with penguin, lollipop, cookie, birthday cake and much more. Kids love it! Then sell your goods to the townsfolk and friendly neighbors. It’s a great opportunity for business!
Develop your own animal city: help to the little Rabbit and build a new house for her family. Celebrate it and go to the fun party with fashion chickens! Choose the best clothes in Monkey’s studio. Go to the dinner and have some chinese food from chef Panda!

Try the 2018 release from Foranj games, a new farming simulator coming to the USA. Enlist the support of your family and friends, and create your own distribution network, help the development of the city and provides residents with supplies. Create your own farm story and, who knows, maybe it is you who will one day become the mayor of the Zoo Town!

The animal city is what you was looking for! Let’s play!
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- Improved overall stability and performance.
- Several text changes for better communication
- Bucketful of bugs fixed all around
- New factories and recipes! In this update we added 20 new levels!


40 comentarios en "Farm Zoo Happy Day in Pet City FULL"

  1. Really cute game. The only things I don’t like so far is that when you are choosing where to place something it throws in sidewalks and if you decide to change it the sidewalks just stay, you can build over them but you can not actually get rid of them and can still see them between what you put in. Also the demand for pancakes for the house long before you can get the thing to make them in is a bit annoying.

  2. I like the games I wish it didn’t take so long to get more land and it would help if there was a way to get more tools to get rid of rocks trees and bushes that is the 2 problems I am having I was even going to uninstall the app but I am trying to give it more time to see if it gets any better

  3. Been playing Foranji games for a long time and a good time pass. Another great game and fun to play BUT still takes too long to get tools to clear land and to frequently upgrade storage…..same problem with all the games. No problems with adverts as they are short and always pay the gems or you can get free items needed, this is great idea. Would have given a 5 star but need to sort the tool issue better please.

  4. Kale Zuki dice:

    Some cute to very cute graphics / art just like most if not all of your games. Unfortunately froze on me recently but hopeful that this won’t be an issue for others… If you have enough space , time , money , and patience..this is the game for you. If you love furry content / anthro animals , cartoon style , farming related things , ect. then you might enjoy this game.

  5. There seems to be a lot of farm games from different developers, but I think this game is more entertaining to play the characters are sooo cute and everything is in order, and I haven’t run into any type of glitches in game play. There is a more enjoyable game with no pressure on emptying your wallet over extra advances to the game . So far I am keeping this one in my desktop. I am already becoming a fan!

  6. I love this game so much that after l lost the one I rated in 1999, it’s like l have lost some thing precious. It’s a game that keeps my mind at one place, this game is someone’s life story in a village, it’s help us to know how to farm, how to caretter for your pulltry and how to export your products. Thanks for this game.

  7. The game still has its glitches. There are 3 concerns for now: 1) Soil plots, buildings, or decorations due to invisible objects can’t be placed in straight line or on empty space? 2) Buildings or decorations can be stored, but can’t be taken out of storage due to lack of options for buildings etc. except for foods,etc.? 3) Numbers of producers like cows, sheeps, etc. are not adding up right, 6 chickens and 6 chairs, but only 5 sheeps, 5 animals? Cleared the data thrice, but issues still there.

  8. Well it’s a nice game, helping animals build the farm and town. Some suggestions tho, how about when you harvest a certain amount of Crops you get a reward like diamonds, money or tools for farm expansion, introducing a neighbourhood, having an achievement board, having a neighbourhood race where each of you in the neighbourhood picks a task, when you achieve it, not only do you get a reward but if your neighbourhood gets to a certain level all of you get an award.

  9. I’ve emailed you people twice about a refund when I purchased gems in the game and used them to open more slots on the machines, when I logged back in all the purchased slots were back to 2 slots ?. So please can I get refunded ?…. I have many other issues as well .. Too many to mention. .. you should take the game down if you can’t refund the money they’ve spent all for nothing!

  10. Very unstable, can’t press for video is always getting stack, more then 10 min. Waiting nothing happened I turn my tablet off and restart! It dosent help , I use YouTube, and it works fine ,sorry I was having lots fun, I even like to see the commercial bye

  11. This game is cute and fun, but it freezes up almost every time I play. I also get pretty frustrated at how difficult it is to expand storage. Therefore I am changing my rating to 3 stars.

  12. Interesting game, but ends at level 50. After working so hard to get 1.5million stars to access level 51, i found out that the game has ended and no level 51. So sad. Please developer activate from level 51 and above. Please.

  13. Cute graphics but it isn’t fun because you don’t give enough material to progress and/ or advance..if you do make progress it’s because you spend the gems or purchase with real $ uninstalling

  14. This game is weird. Its not show me how to use the items that stock in my barn. Every I tap show its aim to where its get. That’s should be “where it’s use” And its asks me to build a residence but says “build a decoration first” But when I already did it. I still can’t build a residence. Whereas it’s its request.

  15. I love to play games like this. I would enjoy it more if there was more coins on the houses when u tap them. And a shorter waiting time on the houses would be nice too. Still a good game other than that.

  16. Loved the game and have had a lot of enjoyment out of it but the further I get in the game, the harder it is to get tools and green gems . If you want to spend real money, you can buy the green gems but i haven’t seen where to get picks, shovels , axes and the likes.

  17. Overall, it’s a good game. Having to wait 24hrs for goods to renew at the market is ridiculous!!! Also incorporating mini games would be nice to while I wait for my goods to be made.

  18. A beautiful game. So exited with this. Animals in a town really cool. Good graphics like TOWNSHIP. I really like this. I am a great fan of games like township it is really beautiful. What a creation. So beautiful and So educative . All of you must download township games. A growing town in Animal world

  19. i love it!! its offline and very cute graphic but it so hard to earn money.. i wish i can earn a lot of money and i wish the price will be cheaper.

  20. Very nice game,but if we can see the delivery trucks and follow them to their destination it will be more awesome please.I know that this is a cartoon game but surely you can make more than this,I thank you

  21. It’s a good game but you need to fix Facebook login if not I will have to delete because I want to be able to save my progress this is why I deleted the game before

  22. Place a building and instantly there’s sidewalk, which they should let you decide where you want it. Don’t know when the chickens need to be feed either.

  23. This is a great game for working with animals it has all you need from growing the crops too turning the crops into the animal food you can’t go wrong. 😎😚😎😘

  24. Every time you play the game, you have to restart your phone otherwise all the buildings etc are just black blocks.

  25. J B dice:

    so far besides it freezing on me mid play 😡 its a fair game. You can buy items altho it is doable to not spend if one chooses not to.

  26. What a beautiful farm game!, I never seen this game before. I can’t stop rate this game ! Everthing is perfect ! I have no problem about this game!😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊😉😉😉😉😉😉👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 PERFECT!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  27. Kerrey dice:

    Good graphics , hard to acquire money for buildings , long wait times but fun in general !!

  28. I think it’s a cute game but I have to start over, unfortunately. I played this game some time ago, and I thought it was adorable. Hope to see more new items in the near future.

  29. I would give this game five stars but the freezes at times! Also it doesn’t pay enough coins…

  30. I’m enjoying it. It’s a little slow, would like it more if you could expand the storage easier.

  31. This game is has one disadvantage you can see only one time video for every use like cheese,wheat,,,etc ..but It’s a fantastic game I love this game😄😄😄😊😊

  32. Its very interesting and u can spend ur leisure time by playing this game. U can also make cute friends and u can develop ur farm as u want. 👌

  33. ths game is nice but to make a storage bigger it was to long also the timing fo r cooked pies &etc the time take to long if you wont to make the time more short i willuninstall ths game

  34. it has a great twist i love the rollerskating cows and dancing chickens. And they eat Chinese instead of feed!!

  35. I luv d game but it takes pretty long to advance to another level…..the money and diamonds comes in too slow…..please help…..

  36. It’s a very fun game and I would give 5 stars if I could connect my game to my Facebook! That’s the only downfall I can say!

  37. The extensions could be cheaper and less difficult as this makes the game slightly boring

  38. It is amazing game. I really love it but when I am on 25th level I had by mistakenly uninstalled it but now I am again playing this game now I am on 11th level.i love it very much

  39. Game is not as good as New Year Farm. Need to buy emeralds for crops. Unistalling after 2 days of play.

  40. This is so cute. I’m really enjoying it. Very easy to learn and I love the animals. The time goes by so quickly. Job well done 🥰

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