Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets 2022


Color, clean and care for adorable little pets!
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Color, clean and care for adorable little pets!

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets are adorable, colorable and washable pets that kids can customize again and again! Fun and colorful activities like washing, coloring, and feeding encourage empathy as kids care for their pets. Interactive play sets spark kids imaginations and invite exploration.

With 32 pets to collect, kids can enjoy hours of creative play – for free! No ads, no in app purchases, and no personal data collected.


The Scribble Scrubbie pets are getting ready to celebrate!
- spooky decorations
- bug fixes and optimizations


40 comentarios en "Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets 2022"

  1. My toddler likes this game and I don’t have to worry about accidental purchases. The only thing that bugs me about it is how easily she backs out all the time of whatever she was doing losing all progress. Like when she finishes caring for a pet or painting them she hits ‘back’ instead of ‘forward’ so she doesn’t get credit or the appearance doesn’t change.

  2. VACLOD dice:

    Not very happy, every time I color a pet or something the colors don’t work. I have to go back into the app and color again, and sometimes when I’m coloring my pet It stops me from coloring. It makes me a little stressed. But I would really love it if you added a bigger eraser so it doesn’t take us forever to erase something, same with the markers and textures please. Very great that there isn’t any ads. 💖 And no hate, I don’t want to be rude with my review 💖

  3. Great, except for a few minor things. 1. Please make the cursor bigger for the pattern roller, to make it easier for me to use. 2. Please also make it easier for me to increase my pets’ happiness meters. Day 2 of me playing this, and it’s already getting more difficult. Even with me playing with them, showering them and feeding them the desired treats! Please do these things, as well as more pattern options, and I will rate it 5 stars.

  4. Hello I like this game it has no ads very free and all but I have a issue it says they’re hungry but when I feed them they don’t show what they want and just kinda look around and then when I exit the exit button disappears so please fix this bug for now I’m deleting it but I would be very happy if you fix the bug Thank you! ☺️

  5. Eric c dice:

    Good if it works. We have been trying to unlock pets with the barcodes and they say unlocked but they are not. Or the barcodes come up as invalid even though the pets are in the game to be unlocked. Would be nice when we buy them that it would work as they say it will

  6. Jimmie V dice:

    Great game! I love it that you can colour them! Here are some good suggestions for the game: I think it should have a penguin in the ocean pets. 5 stars now there’s a new pet section artic adventure and added the penguin just how I like it. It’s an amazing game!

  7. Alice on dice:

    When we are washing, feeding or colouring pets, sometimes the back button disappears and we get stuck and have to close the game and start again.

  8. Bad, Thats all I can discribe this game my little girl was so sad because you have to buy the product just to play the game. She said the app was free and it was but she could not play it. She through a big tantrum because . . . I told her she could have this app like all of her friends. I sadly I had a long day because of this app. I advise you to stay a way from this app. So you don’t have issues like I did. Or spend 30 to 40 dollers on a little toy that the’ll like for a week you choose.

  9. Stacy S dice:

    The only Crayola game that is really free. Love it fun and easy my 3 yr loves it. Love they keep adding animals and stuff to do don’t have to buy stuff just play which is a big plus for me and no ads if any its for another Crayola game

  10. It is a very good game and I think it has no ads for the time I have been playing the game there were no ads which is good because how likes ads nobody should like ads. You need this game it’s so fun.

  11. My daughter loves this game but it keeps taking her pets and have to start over again. It’s really annoying. Would rate it five other wise it takes forever to get all those pets again.

  12. It’s a really fun game but to me after a little while it gets a little boaring my favorite part is that you can spam the food button if you really like simple games then this is the game for you

  13. 5 stars i like it its soooo free i like the pets you can decorate them too its the funnest and not in-app purchases ! This game is the best i would rate it out of 100000000 million stars out of 5 stars i love this game !

  14. Not a lot of adds has lots of different types of animals colors variety of things to do great game to play for something that you need to pass time it’s portable you can take on your phone it’s on every device except for Nintendo and game consoles overall I just think it’s amazing I’ve had this game before and I’m redownloading it today and I’m going to see if there’s any new you know pets and stuff but there has been people saying that there is e ultra rare giraffe that you can get but I’m not

  15. I love this app but maybe make a 3d marker that’s big but this is still a good app I have some of them in real life I have Ollie in the game and in real life plzz go check out there toys!!

  16. My children love this game BUT we are having an issue with the animals that have been unlocked on my daughters tablet have become locked again and idk how to get them back.. Please help!!

  17. although this app is really creative and fun , i have noticed how it keeps logging me off as im playing ! please try and fix this as its geiing fairley annoying.

  18. Angel Cat dice:

    I love the game. It’s so fun to get more pets and create new patterns. And take care of them too! But I wish there were more options to create your pet. You should add more tools and I hate how it randomly takes the picture and makes a random pattern! You should add dress up too. And more ways to take care of the pet. You should make an online option to play with friends or strangers! Do more places to go please! Thats all. It’s a pretty okay game.

  19. I would LOVE this game, but it will no longer allow me to select a second color or a different tool when designing the pets. It’s really weird and seems totally fixable… it sounds like a lot of people are having strange glitches. I’ve tried reloading the app, checking for updates, and even restarting my phone. If the app is incapable of it’s core purpose, it doesn’t deserve a good rating.

  20. I love this game and I love the pets but sometimes it dosent let me level up to earn other pets. can you fix it please.

  21. Well its a really good game. Even though there are some bugs, it dont really bother me. Nice and fun game. I enjoy it.

  22. I really like it, you get to design your pet and reset and get new pets, the promblem is that sometimes the drawing machine glitches, and i have to reset the game, wich deletes all my drawing progess on some of the animals, and when im done drawing, the color is not what i expect it to be, i wanted it spots and it is but, sometimes the drawing is like this: My mind of what i wnat to draw: ♡◇♡ What actually appears: *the heart is half ♡| and the diamond is [ ◇♡◇ ] It appears randomly

  23. My phone can’t watch the trailer video, but the marker hovering over the pet on the cover suggested to me that I would have great control over the design, which is sadly not the case. Instead of drawing directly on the pet, it has you draw on a page, which prevents you from having fine control; you can’t put hearts right on the nose like the cover. I can’t be too harsh tho; I’m way older than the target demographic presumably. And I’d feel bad if I marked it down simply because it wasn’t for me.

  24. I can’t watch the Washimals videos, cause it’s too loading for 10 minutes or more. This is bad videos on loading ever. Please fix it.

  25. This game is great it has adorable pets but one problem on the concerned of is I cant color the skin of the pet can you please fix it .

  26. This app has the best game these pets are so cute ❤❤ crayola scribble scribble pets are the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen when I got this game when I got the first one it was so cute 💖💖the revels are cute when I taped it it was just so cute little thing I was just going to cry 😭

  27. This game is so fun! There is so much to do, and I’m 11 and I haven’t gotten bored yet. I might get bored soon though, so some suggestions are to add an AR mode ( so the pets can be real ), add a place where you can save your designs on a pet so you can use them later, more minigames, and more pets. This game is PAWsome though! So fun! I reccomend for all ages.

  28. Incredibly frustrating to draw on the creatures. You don’t get to actually do any details, no fill tool for specific parts of the animals and their unique features, you simply have to draw on one little square and it unevenly applies it to the model. On the plus side there is no advertisments and in app purchases but what is advertised to be the main feature is incredibly frustrating for not only my child but for me aswell. Please add better drawing & customization options.

  29. The game is great and my kids love it. Great that it’s ad free, but there seems to be a glitch that isn’t allowing the dinosaurs to unlock. All the other pets unlock with playing and now it just upgrades the pets we have instead of getting the dinosaurs. My kids are getting mad about it. If we have to pay for them it defeats the purpose this game had for us.

  30. This is a truly adorable idea, but the game seems to save at random and rewind what someone has colored, every few seconds. A simple design requires upwards of ten recolors, as the paint square reverts back to several paint colors and paint strokes ago, while placing random color splotches everywhere. If your kid or you really has an image in mind, the game won’t let you have enough control to create it, and will only provide frustration. The pets are cute and I was pleased with the legals.

  31. I’m an 8 year old and I love this game. I like the roleplay and animals we can make, but then when you play for a minuite or two, it gets boring. But that’s not a worry, the game is still amazing, I have no problems! The game is fun, the game isn’t scary at ALL, and this is not a cooking game. It is good for little children like me or smaller than my age! I love how we can customize the pets, and I love the cute animals and I like the activities we can do! We can add more pets! It’s adorable! 😀

  32. Its a good game, but theres 2 glitches that seem fixable. They keep happening after i paint one pet. The first glitch is that after i picked a color it doesnt let me change the marker to anything else just a blue marker. The second glitch is that whenever i pick a color it doesnt paint the pet! So each time it does this i have to close the app and open it again which is very annoying. Overall, this is a good game, i will rate it 5 stars if you fixed these annoying glitches.

  33. I love the game!♡ every once in a while there is a glitch where you can’t change the base color or you can’t get points, but its easy to fix by getting out of the game and getting back in. Overall, amazing game! Only thing I want to add is putting where you can choose where you want to draw.

  34. I do think this is a good game is good to my suprise but there is one thing that bugs me. When i get a new pet and it brings me to the spot i decarate it, it takes forever to load so i have to go out and in, a few times to refresh it and then it works. Not the best for me but i do recomend it for everyone, please try to fix it but still you should get the game please keep up the good work! (:

  35. I got this game for my son 3 yrs old for occasional playing. He calls it his puppies and loves it. There are simple mini games built into where they live. It’s easy to wash them and design again. He loves the creative freedom. Thanks for a simple and fun game for little people. On a side note, I tried it first and it’s fun even for mom.

  36. Kai Di dice:

    Super cute! Dozens of little Scribble Scrubbie animals COME TO LIFE and make cute noises. Many fun minigames–feed pet, visit vet, ROLLER COASTER (3 lives), color pet w/ different markers/brushes and stamps, keep it colored & it will walk around thru different environments to navigate through: winter, tropical, etc. Wash pet to color again! Games easy enough for 3-4yr old, with enough creativity, animation and cute noises to also satisfy older ages! Win new scrubbies as play minigame activities.

  37. I LOVE IT!!!! It’s so good that you can design your own pet, take them to the beach, the rainbow fountane and the water! And you can even wach vidoes and move the pet that you designed! I also LOVE that whenever you do something good, or when you discover something new you win hearts and then you get a new pet with it! I like to use ALL the mateirls to design my pet! I mostly use the glow color! I take my pets to eat all the time! So please on your next update, can you make more cool places????

  38. I cannot give this game enough stars! Firstly no ads which should be a requirement in kids games but isn’t! My daughter loves getting and colouring new pets. We’ve had this game for MONTHS and everyday she seems to learn something new in the background is interactive. This morning she was in hysterics that she could put her pet down the hole for a solid 20 minutes. Thankyou for giving me a 20 minute sleep in every morning 💜💜💜

  39. Amazing but there is a glitch you do quests (I guess you could call it that)and you stop getting closer to getting the next animal your XP (I guess that’s how to call it) doesn’t go higher and you have to close the game and open it again. Now I found a glitch where the same thing happens but when I tried to close and open the game it didn’t work. I think I have to uninstall the game and install it again I hope it saved my progress🙁 I now tried to do the quests it didn’t work. Please fix this 😊

  40. Joe R dice:

    My kids have been playing this app for several months. No in app purchases. They say no ads which there isn’t any pop up or weird videos but they do have Crayola ads in certain parts. You can simply avoid those. Overall safe and easy and great for young kids

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