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Pursue your interests with people who share them, both online and in person. With over 60 million members, Meetup helps you build a career network, discover a tech community, create a personal brand, make time for your hobbies, and meet friends who share similar interests.

Easily meet people you know you’ll get along with and create groups of friends that will be as excited as you to embrace your hobbies, participate in online or local events or engage in discussions. Download the Meetup app and host your own events or join one of the 100,000 Meetup events with new people happening every week.

Discover local and online events

👥 Meet new people and get matched with over 330,000 groups and friends based on your network of interests, from tech conferences to free yoga and everything in-between
🗺 Explore online or local events by category, search by keyword, or see what’s popular in your area with a map
👍 Save events you’re interested in and come back to them later. Pick and choose the people and friends you want to meet at all the events that you like
🗣 Have discussions with the people you meet and use direct messaging to stay in touch with your new friends
🎈 Meet people who are interested in the same local or online events, create new groups of friends and expand your online network

Start a group

👋 Host your own events online and in person by creating a group on your favorite topic, and meet friends who wants to participate
👤 Watch your community of friends and network of people grow as your group is recommended to interested people and potential new friends to meet
🗓 Easily personalize and schedule events on-the-go, and manage your group from anywhere
💬 Keep the momentum going between events by sharing photos and using discussions and instant messaging to connect with the people and friends in your group that you are keen to meet

Get in touch with questions or suggestions: [email protected]

In order to recommend Meetup events that are hosted by local groups, we use your device’s precise location (GPS and network-based).


When you've RSVPed to an event, you can now access event chat from your next event card on Home to make it even easier to communicate with the organizer and other attendees!
This release also includes some under-the-hood improvements to keep things running smoothly.

App feedback is always welcome: [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Meetup: Social Groups & Events MODDED 2022"

  1. Super glitchy and frustrating. Updated my photo 2 weeks ago and while it shows accurately on the web version of meetup, the mobile app doesn’t reflect the change. Also, the button for profile/settings is now invisible, although still responsive if you click the upper right corner from the homescreen. Lastly, messages I send often don’t actually go through.

  2. I’ve met great people on here and planned really fun events in spite of the terrible user experience and deeply flawed and inconsistent tech. It’s like reaching back into a buggy app from 2012 to connect with people in the future. It works, but I really wish I didn’t have to time travel to make it happen!

  3. The app is decent, although crashes are semi frequent. The biggest issue I have is that uploading photos is extremely slow, and fails frequently. Like, over 50%of the time. The messaging within a group is sporadic, and is often delayed by hours. Still, it is mostly functional, and people do find our events eventually.

  4. I’m very unhappy with how the app is pushing ads now. I tapped on a notification for a new event, and before I could see the event it popped something on the screen. I guess I pressed the wrong thing, because it then wanted to open my web browser. The worst part is that opening the app again just made it ask to open my browser again, I couldn’t get to the event I opened the app to see.

  5. Cary Lee dice:

    I cannot open events. It started with one group a few weeks ago and now it is for every group. I can open the group but not a specific event on that same group. It gives me this message: “hmm… there’s no one here That page doesn’t exist or might have been deleted. Search other event” I know for a fact that that specific events are on. It’s frustrating. I updated the app, uninstalled – installed, refresh the app…no permanent fix only temporary – one time then back to the message

  6. Meetup keeps finding ways to reduce it’s functionality. Search function keeps getting worse, hard to filter out the things you actually want to know about, they constantly pester you with ads, if you sign up for an event they bother you to review the event. Now they say you have messages when you don’t, so real messages are hard to notice. Every message that is on a group you belong to, now looks you like you have a personal message when you don’t.They don’t put a link when saving to calendar.

  7. Crashing. It can’t seem to process quick enough and if I push buttons too quickly to get to where I need to be, I get kicked out. Also won’t let me delete old accounts, just keeps saying “there was an error deactivating your account” even after I changed my password. I’d like to start fresh since I’m 8 years older now and living in a different state rather than delete everything one piece at a time. I have no computer with wifi for better functionality after the hurricane so I can’t use meet-up.

  8. App is temperamental. Latest issue is its not updating rsvps as soon as changes are made. Also, notifications are delayed much longer than in the past- or not sent at all. Unable to tell which button to push to change an rsvp from going to not going as wrong button appears highlighted and you can’t change it until about 3 attempts. Explore function is pretty unfriendly as it doesn’t allow you to search upcoming events for a specified time for only groups for which you are a member.

  9. Meetup has so far been a very good way to build friendships and communities. However, I’m concerned by the way the app is going. Meetup has made “Explore” the default tab instead of “Home” and has been aggressively pushing it in ways that remind me of Microsoft’s tactics. The app has got more pushy with “Let’s keep it going!” reminders and pushing Meetups to me from groups that I’m not part of, even in the “Home” tab. I sense that these changes are being made for profit making reasons.

  10. I’d love to give this more stars. But I have a group favorited for when I happen to be in the area. (I’m 2 states away.) I disabled all push notifications for that group but I’m still getting notifications from them. This is really frustrating when I do want to hear about local groups that get drowned out for a group I only visit on vacation. Otherwise the app is useful and helpful.

  11. I’ve been using this app to create events for over a year now. And I’m not really happy for the price. This app costs more than most subscriptions to high end online games, but offers minimal/rudimentary control over what is basically a webpage. No ability to create or give members “ranks” which would help drastically in organizing events. The Mobile version doesnt have near the options that the web version has. I’m just seriously unimpressed. As soon as something else comes along I will change.

  12. Terrible experience with this app. Very buggy. Often takes forever to load or won’t load at all. Several times now I have tried to send a message, and it doesn’t work. I get an error message “message can’t be sent”. I retry, and it still won’t send. Also can’t post in event chat. Very frustrating.

  13. I’d rather use the website. I see no advantage to the app. Also, I was looking at an interesting old comment conversation between me and another member of a group. I was trying to expand the text when up popped a Delete option (with no other options) that I accidentally hit. I barely saw it. Instantly both sides of the convo disappeared. No confirmation step, and no option to undo. Shouldn’t have been able to do this. Very disappointing. If website is the same, then they’re both poorly designed.

  14. I don’t get notifications when I get a new message or when my comments are replied to, just a zillion emails. Also, the DM function keeps flipping in and out. I’ll type up stuff and the send button will be greyed out, and it will flip back and forth while I type. Very frustrating when I need to message someone, or when you’ve typed out a whole sentence and have to start again because the app doesn’t like the text.

  15. Holliros dice:

    Definitely not liking the version of this Meet-up App. I like when I was able to view the full calendar not limited to only my groups. Also, I could never change my going or not going selection. The app isn’t terrible but sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone. Updating: I agree with a lot of the other replies I’m reading. Also, this is messy to navigate. There are so many dates and events, no calendar, so missing out on events is easy. Should delete old dates, that’s not being done.

  16. While the app was never a five star over the last few months it barely ranks a one star. Lately the notification button has failed to update, and the entire app has become increasingly”clunky”. The ability to instantly communicate with attendees is something that has long been missing, as is an acknowledgement for attendees receiving important information. For example, I had to cancel an event at the last minute due to weather. I had to trust that the message got out.

  17. Meetup itself has been a great experience, helping to bring people together and building community. But the Android app has always been awful, and it’s just gotten worse over the years. It’s now extremely sluggish and fails to load even basic screens like user profiles, events, etc. The UI/UX leaves a lot to be desired as well.

  18. I enjoy the access to like-minded people. I would give the App a 5-Star rating if some of the search options allowed you to filter by Date/Location/etc. I have a difficult time finding local meetups – whenever I search something like, say, a ‘Book Club’ and set it for my location, it shows me meetup groups that are from other parts of the state and it doesn’t organize them based on date which is a real bummer! It would be great if that feature could be added! Thanks!

  19. v TV dice:

    I’m on a Galaxy s20. I get notifications but every time I click on the alert (or just go into the app to look at them), there’s a white screen with a message at the bottom that reads: “Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again.” Refreshing the page doesn’t do anything. I have to use the website on a computer to see my notifications. Or I can manually go looking for comments on events and alerts to upcoming events. This makes the app useless imo.

  20. Constructive criticism here. I think the idea and intention of meetup is great, but the navigation of the app and the searches are poor. Searching for groups or meetups should be easy to navigate between and not so limited to a certain town which needs to be changed per search and should be done by a broader better keyword search. Your main location should be part of your profile to see what’s going on near you in a section of the home page, but explore searches should be constantly adjustable within the search with more criteria options such as a drop down menu at the top with keyword search, exploration area, distance from, automatic extended broader search for nearby areas outside of original search, be able to choose – looking for – groups or meetups, etc without having to back out from the search completely to change anything. Instead it makes everything complicated by doing a narrow search and you have to back out of the search to tweak anything

  21. New Bug since last update. Can’t see member profile information or their profile photos. All I can see on the event, when you look at the attendee list, just the little icon showing their pic. Looks like it happened in the last update. I can’t add comments to photos, not even my own. There’s quite a delay between the web version and the app or it doesn’t work at all. Organizers have to pay to list a group. U have enough $ to make it 💯. Needs to be fixed. Hey Devs, are you listening? Pixel XL

  22. During the signup process, I couldn’t even select and get more information about the groups it mentioned to me, even though it was acting like I had tapped them. And after I selected a profile picture, it then took me back to edit my profile and my picture choice was removed. It seems like there are a few critical bugs in this application’s user interface.

  23. Great concept, but the app itself doesn’t work consistently. doesn’t always save events to my calendar. doesn’t always work when I’m confirming a spot or saving an event. lots of times I get an error message or retry message. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled so many times. Now I’m getting scammers contacting me through the app.

  24. I’ve used this off and on for years with pretty consistent issues. To be fair, I’ll review off its current state. 1. The app fails to load until you give up and close it at random times on seemingly random pages and pics. 2. The app messaging feature fails on the receiver’s end consistently, but since the sender thinks it sent, this causes all sorts of communication and planning consequences. 3. They removed the ability (iirc) that used to allow different pics for different groups.

  25. The app seems bad, and the website is also bad. The concept is good! But the process of selecting interests to filter results by could not be stupider, the profile settings could not be less accessible on the app version, and the results themselves are showing me groups from multiple states away. I’m especially annoyed about the interests part though because they’re somehow both too limited AND labyrinthine. If you won’t let us add our own interests, at least let us browse a complete list?!

  26. It’s better. I tried navigating the explore section and it was a better selection. Some events either don’t have the link or it doesn’t work. I wish there was an option to search events “happening now”. Also, managing notifications is time consuming. I wish there was a way to have a default seeing for each group and choose the category. I’d only want to receive notificationsfor new events. Some events would show the time but I’m a different time zone.

  27. This app has been great for meeting new people in the town. I’ve gone to a couple of gatherings and have had a great time. My biggest problem with the app is how it doesn’t properly open links. For example if I tap a link in a notification for a comment someone left, the app will open the page for the group who’s hosting the event rather than the comment itself.

  28. Total Communication Garbage! This APP is very slow to use, navigation is terrible, has problems loading, can’t delete a conversation thread message if you need to delete, send button is slow and unresponsive sending duplicate messages when double tapped, can’t control what people see in your profile, it’s all or nothing, can’t find groups in zip code, I could go on and on, for shame MeetUp, please go back to the original logo!

  29. Max M dice:

    App is very cluttered and confusing. Too much going on no matter what part of the app you’re using. If it has a filter for distance, I haven’t found it, and, if it doesn’t, the app is pretty useless. I don’t want to look at events located over thirty minutes from where I live. Overall, this is a very unaccommodating app. Even if it serves its purpose, the means of getting there is almost painful. Just use Eventbrite online. It will save a lot of hassle.

  30. This app has malfunctioned for the 2 years I’ve had it on 2 different phones. The search function won’t work, even if you search for the exact name of a group, notifications rarely work unless you’re already inside of the app, and half the time you just get a blank white screen when you open the app. Additionally, there are many basic features that don’t exist within the app and that you must go on the website to access- which I guess is fine, since the app doesn’t work half the time anyway.

  31. Editing this review after using the app for a few minutes, as opposed to the website. The app is effectively useless for me. The search function makes me choose a city and group category, which is far too fine-grained for rural areas. I went through each group category for my city and there were maybe 10 groups total, most of them in one of two categories. This isn’t too surprising, but there’s no way for me to expand my search aside from picking a random city in a different county/region.

  32. It’s a good way to meet people with similar interests. However, notifications can’t be removed, and it seems like they don’t look any different when they have or haven’t been viewed. Also, currently, every time I go to a new screen a dialogue box pops up asking the approve their updated policy. I tap “Accept” almost every time, but it keeps popping up. Either they change their policies way too frequently, or there’s a glitch. I tried contacting support, but they were not helpful.

  33. I depend on Meetup to manage my events. My only issue is that I need to be able to delete people from the app, but I have to log out of the app and then login to the website. Thats ridiculous. My other issue is that it seems that the email function/server fails to send out emails when I want communicate en mass to the entire group. Other than that, I’m pretty well satisfied of Meetup.

  34. While Meetup itself is a great site, the app is atrociously slow. The Notifications tab, in particular, is frustrating because when you tap a notification and then return to the notifications list, it reloads EVERYTHING. A better approach would be to display the ones that had been shown previously, while loading new ones in the background. Similar design flaws plague most parts of this app.

  35. I post classes and go to Meetups. As an organizer, the app is, wonky. I have to go to my laptop a lot because the app functionality is lacking. But I just searched for classes like mine and got no results. I have multiple classes coming up and I know there are similar Meetups but the search function obviously doesn’t work. I tried searching for Meetup groups as well and nothing. There’s no point in having an app if you have to go online to do everything. Disappointing. Online isn’t great either.

  36. I agree with Noemie. I’m on Android and have very similar issues. Can’t send messages/replies to messages, only one of 2 or more events get announced at a time, sometimes when I edit the details of a “copied” event it saves with the info that was part of the original event and not what I changed the details to show. I’ve been running Meetups since 2009 and I’m hesitant to update the app because of these kinds of issues that never get fixed (and other things that work that get taken away).

  37. C dice:

    It’s ok. I’ve gone to a few meetups and have generally had good experiences with them. However, it seems you can’t join an event that has already started, even if it’s online, which doesn’t really make sense. Later, the app timed out when sending a message and sent tons of duplicates on my behalf when it finally reconnected, leading to me being banned. Don’t expect timely assistance from their support in that case.

  38. I absolutely hate the new feature that asks you to confirm that you are attending after you’ve hit the attend button. Developers should change this back to how it was. For the use case of adding guests, let that be dealt with after submission. A sort of edit/modify feature to add guests. This new feature, as is, is detrimental to users who sign up for events that fill up fast, and are time sensitive.

  39. Edit: I quickly got an email from the developers and my issue was resolved within hours. Thanks!! The app logged me out (I stayed signed in on my phone) and won’t let me back in! I know my email address and password are correct because I’m able to sign in from my browser. I just updated the app and it still won’t let me. The screen just blinks when I press submit. Fix this!! Normally I would rate this 5 stars.

  40. Ann M. dice:

    I’m not sure how the interface to the app can get worse. But now you no longer can tell what city an event is taking place. When you first click on the event all you see is the name of the location. Then when you scroll down the only other additional information you get is the street address but no city. 👎👎 Edit: Another issue I have with the interface, when clicking to add the event to your calendar instead of putting the event location into the location on the calendar it’s putting in the meetup event url. That doesn’t help me at all when trying to travel to the location based on what was auto entered into my calendar. Changing from 2 stars to 1 star.

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