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DeviantArt is the largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art. We entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us.

The DeviantArt app offers a variety of exciting, fresh content from digital art, pixel art, anime, and fan art to traditional media of painting, drawing, photography, poetry, and sculpture. Browse endless streams of content, submit your own work, and communicate with the community at any time.

· Share your art – Showcase your art, get feedback, improve your skill, and build an audience.
· Get inspired – Browse a collection of millions of works of art from hundreds of different genres.
· Follow your favorite artists – Connect, follow, and learn from over 55 million talented artists with various mediums and backgrounds.
· Join Groups – Find your community, share art, and connect with people who have similar interests, whether it’s watercolor painting, current events, a favorite video game, or any fandom.
· Chat – Connect with artists and friends, share inspiration, and collaborate on projects.
· Stay up-to-date – See what your friends and fellow artists are up to with a feed of status updates, journals, and polls.


Ability to create and manage gallery folders from mobile app
Ability to submit deviations directly to galleries
Manage and edit favorites folders


40 comentarios en "DeviantArt MODDED 2022"

  1. It’s all right but needs serious improvements for artists. In uploading my photography, I ensured “add watermark” is enabled for each upload. But, when it’s uploaded, that doesn’t happen! It’s only when I go to the website, edit the deviation, set it to show at a certain percentage smaller than the original that I can get the watermark to show. I love the mobile app, it’s very smooth and robust, but as I’m using this to share my photography, it’s definitely a massive weak point.

  2. Hondolor dice:

    It looks polished on the outside but the UI is very frustrating. Scrolling through ART can trigger the next tab with a hair trigger response, and it’s constantly going back to the first page in the art you’re scrolling through. I have yet to figure out how to prevent this. What would otherwise be a nice looking experience it’s made horrible by the constant interruption in you’re trying to scroll through the pages.

  3. I love the site and I used to love the app, but it’s recently become much harder to use. If you’re scrolling through the thumbnails of someone’s gallery and you click on a photo to see it full size, when you go back to the thumbnails, it starts you back at the beginning of the gallery. If you’re instead scrolling through full size images, after about 10 images, it resets to the first image so you have to start again. It’s very frustrating.

  4. Toph P. dice:

    I would like to see 2 changes for this to get 5 stars: 1) Users’ profile pages match what they have on desktop. For example, if they have a panel for a featured submission, and one for a gallery, I’d like to see that on the app instead of a universal default. 2) The default view on the gallery tab be “Featured Gallery” like on desktop. It’s usually a better and more organized overview of the artist’s work. Besides that, there’s a few minor issues that have all been addressed in other reviews.

  5. Leslie F dice:

    EDIT (3/15/22): In light of a recent update, I now see a “Can’t Show Results…they have been hidden on our app because there may be sensitive content lurking within” screen whenever I search for the art of popular characters. I’m an adult who does not want to view NSFW art. Your search function should filter them out. EDIT (9/28/22): My old issue is mostly fixed and I am now able to reorder art within my folders through the app. This is a definite improvement. Thank you!

  6. I don’t know what happened? A few weeks ago, I lost access to Deviantart from my phone. It tries to go to the login screen and just gets stuck on a blank page trying to load the login indefinitely. I can still browse without being logged in, but every time I try to log in it freezes on the same blank page. But weirder than that, I still get notifications on my phone like I’m still logged in? I don’t know. The app is useless if I can’t log in.

  7. LK dice:

    If I could give this app a 0 I would. I am constantly logged out and the app shuts off at random. Gifs don’t work anymore and it crashes whenever I try to submit art. I can’t even click on journals without it crashing. UPDATE 2022: Now usernames and the three dots next to people’s deviantions don’t show up anymore. You can only view them by clicking on the deviantion. I don’t even know who makes what anymore.

  8. Not making an account. Half of the images i click on just to get an idea of how you navigate this, the images immediately go blank. If this’s the case, uninstalled. I don’t like that that’s happening. Why are images showing up blank at all? Is it doing that because i have to log in? If so then, how are people supposed to try this out if they can’t see anything.

  9. I love the app, but whenever I click on someone’s photos in a folder and x out of it, it will reset to the very top of folder. Or if I scroll through pictures in full screen for too long, it will put me back at the first picture I enlarged. This app will be much better if that was fixed so that it doesn’t do that anymore.

  10. It is a great app to browse art or to read great stories but the only issues I’m having is wanting to see the popular filter in the search results be useful instead of not working. It doesn’t work at all on mobile as you could search like for something specific and then use the popular filter and it won’t use what you searched. Please fix this if possible as this is annoying honestly but if not, then ye did the best you could.

  11. App sucks, I always use browser, browser is easier and quicker than app. App also won’t let you sumit a piece that’s transparent? Not sure on why that is. DeviantArt in general is ok, but still is bs and stupid that we were forced to switch from the old good site to Eclipes. Wouldn’t have been bad to keep it so you could chose to switch between the two. Miss the option to have the old site

  12. B G dice:

    Super annoying bugs in the messaging system, my messages never load unless I hard stop the app and even then that doesn’t work some times, it doesn’t tell me when messages fail to send until like 8 hours later, it started doing this thing where I’ll be messaging to someone and when I hit send it sends it to a completely different person after hitting send so I have to send it to the right person again, and then a bug where you swipe through pictures and after a few it sends you back to the 1st 1

  13. I like this app a lot. One major problem is that since around spring/ early summer, the notifications have not been working at all. Before, this problem did occur a few times, but they would be fixed after some time and even reinstalling the app would also help. This time, the notifications have been absent for months, and I’ve been having to manually check for notifications instead of having them be automatic. DeviantArt, please fix this annoying issue ASAP!

  14. I find it hard to imagine how they could have made a worse app. Simple things like seeing who you are watching are unintuitive and complicated, and I still have not figured out how to view an artist’s scraps, or if it’s even possible. It also does not have an option for notifications when artists you watch submit work, though admittedly that’s probably not in high demand. I reccomend just using the desktop site (mobile browsers can be set to do this.) That works just fine.

  15. KE1X dice:

    Ok. What’s the point of getting the app if the same thing runs way better in internet browsers? I look up certain key words. I can’t find any results to save my life. Mind you I’ve looked up this same stuff before countless times and never bumped into any problems. I look it up on the app. No results. I look up the same thing on the website. I get mad results. This shouldn’t be happening for any searches of any kind on the platform. Very disappointing. Don’t bother getting the app. Smh

  16. WAEMID IV dice:

    Bring back the ability to scroll horizontally through pictures. It is unbelievably inconvenient to click on a picture, tap it AGAIN to open it fully, then press back twice, find the next one sequentially, and repeat. What was wrong with a quick side swipe to view the next picture? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Updated from 2 stars to 1, because now, every time I close the app it logs me out entirely. I’ve always, and still do, have the “remember me” button checked. And the first issue still.

  17. It’s easy to use and very convenient for what I do, but I have heard from artist friends that it is not adequate for their needs. I’ve also noticed a few bugs within the app. One is when downloading images from the app, the image will download without a file type extension. Another is that occasionally it will randomly sign me out of the app for no reason.

  18. The app is good, but there are some problems I have with it. Firstly, at random intervals, it deciedes to make me manually log in when I start the app. I know some apps don’t this for security, but it is incredibly irritating to go through when I just want to check my feed, and should have an opt-out option. Second, I find it odd that creating and renaming favorites folders is a feature that is only available on the website.

  19. I don’t really like how the app works. It gets laggy on high resolution pictures, and it gets laggier the more I go deeper into the “more like this” section. When I try to hit the back button on a post, it takes me to the search menu instead of the search results. Other than that, the app is pretty smooth. Can you please fix those problems I described?

  20. The latest version of the DA app is actually pretty nice for a quick on the go type layout. It definitely differs from the desktop version of course. For example there’s no forum or easy navigation. Another issue is I won’t get all of my notifications. I know people have commented or responded back to me, but they won’t show up in my inbox on the app. I have to go to the original website to view them. …This really needs a fix. I need to be able to view my messages at any point on the app.

  21. It’s pretty good and easy to cruise around in. I only started using it recently. Although one suggestion I have is when you go to someone’s folder of art, allow it to be seen in reverse order. Say the artist only has one big folder and you want to see some of their first art, in the current state you just keep scrolling and scrolling. Also another change that would be nice is if your going through a large folder be able to set down bookmarks in it so you can easily get back to where you left off

  22. It’s great that the text and login issues were fixed BUT there are still a ton of other things that make this app almost unusable. The search function is completely useless as you can no longer filter by media type (I shouldn’t have to dig through every single post on a topic). And now, new issue, the favorites menu doesn’t work. As in, if I’m trying to browse my favorites only ~5 or so actually display. Please just bring back the old version. No one likes or even asked for these changes…

  23. The app was fine. The newest update removes the ability to swipe between individual images in a folder, which ruins the usability. For example, it is insanely annoying to read a multipage comic posted now, as you must go back to the folder and select the next page instead of just swiping to the next page. There was nothing wrong with the old format. This new format seems to move the app back a decade. Otherwise, this would be a 5 star review.

  24. I want to give it a better review…but I can’t. Why? Because 1. If a creator you watch has a lot of submissions and organizes it by folder then instead of a nice neat tab like their website you are stuck scrolling down forever until you find the folder you want 2. It’s not even showing you all the content. At the risk of sounding a bit like a perv I can say that they censored anything labeled mature. So if your creator labeled ANYTHING under that it doesn’t show up. I thought it was a stupid “you need an account for this” but nope! Logged in and still nothing. And I know for a fact it still exists seeing as how I have the missing pictures pulled up on my browser. 3. Scrolling down can be a pain. You are trying to zip through pictures and suddenly an ad appears right under your finger or you end up clicking on pictures you don’t want. 4. Backing to a previous page after viewing a picture is also annoying because you tend to lose your spot. And by that I mean I’ve been scrolling through a big gallery, accidently clicked on a picture, backed up, and was at the beginning of the gallery again. Really I’d give it a 1 star but I like DeviantART so as much as this app annoys me it gets a two.

  25. I don’t know when, but things are updated so you can no longer swipe left or right while viewing pictures to browse a gallery. The idea is to be more like Instagram and have you vertically scroll? Thats a wild sacrifice. Additionally, if your phone is too short the UI bar at the bottom of the screen (which now is never hidden) blocks part of the picture in fullscreen. This is not a good way to view art!

  26. killeing dice:

    Nothing about this site has improved compared to it’s previous incarnation, the only thing that has been fixed is the bugging out, but aside from that, nothing else is fixed or better. The search function doesn’t have specific themes such as art, literature, picture, etc except for browsing. The problem with that? You can’t enter what to search for while using it making it completely pointless! I am at least glad I’m not getting disconnected as often but the old search engine needs a return.

  27. Stick to using the website, the app is very poorly designed. For one example, the browse tab is just incomplete and inconvenient; you don’t even have the option to browse different time-frames (i.e. 24 hours, 1 week, etc.). Frequent crashes to top it off. The app has been out quite a while, I waited to review in hopes it would improve, however that’s not happening it seems (last update was nearly three years ago). It ridiculous these issues exist.

  28. I use this app every day, and I love how it’s a bit more streamlined than just opening it in a browser on my phone. However it can be super glitchy, and crash every once in a while. I also can never access the groups I’m in, if someone mentions me on a group profile or replies to a comment I made there, it says “error, the user doesn’t exsist”. I have to do all group interactions on my computer and it’s very frustrating, especially considering most of what I do on DA is group related.

  29. lιgнт dice:

    love this platform, but this app really needs to be upgraded. for some reason i have to sign in everytime i close the app? which is really annoying and unnecessary. aside from that, the interface is really difficult to navigate? i can’t download files/folders and i find it 10x easier to just use the desktop version on my computer or go through chrome. EDIT: most recent update had improved the interface and sign-in issue. downloads are working now too !

  30. I really like the app! It makes posting art really easy and its great to have, especially if you don’t wany to go on the internet every time you want to access your account! You can keep track of whats going on when ever you want! But i really wish they had the commission option included in the app like they do on the website, to keep track of your commissions quicker.

  31. I like this app rather than the website, but it seems like once i return to the app and try to look at favorites i get a message saying “Sorry, the server reported a problem and we can’t display your results” and i have to restart the app, or images will not appear with the message “Request field validation failed” every time i go back to the app. also, there needs to be a better way to organize favorites on the app

  32. Far inferior to the website and as an app for their site. You can only view images basically. I can’t edit my collections, read messages, etc. All I can do is see images, favorite a few (if it works), and leave a comment (if it works). I’ve had this app for a while now, and haven’t seen one actually change made, despite a history of consumer complaints.

  33. The update that fixed the “permission denied” error is a lifesaver. Since updating the app, I’ve been so much happier with it. HOWEVER, I’ve found that I can’t edit or delete posts on the app, and I can’t add folders in order to organize my art – the app only provides the Featured folder. Doing any of this requires getting on my computer.

  34. This used to be a great app, I love posting some of my art and photos here, but the latest update eliminated the ability to browse. You can still search if you have a specific topic in mind, but you can no longer just check out the latest uploads in general categories which is rather annoying because you’re missing out on some great art that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. I hope they return the browse option to the app, but until then I will remain disappointed.

  35. pigeonax dice:

    I still cannot access my notifications, I get an error message that says “Sorry, the server reported a problem and we are unable to display your results.” Animated gifs do not work. Links in journals and status updates are not clickable, nor are most links in comments. Images are not viewable in comments either. The update has been out for how many months and NONE of these issues have been fixed.

  36. EDIT: The issue seems to be fixed! I have not been logged out since the update. // I used to adore this app. It used to be super convenient, easy to navigate, and it would only log me out here and there, around every few months. Now everytime I close the app, I get logged out. It’s frustrating, inconvenient, and it makes it harder for me to post my art and interact with people easily. Please fix this bug. I’m only giving a two-star review because I can barely function on the app with this bug.

  37. The app was working okay. It had trouble loading images every once in a while. But now, it’s gotten worse. I have to log in after a while every time. And even then the username and password are not saved correctly. I have to type in the password every time. Also the gifs won’t work, some images won’t load immediately and the app even closed by itself.

  38. I have absolutly no idea why you would download the app when the browser version (even on a phone) is so much better. It does have good features for posting and kind of looking but there are so many more options when on a browser. I hate how I can’t find a list of everybody I am watching and sometimes it’s hard to look things up. There is also a problem when I exit someone elses image or folder it will show it as unavailable though I just looked at it. I will never use this again until updated.

  39. This app worked very well. It was high quality, and fast. The reason it’s a 3/5 is because it is riddled with bugs and glitches. Sometimes the app just crashed for no reason. The glitches and bugs were very rare, though. It is very pleasing to the eyes. (apart from some of the lewd art on it) Overall, it was a good experience. You most of the time would find the art you’re looking for. You really only find the fetish art this app is known for, if you literally search for fetish art.

  40. You know those apps that make your phone vibrate whenever you click something? Or those ones that don’t give you the option between night mode and day mode, and it just leaves you with night mode which is awful because it makes the contrast so intense that just seeing a white block is actually blinding? Or the ones that are so hard to navigate because to do anything, you have to hit a very specific sequence of features that are all very hidden and out of the way? This app is all of them.

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