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Instagram (from Meta) allows you to create and share your photos, stories, reels and videos with the friends and followers you care about. Connect with friends, share what you’re up to, or see what’s new from others all over the world. Explore our community where you can feel free to be yourself and share everything from your daily moments to life’s highlights.

INSTA reels bring you a new way to create and discover entertaining short videos. You can watch, like, comment, and share reels videos in a dedicated space in the Reels tab.

*Watch & create short clips up to 30 seconds long with INSTA Reels.
Add special effects, background music, face filters, emojis, and stickers to bring your reels and stories to life
Upload your creative video clips and reels to expand your audience
Enjoy millions of entertaining, funny, and informative videos and reels
Watch & share any Instagram Reels video with your friends

*Add photos and videos to your INSTA Story that disappear after 24 hours, and bring them to life with fun creative tools.
Stories allow you to easily share moments or posts from your day with text, music, stickers, and GIFs to bring your Stories to life
Share memes privately with your friends and have conversations
Boomerangs loop any moment you capture for a fun mini-video while Superzoom lets you add special effects as the camera automatically zooms in
Add polls to your Stories to get more interaction with friends and followers
Choose specific Close Friends who can watch your video clips or make them public
Pin your favorite memories to your profile to keep your Stories alive as Highlights

* Message your friends in Direct
Start fun conversations with one or more friends about what you see on Feed, Stories, and INSTA Reels.
Video chat to connect no matter where you are
Learn about what’s trending from your favorite accounts and share them to friends
Send messages to your friends, share posts privately, and receive chat notifications

* Post photos, reels and videos to your INSTA Feed
Upload photos and videos directly from your phone library
Share content with your followers instantly
Post photos and videos to your feed that you want to show on your profile
Post short videos, reels or photo updates from moments in your life
Receive notifications when someone likes or comments on your post

*Search & Explore to Learn More About Your Interests
* Follow your favorite bands, celebrities, actors, athletes, and singers for live updates
* Watch skits, movie scenes, news updates, music performances, sports highlights, and more from your favorite pages
* Check out IGTV for longer videos from your favorite INSTA creators.
* Discover brands and connect with local small businesses
* Shop for products that compliment your personal style.


40 comentarios en "Instagram MODDED"

  1. Recently, instagram has been giving me some issues. I have two accounts, and it keeps changing one to shopping instead of notifications. Every time I fix it, it does the same thing when I switch back to my original account. Edit: The problem went away, and I use instragram the most because I love the way they have set it up. It sucks when amazing apps get buggy. However, since I posted this review, who knows how long ago. I can say intragramhase continued to give me good media. 😀

  2. Elaine dice:

    The explore page is almost impossible to reset or clear. You have to click on each individual post and select that you’re not interested in it. Do this over and over hundreds of times, and maybe then you’ll get different explore page suggestions. This is frustrating and a waste of time, making the explore page useless. Plus, none of your posts can ever go viral on the app, so what’s the point?

  3. I used to love Instagram. However, it has had a glitch/bug for months now. I can’t edit multiple photos. After editing one photo in a carousel, it becomes distorted and drops all edits the moment I attempt to edit another photo. As a result, I can no longer use the multiphoto option. I have reported the issue multiple times, but it has never been fixed. I stopped posting on the app because of it. I checked yesterday, and it’s still broken.

  4. This app is nearly unusable now. If I attempt to crop photos, especially if I am posting multiple photos at once, the crop will move after I complete the edit. This often leaves the photo partially out of frame. Even if a post appears to be successful, hours or days later, it suddenly has a white bar along an edge as if the crop were bad. It has only been the past few months that these problems appeared, but they are serious. Get your act together Instagram.

  5. The New Update is causing Odd Behavior When Posting more than one photo… a little space appears to the side of one of the photos and, when adjusted to fit the frame, it seems to push to a separate photo. This can be very frustrating, especially when needing to promote a small business. Any help is appreciated!

  6. Works well but there is one minor bug that needs to get fixed because after long periods of time it does get frustrating. On my Samsung device, I use hiding button navigation. Basically, I am able to turn on button navigation so it stays on either all the time or can turn off for full screen viewing of apps. When I hide that navigation bar, a cut out of that area still remains on the bottom of the screen when I am on Instagram. Please fix this annoying bug.

  7. This app is beyond frustrating. There are so many bugs that need to be fixed, but Instagram doesn’t listen or even bother to fix them. The messaging is always messing up. Messages not sending.. just for no reason. I literally have to log into the web app on my browser to see if I got a message because sometimes Instagram won’t even show it. I’m trying to text and the only thing that will actually send it pictures. To add to that, the algorithm is awful. The cropping/editing feature is awful.

  8. Normally I can deal with the bugs that are on this app, but considering I can’t post more than one photo at a time without it completely distorting any of the images I don’t even want to use the app. This is a photo sharing app. It shouldn’t be distorting my images when I post more than one. I am also having issues with my dms. Not always showing up / My messages not sending even though everything else works and my internet connection is not the issue

  9. T P dice:

    I have also been getting error messages on this app. I log out then log back in and now I cannot get back in at all! There is just a spinning circle. I have reinstalled a dozen times and still nothing! I tried logging in through the browser a dozen times as well and still received error messages, but was finally able to log in the browser. Of course it’s not the same and half the things can’t be done like in the app. It’s not my phone and troubleshooting was done. Please fix this!

  10. Sarah D dice:

    I miss the freedom this app used to offer to post photos OR videos at the discretion of the user. Now, they are chasing the “TikTok trends” so much that they’ve completely stopped supporting the insanely buggy “post” feature of their app. I’m lucky to get one photo posted, and can no longer post multiple photos. I am really thankful to be able to connect with my friends through this app for free, I just wish they’d support all the features.

  11. Last update horrible. I no longer have a reel button and when I do click on a reel I cannot go to the next one the scrolling feature is gone. So I did what it suggested online, cleared data, logged out, Uninstaller app and reinstalled, and reels button came back for 10 minutes I guess and now it’s gone again. I don’t care if they add stuff when they update. But they took away the only feature I use in this app. STOP MESSING WITH STUFF WHEN IT WORKS!!!!!

  12. For some reason unless I’m in the app I no longer get dm notifications. I haven’t changed any of my settings, I’ve updated & reinstalled & I am still having this issue. It has now devolved to the point where even if I’m in the app, WITH THE DM OPEN, messages from people will not come through until 10 minutes AFTER they’ve originally sent it. I’ve tested this with friends physically next to me so I know exactly when they send a message. Desktop works fine so there is something wrong with the app.

  13. I love it to keep in touch with family across the states, without the drama of a larger platform. But every single time I attempt to log in, I get an “unexpected error” message. It is NOT my mobile (Android) connection as it happens while connected to wifi as well. It is ONLY with Instagram. After 6+ frustrating attempts, only then will it let me into my account. Or after I uninstall/reinstall.

  14. KD G dice:

    Good for pictures; impossible for good reels. I don’t often have issues with pictures uploading though sometimes it will stretch one corner to corner strangely. But I find it nearly impossible to make a reel any more, specifically choosing a main image as the thumbnail. Insta chooses some random zoomed in image and when I attempt to choose a shot from the video, it gets all stretched out lengthwise. It’s starting to really get discouraging to go through all that work to have to just delete it.

  15. When I go to typing out on the Create a story part, the text overlaps and doesn’t let me edit pre-existing text. I also can’t upload longer stories even though I know this is possible. I upload the app again, and it updates to a different version with the likes button at the bottom right. Then, when I close and open again, it’s back to upper right with the + sign. Choose a version! Bugs all over. Can’t post, and it deletes my drafts!

  16. Ashley S dice:

    I can’t add any music to my reels, but I’m having problems beyond that. Every time I try to upload multiple pictures it drastically crops everything/adds big black bars to the pictures without showing me beforehand, basically ruining the entire post, and there is no way to correct it. I’m a content creator and rely on Instagram to share my content. This feature has been around for literally years and shouldn’t be this broken. Very unhappy.

  17. giving a one star simply because of the reels. I feel like I can speak for most of Instagram users when I say that they’re frustrating and ridiculous. they dominate Instagram for no reason when we can make perfectly good content without them. and they’re also just incredibly frustrating and difficult to use in the first place, the editing and adding text to videos has no explanation and no rhyme or reason for how it works. stop trying to copy tiktok, it’s not working.

  18. Having the same issue that another reviewer mentioned. I can’t edit the main pic for a reel by choosing a frame from the video because it ends up stretched out. It’s really frustrating because I use this for my business and it looks really unprofessional. I’m also randomly having trouble replying to comments on my posts. Sometimes it just won’t respond when I click on reply. My feed is also very ad heavy and centered on a few accounts. Overall I like the app, but hope the bugs get fixed.

  19. I actually love instagram because I love having just pictures to scroll through. BUT the editing and picture uploading has been a nightmare in recent years and has progressively gotten worse. Lately, when I try to do portrait or landscape pictures, it distorts them into a square and makes them either look stretched or they won’t stay in the same position I put them in. It’s so frustrating!! I wish it could go back to working correctly!

  20. App is in serious need of repair, I can barely post a set of photos without it glitching or cropping something weird! Every time I edit one picture, it ruins another one in the lineup. There is literally no point to having all those editing options anymore, because I can’t use them!! I do not want to use reels, please please please give some love to the photo editing software.

  21. Half the time when I’m writing a story on Instagram the text color block gets stuck on black and white rather than the color I had put instead like a blue background for the text. I also miss being able to have the pop-up for when you save a video you can pick which collection to send it to. Now when I save a video, it just gives me the option to save the video, but not to a specific collection.

  22. Instagram has a serious issue with loading photos without distorting them. I even close out and reopen the app and it rarely looks the way I want. I always have to wait a few days and then try and upload a picture that fits the screen. I believe it’s an android/instagram hate relationship. Dont punish me for owning an android. Also, when choosing a cover frame for my reels, it distorts those as well. The green screen has gone away for now, but then another bug has emerged.

  23. Lynn Lee dice:

    I love using it to share daily experiences. BUT: Suddenly there is no “full frame” horizontal and if I adjust an image size AT ALL, it slides the images to the left or right…and I am unable to square them up. If I fix one, a different one shifts. It’s making me crazy. And the amount of ads is wayyyyyy over the top.

  24. Instagram is good fun and a great way to share with others, but the downsides are that hacking threats are prevelant and Instagram does not do a good job of removing actual threats, while instead flagging things that are not major or real threats. In other words, the security and “censoring” could be a lot better. But I am grateful it helps me stay connected to friends who don’t live near to me.

  25. Why can’t you keep the app simple? Why do you want to integrate every possible social media feature on your app? The platform is extremely buggy. The image cropping tool won’t work, the reels won’t play; keeps showing a black background, labels keep overlapping… (The list continues). This app should be under the early access category. It’s just not ready for the public. I’m wondering now the developers must be on their way to copy ideas from Be Real.

  26. Needs a major update!!! Direct messages are not working and have to constantly refresh for the messages to appear. Every time I change my profile picture or post on Instagram, it just crops it weirdly along with my stories. If I’m posting a video on my story, it glitches and sometimes won’t post. It takes almost 5 minutes, sometimes more, for 1 single video to post, and if I don’t wait long enough for it to post it fails and I would have to delete it. Replying to comments doesn’t even work.

  27. I’ve been having so many problems editing my photos on instagram. If I go to the option, adjust, and I move my picture to a different angle when the picture is posted, there’s a huge cut in the corners of the picture. Some photos have a huge white space in the corners after posting them. Editing inside instagram on android has been very bad lately. For 5 years, I never had this problem, but now I need to use other apps to do this, and I used to love editing on instagram.

  28. Hadn’t had a problem with Instagram until today. If I try to add in multiple photos is puts black bars across the top and bottom in the preview, then when I go to post it completely crops the photo incorrectly. Im an artist and Instagram is where most of my traffic originates. Problems like this on a PHOTO SHARING APP are unacceptable especially when this feature has been around for years.

  29. I’ve all but given up on posting reels with this app. I’m connected to my home wifi (which is plenty fast in upload & download speeds), and I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to upload a single 60 second reel. I’ve done all the clearing cache tricks and the upload bar still won’t make it past 80% of its length, which is irrelevant, since it will even try and “upload” in airplane mode.

  30. Since the major issues were fixed in September ’22, a new 1 has appeared. When trying to post multiple photos, the app crops them however, cutting out most of the photos subjects and ruining the shots while not allowing you to change it to a cropping that is acceptable. It’s extremely frustrating as a photographer that I can’t show my work to anyone without major issues on Instagram. Issues like this an an app that is centered around sharing images/videos is unacceptable and makes it useless.

  31. S. Ray dice:

    Something really weird is going on with this app. There is something quirky going on when you try to resize your photos and also when trying to reply to comments. I really love using Instagram,but the changes they have made can be tiresome. I don’t want to see Instagram lose the appeal it had of simply being for photo sharing. It would be great if you could post reels without them going into your still photo feed.

  32. The feature to control or preview where in a video you are at in the time frame. For example, on a reel the time frame won’t show up which is normal. But on videos that are way longer than four minutes, it is gone. And some videos have such a long intro a d I can’t skip past it anymore. Please re-add this feature especially to videos longer than a minute long.

  33. Kelsie J dice:

    None of the links are working anywhere, in stories or on bios. It all just brings me to a browser version of my home page. I have updated, I have repeatedly uninstalled, reinstalled, and restarted my phone. I’m sure that’s also frustrating for content creators because people can’t access the links they’re sharing. Each app update seems to make it less user friendly. IG is getting progressively worse.

  34. JO L dice:

    Editing doesn’t work! When I crop a picture and edit another picture, the first picture that I cropped reverts to its original size. When I go back to crop the 1st one again, the 2nd picture reverts to its original size. Just a constant back and forth! I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Didn’t change anything. Extremely frustrating.

  35. It frequently crashes, losing tons of my time after I’ve chosen pictures and edited them. Very poor app. Also, it often doesn’t display the cropping I chose, even leaving a black line along the side of the photo I tried to crop. Or if I rotated a picture and zoomed in a bit to them create straight edges, once I post it, the picture won’t be zoomed in anymore, and the picture’s edges will be skittywampus. I would give it 5 stars if it worked like it should.

  36. Ever since the update from 2 or 3 months ago, I’ve experienced MANY login issues (says “unknown network error”, despite trying different wifi connection and on a wired connection via pc. Also using a second account I have for a business works fine). I’ve heard others had this issue as well and it’s a shame since otherwose the app is great. Just wish I didn’t have to go through the long process of getting access to my account again. Edit: Changed to 1 since this issue has not been resolved.

  37. Natalie S dice:

    Great app, except… some of the notifications are sooo obnoxious! I have it turned off for account suggestions, but I STILL GET THEM. Can someone advise how to stop this? The app is up-to-date, so I really don’t get why it’s not working. Also, I keep getting promotional messages, and I can’t seem to stop that without turning messages from people I don’t know off entirely or just blocking; and for my public art account, I don’t want that. Thanks in advance for the help!

  38. Amazing app, but after updating, it started to really bug out. Mass majority of messenger features are still active, but I can nolonger customize chats, choice reply, or react to things with anything other than the basic red heart. I tried everything I could over on my end, but alas, nothing has changed. Everyone I know can still do all the things I listed above, if you could fix the glitch with accounts like mine that would be amazing. Thank you in advance.

  39. App is terrible. Messages won’t load. Profiles won’t load. My feed won’t load. I can’t comment or like posts, and if I can, only two photos will show before the feed hangs. It never used to be this way. I also get charged occasionally for ads that aren’t running. Since upgrading my phone, things have gotten better, but I’m still skeptical.

  40. The app has become very glitchy. Every time I try to do a post with multiple photos it messes up. You edit one photo and the previous one is off center or completely distorted. It’s been going on for a while and still hasn’t been fixed. Makes me not want to use the app at all.

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