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Make free calls with a real U.S.phone number on the original free calling and texting app. TextFree Voice comes preloaded with free calling minutes that can be used to call anyone in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico. After that, minutes are free to earn or cheap to purchase. SMS messages are also free. On top of free calling and SMS, additional features include voicemail, group chat, MMS picture & video messaging, emoji, ringtones, and more.

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING:“TextFree is the fastest, most reliable and easiest to use.“ – The New York Times

“I’ve had this app since2010 and it’s been the best app I’ve ever downloaded.” – PrettyTragedy

“I would rate this like 100,000,000 starts but can’t :/ only 5.” – Molly548

“Great to have a backup number especially when you travel abroad.” – E.Milo

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Better. Faster. More reliable. That's what we aim to be, so we've made a few improvements to TextFree Voice.

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40 comentarios en "Text Free: WiFi Calling App FULL"

  1. This is the most ridiculous excuse for an app I’ve ever seen in my life this is an ad app. Firstly you get 100 minutes to while constantly being bombarded with ads left and right. Then if you use all those 100 minutes (even if you call and they don’t answer that counts as a minute all 6 seconds) they want you to download other apps and make purchases. If all you wanna do is text I guess it’s okay, but even then sometimes it doesn’t send or receive even when I’m fully linked onto the WIFI.

  2. It’s great for texting, that’s about all. The individual persons I was trying to talk to could hardly make out what I was saying. You can’t send a few pictures at once.. only one at a time. And the picture quality goes way down, it absolutely ruins the pictures sending through sms. And you can’t send a video, at all. Oh please integrate video calling into this app .. The whole app needs improving..

  3. I use text free because I happened to get a great number that’s easy to remember and as far as texting goes its a pretty decent app. It allows you to send videos up to 100 seconds long which is considerably longer than most messaging apps.. However, it might have the word “voice” on the end but you do not want to try to make or answer an actual phone call. In spite of my buying minutes the calls are always either disconnected or I can’t hear the caller or they can’t hear me.

  4. Been using this app for almost a year and while there are some problems, I like it. The text works better than the calling. When you call people, sometimes they can’t hear you clearly and when they call you, calls can get dropped. I like the fact that there is a voice mail feature and getting minutes is easy. I have not paid to keep my number, but people call and text me regularly so it stays.

  5. Unless I’m very close to my router, my calls are pretty much intelligible. I also hate how I can’t turn off the annoying tip texts, despite paying for a subscription. There’s also not really any customization options. Leaving you kinda stuck with what they decided was best looking or best functioning. Besides all of this, it works pretty well for texting. Will be looking for a different app once my subscription ends.

  6. This App uses a lot of memory, system resources, and runs like a slug. It takes at least 10-15 seconds after clicking on an ongoing message to bring up, and then another 5+ seconds to bring the keyboard on screen (wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the advertisements at the bottom of every discussion that bogs it down). Also, whenever I have the app open, even while in the background, it makes every other app run slower because it’s consuming 60%+ of the phone’s memory.

  7. So, my overall experience has been fair but very shaky. The app is good but the ads are far too heavy on the app and it’s buggy and sluggish to the point that it crashes and I’ll have to force stop the app and restart it, just to get some resources back. I mean I get it, you HAVE to have ad driven revenue in order to keep a free service, but not to the point where it would interfere with the performance of the app/ customer experience. This Definitely needs to be worked out. Mike D

  8. This is a pretty useful app that is especially great for texting or calling internationally. I would give it 4 to 5 stars, but the ads can be a bit much at times and it needs a really great connection to make calls, so often calls don’t go through when you need them too. Texts are fairly reliable though- this is my go to “phone broke”/”out of service” texting app.

  9. Better than any other free text and calling app. It is also super easy to get more credits if you run out and it doesn’t cost anything but a few minutes of you’re time. I know this app has been saving me since my phone service has been interrupted. Only thing I would change is when the random ads pop up you should get credits for those too, not just the ones you watch for actual credits, because you still have to sit and watch them too.

  10. DC J dice:

    For the most part, reliable unless you don’t have good range on WiFi when it comes to phone calls. Messages are good whether or not your range is close. You can also earn free minutes easily and it’s not very time consuming like other apps!! I don’t use phone often so I’m basing my review on more messaging than speaking with contact. The options are great when it comes to either voice or messaging, like auto reply. You save time with receiving voicemail with actual text message, too!!!

  11. Unreliable garbage, do not expect to keep your number, even if you’re diligent about keeping it active and live in one of their supported regions. I’d had a number for several years and made sure to keep it active. They randomly removed it from my account and support was useless. They told me I didn’t live in the US or Canada, despite me having always been in the US, and when I asked for an explanation support gave no response. Use a different texting app, better choices are out there.

  12. Text free always there for me on wifi. Love the second number, it takes minimal time to get credits so you can call out, you just have to watch some videos or you can buy credits,minutes. Calls in are free and you can call anyone, they don’t have to have textfree app, but who wouldn’t want it. Calls are clear, keep up the great service.

  13. For a free WiFi calling app it works very well and fulfills it’s purpose. I like that I can create a phone number that I haven’t used before. The quality of the call feature may vary though based on how good your wifi service is and the other person’s service who you’re calling. The text feature acts like a normal phone too! you can send pictures and they actually get sent! Extremely useful so far since I’m using it just until I can turn my actual phone on. (times are tough 😐)

  14. I’ve been using this app for upwards of three years to communicate with friends, since I have limited minutes when it comes to regular texting. It runs much better on my new phone but on my old one I think it stuck sometimes because of the ads. However, given that it’s completely free and very helpful, I appreciate it nonetheless

  15. I agree with all the other reviews. Adds are so very bad as well as adds pop up before you can get into the app and then the phone freezes up for awhile before you can make a call etc.. Call quality is EXCELLENT and everything else just the adds and freezing up ruins it. I understand you need to make money but the freezing does truly screw it all up. I’m keeping your text app though because call quality is way better than the other ones I’ve tried. The connection is better than the other apps 2

  16. Your earned/paid minutes expire when your number does! Unlike TextNow lets you lock in your phone number for $4.99 a YEAR, with TextFree, the only way to keep your number is to pay 4.99 a month! That’s kind of ridiculous. You can get a significantly cheaper REAL phone plan if you pay annually from RedPocket with a fixed number and a sim configured for ATT, TMO or Verizon Towers (and RedPocket isn’t the only supercheap MVNO). You could go even cheaper and buy a Truphone sim for 29.99 and get a $15 credit nonexpiring credit for outgoing calls and unlimited nonexpiring free incoming calls via ATT network, ). Granted the Textfree subscription comes with other benefits such as the elimination of ads, but I don’t need those other benefits. I don’t even really care about keeping the number, if it wasn’t for the fact that you forfeit your earned/paid minutes if you let it expire. PS: TextFree lures you to install the app by indicating you can earn calling credits but apart from a very small window immediately after signup, that isn’t so. Subscribe for any length of time and minutes can really only be paid for with cash, not earned. (They’re cheap, so the cost isn’t that big a deal, but the company’s marketing is very deceptive.)

  17. Honestly I preferred this app over many other texting and calling applications. Although, the amount of ads that still pop up after sending a message, making a call, or even looking through out my message conversations is overwhelming for me and my Android. I am frustrated as I buy minutes so I can make calls and support you. I’d love to rate five stars but the ads are extremely irritating especially when it’s urgent. I’m sure all of you have had urgent messages or calls received or and been trying to make urgent calls or messages. Imagine if you weren’t able to make those calls or messages due to the ads slowing you down to the point the app will crash or freeze. Thank you for reading this, I hope you can do something about the ads. But everything else is cool I don’t ask for much as a consumer dang it! Lol.

  18. What exactly is the difference between this and the other textfree app? I know the difference between textfree and sideline but I can’t seem to find the difference between the 2 textfree apps. And I’m hesitant to download and try both because your terms of service clearly state verifying with the same number multiple times is grounds for termination. So far I enjoy this version. I am unclear if calls will work on data or if Wi-Fi is the only option

  19. Terrible!!! I want a whole refund. I bought 400 minutes and still have well over 300 left. I have been able to make only 2 good calls. And they really weren’t good considering the quality and the fact that i had to keep dialing the numbers over. The signal is excellent and yet the call quality isnt. And it the app keeps stopping. It doesnt matter what phone its installed on. I seriously want my money back. Screen freezes a lot too.

  20. Nathan dice:

    Average connections, and average usability. Still kinda clunky. I always went with this phone though because they don’t code the ads to trick your muscle memory into clicking on them like text now and text me etc. I don’t like or respect those tactics. Unfortunately, now the purple team has started doing that Same thing. So just wait before clicking on the link so you can text cause the space in perfect timing changes and you inevitablyclick the ad. Boo!!!!! More than acceptable no connections.

  21. Dee Cee dice:

    Works good… well it did work good. Glitchy now. on slow wifi, I have to wait for sent texts to post before switching to another recipient, or it will send the text to the new person’s phone. I use textfree on my laptop and it is about the only app that will work when my cell phone fails me, but the quality has gotten so much worse in the last three months. Plenty of voice call failures. I don’t use the voice portion because of this, and I remind the people in my phone book that this is a text only number.

  22. Dee C dice:

    Great, Functional, It Works ¡! I installed it on multiple devices along with TextNow & TextMe. I deleted the other two because this app worked best. Fewer ads, clean & clutter free. Easy to earn talk minutes and if needed, can buy more minutes. Particularly like the choice of numbers, a long list to pick from instead of only a few. Can change number if I want after picking one. I can have a number in my hometown or anywhere I virtually want to be. Great app.

  23. Canz Yoli dice:

    I’m really disappointed with your updated App. I couldn’t receive messages or voice mails since you modified the app with adding more restrictions. I couldn’t even receive calls. If I try to sign up for a new account, it always shows an error. Being user of this app for a long time, I’m now leaving this app to find a better option. If you don’t fix sign up error issues and restrictions, you will lose many of your users.

  24. I enjoy the texting portion of the app, calling or horrible. Even with you having full perfect WIFI, and the person having perfect full bar cell phone service the calls either have static, or the call will have dead air and you cannot hear the other person. The calling has issues with calls dropping and lagging. It even lags when you hang up. The other person has issues with hearing you and sounding like a robot or hearing them sounds like their under water or very far away.

  25. I’ve been using since the beta “textfree with voice” (2010 I think?) it has gradually gotten worse. Now I have a problem specifically with notifications. I have issues with most calls not ringing and going straight to missed call. When I call someone I have to force stop the app and reopen to get my call to go through. And lastly an issue with people not hearing me when I answer a call when a call manages to come through, I then I have to end the call then call them back. App used to work great.

  26. I love both text free apps. You can change your number once and if you want to change your number more then one time all you have to do is delete app, re download and you don’t need to use your actual email since you don’t have to confirm anything thru ur email so you can delete and re-download as much as u want.. I’ve used both text free apps for a few years now. You can get as many free minutes as you want for voice calls too.

  27. MY exp. with this app, or the pinger website, I have never had any negative exp. with this app or the people. No weird catches, the ads are not obtrusive, not even enough of them to interfere with using the app. Best part is earning calling minutes SO EASILY & QUICKLY!! I think if they were looked into, most less-than 5* reviews would turn out to be network or device issues. This service over several yrs now, is one of the few things that hasn’t let me down, that I know I can count on.

  28. Works like a charm! Due to the massive Radio Telescope in this area of Virginia, Cellphone signal is blacked out for miles in every direction. This simple, inexpensive little ap solved a very serious problem for me, thank you developers! It has all the usual phone settings, including access to your devices various ringtones, and your choice of area codes! Text works great but there is a slight delay in voice transmission to and from your phone so take that into account in conversations.

  29. Sarah M. dice:

    There needs to be an update! I have hung up on 2 important phone calls with no way to call them back. This is all with the phone to my ear! Pretty sure it happened because I tilted my head and the screen automatically comes on, and then my cheek pressed the end call button. Either way it has seriously ruined the appeal of this app for me. I could deal with the ads taking over the whole screen but if I cannot actually make a phone call then it is useless.

  30. Nonamee dice:

    Updated 12/7/21. It worked great! If it is anything like the previous version I definitely give it 5 Gold stars. I consider TextFree to be the best calling app I have tried. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It doesn’t hold your phone or calls hostage. It does not clutter up your phone. Has option to delete cache any time. It does not overload you with adds like others do. Best of all it doesn’t delete your number if you don’t use it for a few days. This App is fantastic! 👍

  31. This app is totally useless for voice calls. When I receive an incoming call, the caller has already gone to voicemail before my phone even starts ringing. Then the ads lock my phone up and the ringer never stops until I force reboot the phone. If I want to place an outgoing call, it literally takes 3 full minutes to get the full-screen ads out of the way and get the dialer brought up. Then, when the call is over, again the full-screen pop-up ads have covered the dialer and locked my screen up and I can’t even get to the button to disconnect the call, which still shows as an ongoing call in my status bar even though the other side hung up minutes ago – and again I have to force reboot my phone.

  32. Great internet phone with good customer service. I’ve had issues with service connections as I suppose with any kind of Internet telephone. Their customer service is always been there to help out with whatever they could correct. I’ve received lots of perks over the years & intend to keep using the service. It’s helpful that 800 numbers are free and incoming calls are also free. Watch out if you don’t use your phone for a month they’ll take away your number, I’ve had that happen.

  33. Lunaly dice:

    I’ve always been a fan of your services, in fact this app is the one I searched for when I needed a burner number. But recently, it’s been having issues. During the video ads, you can’t type unless you want the phone to freeze and become inoperable for around 5 minutes, and that just shouldn’t happen.

  34. Works well with a good wifi connection. Sometimes the mic can have interference with Bluetooth. I like that if someone calls you it doesn’t subtract your minutes. I just pay 2 dollars for 100 minutes. Ad’s are time consuming. Can use some work on the response time of button presses going from one text message to another person’s text message. Constant button presses rapidly confuses. One time I sent my supervisor a good night love you text on accident lol. I love them all but gets the job done

  35. This started as a cool app for backup. But now they’ve changed their plan. It was free wifi calling “for free.” Now you have to watch videos to receive 1 or 2 minutes worth of free calls, it was unlimited initially. They had a free and a paid plan. Like I said, I wanted to use the app for backup when I don’t have service, like now. Would have gladly paid for the plan in the future. Not so sure now. It was cool the way it was set up before.

  36. So far regardless of my internet quality the voice calls always have a major delay to the point where conversations are barely doable (running on a 100mpbs network). On top of that the app refuses to allow me to receive calls once I’ve made one, the only fix is to “Force Stop” the app and reinitiate it. It sucks cause after putting money into the app the quality suddenly dropped. Also my biggest gripe is with the texting. Does not support GIFs…like really?

  37. Best phone app available! Crystal-clear voice quality. I use it as my #MAIN number. The developers are responsive to questions, and always keep the app updated, so we have the best experience. The interface is more straight forward than other apps. Text Free also gives you the ability to pick your number with your name in it. Awesome for businesses! – Shy (Not Shy At All)

  38. When I got this app I was delighted because I had gotten an easy number to remember, no invoice which is great, and the calls were ok. I decide to subscribe to get more benefits, it was already dropping calls and I thought that the subscription the drop calls would stop but . . . No, they did not. I tried customer service and their suggestions but. . Still the drop calls are still problem has been resolved. At this point I would like to have them provide internet service to solve the problem.

  39. An amazing free texting and calling app. Been using it for 3 years now and have been very pleased. There are dropped calls occasionally or the caller can hear an echo. The devs have just about fixed this issue in the past few months of updates. Highly recommend this app if you’re looking for a free texting/calling app!

  40. the reviews that I read mentioned the ads were problematic for a few but after I downloaded the app I was pleasantly surprised. it’s free so yes there are ads but they are not constant and they use part of the screen. the ads haven’t made me wait to use the service so not a problem for me.

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