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TikTok is THE destination for mobile videos. On TikTok, short-form videos are exciting, spontaneous, and genuine. Whether you’re a sports fanatic, a pet enthusiast, or just looking for a laugh, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. All you have to do is watch, engage with what you like, skip what you don’t, and you’ll find an endless stream of short videos that feel personalized just for you. From your morning coffee to your afternoon errands, TikTok has the videos that are guaranteed to make your day.

We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original videos by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture your daily moments. Take your videos to the next level with special effects, filters, music, and more.

■ Watch endless amount of videos customized specifically for you
A personalized video feed based on what you watch, like, and share. TikTok offers you real, interesting, and fun videos that will make your day.

■ Explore videos, just one scroll away
Watch all types of videos, from Comedy, Gaming, DIY, Food, Sports, Memes, and Pets, to Oddly Satisfying, ASMR, and everything in between.

■ Pause recording multiple times in one video
Pause and resume your video with just a tap. Shoot as many times as you need.

■ Be entertained and inspired by a global community of creators
Millions of creators are on TikTok showcasing their incredible skills and everyday life. Let yourself be inspired.

■ Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
Easily edit your videos with millions of free music clips and sounds. We curate music and sound playlists for you with the hottest tracks in every genre, including Hip Hop, Edm, Pop, Rock, Rap, and Country, and the most viral original sounds.

■ Express yourself with creative effects
Unlock tons of filters, effects, and AR objects to take your videos to the next level.

■ Edit your own videos
Our integrated editing tools allow you to easily trim, cut, merge and duplicate video clips without leaving the app.

* Any feedback? Contact us at https://www.tiktok.com/legal/report/feedback or tweet us @tiktok_us


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40 comentarios en "TikTok 2022"

  1. Mike R dice:

    There is good and bad, like too many unwanted commercials/ads, and the biggest thing is hard-core fast battery drain. The positive thing is that you can find great recipes! Suggestions would be to add an advanced search filter feature to find local friends with, like maybe, an option to choose (filter by) Christian or even a sub-filter by denomination. (Example: Non-denominational Christian) or sort by Christian bowling group or soccer.

  2. Subtitles are becoming increasingly unstable. It used to be that if I wanted to change the font of the subtitles it would just do a section and not the whole script. Haven’t had that issue in a while but now I posted a story and 2 lines of subtitles showed up in the middle of my video, when i wanted the WHOLE video with subtitles. I have deaf friends who watch my stuff. We need better accessibility PLEASE

  3. Yuki _ao3 dice:

    It was really good at first and you guys had added a lot of really good features and updates but at some point you guys started taking away features that we have always had ahold of and it just got really frustrating to use. Especially since anyone 13 or older can use the app yet you guys started taking away features if one wasn’t 16+ which takes away the whole purpose of the app being for anyone 13 or older, it’s really annoying but understandable ig, other than that it’s enjoyable 🙂

  4. Edit: My experience with this app is just getting worse and worse, not only are the filters usability questionable by the day, but lately I can’t get through the majority of the skits, vids, and compilations (no matter the length) without locking up and freezing. While other times, there is no problems. This is getting ridiculous. Please fix your app. Not to mention, sometimes my phone will flicker until I have to restart.

  5. Can’t finish recording a video! I love using the app, but now it glitches out so badly. When I’m recording a video, I pause to do a transition. Yet when I resume the recording, it doesnt record even when there’s about 8 seconds left over and it freezes up not letting me finish my video recording. I’ve tried to refresh/restart the app, but it still doesn’t work. Anyone else dealing with the same problem? I’ll rate it better when these issues are fixed.

  6. Ryan Wild dice:

    the algorithm used to be very accurate, but after the last few updates the “Not Interested” mechanic doesn’t seem to work anymore, and you can only block up to 100 video tags that barely exclude anything that you can’t ignore. This has left me with having to block hundreds of profiles in their entirety in order to avoid unwanted content, and even that doesn’t help much. 1/30/23 – “Not Interested” and “Hide videos with this sound” still not working. no point in having these options

  7. Tiktok hasn’t gotten worse and worse. Everytime I get on it shows the same video first. Almost like it’s trying to force me to “like” a video before it will leave the “front spot”. It makes me want to block people that I follow just so I don’t have to see the same video that I don’t want to “like”. Also it crashes alot when using the search bar. I can’t search anything specific without the app crashing. Sooo annoying.

  8. La Jefa dice:

    It’s an entertaining app, great to have fun and have a good distraction. Adding to that is also informative and educational to a point. I don’t consider it kids friendly, remember kids are unpredictable, will recommend if they are being supervised or interacting with other adults. On the other hand when it comes to opportunities for new creators trying to grow a new kind a thing the system makes it hard for them. With that I can say that if it gives new niches and opportunity to Grow.

  9. It is interesting at first but there are so many videos but it’s always repetitive and I never get any new videos and there are too many notifications from liked comments and replys. After a while you can practically predict what is next om the scroll. It is also too time consuming because you think ok I’m gonna finish this video and get off but you scroll again and get off a few hours later. So in conclusion it is to repetitive, to many notifications, and too time consuming. So 1 star.

  10. Shane B. dice:

    I watch and create YouTube shorts with no issue. I do the same with Instagram reels with no issue. But when I open Tiktok to make vids, ever since they changed the captions and added new features, my phone, which is only a year old, gets extremely hot, system processes freeze and stop responding, and Tiktok crashes. If it DOES work, it drains my battery like nothing else. It’s nearly impossible to use for its intended purpose. No other video sharing app I use is this bad on the same phone.

  11. Loved it :/ Was my favorite. Used a video w/trending audio that wasn’t mine, & now it’s a nightmare. I continue to promote videos, and they continue to reject. I upload original work, & they continue to mute. Filed claims with no word for weeks. Went from my favorite app to most discouraging. I thought I found my break through app. Hopefully, there can be restoration to our relationship. I am currently deleting bc of error on default font desc. not working. Be back in a few day with 🤞🏼

  12. Wesley A dice:

    Seems pretty good. Download as a joke, but find some funny stuff. My main gripe is that the controls take up 1/3 of the screen. I’d like to hide them so i can properly watch the videos. Update: They finally added a way to hide the ui, but not the top part, so some things are still cut off. Also, horribly addicting.

  13. Madeline dice:

    Ads on the following page are awful. A notification dot will appear on following but there’s nothing new. Top of my screen turns white randomly. Video and audio unsync. Can’t block sounds when they get annoying and they keep showing up after hitting “not interested” every time. It keeps asking if I wanna sync contacts no matter how many times I put no.

  14. The app is fun, but when you’re trying to film a video, it does not save the video, so you could finish it, the editing is not that bad, but it’s not that great either. But overall, its good to entertain yourself and look at your phone for a couple hours, and you’re never get bored. And take talk also needs to make sure that the content is appropriate for kids to watch too. But I really love this app.and also tiktok, you need to upload new edits and new filters and sounds.

  15. Treepig dice:

    Great app! The content and the way everything works is amazing but I do have a problem. I like to save funny things into my favorite, but I wish there was a way to automatically remove videos that were deleted. Having a bunch of dead videos in the folders is annoying especially with how much time it takes to manually remove them.

  16. noodle dice:

    My previous review detailed an issue with the spam filter locking my account and since then, this seems to have resolved! There’s lots of talk about new issues with the algorithm and the ability to block certain sounds/creators/trends, but I don’t seem to be having any problems in that regard at this time, thankfully. Aside from the occasional temporary connection error with no explanation, I’m not experiencing any significant issues. Good stuff 🙂

  17. I have been using the app and creating content for about eight months. While it is fun to scroll, this app really needs a way for creators to recover lost drafts. I’ve filmed probably 10 drafts in the last month or two that were deleted because I accidentally clicked a notification or something. It’s irritating to spend time filming and editing something that gets instantly deleted if I leave the creator portal without hitting “Save draft”. Also, upload speeds are WAY down.

  18. It’s nice for the entertainment value. But, it is a massive resource hog! Watching shorts, etc., is okay-ish. However, watching lives will drain the battery very quickly. Upon installing it, make sure to remove all permissions, alerts, notifications, and disable background data unless you want to have loud alerts play even when the phone is silenced as well as eating up your data plan!

  19. The app was working fine until 2 updates ago. Now, the screen is zoomed in too far, cropping a lot of the videos, and making the icons waaay too big. Glitches when trying to close app, takes many attempts to. The zoom even carries into my phone’s desktop icons for a few seconds when the app finally closes. Frequently getting no internet connection error. Something is seriously wrong with it.

  20. Overall, the app is very good, but it should give you the option to change what page it opens on, since not everyone wants to start on the For You page. It should also have a button or something that temporarily hides the UI when watching videos, because while there *is* a feature that lets you watch the video without the UI, it’ll probably result in part of your hand covering the screen. Additionally, some features are only available in certain regions, which is just awful imo.

  21. I love the communities I’ve found on this app, but the user experience could use some improvement. For example, the editing tools can be very glitchy. I had a draft I was working on all year, but when I would go in to edit and replace clips, it would replace completely different clips with my new recording, deleting my progress. Instead of updating the look of the interface, I wish the developers would prioritize usability and universal design principles.

  22. The app for entertainment purposes is great. However, if you try creating content you might not have the same experience. My video editing features did not receive the update despite numerous troubling shooting and having once had it (somehow reverted?). I’ve had an open ticket with the support team since November with no resolution in sight. Can be extremely frustrating if you ever are in need of help and can’t find an answer from other users

  23. I was considering increasing my rating as the performance and issues have been gradually improving. But the thing is I KEEP having to deal with issue after issue that pop up all the time. The latest is that now bookmarking videos just doesn’t work any more and likely hasn’t for weeks without me noticing. On top of the audio/visual glitches, the random freezing and crashing, and getting temporarily BANNED without warning or reason just to be restored unceremoniously the next day, it’s ridiculous.

  24. I don’t have the same features as other devices after multiple troubleshooting. I want the video editor rather than adjust clips. I removed myself from beta, cleared cache, cleared data, Uninstalled, restarted device. Everything I could think of and I can’t get the right features. I habe an old phone that has the video editor but can’t get it on newer phone.

  25. J M dice:

    I still don’t have the voice changer effect, and, with a semi-new Samsung model phone, there are filters that simply won’t work. If this app is only good for those with an iphone, keep is on the iOS app store. After multiple updates, still nothing, and I don’t feel like getting rid of my drafts for an update that isn’t even trending at this point. Shameful and disappointing, quite frankly.

  26. Everytime I click on the app lately (like the past 2 weeks) it refuses to open and I have to click on it several times and hope it actually works. Sometimes I doesn’t. Tried updating and uninstalling and it still does it. It’s getting to the point where it just won’t open more often than it does and the app has been so glitchy overall lately. Thinking about giving up on it.

  27. Edit 2. After 2 Used primarily on tablet. Now it will not stay on landscape mode. I will update it to good or 5 stars once I am able to use it again. Fixed and some features added. For a time wasting app, this was great. Easy to use, easy to just look at videos and have a good time. Content for everyone no matter your likes. I gotta say I was impressed with the cheer amount of silly and funny videos.

  28. I’m not a content creator but I like to go on tiktok just to enjoy lives, interact with different people and find new food recipes. For the past few days tiktok has been having a lot of technical difficulties such as glitching, slow to load coins for battles and not being able to talk or see the other person while going live. Please fix these problems because I really enjoy this app.

  29. I don’t really like giving apps reviews, but this is an exception. So I downloaded the app a bit ago. And I noticed an blaring issue right away. I don’t receive any notifications! I checked the app and all notifications are turned on, I even checked my phone and notifications are indeed allowed, and yet I recieve none what so ever. Not sure what I can do since I have attempted every single method provided for notifications but none have worked.

  30. TJ Steims dice:

    Would be 5 if it wasn’t so laggy. Ever time I load into tiktok and only tiktok it lags out, all I wanna do is make sports videos but it take twice as long as it normally does. I even unstalled the app and reinstalled it and it didn’t help. Shutting off my phone didn’t either or restarting it, so, please fix this it is really annoying. If ever fixed ill rate it then 5 out of 5. Thank you for your time and stay safe everyone may God bless all of you 🙏

  31. Tiktok is pretty good but I have a couple complaints. 1. Sometimes my tiktok freezes and I have to turn off my phone and turn it back on, which is weird because it doesn’t happen on other apps. 2. Tiktok sometimes doesn’t give your certain features like the Jessie filter for no reason, I had it once, then it disappeared. 3. Holy the moderation sucks, I seen gore on the app multiple times but you can’t swear in the caption. It doesn’t make sense. My rating would be lower but I like this app.

  32. App keeps crashing randomly, sometimes I open the app and it instantly shuts down other times I can use it for a while. Tried all the things that so called tech support suggested before reaching out to them. Once I did reach out to them and told them that I had tried all the things they said to try all the things and send screen recording. The problem is it happens randomly. I can’t constantly screen record.

  33. I keep having issues where I cannot continue recording my drafts, it will say “could not record, try again later” or if I try to record more than three segments, it does the same thing. It also started cutting the sound part of the way through when I’m making a video with a sound from tiktok 🤷🏽‍♀️ it was fine forever but now it’s basically making it so I have to use another editor then upload it which isn’t worth the effort.

  34. I dont know the proper words for it, but the icons for the home button and the + in the center have burned into my screen.. I was reading on a off white screen and thought it was part of the book but after looking and thinking about how if TVs or monitors are left on blue or anything too long it can keep a faded image. I’m unsure if this is because of particular colors or what, but it’s worth keeping note of. Right now they are a faint red that I can only see on light colors but yeah.. sucks.

  35. I’m a regular content creator with a decent following. I love making videos, but lately I’ve had a technical issue with the app. Everytime I record audio there’s a cracking/static noise at the end of the clip. Then even when I try to cut out the cracking noise at the end of the clip when I add a sound for the background, it starts to distort the audio at random times. It makes recording and editing videos frustrating when this app issue compromises the quality of your video content.

  36. Pretty good, it takes up most of my screen time. But I can’t follow people, like videos, or send them to people through tiktok. The only thing I can do is favorite videos, so I can’t really use the app well. I’ve tried everything to try and get it to work again, but nothing ever works. Sometimes it lets me like videos, but it’s very rare. I’ve only been able to follow 9 people and I’ve had this for over a month now. (P.s. I would give this 4 stars at least, but this needs to be fixed.)

  37. It’s been several days now that Tiktok freezes up completely on me. I cannot swipe or press any other option. If it doesn’t freeze, it stays stuck on an endless loop of buffering clips. If it does work, the audio will play with no clip. Sometimes, the audio continues to play even after closing the app, so the only way to make the audio stop, is to force stop it completely through settings. I’ve cleared cache, Uninstalled and reinstalled several times. On data or wifi, issues persist.

  38. I love the app to watch videos, but recently when I filmed and went to the voice options they removed a whole bunch from me. I figured it was a glitch so I tried doing a text-to-speach option, but that was also removed. I’m hoping this get’s fixed soon! One more thing is, they still haven’t added dark/night mode for Android users yet which is really upsetting knowing IOS users have had it for years now.

  39. Heather dice:

    Up until summer the app worked fine, now I can no longer use other people sounds, the app slows the audio down when I film so the words never match my mouth, filters are gone completely. Many bugs. I can only make original audio and even then the audio never matches what I’m saying. Very frustrating for us Android users. I bought a new phone with the best camera to film and can’t even use it now.

  40. Used to be better. Now every second or third video won’t load, even if I open the account page that the video came from. It will load every video EXCEPT the one that was on my FYP. It’s getting worse and I will be deleting the app if this continues. And it’s not my wifi or data connection if all other videos will load except for the ones specifically put on my FYP.

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