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Break out of the matrix by traveling to a completely random location!
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Reasons to use Randonautica to generate completely random coordinates for you to travel to:

-To go on an unexpected adventure
-To test out quantum entropy and the mind’s ability to influence reality
-To break the matrix
-To get some exercise by walking to a random location
-To open a real world portal
-To get off screens and into the real world
-To feel heightened awareness and observation
-To feel being present
-To find new areas in your neighborhood, town or city
-To gets signs and symbols from the universe
-To defeat feeling “stuck” in the day-to-day
-To connect with people across the globe on Randonautica’s in-app social media feed Discover
-To post reports and log your insight and adventures
-To journal synchronicities and coincidences associated with your random exploration


Going to a random location makes you hyperaware and present, often providing a sense of meditation or the feeling of being alive again. Random exploration adds novelty to life!


By interfacing with quantum entropy there is growing evidence that the mind, thoughts, emotions and words have an impact on matter. Using Randonautica creates a bridge to access a very malleable reality. Having an intense thought or “intention” while the generation process is happening can result in an effect in the real world as you journey to the random coordinates provided by the app. People have reported that there is a ripple effect where their intention has lasting effect on their personal reality and observation.

Want to break out of the matrix?
Open a real world portal?
Jump to an alternate timeline to better your life?
Go on a fun random adventure to explore areas you never knew existed?
Add novelty and fun to your life through random exploration?

See if your mind can influence reality, the REAL WORLD, just by thinking! It’s a bit like accessing the quantum metaverse! With Randonautica you can travel to a random location with the powerful use of quantum entropy to see if your MIND can influence REALITY!

Wander into wonder with Randonautica, the official app of the global Randonauts phenomenon. Use intention to explore the world around you with the OFFICIAL app of The Randonauts.

Randonautica is the first ever quantumly generated adventure game that takes you on a journey of true randomness. The adventure is yours to have and the legend will be yours to tell. Welcome, future Randonauts!

This app provides you with totally random coordinates within a set radius. You can then choose if you’d like to adventure to the point. It’s been said by the Randonaut community that breaking out of what’s called your “probability-tunnel” can bring about serendipitous experiences and provide great fun while journeying into the world around you.

The app uses both pseudo and quantum entropy sources for randomization which provides a set of coordinates that can be opened in a map to navigate to or the user can digitally explore the coordinates. While “Blind Spots” are random points meant to be visited for exploring the unknown world around you, choosing an “Anomaly” type coordinate will run an algorithm over your radius to find the most statistically improbable distribution of random points within your radius. These are destinations where the real magic happens.

Explore the world beyond the habitual and deterministic patterns of your everyday life, discover adventures right in front of your doorstep. Become part of the international community of the Randonauts and share your findings and legendary trips on Reddit, Telegram, Discord, or Facebook.

➤ reddit.com/r/randonauts
➤ t.me/randonauts
➤ discord.gg/r4ek9ZH
➤ fb.com/groups/randonauts/


* City, Region, and Country in point info
* Open Location Code ("PlusCode") in point info
* What Three Words in point info
* Improvements and Bugfixes


40 comentarios en "Randonautica MODDED"

  1. Saw lots of good about the app and I Really want to try it out, but it keeps showing that the system is transitioning through some upgrades (I even re-downloaded it but to no avail). This time it doesn’t even let me get a void or attractor anymore… even though i do agree to the terms and conditions. I really hope this bug gets fixed! Looking forward to using it and changing the rating!

  2. Neftali dice:

    I love the idea of the app and all, really gets your mind going and overall fun. But since I downloaded the app and put all the stuff down to find me a point to explore it takes forever to load in anything. Then I get an error message, either the “source of entropy” can’t be found or it gets past that point and starts searching for the point then another error message saying it can’t find it so it then picks a random point instead. Disappointing.

  3. Used it a few times, it’s to hot to go wandering right now but from what little experience I’ve had, very fun if you want to explore. I’m really not sure what people are expecting in the low reviews, if you are in an urban area of course most places near you will be private property. It’s not a collection of pre-programmed points, it’s just an algorithm that gives you a location based on a number generator.

  4. Had this app recommended by a friend. Was super excited & intrigued by the idea. Once I got it downloaded, I found a complicated interface that wouldn’t give me a location and no option to set an intention. Apparently it changed after your recent update. Please return to the previous version. I’ll be deleting this if it remains as is. I’ll check back and see if it’s worth another look.

  5. Tara Lee dice:

    A lot of reviews seem to rate the app poorly because it does exactly what it says on the box: it sends you to a random location. Folks seem to think that the developers have the power to cause supernatural things to happen. This is obviously not the case! My personal experience with the app is that it has hiccups at times, but overall, it does exactly what I need it to do. I spent the summer of 2020 using Randonautica to generate uncommon walking routes that allowed me to keep my distance from other folks. I saw corners of my city I’d never have bothered exploring otherwise, and got my daily steps in, too! I can’t say anything particularly ‘spooky’ happened, but I definitely had more neat experiences than I would have had sitting at home. Bonus that the devs seem super responsive to user feedback.

  6. This app just did not work for us. It would not give us locations except twice. Once was a private residence and once was the middle of an airport runway. Super disappointed as we watched a ton of videos about people who had at least mild success. I will check it out again maybe when it is developed further. Cool idea for an app!

  7. Songbirb dice:

    Disappointed. I downloaded the app because I thought it would be a fun way to explore the areas around me and find new and interesting things but the app literally only displays a white screen; nothing else. And I can’t seem to get it fixed with a reinstall or restart of my phone. What a waste of time and date. I’m super bummed out because I’d hyped it up to friends and we were all excited to go.

  8. The app is useless, me and my friends tried every option and the slang or lingo for them is dumb. 90% of the “adventures” we went on were just houses and private property. The other 10% were just hikes in the middle of the woods which was pretty enjoyable, but I don’t need an app for that. Just like somebody else said, throwing a dart at a map of your area would be so much more enjoyable.

  9. Nice idea but disapointing results. It’s glitchy and sometimes takes forever to work right. Unless you go somewhere else it can pick the same point for you all 10 times, which is terrible when that point is on private property and you aren’t interested in trespassing onto a ranch. There should be a way to mark a point as inaccessible. The few times it worked and took us somewhere that wasn’t someone’s yard there was nothing interesting at the spot. And now the app isn’t opening at all.

  10. I can’t even get the app to load. It just opens to a white screen. I’ve closed it all the way out and restarted it. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. Still nothing. 🙁 I was really excited about the idea behind the app and I’d love to actually experience the randomness. Will definitely raise my rating once j can get it to even load to a start page.

  11. The new update to the user interface is absolutely atrocious. It’s not user friendly at all. This app is now completely unusable. I can’t even get my location read by the app for some reason, my location services is on and the app has permissions it just loads and loads then nothing. Also I just really dislike the text like system, the older version of the app was vastly superior.

  12. Pax dice:

    Brilliant! App works great and has a smooth layout. Everything makes sense, and it’s easy to use. My only problem is that when first logging in my location is displayed a couple miles from where I actually am. Quickly searching for an attractor in that area and then clicking ‘scan again’ makes it accurate, but it’s a bit annoying to have to waste my coins every time. Otherwise, great game!

  13. Cool idea, but practically useless. Just throw a dart at a map of your area and it’ll be faster and easier than this app. Most of the lingo they use is meaningless like quantum entropy, which is ONLY used to describe the mathematical differencein probability of states between two sets of sub-atomic entities (in other words where really small 2 things are and what they’re doing) so it has absolutely nothing to do with a location on a map. Buy a map and a blindfold, and just point. It’s easier.

  14. The app won’t load. It tells me there’s a bug and to clear cache every time I try to use it. I do, and it tries to load for 1-5 seconds before crashing. I tried updating, I’ve even deleted and reinstalled the app but that did nothing. It’s disappointing to say the least. When I could use the app it was fun and took me to a lot of cool places. My friends and I have made some great memories using it. Recent reviews are saying the same with no resolution. Hopefully the issue is resolved soon.

  15. Bobby S dice:

    The new version is shoddy. The interface is primitive and is no longer user-friendly. No more user-controlled settings, either. Very disappointed. Fixing issues or not, you can’t just dramatically DOWNGRADE an entire application. For an app that’s intended to demonstrate synchronicity and mind over matter (out of the developer’s own mouth), the developer sure doesn’t seem to be able to manifest a decent app. I guess it does make for a great irony generator, then?

  16. Chipmunk dice:

    So, after over 6 months of not using the app because I didn’t like the new design, I redownloaded it today to see if anything had change. I originally became interested in the app during it’s initial release fervor anf was attracted by the stories of the unexplained happening while using it. Then they changed the design which made it very boring. However, they added a retro mode for 1.99 which brings back some of the original vibes. I approve. I can live with it. Well done

  17. Kind of shady. The locations they send you to are sometimes forest which can be dangerous unless you’re in a group. Also, it directed me to an area that was just a dormitory which means this is completely random. I agree with others: throw a dart at a map instead. It’d be cooler if this app told you to try and collect things like a scavenger hunt, or to take pictures of things. But this just leads you to possibly dangerous locations.

  18. j hi dice:

    Decent enough but too many spots land on private property. Only been able to access one of dozens and dozens of spots attempted. If you have free time and spare gas money then this game is awesome for getting out of the norm of mundane life. I don’t see myself spending any money on this app when i can achieve the same results by throwing a dart at a map.

  19. Kaitlin dice:

    The app is definitely having a hard time with too many users right now. I got it to work a couple times at first and it took me to private property so I thought it was a bust. I tried again later and my friend and I were both able to get coordinates. No disappointment this time. The first place was an animal trail and we found bones and a fresh raccoon carcass. The second place didn’t have anything to note but it was certainly a cool walk around somewhere lightly traveled.

  20. The app is a fun idea, but the interface is clunky and ugly. It’s formatted like sms, for no reason. It would be better if it just took you to a screen where there were buttons you could toggle, maybe a field to write down your intent, and then press ‘go’. It might even be fun if you could save your old searches, with a place for notes and pics. As popular as the app seems to be right now, there’s no reason the devs couldn’t put in the effort to make it look nice and have it work smoothly.

  21. So far, I haven’t even been able to open the app at all. EVER! It’s just a white screen. So there’s that… So that’s why I have given only 1 ☆ I am just getting the white screen, with no pop ups, or buttons to attempt to open something or refresh or anything. It just stays white, and never loads. It doesn’t even give me a loading sign or anything. I Un-installed the app, and I will attempt 1 more reinstall. If something improves after this 2nd install, I’ll update my rating accordingly.

  22. The idea seemed like fun. The interface is not great. I upgraded multiple times thinking it would make it more fun. It wasn’t. It took us to multiple private residences in and out of the city. Many times it just “did nothing” spun and didn’t find a location. Never once did it take us anywhere we could get out and wander. It was always private property. Must have tried 20 times in one day. Finally cancelled all the subscription after they got my money for all the “add-ons”. It’s a money grab.

  23. Great idea. I love the idea of totally randomly generated adventures and possible anomalies and what not. But unfortunately almost everything is on private property. Sure it’s the journey and not the destination blah blah. Still extremely unsatisfying not being able to reach your destination.

  24. Rob dice:

    The app took possession of my camera and took pictures of text messages while was writing them. This occurred only in the three days I had the app installed and stopped I’mmediately after I uninstalled it. If they have control of my camera like this they probably can also listen to conversations with others when you set the intention of what you want to find on your adventure.

  25. Riley Joy dice:

    So I was having issues at first. Just a heads up if you keep your font size on your phone larger. It might not show you the globe and url options. I tried everything else before that and it didn’t work. I contacted the creator on tik tok and he was very helpful and kind. We didn’t know what was wrong. And I saw that some of the text was cut off a bit. Brought the font size down and it worked. Good luck out there guys.

  26. Was very excited to finally give this a try. Downloaded the app today and when I go to open it it just asks for location permission and then goes to a blank white screen. I’ve restarted my phone, uninstalled and re-installed the app, made sure I had the latest version. Nothing is working. Keep seeing reviews on Google all way back from may saying they have the same issue. This app was just updated September 5th 2020 and still having this issue? What the hell? Any suggestions?

  27. Simple interface hides very complex inner workings. I’ve used it for about a month and every one, 100%, have been “spot on” for me. I recomnend reading up on it before you use it. Reddit (r/randonaut) is a good place to start. It ties into synchronicity very directly. Somehow, directed intention with a random context provided by the app seems to generate “synchros” like crazy. I recommend simple intentions. Put out just one thing, not a string of mutually dependent things.

  28. I am neutral in regards to this application. Either the application has been removed, or it only works with users who have tik tok access. To be frank, I am uncertain at this time. Also, it is entirely possible that it only works in certain locations, which only justifies users claims that the service is staged. I already live in a rather peculiar, and supernatural area, so I was not particularly bothered by the blank screen that I received when downloading the app.

  29. AMA Lu dice:

    Please return the Android version back. This last update suckks! Lost all my previous locations, can’t see power level, and it just isn’t as interactive. Otherwise, I like the concept and it is fun. ADDED 8/6/20: the only option now is the bot. And for me, the bot is not accurate. I attempted using it few times, all wrong. Keeps wanting me to go into deep waters, inaccessible woods and private properties. I hear to bypass these it costs $12 or so. Maybe not worth if this is how the bot is.

  30. Josh Reid dice:

    As someone years ago who would get their friends together smoke a couple blunts and drive to some random place in town and explore. We found many spots that still hold value to us today. This app is for those that want to explore. The search for animal chin. It’s all about having fun through out the journey not just the destination. I will say if the developers are reading this please increase the distance radius out more but everything else about the app is great and works perfectly!

  31. Tj Coop dice:

    Everytime it picked a spot was inside someones house and the maps would not allow me to navigate on its own. It would show the directions but if you clicked navigate to using maps an error screen came on EVERYTIME. All 10 tries i blew through yesterday with nothing. Supposed to get 10 more today and still says zero. Wants me to buy more times. No chance. Dont waste your time with this.

  32. This app generates fun experiences for the adventure oriented. If only it worked more than half the time. I understand there have been a lot of recent developmental changes and I’m hoping, HOPING, the devs are still working on fixing the errors and bugs and general inoperability. I love using this app! Though recently I’ve only been given a white screen when opening it, but I imagine it will be fixed. If not soon, it’s going to really threaten the survivability of this app. Thanks guys @ rando.

  33. Its a great concept! Shady discoveries are expected with an app that gives out random locations, so that’s fine by me! However I have issues with the location. I’m sure you probably know about the location error considering so many people brought it up, you can just click and see reviews about the location permission thing. Any advice to fix it? Thank you!

  34. Way cooler before the upgrade. I would of much rather of delt with ads then having to pay to use the app more than a few times a day. I downloaded it right before the big crash and have been really disappointed by that new feature. The interface is nice. I will say that.

  35. I decided to edit my review, the app works amazingly now. The credit system is fair and gives enough free tokens for enough plays per day! However my only complaint is now, a good 90% of the time, it will generate a point close to restricted, gated or private areas… On the one occasion, even in the middle of the river! We still had a very fun and interesting time with this app regardless.

  36. Generated mostly unreachable locations or those on private property. I even paid extra so it wouldnt keep generating locations in the middle of a body of water. Besides one trip, they were all unreachable and nothing interesting. I tried deleting and am still getting charged. Over hyped. the whole premise is really interesting but not for the price and the unreachable destinations. Also, its very complicated and hard to understand.

  37. It keeps just navigating me to random homes. Even when the range was set to the furthest option. Just nothing but normal homes in suburbia. I don’t know how they vet the locations, or it’s 100% random. But the results have been shockingly boring, uninteresting things, even in a town that has a lot of interesting places to go.

  38. The navigation feature is broken for me. It used to be that I could tap google maps to navigate to the specific point on the map. Now it keeps telling me “Google maps is not installed or disabled.” I’ve tried reinstalling Google maps and randonautica and nothing seems to work. Really frustrating considering I paid for the premium service. I’m using a galaxy s20 ultra with android 11.

  39. I was so excited to try this app after seeing videos of others, but can’t get the location set up. Location is turned on, but tapping doesn’t work and I can’t cut and paste the Google Maps URL. I got halfway through typing it in and it sent and said not valid. Completely frustrated!!!

  40. Not working, saw in the reviews that there was a bug fix as there were some devices giving a “service is down, check back later”..this is also the prompt I am seeing. Sammy note 9 so its androids most current OS and plenty of hardware power. I’ll adjust 1 star rating when I’m able to tell how it works, seems like it will be fun if we can get there..thanks in advance for addressing the cliches!

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