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The popular social network for film lovers, right in your pocket.
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Letterboxd for Android puts the popular social network for film lovers right in your pocket.

Sign in with your existing account to enjoy our all-new mobile interface. These features of the web experience are supported, with more to come:

– Browse popular, highly rated and most anticipated films, including trailers, member ratings, artwork, cast + crew details, studios, genres and popular reviews
– Browse and access popular reviews and lists
– Read and post comments on reviews and lists
– Search for films, cast + crew, reviews, lists and members
– Log and review films and edit past entries
– View member profiles (including diaries and films) and cast/crew filmographies
– Follow (or block) other members
– Activity feed (with filters for Pro members)
– List creation and editing
– Sorting and filtering
– Access profile settings

We welcome your feedback on this and future versions of Letterboxd for Android: please email us ([email protected]).


40 comentarios en "Letterboxd MOD 2022"

  1. This is fantastic for movie logging and discovery. However, a recent update has caused this app to automatically open ads in a separate web browser which is very annoying. I am fine with in-app ads. Additionally, this update introduced a prompt to enable notifications that appears every time the app starts. The only options are to allow notifications or ask later. Very annoying. If not for those issues this would be an easy 5 star.

  2. I have never seen an app automatically open up ads in a separate browser without you clicking on them first. There are also ads that cover all the edges of your screen, rendering the app unusable until the ad disappears. This is unacceptable. It makes the app incredibly annoying to use and opens up your device to security risks. Then they have the nerve to charge an insane $20 a month to just remove the ads. I want to use this service, but they are doing their best to push everyone away.

  3. This used to be a great app for tracking movies and shows. However, it now opens ads automatically without me pressing on them. I have opened the app, placed my phone down on the table, and watched as an ad opens without my hands even near the screen. I’m almost certain this is a violation of the Play Store’s ad policies.

  4. Phooey dice:

    I like this app a lot, it does what it wants to do pretty well. But now I’m having a lot of technical issues like not being able to edit the date I watched a movie. Also, nowadays, every time I go to a new page (or even back a page) my Chrome opens up with an ad’s website. Never had that happen before. It’s so frequent too. It sucks. This makes me want to subscribe less.

  5. Suddenly can’t change the date when logging a film. Was working 2 days ago, and there haven’t been any system or app updates on my phone; none pending either. App only allows today’s date for a new entry. X out the date and there is no option to enter a new one; it’ll just log it without a date which then doesn’t go in the diary. Otherwise app has been working well for me.

  6. Lauren dice:

    12/2 update: the date feature seems to be fixed, but sharing to insta issue is still the same. Also having some issues with writing reviews in the mobile app – the screen keeps going blank or scrolling all the way down to the bottom so I can’t see what I’m typing or erases everything while I’m typing. Also isn’t letting me use the italic or bold feature to highlight certain words, just keeps reverting back to plain text.

  7. I really want to love this app. The interface is slick but I have some grievances. Firstly it feels like an app that just pretends Android and Google don’t exist in it’s design. Also, it’s very hard to find friends if you’re not on Facebook. Could use some traditional contact linking or some other platforms. Also, only connects for media are Amazon and iTunes. Some minor tweaks and it would be a 5.

  8. I generally like this app but it’s one of the buggiest that I use frequently. My main gripe is that unless I force quit the app, while in the background it uses a lot of resources and even sometimes plays a certain ad with sound at full volume! I’ll be using another app and suddenly this jingle starts playing, and the only thing that stops it is killing the Letterboxd app!

  9. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I have always hated the binary of Rotten Tomatoes, so a star system gives me a better idea of how good a movie is. That said, there are some major interface problems. The biggest issue with the app is I am unable to add or edit reviews. I can leave a star rating, but I cannot add text. If this were fixed, easy 5 stars. Overall, I would highly recommend.

  10. I love Letterboxd, coming from someone who describes themselves as a Cinephile this site is a godsend, but unfortunately the app has a lot of issues. Inconsistent is the word I’d use. Randomly crashing, not loading pages. These wouldn’t be massive issues if they didnt happen so often. The desktop page works great, but Letterboxd really needs to work on the app side of their service because it’s just been getting worse. I will still support this service, but these issues need to be fixed.

  11. While the app has its occasional hiccups, Letterboxd is a welcome addition to any film lovers arsenal. I love the ability to keep an active log of all the movies I’ve recently seen. There’s just the annoying problem where Letterboxd links will open in the browser instead of in the app itself. Besides that, it’s wonderful!

  12. So far I really like this app. Ive always wanted to be able to keep track of what I see and how I felt about it. The only real issues I have is the navigation. I am not positive what I am having issues with, but I often find myself a little frustrated trying to get to the list of movies I’ve left reviews for, and movies orher people have done the same. It’s probably partly my fault, but the navigation just doesn’t seem very intuitive at times.

  13. What happened to this app? I’ve been a huge support of Letterboxd for years now. I log every film as soon as I finish them. The update from yesterday has made the app useless. Sorting is working, logging options aren’t working, According to the update it says they added ads too? I see a Remove Ada button but no ads, and I hope it stays that way or at least stays unobtrusive. I really hope this gets resolved soon.

  14. The app is almost flawless, however, I would remove the “scroll to bottom” and “scroll to top” buttons from the comment sections within the app. I find it is often is the way and the text is not properly formatted within the button itself. Also, comment sections are rarely long enough to need these buttons. If this is changed, the app would be functionally perfect for what it sets out to do, connect people through movies.

  15. Will dice:

    Been logging every movie I’ve watched with Letterboxd since last year. Since I’m a projectionist — movies are my literally my thing, and Letterboxd has made it super easy to keep track of stuff. Ordinarily it would get 5 stars, but I just cannot recommend it after the recent update. The ads are too intrusive now and harm the user experience. It is possible to remove them but $20 annually is just too much. Do yourself a favor and find an APK for an older version instead.

  16. Pretty interesting app, but could use some additional features. Two improvements that should be worked on are: 1. An ability to go back to home instantly, even if you are several pages deep. I shouldn’t need to hammer the back button repeatedly to return home. 2. A movie recommendation feature based on your reviews and/or community feedback

  17. The latest version purposely lowers user functionality in hopes to annoy people into paying for a membership. Letterboxd is now a shell of what it was. Now, I strictly use it for personal records. I can no longer look into what movies are popular or what the consensus is on those specific movies. All that’s left of this app is empty space, ads, and my own profile. I used to enjoy Letterboxd. And no, keeping the top 20 movies available to view is not keeping the feature. You used to see hundreds.

  18. Kristen dice:

    2.5 Stars – Added Way Too Many Ads This is a fun app but it crashes a lot and doesn’t work well. And now, even better, they’ve crammed ads into every available space begging you to upgrade to remove them. I’d rather pay a small fee upfront to use the app than to have a free version without ads for a year only to open it one day to find I have to pay $19 to remove them (which this app is not worth $19. I’d pay maybe $9 at the most).

  19. Quite, I found a site like this year’s ago, but forgot the URL. Excellent thinking on part of the owners for developing an app, as the website displays in an unusual way and can be frustrating to navigate via mobile. The app fulfills its purpose, I only wish I did not need to link my Google or Twitter to set a profile picture. Another side note, right now the server is experiencing issues. Beyond those criticisms, I have only positives to gush.

  20. Letterboxed is held back by a few major problems. Mainly having to do with the servers. They constantly go down and sometimes they go down for specific movies. But that’s not to take away from all the good stuff. It’s so fun to rate movies and write reviews for them. I always have fun just browsing through the movies I’ve rated. It’s also super helpful to keep track of what movies you would like to watch and where to watch them. Despite its problems I highly recommend letterboxed.

  21. Before this app I loved keeping a spreadsheet of every movie I’ve ever seen, but Letterboxd let’s you do a same thing with a fraction of the effort. The social features of it are really fun, and makes it a great niche social media to talk about movies. It also has a bunch of really cool features designed to help you discover movies you’d like and some VERY hidden gems that you never would have heard of without it.

  22. I love the idea of this app, but it doesn’t work. Anytime you wanna click on anything (and I mean litteraly anything) be prepared for it to either never work and have to try going back and reclicking, or it will just take a really long time. I’m certain this is not a wifi/data problem. There is also obvious promotion of certain viewpoints on this app, and censorship of opposing viewpoints. This is a great app that I would highly recommend if they’d just fix these long time problems.

  23. It looks clean, runs oh so smoothly, and is very intuitive. A stellar app for a stellar service. My single problem with it—and the reason I had to take away a star—is that it doesn’t let me open Letterboxd links in the app—just the browser. Fix that, and this is a perfect 5-star. EDIT: They did it. They added the feature I talked about. It’s perfect.

  24. Great to keep track of movies watched, but really needs TV shows, even if it’s just treating each season as a singular thing, IDC, it’s just annoying that this is so close to being perfect for me. Letterboxed team, if you can hear me, add TV shows, even if it is just the popular ones or newer ones, and just treat each season as if it was a movie. Sure, the date watched won’t line up perfectly, but watching the final episode/last day of watching is important and would be nice to record that.

  25. I was looking for an app that was also computer friendly so I can switch between my laptop and my tablet to track the movies I’ve watched and want to watch. I found this one and I love it. It’s clean and simple to use and for the first day it was just amazing. But 2nd day in and I’m going through all the movies and marking what I’ve seen and it’s all glitchy and I keep having to refresh. I keep getting the ‘Gremlins are in our server room’ page and it keeps happening. Please fix this!

  26. I don’t understand why there is no section (at least I can’t find it) where to see the notifications that pop up in the phone. If clicking on a notification when it pops up, and the app isn’t open, nothing happens and you can never see it again. Also when you writea review, there’s no Save button. Why? Instead you have to click the back button, which is not at all how apps usually work. And many more odd things. The app is stable but frankly the UI and experience is a mess.

  27. Nate L dice:

    Personally I experienced this as a movie tracker and recommendation service, for which my only nitpick is that back spacing in a review crashes out and erases what you wrote. I also wish that blocking individuals prevented their reviews and lists from appearing in the “popular” category or movie pages. Overall, it’s the only thing like it out there with such a high level of quality.

  28. App is great. At least,it was until the new update. I used to be able sort lists by earlier/latest release date and if movies are on Amazon Prime or Netflix. Now that helpful feature that saved me time is gone. Other than a few maintenance things it’s a great app to keep track of what you watched. Bring back the sorting feature for lists !

  29. I deal with almost daily crashes (hundreds in the past few months alone). You can’t sort reviews or lists by new or any kind of sorting; instead, you see the same ones up top for weeks. I really enjoy the platform itself but this app is simply not good in its current state. It needs a lot of work and I hope it comes soon.

  30. I like this app in theory, but I often lose paragraphs of text while typing reviews. It happens specifically when I’ve typed something out and I go back to something typed and add more text or delete text. If I simply backspace I have no problem. It’s only when I tap to move the cursor somewhere else that I have the issue. Hugely frustrating to retype.

  31. Jared dice:

    The recent update(s) basically have sort of ruined the app? The website originally only had ads and the app didn’t but now it does which is fine but they aren’t properly optimized for the app. On the website the ads are small and don’t distract you but on the app you’re dealing with a smaller screen and thus those ads are super noticable and horribly placed. It’s in the most awkward & random spots. I also don’t like how the log/review/list options are under this little bubble. Otherwise same old

  32. Update: It no longer allows me to use the older version of the app. The newest version still has all the issues I mentioned before. – (5/8/20) Do yourself a favor and downgrade to the last version. The new ads look awful. They’re super intrusive. You can’t click on “Popular” anymore to see a nice list of everything popular this week which was an essential feature for me because I used it almost daily to decide what to watch while we’re all trapped inside.

  33. Love the service but I think the app would benefit from a few QoL improvements: showing your rating on a movie’s page w/o having to click on anything, a quick rating feature where you can scroll through suggested movies or something and rate them (similar to a timeline from Instagram for example), actors/directors having profile pictures, tv series/episodes would be awesome ( I understand that might just be me)… Things just seem to take one or two clicks more than they feel like they should.

  34. Great app! Has a diary feature where you can list the movies you watch along with dates/reviews/a star system. Helps me remember what I’ve watched along with what I thought about it. I really have no issues with this app. No bugs or crashes. You can also read other people’s reviews and see trailers. Pretty much also like IMDB. Lists cast, director, etc. Truly a great experience.

  35. Have to dig through too many menus just to get to my lists. When I hear about a movie, I just want to quickly add it, not look at what’s popular, etc. Just let me quickly type into a box the title of the film, select the right one, and move on. Ibjust end up using a notetaking app now, instead.

  36. Sophie M dice:

    I love this app! Although I love watching movies sometimes don’t have enough motivation to start one. This app helps motivate me to watch something because it’ll show up in my Diary. That is making it about the social aspect and not about seeing it for myself, but I find it great. I like how we can filter movies that we want to watch/have watched my genre, director, time period, or a specific date. I also like that we can see if a person we follow watched a film or wants to.

  37. I was hesitant to download this because all the recent reviews are complaining about intrusive apps, but having now taken a look, I think people are exaggerating a bit. Yes, there are ads, but they take up maybe 10% of the screen and they’re quiet. It’s whatever, they’re easy for me to ignore. Otherwise, it’s a very intuitive app and I love how easy it is to look through the lists, I’ve found some great stuff for my watchlist. I’m only deducting a star because it did crash a couple times so far.

  38. Darin Son dice:

    I love this app, just what I wanted for keeping track of movies I’ve watched and consolidating my many movie lists together. 4 stars though, because there seems to be a bug when I try to write a review (app freezes, but when I close it and open the app to write a review for the same movie, it works again!). Aside from that, definitely planning to use this app in the long run!

  39. I am a big fan of the idea of a social media platform surrounding film discussion and reviews. Haven’t used it too much yet, but I will say I wish the watch/like/watchlist and rate inputs weren’t hidden behind the “+” button. I think the additional button press is annoying and think it would be better if they werent hidden behind it.

  40. I super enjoy Letterboxd and how much fun it is to review, log, and keep a watchlist for movies, as well as see what others are watching and hear their opinions. The only thing that annoys me is how common it is for the app to crash in the midst of me writing a review. Drafts aren’t saved and a lot of work can be lost. If I’m reviewing, I’m doing it on the website on a desktop rather than through the app.

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