Text Free: Call & Texting App MODDED 2022

Wifi calling, texting, & group chat from a 2nd phone number for private messages
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Private texting, WiFi calling, group chat and high-quality messaging are just a few taps away with the TextFree app. Our messenger app offers you free SMS messaging and a real phone number. Text and chat with anyone, even if they don’t have the TextFree app. Create a different phone number for all of your calling and private messaging needs.

With our phone app you can call and text now with features like group messaging, free MMS picture messaging, and private call & voicemail from any device.

Other messenger apps can be expensive or complicated to use. Get unlimited text messaging, group chat, SMS, and MMS picture messages with our WiFi calling and texting app. TextFree makes connecting with friends and family easy and affordable. From group text to phone calls, TextFree provides the features you need to stay connected with your phone contacts without the high costs.

Call and text for free and send group chat messages when you set up a 2nd phone number with the TextFree WiFi calling app. Get your own free private number and access private call and texting features when you download. Unlike other messaging apps, our free text and call app lets you create a different phone number, right down to the area code. Create a different number that is easy to remember and share with friends and family.

Create a business phone number or a personal calling line. A second phone number allows you to have private texting and phone call conversations. Get text messaging and call privacy—whether you need a private 2nd phone for business or family. Send private messages, set up closed chat rooms, hide text messages, and enjoy private caller features from unwanted numbers on the TextFree app.

Texting and calling from one easy-to-use, free messaging app. Since 2009, our phone app has helped millions of people around the world stay connected.

We aren’t like most messaging apps, we are the original TextFree—the free texting and WiFi calling app that can do it all. Start calling and messaging with TextFree today!



– Easy Messaging: Use our free texting app for free WiFi and SMS messaging
– Talk, send MMS or SMS messages from anywhere you have a WiFi connection
– Group chat: Hang out with people from your contact list right on your device
– Group text: Send GIFs, emojis, stickers, and more to your phone contacts


– 2nd line: Pick a real phone number
– Set up a different phone number as a business line or a personal second custom number
– Phone privacy: Use your second phone number for secure messaging and calling
– 2nd phone number: Use it for online forms, undesirable callers, or spam risks


– Anonymous texting, safe WiFi calling and texting with a messenger app you can trust
– Private texting: Hide text messages from unwanted callers and contacts
– Private 2nd phone number for business, school, family, or other personal phone contacts
– Private caller and messenger features for a safe communication experience


– Unlimited WiFi calling and SMS messaging
– Ad-free calling and texting experience
– Your second number can be reserved without having to re-select
– Just $9 a month

Group chat, messaging and WiFi calling – TextFree is the original free texting app and 2nd phone number app available. Download Text Free today!


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40 comentarios en "Text Free: Call & Texting App MODDED 2022"

  1. Very useful app that has given me a work number) to keep people off my personal number. The ads are a bit of a bother, but never have been too intrusive except recently where my web browser will open up a page while I am I the middle of using the app. I hope it is just the fault of the ad selection and will be removed. I don’t mind in between ads, but not while I am using ads.

  2. I love the app, only glitch is that an occasional ad will jump in during an incoming call and kick it out; Had that happen the other day during a 911 emergency which was pretty upsetting but I got things straightened out after I had a bit of a meltdown. Other than that this app does exactly what I need it to and I earn minutes by watching short videos and such, and those minutes come in very handy!

  3. Sends my pictures hours later. Recipients are confused, I’m embarrassed. It’s just a big mess. Notifications and incoming calls don’t notify most of the time. Full page ad blocks what I’m doing and sometimes its difficult to figure out how to get it off. 1/3 page ads are very common and also very annoying. I’m going to try another ap.

  4. Dumb Rush dice:

    I can’t remember when I first installed this app but I believe it was on my ipod touch, years and years and years ago. Back then the call was a little wonky (mightve been because it was an ipod) but watching ads/videos for call minutes always worked so no complaint there. Really can’t think of anything wrong with this app, I’ve only used call feature (maybe 15 times over the past years) and texting so I’m not sure how good pictures will send or if there is voice message support.

  5. joey deon dice:

    Thank you for such an app well put together when times get hard no matter how much you work, phone gets disconnected this is a must have app. The only draw back is you can make phone calls for some time then only text messages but its free and definitely can still keep in touch with the ones that matter. Give 5 stars. I’ll definitely subscribe when things get better.

  6. Frustrating app! I don’t get notified until hours (sometimes DAYS) after somebody has texted or called me. That’s my biggest issue. Also, app ALWAYS glitches and shuts down whenever Im on it. Calls get cut off every time. Ill be on the phone, and suddenly it just randomly ends every 5 minutes for no reason. Also, Ads start randomly blasting while im mid-call, to the point where the person on the other end can hear, too. Super annoying.

  7. Aaron M dice:

    Have had the app since it’s inception. Gave it 5 stars..since then it has SEVERELY gone down hill. The user interface is horrible and do glitchy. Will never use again. I even was basically forced to buy mins as it cut me off mid sentence. Never again. If it’d free its free. You don’t do ads AND charge for mins. Everyone should try TextNow. Its always unlimited free calls and texts to USA and Canada, no fine print or insane ads. Best app out there. Thank me later.

  8. It does well with Text messages. I got it for job search but in oder to receive verification text you need to buy the upgrade. I have had one call and it kept cutting off after the 4min mark. while I was setting up a time to interview- so I wouldn’t recommend it for calls but I recommend for texts only!!! unless you upgrade. hope it helps

  9. Freezes my phone, lately it’s been freezing my phone, and I’ve had it for a long time, but I believe MULTIPLE ADDS creates the problem. I couldn’t respond to a text earlier today, I tried cleaning the data off the app, turning my phone off and it still didn’t allow me to text. You need to FIX THIS & STOP BLAMING something or someone else out there!!!

  10. God awful… never rings if someone tries to call (even while on wifi), takes an unbelievably long time to stop showing ads on the bottom of the screen so you can’t even use the keyboard until it decides to stop replaying the same ad.. glitchy and next to impossible to use if you have any kind of time constraints whatsoever.. if you have unlimited time to patiently wait for it to let you use the keyboard it’s probably great..

  11. Just started using Text Free, so review may be a bit premature, but must say that so far it’s been great. No other party having to participate or sign up. Just text or call anyone. Period. That simple. All that is required is a wifi connection. I’m using it on an old Galaxy 9 that hasn’t had service for over two years.

  12. LD. REED dice:

    This is a great app. You must have a stable and reliable wifi connection though. The only thing that sucks is the calls are ok for like 2min intervals and then cuts out. Recently the ads play loudly even when I’m not using it please fix it.But, I must admit I’ve tried other apps that don’t compare to your usability and reliability .Just fix the bug!! I know you have to pay bills with the ads.just don’t let the app suffer. its beginning to be a turn off thanks!!

  13. Tammy F. dice:

    It was working fine…until it wasn’t. With no warning, it just stopped sending/receiving calls and texts. I have tried everything I know to troubleshoot the issue to no avail. Update…now the app is telling me I don’t have an assigned number, keeps changing the number every time I go into settings. I will NEVER recommend this app, I need my phone for work and now it is USELESS!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 If I could give a rating of 0, I would!!!

  14. I’d rather give it 2 1/2 stars the app works all right, no complaining there but the low stars are to many ads. Ads when you open it ads every messages you send. Ads in between different recipients. Basically to many ads. Recently my app stopped working. I have it on 2 devices and none of them will send or receive texts. Moving on to something else. I contacted developer and they’re not responding. Too bad I don’t want to loose my number.

  15. Of For dice:

    This app constantly opens the speakerphone and a “shark air purifier” commercial plays over and over and over on high volume constantly. There is no way to mute it. There is no way to skip the ad. The only way to stop it is by unlocking your phone and closing the app. Phone calls only last about 30 seconds. Maybe a minute before they disconnect. Texting works well.

  16. Rob Davis dice:

    The paid version is ok for texting only. Calls NEVER worked for me even after reaching out to support twice. Downgraded to free version and it’s almost unusable. Texting works fine, but the INTRUSIVE ads and pop-ups are so prolific it’s impossible to have a good experience. Now there’s a video for an air purifier that plays with sound on and no way to turn it off anywhere. They also raised the price for adfree to 10$ a month. Might as well get a cell phone for that price. Insanity.

  17. Changing my review to 3 stars because some of the needed features are only available via upgrade. $9.99/month for an internet phone is too, much. You should just get a Track phone for the same price. NOTE: This is a WiFi only phone… you have to be connected to WiFi in order for it to work, so while it may have some cell phone features, you have to be at home to use it.

  18. Was 5 stars for many, many years but I went to google voice because it’s all free, no in app purchases or ads. Wanted to give this another shot because I like that I could customize it and have wallpapers, etc., but it simply doesn’t work anymore. Won’t let me log into my account of many years or even sign up for an entirely new one. Trash. Uninstalling. Too bad. This app was pretty decent back in the day. Now it just doesn’t do anything at all.

  19. Works really well better than other apps like it that I’ve used others have a delay while talking with someone makes a conversation very stressful but this app seems to be working great so far Update: I had to drop back and give it only 4stars because I’m not sure what has happened but I can’t no longer receive calls or make calls and I’m not getting half of my text from people. If this problem were to get fixed then I would give it 5 stars.

  20. I’ve used TextNow for years with only calling issues and no texting issues. After downloading this app as a second number it took almost an hour to see d three text messages. It kept loading ads over and over again. I understand that’s how you make money but my god the ads are horrible. While trying to text it will lock up and not do anything. And I was texting a gig job… I closed the app and opened it again and same issues.. After clearing the cache I was able to send one text. Horrible!

  21. Kat Mat dice:

    The voice quality has always been bad, but I used this app to text from with no issues. Used it as a secondary number. Then they changed it so that you can’t receive any text codes without upgrading and paying for their service. That’s fine. But lately I’ve been receiving texts and voicemails, as if my number has been contacting other people without me using it. I’m getting rid of this garbage app, as soon as I’m sure none of my accounts are linked to this number anymore.

  22. Good call quality on 4G LTE and Wifi plus it’s great for texting too with your alternate number. I wish I got more talk time minutes in the beginning, although 40 is a good start. It’s been somewhat frustrating trying to “earn” more minutes in the app. I’ll keep it for now. 5/13/22 UPDATE: Customer service was very helpful and solved all the issues I had. And for my frustrations the customer service representative gave 500 minutes… Thanks and great job!

  23. George dice:

    It’s been great for texting. But unfortunately the voice is terrible. Cuts out, garbled from the one you’re speaking too. And I have 5G. All my bars. So I have a good connection. And a brand new Samsung Android 22 Ultra. So there shouldn’t be any audio issues. So if you have something to resolve this issue. I’d love to hear it. Ty

  24. Syd G dice:

    Sometimes I feel I don’t get notified of calls or messages. Sometimes I have to make a phone call twice before it connects. Also sometimes the call will drop-out, lose sound, or glitch. But, I still really like this app. I like it much better than Google Voice.

  25. Clare dice:

    This app has many bugs and is easily hacked remotely. When you edit a contact or delete a contact on your phone the old contact does not erase from the app and does not change. You can not remove contacts even if you delete the contact from your phone.. Messages will open and scroll up and down without any interaction. I would avoid downloading or keeping this app.

  26. I have used this service for maybe two years. In that time I have come across zero problems with it. I am not an employee of the company that runs this app or have anything to gain by offering this positive review. In short, in a world where more and more apps that offer a free service end up being just another half functional app that eventually you WILL have to wind up paying for, this app works as it says and is completely free. Even the advertising they use is minimal and mostly non-evasive.

  27. Worked fine at first. The ads were annoying because the sound from them would go over the top of any other app even when the app wasn’t being used (just open in the background). Then I didn’t use it for a week. And they inactivated my number. The terms say 30 days for inactive. I have tried multiple times to get a new number. But still can’t send any texts. So, it’s useless. I was just using the free version to test it. But I certainly wouldn’t pay for an app where the free version doesn’t work.

  28. Fantastic App, Especially if you Travel Internationally. I originally discovered this app while on a deployment in Iraq. It allows you to set an actual phone number to a local area code of YOUR choosing. That way, you can be CALLED, on a regular USA phone, as long as you have either a Wi-Fi connection or Data capability on your mobile device. I’ve been using this app more than ten years and will continue to do so. It appears I’m about to be offered another contract deployment job. 73

  29. This is the world worst free text app. Please don’t download it. It is a scam. They need all the access of my photo and data folders. I try to receive a text message. The app not even showing where I can read my received text. And loaded with confusing adds. They say it a free app, but they want sign up and pay for it to run most of the function. Don’t download,we need to tell the Google Play Store to delete this app.

  30. App. is junk! In fact, my previous review was censored due to the words I used in showing my disdain. They are the dregs of the dregs, hiding audio ads under banners so that you can’t get to the volume to shut it off. On top of that, they increase the volume louder than what your phone setting are AND THEN, buffer the ad so that you continue to hear it even after you’ve closed out the app!!! You either sit there and continue hearing it or uninstall the app.

  31. Agony, this is the most useless app, doesn’t notify you unless you open and reload the app, doesn’t ring for calls, even with solid connection calls drop, get static feedback, the other line can barely make out what you’re saying, and watching ads for the minutes pauses your music and/YouTube premium background play even when muting the ad, top it off, it opens Google play at the end of certain ads and it’s always jarring and infuriating if you have a slow device. I wish I could rate zero stars

  32. This app has the weirdest glitches in history. First one, I’ll make a call then after that my Bluetooth won’t work and the music will come out of the ear speaker. The second one, when somebody calls me my music starts playiny from my ear speaker on the phone. The only way I can fix this is by force stopping the app or restarting the phone. By the way my phone is in perfect condition and I’ve never had a single issue with this phone other than installing this app.

  33. I tell everyone about TextFree. The app is fairly reliable however I have been experiencing a lot of issues lately. The ads will take up the whole screen, turn black and freezes the phone when scrolling through the call logs. The app itself will become unresponsive at any given time, even during phone calls. Suddenly I will get a notification for a missed call when the phone didn’t pop up for the incoming call. I hope my feedback is helpful and that these issues can be resolved soon.

  34. Been using the app/service for over two years. It used to be good, now the app is *unusable*. In the last month, the ads have become obstructive, and will fill the entire screen after each text requiring you to close the app and start it again. (The bright background color of the ad will also flash rapidly, if you have epilepsy, be careful.) If they don’t fix this issue in the next week, I’m gone to one of their many competitors.

  35. Kai dice:

    The app has a simple, clean look, and is easy to figure out how to use. However, there are so many ads that the app is difficult to use. The sheer amount of lag (mainly from ads) makes the app virtually impossible to use for anything but texting. It lags so bad I physically cannot answer calls. Even opening the app takes at least 30 seconds to load, and trying to do something like texting takes even more time. Also, notifications don’t always arrive, and when they do, they take a long time.

  36. The application allows me to text other people, however, lacks the ability to send and receive calls. I am using Verizon FiOS with the application and was stunned to discover that my connection was not strong enough to provide me with any type of call quality. In this case, I am consistently seeing “No Signal” in the Dialpad section. In addition, the advertisements provide the user with a limited view of all their messages. I will switch to Google Voice because it is free and actually works.

  37. Excellent app and when it didn’t work for me, customer support was really great in clearing up the issue and I could hardly be more thankful! I’ve had bad experiences with other text apps, but I can’t recommend this one highly enough! One thing to niggle about (which is why I took away one star): Whenever you paste any text into a message it erases anything that was there before. Not an intuitive feature, but everything else is great! (:

  38. Texting is great, no issues! The calling feature is pretty rough. If I’ve got a good LTE signal calling OUT, goes well. If the signal is not VERY strong, forget it. If I’m able to use wifi for calling, I don’t know how to use it. The other issue I have, is that all calls go to a voicemail. I never recieve them. Last issue, if I do make a call, I can’t make another until I restart my phone. Can’t even force stop it. Still, the text service is better and quicker than my pay service. 4 stars.

  39. App useful and pretty good, even with a ton of ads. But because it allows free calls and texts, I can easily overlook the ads. Sometime though, I’ll get a message saying, “Text Free is not responding”, which can be somewhat annoying when trying to make a call. But after a couple of minutes, it’ll respond, allowing my call to be placed. Yeah, I’ll recommend this app, and continue to use it.

  40. App works really well, but you are not allowed to name your contacts. I personally, memorize EVERYBODYS phone numbers so it’s not a big deal for me but it would help. Plus the ads on there are a bit annoying, but trust me, for just the texting purposes it is great! (You also can only limit videos to 100 seconds or less, but I don’t run in to that problem very often, given that I don’t send videos)

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