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Social app for generation X & Y, easy to share videos, go live and make friends.
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Welcome to Clapper, one of the fastest-growing social media platforms focused on promoting real lives around the common man. You can see the latest trends and people’s real lives as they unfold, as well as people’s opinions and talents.

Our mission is to use technology to empower everyone’s life, so that everyone has the opportunity to show, the channel to speak, and the possibility to be seen. No troll, no shadow ban.

-Be heard
Build up your own following and be an opinion leader. Connect with friends and follow those whose opinions you want to hear. Our “Clapback” feature is unique in that you can simply express your opinion and easily view people’s opinions with support or opposition.

– Be seen
Clapper uses ‘equal opportunity’ algorithms to show ordinary, real, and diverse communities of people through the sharing of short videos and live streams, Everyone can easily record videos and be a part of the heartbeat of your community. Based on your location things that are local in your area will be aggregated for you as well.

– Be valued
Clapper has Clapper Fam, a new monetization feature that allows creators to capitalize on superfans. Clapper launches live streaming to further increase the timely communication and interaction between creators and users, and add more new ways for creators with a moderate audience to obtain substantial income. With monetization, Clapper now offers a practical path for content creators to sustain themselves on an ad-free short video platform.

*What can you expect?*
a) Post Video: Short video is the foundation of Clapper where users can post videos for up to 3 minutes and you also have the option to use our additional features like add text, video trimming, music, and other effects. Interact, sing, dance, talk about your day, send messages to friends and followers.
b) Duet Live: Apart from the solo Live option, duet live feature allows you to bring your follower on live and interact in real-time.
c) Radio: Imagine an auditorium but with only vocals. This is the audio-only feature that allows you to create a room of up to 2000 listeners and up to 20 speakers to ‘talk’
d) Group: Create a community of your super fans where you can share interact 1:1 with them.
e) Clapper fam: Grow your community by providing monthly tiers for your followers to support. With a variety of benefits, you can provide exclusive interactions, activities, and products.

Download now and discover the heartbeat of your local area and around the world.
Email: [email protected]


40 comentarios en "Clapper: Video, Live, Chat MODDED 2022"

  1. There’s potential to be a good competitor to the likes of TikTok and Instagram. Few things, though: the notifications are kind of terrible, there is no search option for sounds, and the overall aesthetic of the app is not pretty (yes that’s a big deal). Add more stitch and duet options, and the ability to search for sounds. “Filters” and effects will also be welcomed. I know it’s supposed to be creator focused. Videos do not upload. Just get the spinning ring.

  2. I like it so far…it’s familiar to tik tok…so, the switch was simple. I only wish they had a music selection to go with my posts. As of now, I’m only posting my old tik toks. But, I’d like the ability to create as I used to with the other app. The editing was key…plus, the music created an “ambiance” for the posts. Thank you…love it so far though. 😁

  3. Very fun app to be in. Easy to make videos. The hashtag views don’t seem to be correct. I really wish there was a live option. It seems when I upload videos, the video seems to zoom in after upload. Sometimes it takes a little longer to load some videos. Wish there was an option for selecting sounds for videos as well as well as effects. With it being a newer app I do believe these issues will be fixed in time and advanced. Im looking forward to a brighter future

  4. Joel G dice:

    Would love to give this app a good rating. I was looking to find something compared to TikTok. I’ve had the same issues w/ this app from the very beginning. Seems like there’s no updates to fix them? 1. Videos skip while reviewing them. 2. The scaling of text always renders wrong. 3. You can’t adjust clips individually. 4. No search option for music. 5. Sometimes videos don’t upload. 6. Videos I edit on my phone upload incorrectly. Plus other issues. These have all stopped me from moving forward

  5. Clapper is close to it’s competitor tiktok. But the app lacks a lot of key elements such as a search bar for sounds, filters, video editing, and uploading videos either buffer or stays at 40% and says video can’t be uploaded. With how bad the duet feature is they might as well take it down. Also the app doesn’t have an adjustment for sounds so you can’t change when the sound starts and stops. If this app wants to be a competitor and gain more people, these key elements need to be addressed.

  6. You Ugly dice:

    I love this App! I first tried TikTok to improve my business reach but it doesn’t doesn’t no matter how many videos I post and good content. It doesn’t favor new people unless you get lucky by the algorithm. With Clapper, it fairly spreads your work to existing users which is amazing! The engagement on Clapper is so supportive and positive! I love it! Just needs better music search options. Ways to save and use trending songs. I have to scroll all the way down to look for songs. I hate that.

  7. It’s a little glitchy but it’s new. I have faith they’ll fix it. Sometimes a video won’t play when you flip to it; sometimes the video will play but a picture representation is covering all but the top & bottom of the video. I like how there’s a couple more options that I don’t believe TikTok has yet. I also like that it’s based out of TX too.

  8. I seem to be dealing with some sort of connectivity issue with this app since the first day I downloaded it. Anytime I try to open and run the app, all it does is freezes up on and cuts in and out; making it EXTREMELY difficult to view any of the content with in the app, let alone trying to upload my own content. I have a 5G Samsung Note20 Ultra, and have good reception and signal bars. Does this even when using wifi as well. I would love to get this issue resolved rather than later. Thank you

  9. Supportive, not as heavily censored as Tik Tok and it allows you to go live, immediately. The only downside is there are not as many exiting tools but, it allows you to focus on the actual content and message and not the “Flash” and tricks to grab attention. They put your videos in heavy rotation when you are new to build up a good following. Amazing people. Free expression.

  10. This app seems like it could be a good replacement for tiktok. However I have noticed that every video plays slightly out of sync with its audio. It is enough to ruin the experience. My other comai t is that the app tends to be very aggressive with notifications, but only when I am asleep. I get no notifications during the day but several around midnight.

  11. So there are a few things I like. I like the video reply features. I like the groups but it seriously lacks in functionality in creating posts with very limited editing features. I don’t like that you cannot search addable sounds. The fact that content created outside the app is considered less desirable is a huge issue especially since there is very limited editing features with the app. The ClapBack feature also needs some revision having to talk over someone or wait until the whole thing play

  12. So the app is still definitely small and has lots of room to improve. I love that it’s for adults and I love that there’s some of my community on there but it’s reallt glitchy. I have to tap buttons on videos repeatedly befofe it likes a video or before it opens coments. When I’m scrolling it will sometimes scroll backwards and I have to actively put more effort into scrolling past two videos. The turn off push notifications doesn’t seem to work either. There’s loads more that I can’t fit here.

  13. Love the app! I would have given it a 5 but I constantly have issues with group messaging glitches and DM glitches. For example: I get notifications that there are messages yet when I go to the chat the message is not there. I clear cache constantly, restart my phone and still have the issues. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that would help but it did not. The issue continues. Other then that, it is an amazing app, great community, and I love that you can have 3 minutes!

  14. m mbghost dice:

    I understand this is a new app, but it isan app which is essentially trying to compete with TikTok. One of tiktoks strongest aspects is the ability to easily go through sounds and and choose them ahead of time to set the mood for your video. Please let users select sounds before recording, and to actually search through your library rather than blind scrolling please. Then I wi likely give a higher rating but I can’t ignore this issue in a review

  15. I would give this 5 stars, but unfortunately I may have to uninstall it because every time I end a phone call it automatically starts playing the audio from a video without the app being open. I know because whenever I hear someone talking after ending a call I open the app and there it is. This is very annoying.

  16. Cannot get the app to work, have reached out to customer support. Not much help there. Have done everything they suggested and its still not working. Have redownloaded, rebooted, checked software is all up to date. The screen either stays black, white, or if you can get into the sign up page then when you choose ANY of the sign up options it just loads and loads and doesnt progress

  17. I would like to know why the videos play for a little bit and then they start buffering for 30-40 seconds and then play a little bit and then Bufford Moore it takes like 9 minutes to watch one damn video and when I go to use the email it keeps telling me the page is not there. It’s working a lot better now, thank you.

  18. Kim ayers dice:

    This app is identical to tiktok. So it’s easy to navigate. However I’m finding it to be quite laggy. Like there’s a delay/overlap that happens when scrolling to the next video.

  19. For a new up and coming application, Clapper is off to an excellent start! It is way more responsive than its competitor (TT). They actually have a customer service team with REAL people! There are a few glitches here and there, but the atmosphere makes up for it! There are new developments coming in 2023 and I’m here for it! I wish I had switched a long time ago! Follow me j_leigh_g….I’ll see you there!

  20. Coded One dice:

    Clapper has improved tremendously lately, though the latest update seems to have broken the in app notifications list, nothing shows up since the update, just everything before the update. Push notifications still come through.

  21. Clapper was difficult for me as a novice social media individual at the beginning. However, the app is pretty easy to learn and move through. Thanks

  22. I love the app, and after being console banned from Tiktok, it’s the only social media I use. However, I gave 3 stars because clapper has a ways to go! Few examples, it’s so hard to upload a video! Here lately, I’ve noticed videos including my own are freezing half way through. Clapbacks are hard to do because the sound doesn’t play on the video you are trying to do the clapback to. I love the freedom but there is alot of porn, only fans girls, & men looking for that kind of content on clapper.

  23. It’s a fun app until you leave wifi coverage. The just won’t work on cell service. Full signal running 4 G lte and it just won’t load. Very poor load times with 5 G. Sure wish yall would fix this. I’ve had friends test on different models of phone and It’s the same issue. So through process of elimination I’ve found it is not my phone (communications technician).

  24. Promising, but a lot of bugs to work on. In App notifications sometimes don’t show, or show after a live has ended. Sometimes, The controls don’t respond. There is no way to view analytics

  25. Kris Kidd dice:

    I have over 2.5 thousand followers. Out of nowhere one day, everytime I try to upload a video, it fails. I’ve reached out to Clapper support WITH THE SCREENSHOTS they asked for and I’ve gotten nothing but silence. I’m about to uninstall this app completely. YOU GET ONE STAR until you fix this issue because I have asked for help only to be ignored.

  26. At first it was okay. Then after awhile the app screwed up. Now I can’t see when anyone is live or get alerts. This app is seriously bugged and there is no customer support. I have tried several times to contact them with these issues and never get a real response. 0 out of 5 until they fix the problem. Customer service is also horrible. Nobody wants to respond to my request for assistance.

  27. Absolutely sucks. It was the worst social media experience I had; 6 months on my account. Only to lose said account because I didn’t know I was setting up an account not verifying when a log out bug happened. When I realized and tried to log into correct account, it says there’s already an account set to device and it was the accidentally made one. So goodbye account and goodbye app. 👋

  28. I have been with Clapper for nearly a year now and have traversed some serious heartbreaking moments but the community that has been built around myself and others is amazing, the positivity and support that we give to each other is astounding. I would highly recommend Clapper to everyone. Thank you 💜🥰💜🥰💜

  29. LaCeD dice:

    The sound is out of sync by 3 seconds on the entire app, have reported with no results. Others have this issue too. Have tried deleting and reinstalling with no luck other wise its a decent app

  30. I just signed up for it and like it so far. But I have to tap on the like button a couple times, for it to register. Also, there is no captions on the videos. What about the hard of hearing people and the completely deaf community?

  31. Design is beautiful, content is good,very good alternative to TikTok except every other video seemed to freeze up though audio would continue to play.

  32. The app is simple and kind of similar to Tiktok. It needs to do something more with the notifications but I see the platform being substantial should tiktok get further flak from USA USA Gov’t

  33. I was invited by a longtime friend (Ugo aka TheBlackSpiderman) and soon discovered that Clapper is Censorship free where you can freely express yourself and after my account (DramaTubeTv) was falsely suspended the team at clapper were very fast in addressing the issue and reinstating my account. I have enjoyed a cult following of sorts since 2005 as one of the most subscribed users on Youtube and was the most subscribed user at live video but Clapper has proven to being my favorite site by far!

  34. Hi I’m on South Africa my app opens on a black screen I was able to create an account when I had a VPN on but it will not let me into a live I was invited to it gave me a loading problem . When I turn VPN off it doesn’t give me the error but will not go in . I have send a mail please fix the issues

  35. BEST people u can find on a social, u make FRIENDS n marathon, not a sprint. To Clapper, I did, it never remedied, until I talked to someone that hung out in my lives/radios lol. We’re human, but it crushed my running the music blog so that benefits you in the run w/ clappersounds now too, nice! (Btw I am sincere and very much just about helping community, I couldn’t care less who is n what position as long as it is upwardly mobile and not surreptitious.)

  36. The app is buggy. It’s a cool platform but you can’t click on the icons to see comments and a number of other weird buggy issues.

  37. MV C dice:

    INCREDIBLY SAD ABOUT CLAPPER!! Open up the app…Blank screen. Tap on profile…Blank screen. Tap on any tab…Blank screen. SO DESPERATELY want to leave Tiktok, now, this….encountering a blank Clapper. Guys, surely you HAVE to have know TT won’t take the competition lightly…It’s guaranteed retaliation. Fight them or get out of the ring…Allow us to test and help improve Clapper. I’m a Systems Tester and Quality Evaluator by profession, so PLEASE let us help kick TT’s buttt!!!

  38. HANDS DOWN the BEST social media experience out there. United States based and truly a fair algorithm experience. Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Valued! An app that lives by its core value. The community here is welcoming and very friendly. I can’t wait to see where this app goes next!

  39. I Like The App Now That Im Using It Often…As Clapper Likes Raw Video Footage Instead Of Captured Or Canned Or Almost Fake Life Like Tik Tok Seems To Be From Time To Time! It Was Really A Good Fit For Me…And Made Me Readjust Me Posting Real Video Footage Of My Life Instead Of How I Was Doing It On That Other Other App! =)

  40. Clapper is a good app similar to tiktok but the only problem is uploading original content it’s hard because you keep saying failed to upload I will appreciate it to be helped on this other than that the app is good

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