Text Free: Call & Texting App MODDED 2022

WiFi voice calling, free text, & group chat from a 2nd phone number for privacy.
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Private texting, WiFi calling, group chat and high-quality messaging is just a few taps away with Text Free. Our messaging app offers you free SMS messaging and a real phone number. Text and chat with anyone, even if they don’t have the Text Free app. Create a different phone number for all of your calling and messaging needs.

Call and text now with features like group messaging, free MMS picture messaging, business calls & voicemail – all from your cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Get unlimited text messaging, group chat, SMS, and MMS picture messages for free. Other messenger apps can be expensive or complicated to use – we make messaging easy.

Call and text for free, send group chat messages and stay connected with your contacts. From group text to phone calls, our WiFi calling and texting features make it easy and affordable to connect with your phone contacts. It’s a cellular phone service app, without the high costs.

Set up a 2nd phone number and get access to free WiFi calling and texting. Unlike other messaging apps, our free text and call app lets you create a different phone number, right down to the area code. Create a different number that is easy to remember and share with friends and family.

Create a business phone number or a personal calling line. A second phone number allows you to have private texting and phone call conversations. Get text messaging and call privacy – whether you need a private 2nd phone for business or family.. Send private messages, set up closed chat rooms and hide text messages from unwanted numbers on Text Free.

Messaging and calling – all from one easy-to-use, free messaging app. Since 2009, our phone app has helped millions of people around the world stay connected.

We aren’t like most messaging apps, we are the original Text Free – the free texting and WiFi calling app that can do it all. Start calling and messaging with Text Free today!



– Easy Messaging: Use our free texting app for free WiFi and SMS messaging
– Talk, send MMS or SMS messages from anywhere you have a WiFi connection
– Group chat: hang out with people from your contact list right on your device
– Group text: Send GIFs, emojis, stickers, and photos to your contact list


– 2nd line: pick your real phone number
– Set up a different phone number as a business line
– Phone privacy: Use your second phone number for secure messaging and calling
– 2nd phone number: Use it for online forms, undesirable callers, or spam risks


– Anonymous texting, safe WiFi calling and texting you can trust
– Private texting: hide text messages from unwanted callers and contacts
– Private 2nd phone number for business, school, family, or other personal contacts


– Unlimited WiFi calling and SMS messaging
– Ad-free calling and texting experience
– Your second number can be reserved without having to re-select
– Just $9 a month

Group chat, messaging and WiFi calling – TextFree is the original free texting app and 2nd phone number app available. Download Text Free today!


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Terms of Service: https://www.pinger.com/privacy-policy/terms-and-conditions/
Privacy Policy: https://www.pinger.com/privacy-policy/


Every update helps make Text Free a better place to chat—and this release is no different. Get the latest version for the best original Text Free Ultra experience.

If you’re enjoying your free phone number, please consider leaving us a rating or review.


40 comentarios en "Text Free: Call & Texting App MODDED 2022"

  1. Changing my review to 3 stars because some of the needed features are only available via upgrade. $9.99/month for an internet phone is too, much. You should just get a Track phone for the same price. NOTE: This is a WiFi only phone… you have to be connected to WiFi in order for it to work, so while it may have some cell phone features, you have to be at home to use it.

  2. Clare dice:

    This app has many bugs and is easily hacked remotely. When you edit a contact or delete a contact on your phone the old contact does not erase from the app and does not change. You can not remove contacts even if you delete the contact from your phone.. Messages will open and scroll up and down without any interaction. I would avoid downloading or keeping this app.

  3. Still iffy on notifications. I didnt update for a few months because the new updates messed up my notifications and I figured since that was 3 months ago maybe stuff had gotten straightened out but I guess not. It has permissions for everything and sometimes I get told of texts. I’m not sure why it’s so hit or miss but I might try to go back to an earlier version again. Great app for texting when you get told about them.

  4. Kai dice:

    The app has a simple, clean look, and is easy to figure out how to use. However, there are so many ads that the app is difficult to use. The sheer amount of lag (mainly from ads) makes the app virtually impossible to use for anything but texting. It lags so bad I physically cannot answer calls. Even opening the app takes at least 30 seconds to load, and trying to do something like texting takes even more time. Also, notifications don’t always arrive, and when they do, they take a long time.

  5. Ashley H dice:

    Don’t bother upgrading for 9.99 to get verification calls. I tried using my textfree number for that reason a couple of times-at the exact time I was supposed to get a call, I’d get a text saying I needed to upgrade for that kind of service, which means they tried to call but textfree would block it. So I upgraded, so that way when I got the call, I could answer it. Fat lot of good that did! As soon as I tried it after paying, I don’t even get a call-no notification, nothing! Scammers. Smh

  6. Fantastic App, Especially if you Travel Internationally. I originally discovered this app while on a deployment in Iraq. It allows you to set an actual phone number to a local area code of YOUR choosing. That way, you can be CALLED, on a regular USA phone, as long as you have either a Wi-Fi connection or Data capability on your mobile device. I’ve been using this app more than ten years and will continue to do so. It appears I’m about to be offered another contract deployment job. 73

  7. I hate your app so much that words haven’t been created to describe it. Every single time I try to make a call it either turns the screen on and my ear hits numbers or the call end button, or more often it will just mute my voice mid call and I can’t get it back. I just missed a very important call thanks to that! And what’s up with not being able to dial certain numbers or extensions? I paid for the minutes, don’t gate me. Oh and let’s not forget the texts that never arrive. 010

  8. This app is really good. My only complaint is that i do not receive notifications from text messages and the ads are a bit ridiculous. One ad will constantly run and take up the bottom half of my screen. I understand the need for ads but it can just be too much at times and it slows down the app and freezes.

  9. I have used this service for maybe two years. In that time I have come across zero problems with it. I am not an employee of the company that runs this app or have anything to gain by offering this positive review. In short, in a world where more and more apps that offer a free service end up being just another half functional app that eventually you WILL have to wind up paying for, this app works as it says and is completely free. Even the advertising they use is minimal and mostly non-evasive.

  10. I’ve used Text Free for years (ever since Pinger days) and my overall experience has been pretty good… HOWEVER, lately I’ve been having an issue with messages NOT SENDING despite the fact that, as far as what I SEE on MY END, the message went through just fine. I only realized it was happening because I failed to get a response. It happens seemingly at random but it’s infuriating not being able to trust whether my message sent for real or not… ESPECIALLY when paying $10 a month

  11. Casey Kc dice:

    All things considered this app rocks. For being a free app you have to expect a couple glitches, but after using it a few months it out performs metro as far missed or dropped calls. I have not seen one ad at all. In fact the only real problem is in my head because I can’t figure out how they offer it free. Anyway it’s a good app if you don’t want to give your phone to strangers.

  12. it’s fantastic to go on vacation and still be able to keep contact with my husband and children by finding this app. Text Free app has it going on. Yes it’s completely free if you choose adds. Let me tell you the adds are not even annoying or invasive. Unlike other apps I’ve used in the past… Thank you TextFree 😁👍

  13. J L dice:

    Unfortunately, it’s never stopped being buggy or dropping calls when it claims to have a strong signal. But, I am going to give them 4 stars, anyway, because they offer excellent customer service and support. They are friendly, polite, helpful, and very responsive. These days, when every company (including Google) would rather waste time finding ways to blame the customer or to do everything but actually solve the problem, providing good customer service is everything.

  14. Way too many ads, some popung out on full screen, some displaying banner that take half the screen, plus some in between. The app works for texting but has just a few talking minutes then they charge you. I recommend text now, it’s way way way less intrusive with ads and it’s truly free to talk on the phone as well

  15. Beast Boy dice:

    guys, just get TextNow instead. i used this app for a long time and it was fine, but recently, my messages WON’T send and i won’t get notifications for any text messages i get. sometimes i don’t get them until hours later, and other times i won’t get them at all and i can only see them once i get on the app. it’s very frustrating, and i had to end up switching to another app because of this. it isn’t good anymore and isn’t reliable. just go for another app at this point.

  16. Works exactly as advertised, cheap, reliable app, that does what it says, the developers really need to slow down the ads though, people would probably use this app more, i.e. spend more money with you, if they were not constantly having to close advertising windows, it’s really annoying. Less ads will certainly make this app a no-brainer.

  17. App often doesn’t notify me of messages, or ring when there’s an incoming call. I use this number as my work number, and I lose clients when I’m not knowing to respond.Also, there’s a glitch where I touch the text input bar area and no keyboard pops up…for several minutes sometimes, which is extremely frustrating when the promptness of my reply is everything. I have been a text free user for 4 or 5 years, and I just keep hoping you’ll get it together.

  18. Joshua dice:

    Constant notifications telling me “I haven’t set up my number” when I choose to log out manually every time I’m done with the app. Annoying, but manageable. The ads aren’t intrusive, either. I would highly recommend against sending any private information or pictures at all(your privates included, you wierdos) over a free text app like this. Use Snapchat or your actual number for that. Their privacy policy is sketchy at best.

  19. It’s alright. Lots of annoying ads. On two cellphones, it was nearly IMPOSSIBLE to answer a call!. I missed call after call! Bad for cheap phones! It sucks that you have to PAY to call out! Others don’t charge as long as you keep using their app. It would be nice be given an option to watch a video in exchange for minutes or premium features. Lots of other apps have that feature now. They’d still get money!

  20. Dawn dice:

    Best free texting app ever! Only app of it’s kind that’s let me keep the same number for over a year without having to pay for anything. There is an option to get unlimited minutes n no ads for $9.99 a month which isn’t too bad but I’m happy with the free service. Only complaint is that it will crash from time to time or I’ll get my texts later than the timestamp on it says it came through. Besides the delay in receiving texts its great!

  21. This. App. Is. Awful. I downloaded it recently bc I’d used it ages ago on my iPod, but clearly there have been no updates since then to optimize app performance. Some issues I’ve had: people on other line experiencing intense echoes when I place them on speaker… first time they try to call and I pick up, they can’t hear me, resulting in lost calls and lost business. Suffice it to say I am uninstalling. I paid for minutes and still get ads ETA: there is no place to change that setting!!!

  22. Yomi dice:

    Calling and texting work just fine with a great WiFi connection. No call drops, perfect from start to finish. Text messages work well too. You do have minutes you can run out of though & then you have to buy more but I decided to keep it anyway for backup in case my real phone service is out or acting wonky. I also use TextNow which has UNLIMITED minutes & video chat. They are two of the better working apps, in my experience. Good to have options. Good luck!

  23. this is a great app. it let’s you have a second number if that’s what your looking for. it allows you to do wifi calling and messages. to totally understandable that after about a month of using there service for free they require you to to upgrade from free to premium service. it’s only $9.99 a month. you can’t find cheaper service then that.

  24. Good call quality on 4G LTE and Wifi plus it’s great for texting too with your alternate number. I wish I got more talk time minutes in the beginning, although 40 is a good start. It’s been somewhat frustrating trying to “earn” more minutes in the app. I’ll keep it for now. 5/13/22 UPDATE: Customer service was very helpful and solved all the issues I had. Great job!

  25. Not a reliable texting app in my experience. I will text someone and they usually don’t receive the messages, and vice versa whenever they attempt to text me.(my mom and I have tested this by texting each other in the same room to prove we’re not getting each other’s texts) Sometimes I will recieve the messages several hours later. My internet connection is always pretty good, so there’s no issue with that to be causing this problem.

  26. Works well, MOST the time. What’s the point in PAYING for a service when it doesn’t even work! (I’ve tried 30 times to get a verification code to come through, and it hasn’t come through, and it’s been over 24 hours!) but when I make a new account, just to see if it works, it comes right through but says I have to PAY to be able to see it! I ALREADY PAY for it on one account, but it won’t come through!

  27. Needed a secondary text app for my business contacts, so that I didn’t have to carry an entire second phone. Text Free has been awesome! Use it both on my phone & desktop at the office. Just wish you could change the contacts on your mobile app to names instead of just the phone number, like you can on the desktop version.

  28. I found the text free app to work well. I like the freedom to choose whatever number I want from a list of available numbers. The ability to watch a short video to get minutes to use the phone instead of text only is a plus. I have found myself in spots before where I didn’t have a working phone and text free allowed me to still be able to reach someone to offer aid and assistance.

  29. I use this app for a work phone number. Really need you to fix some things though. Caller ID frequently displays the name of the previous caller instead of whoever is currently calling. When someone calls me there is no option to silence or turn down the ringer, only decline/accept the call. Ringer is at max volume always. Audio rarely works through Bluetooth earbuds, and when it does, it is at max volume and hurts my ears. I really want to love this app but I’m thinking I need to keep looking.

  30. This is a good app. I use this number as a “burner phone” for texting people for a work project since I didn’t want to give out my primary number. I know it’s a free app and that comes with some annoyances, but for the most part it does what I need it to do. I wish the free version didn’t send notifications daily trying to get me to upgrade (especially since I already met the minimum requirement of sending and receiving a text per month to keep my number). Also, I wish I wouldn’t get spam calls

  31. amoresse7 dice:

    Cool app. Would be cool if you offered a plan to switch numbers and not so expensive. I found another app on here that does it. Your burn the number for .99 cents and you can get a new number right away. I like that concept. I would pay for that rather than the main service. It’s just how my brain thinks. It should be an option. 😊

  32. I’ve used this app for years but I uninstalled it a couple months ago. I reinstalled it yesterday and today with the same unsuccessful results!! Although it did download and install, it will not open!! I’ve tried downloading both versions, and installed them several times to be sure. I checked and there are no updates available!! I really enjoyed the app before!! Had a completely different experience and result!!

  33. I tell everyone about TextFree. The app is fairly reliable however I have been experiencing a lot of issues lately. The ads will take up the whole screen, turn black and freezes the phone when scrolling through the call logs. The app itself will become unresponsive at any given time, even during phone calls. Suddenly I will get a notification for a missed call when the phone didn’t pop up for the incoming call. I hope my feedback is helpful and that these issues can be resolved soon.

  34. Been using the app/service for over two years. It used to be good, now the app is *unusable*. In the last month, the ads have become obstructive, and will fill the entire screen after each text requiring you to close the app and start it again. (The bright background color of the ad will also flash rapidly, if you have epilepsy, be careful.) If they don’t fix this issue in the next week, I’m gone to one of their many competitors.

  35. The application allows me to text other people, however, lacks the ability to send and receive calls. I am using Verizon FiOS with the application and was stunned to discover that my connection was not strong enough to provide me with any type of call quality. In this case, I am consistently seeing “No Signal” in the Dialpad section. In addition, the advertisements provide the user with a limited view of all their messages. I will switch to Google Voice because it is free and actually works.

  36. Excellent app and when it didn’t work for me, customer support was really great in clearing up the issue and I could hardly be more thankful! I’ve had bad experiences with other text apps, but I can’t recommend this one highly enough! One thing to niggle about (which is why I took away one star): Whenever you paste any text into a message it erases anything that was there before. Not an intuitive feature, but everything else is great! (:

  37. Texting is great, no issues! The calling feature is pretty rough. If I’ve got a good LTE signal calling OUT, goes well. If the signal is not VERY strong, forget it. If I’m able to use wifi for calling, I don’t know how to use it. The other issue I have, is that all calls go to a voicemail. I never recieve them. Last issue, if I do make a call, I can’t make another until I restart my phone. Can’t even force stop it. Still, the text service is better and quicker than my pay service. 4 stars.

  38. Al Tyler dice:

    The app is OK. I use the app on my two tablets that don’t have texting capabilities. On my older tablet, which is WIFI only, it keeps saying that I have to update, however it won’t allow an update. Also having issues with the adds running at the bottom of the page, closing out the keyboard, and taking over when I am trying to text. If something can be done about this it would be great.

  39. App useful and pretty good, even with a ton of ads. But because it allows free calls and texts, I can easily overlook the ads. Sometime though, I’ll get a message saying, “Text Free is not responding”, which can be somewhat annoying when trying to make a call. But after a couple of minutes, it’ll respond, allowing my call to be placed. Yeah, I’ll recommend this app, and continue to use it.

  40. App works really well, but you are not allowed to name your contacts. I personally, memorize EVERYBODYS phone numbers so it’s not a big deal for me but it would help. Plus the ads on there are a bit annoying, but trust me, for just the texting purposes it is great! (You also can only limit videos to 100 seconds or less, but I don’t run in to that problem very often, given that I don’t send videos)

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