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Dress Up. Party. Make friends and chat in a friendly and lively virtual world.
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Club Cooee is a friendly and lively virtual world where you can make new friends. Club Cooee is a real social chat game with millions of users from all over the world. Chat, have fun, and make friends: it’s easy and free.

In Club Cooee you can go to virtual 3D chat parties with your 3D avatar and get to know new friends easily and playfully.

You can create your 3D avatar with more than 500,000 crazy outfits. You’ll be thrilled by the outfits other users have designed!

At a virtual chat party or a virtual concert, the latest music is always playing and even you can be a DJ, too!

The shop offers the hottest dances and dance moves for your 3D avatar, so the party mood is perfect.

Thousands of virtual 3D chat rooms, where you can party round the clock, are waiting for you.

Create your own virtual 3D chat room and decide for yourself. The choice is yours: inside, outside, on the beach, at home, day, or night.

In our virtual world, you are never alone. Many have already found the love of their life, have started a virtual family, or live a virtual life in Club Cooee. Of course, you can also go on a virtual date here.

The built-in avatar chat helps you chat with your friends in a fun way: romantic dancing, hugging, kissing, or just doing nonsense for fun!

We are looking forward to seeing you here! Install the free app now, design your 3D avatar, and join a virtual party!

• Create your 3D avatar with crazy outfits, tattoos, accessories, hairstyles, eye colors, and more
• Choose from more than 500,000 apparel items and accessories
• Discover the crazy apparel and fashion items in the shops of other users
• Style your 3D avatar in a romantic, crazy, sweet, seductive, freaky, or mysterious way. However you want it to be

• Chat with friends from all over the world
• Visit virtual parties and concerts and make new friends
• Enjoy the virtual world where everything revolves around virtual parties and finding new friends
• Chat with friends and use 3D emojis to dance together closely, hug each other, or just do nonsense
• Let your 3D avatar dance and show who you are, who you like, and who you belong to
• Give others small gifts from their wish list to draw attention to yourself and find new friends

• Move freely in the virtual world
• Go to the DJ booth with your 3D avatar and play your favorite YouTube songs
• Visit 3D chat rooms with Internet radio stations and interact live with the presenter
• Open your own virtual 3D music chat club and assign jobs to DJs, bouncers, or dancers
• Invite other 3D avatars into your personal virtual world for a house party, beach party, a romantic dinner, or date
• Start a virtual family and live your virtual life happily and carefree

• Use your profile to draw people’s attention to you
• Show crazy photos of your 3D avatar in your timeline and make new friends
• Keep your virtual family and circle of friends up to date

• Collect achievements, badges, and rare items
• Show what you’ve got in virtual 3D quiz rooms
• Climb the XP, DJ, and Quiz Rankings
• Sell rare items on the built-in marketplace and make a profit

Please note that Club Cooee is for ages 16+.

Twitter @clubcooee


- Club Cooee now requires Android 7 "Nougat" or higher to run
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "Club Cooee – 3D Avatar Chat MODDED"

  1. This game was promising, however, it takes extremely long to load (not just opening the game- even your avatar) and when in the shop you cannot even see what the item is until you put it on. The only way you can tell what it is (without trying it) is the name of the item. Another problem I had was in the customization menu- whenever I tried to change anything (minus hair and skin color) it would just dissapear and I couldn’t see what I was doing. I wouldn’t recommend.

  2. ideka dice:

    This game has so much potential, the servers are neat and everything seems pretty cool. You even earn XP from just playing the game and seem to level up pretty quickly. But of course we cant have nice things. The currency system in this game is garbage. It gives you a ton of P credits for free but you literally cant buy anything with them. You cant covert them into the main currency, you cant use them for anything, theyre literally pointless and its impossible to get the main currency for free.

  3. I love Club Cooee because it’s my second home. But about the app – recently it started taking a lot of my mobile data, before it used to be 1/3 or 1/4 amount of data. Also I don’t like how the menu keeps changing and when I get used to it then it gets changed again 😵

  4. Im giving y’all 3 stars until y’all fix the bot issues or reporting issues, because within the last to weeks I’ve been banned twice. I’ve been using profanity as the app says it is, but the word/works aren’t spelled correctly, but you still understand the meaning. I’m not trying to lose my profile do to something that’s really a issues on your part.

  5. i really like this game when i can play it but lately I’ve been having really problems with it I’m having problems of playing it i go under as continue as guest because that is how i’m able to play the game because every time I try to put in my email or a password it won’t let me do it so i have to go in to as a continue as guest to play the game but now i’m having trouble of going into that now an i can not go to the team group to get help on there i have even tried that it just doesn’t work

  6. angel dice:

    I think this app is a really cool and fun game over all but there is something that I don’t like is how you have to spend money to get some cute outfits and that pretty much it overall I do recommended

  7. Dude the app was great until I found out that I had to pay to actually use the app I’m not paying to do what the app was made for 1 song you get to play one song how annoying is that and the price of everything is so much it pisses me off how much of a rip off the entire app is

  8. I really need some friends so this a good opportunity to play this wonderful game and I have experimented other games like hotel hideaway so yeah I hope you have a great time playing it😉✌🏼

  9. CHRIS Ci dice:

    I been here since 2016 and everytime they update the game its glitches like gifs doesn’t works 😒 then we would lag out of it because when someone spamming the gifs or stickers 🤔 please fix it or you lose money by person to person

  10. ________ dice:

    A lot of.. shady people I’ll say, not realy for teens like myself unfortunately. Its full of adults just.. being odd. Not even mature adults either. It also only has a few locations, and so many features are hard to use because they’re not explained at all. Like making a room, I have no clue how to change the appearance. Though it has a promising premise, its been done so much better by other apps. Which is sad because this one has had time to improve, even its models are sometimes glitchy.

  11. It’s fun but yall have too much problems yall have kids playing this game it suppose to be an adult game yall need to fix the situation before its get out of hand

  12. This game is bad I can’t make real anime characters and it’s boring and it has too many ads and it’s glitcher than before

  13. I love this game it lets me make news friends and even chat with them it is super fun and what i like about it the most is no one on the game is toxic or annoying and there all pretty nice people

  14. Yo KD dice:

    Warning to all new players, beware of Hackers.. You need to take club cooee off of Computer completely and make it for cell phone use only.. 12 times someone tried to Hack my phone on club cooee. And there still trying…

  15. Ricky dice:

    I love the game so much.but my issuse is the shop when u uploading your item its way too expensive..and needs some new items for building

  16. yall that works at clubcooee or for clubcooee game yall really need to fix all the dam glitches that has been happening on this dang game of people getting unfriended from someone else friends list cause u never know that it can hurt sum peeps friendships that had happened on this game but yet yall cant seem to fix or figure out the dam problems of why that kind of stuff is happening & also the glitches of friends being blocked by ur DAM NOT FIXED fix them or find someone that can…

  17. They take too long to come out with new clothes and it take too long to bring some old items back take my money bring some of the stuff back

  18. What I like about this is you can go to parties or stuff rooftops beaches and all that type of stuff

  19. My account has been banned in this game so i put the correct password to get my account back but i don’t know why it’s no happening

  20. Nice app to listen to some music from around the world and meet some very nice people and make new friends

  21. It’s a good app but when I go off it I can’t go back on and I don’t know my password so I sent it to my email but it didn’t came through

  22. Because it fun to chat with friends. By the way, too many people are making fake account’s on the game and hacking in people’s account for no reason at all. even though, The game is kinda reacting up badly partly and needs to be fixed up ASAP.

  23. This is a good game. But 1 stupid thing has changed my mind. Now, to use the marketplace i need to spend real money + more for buying something. It used to be just getting the money but Nooo. Now ot costs money.

  24. I am getting “connection problem” on startup, which is, of course, a lie. This app just complains about not reaching certain tracking services. after whitelisting those in my PiHole , the app starts working.

  25. I am having problem with my game. I can’t load, it always saying connection problem which i have data. Can u pls fix it now. Cuz i have install the game. It just remain to login. Pls fix it now😞😞

  26. I absolutely love this game! I’ve spent real money on it and have made some great friends. However, I’m not able to get back into the app, and fear that if I uninstall it to reinstall it, I will lose all the money I actually put into the game. Is there a way to fix this? For now my rating is 2 stars, but if this issue can be fixed, it’s easily 5 stars.

  27. Great game, I like a lot of what the game offers, however, it could be better in a few ways: • Add a lot more locations • Add more mini games, like; Bingo, Pool, Bowling, any multiplayer games that let you play against other users • Edit the location public chat room, when a user is chatting to someone, display the message over the users head so it’s easier to talk to a group or individual, this is an easier way to chat to other users publicly • Add jobs or mini game rewards to earn more CC

  28. Okay, so first thing’s first- this game is AWESOME! If you’re into meeting new people and talking or reading weird stuff non-stop, then this game is for you. Believe me, I’ve been addicted since the moment I clicked on the app. Only problem is, it glitches A LOT. Mine literally just glitched again for like… the 10th time in the last hour. That’s kinda why I’m writing this in the first place, ’cause I am very frustrated, but other than that… 👌

  29. This game is so fun like i was playing it once and… OMG its just so fun so dowload it now play for free!

  30. Building and editing needs to be at least web browser friendly instead of Windows or Mac base if not mobile. Costs of items vs chance of earning cc must be balanced. Invite option a must! Copy and translate crucial! But, I’m still within my first month of using the app but its overall better than INVU as far as the people. The DJ feature needs to allow movement while playing & reordering playlist instead of only having to the top or remove.

  31. Very fun unique(social) gathering Experience, From making avatars to designing clothes to meeting new people ,its a really fun game to get lost in

  32. I love this game I can’t lie. But at the same time I had this game for I don’t even know how long. But the only problem I have with it is it will not show me who’s looking at my profile anyone I have tried everything and it doesn’t say I need to restart it either. It also does it with my posts were they dont notify me untill like a week later please fix this

  33. Hi there. I LOVE this game. But recently I noticed that the outfit button is replaced by the dressup button. I rly liked the outfit button more cuz then u can easily access ure outfits… Otherwise this game is PERFECT for meeting new people. Oh yeah and please add more hairstyles for cp and be able to edit rooms on mobile. I don’t play on pc and I would love to edit my room soooo yeah. This game is a great time killer

  34. Raven dice:

    Redoing my review since now I can actually play it. The game is actually quite great despite not being able to get much coins/cash unless you pay actual money but they do have a lot of items you can easy get with the money you get when you level up. Probably one of the games I’ll be playing often.

  35. The game/ site is fun but, my system I’m on stops the game at 15 people. I got some ideas for improvements

  36. People in the other reviews put little to no effort into upgrading their character. You can upgrade without spending money. You have to put effort to get an outcome just like any other game. Iv met alot of cool people on here. Its entertaining and has helped alot in quarantine.

  37. Its good but itd be better to get CC easier, like playing minigames in-game. Matching, puzzles, word search, etc. Since its easy to get CP though, maybe make it the more you pay for games with CP, the more CC you get with that game if you win a stage/level. Itd be easier to get CC because 99% of the items in the shop you need to buy with CC. Getting it without buying it can be difficult… In-game minigames might make it easier for players to get CC.

  38. That game sucks it is laggy, glitchy and I don’t care you need a home to go to and decorate. I mean the graphics are good and so are the animations. But it doesn’t leave alot for role play. And I like how easy it is to get money I think you guys have a potential great game here but your missing the point

  39. Really cute and fun game.. there are predators though, which is normal for any online game to have, but yeah. Pretty fun game. I just wish there was more to do. There are parties with like 7 people but isn’t much to do besides play music. I love music but there needs to be some sort of game you could play maybe to earn CC because CC can only be earned by watching ads or buying them. There just needs to be more to do, I’m sure lots of players would appreciate that.

  40. Lil_Adora dice:

    Very good! I’ve been playing sense 2016, and I have met so many amaizing people on this app. Having this app and having the people on it has made me so happy these past few years. Amaizing job on the game. But, the only thing is many of my friends and I because most of my friend are on mobile too and sometimes we would like to edit our rooms. But we can’t because we are on mobile. So if maybe in the future you could change it to where mobile players could also edit that would be amaizing! 🙂

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