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Track, rate, and review every all your favorite shows and seasons with Serializd! Share reviews and recommend shows to your friends, and get recommendations for what to watch next. All features are FREE!


40 comentarios en "Serializd MOD"

  1. Overall this app is nice but like others have said it still could use some major improvements. I big one for me is that this app needs a way to filter by rating. It really is a crucial feature, it can help you find good shows in any genre and it’s nice to see your own ratings for shows you’ve watched as well.

  2. Good start, but needs some improvements: Homepage looks pretty messy still. I’d like to be able to not see trending shows or reviews if I can, only stuff from people I follow. Notifications do not go to my phone. They only show up in the app itself. Please fix! You need more sorting options for watched shows, such as Alphabetically, by total episode length, release year, etc. Activity from people I follow no longer shows up at all. Please Fix!

  3. Jack Z dice:

    Serializd has a LOT of potential. it’s Letterboxd for TV, and it works great except the app is REALLY slow. Loading a tv show takes about 30 seconds so it’s hard to log a bunch of shows all at once. Then again, this app is brand new so once they work out all the kinks I think this will be great and something I use every day.

  4. The ui is great and the social aspect is a nice touch however the interface is a bit unintuitive and can sometimes be slow to load. Would love to have a widget for the app too. Overall this app has a lot of potential and I think with a bit more work and time it will be the best tv tracker out there.

  5. HiFive789 dice:

    Layout needs a rehaul. The layout is ovetwhelming, you don’t know when something ends and something else begins. Sometimes you even need to search for something that should be right in front of your eyes. But otherwise, excellent.

  6. Victoria dice:

    Love it! It’s like Letterboxd but for TV shows. I just think it lacks a section for shows on hiatus or waiting for a new season, so that they don’t show in the Watching section. Also, it would be nice to “pause” TV shows, so that they also don’t show in the Watching section. Anyway, I see this app was released not even a year ago, so I can’t wait to see its improvements and how the user base grows.

  7. Nathan L dice:

    This app has a lot of work to do still. Enabling comment notifications would be the smartest place to start. Without that, there is no social. Reporting reviews that are not tagged with the spoiler option, would also be a very worthwhile feature.

  8. I like this app simply because it feels like a TV show version of Letterboxd. Though I wish that they show how many people have rated the episode and seperate season reviews with the reviews of the overall show itself. I hope it gets improved in the future for a better experience.

  9. rough start. need to be able to quick log stuff like on letterboxd. more browsing options would be great. the custom headers are a fun touch though.

  10. it used to be great but after the last update its so slow its almost unusable. after updating it i had to uninstall and reinstall it because it just wouldn’t open and it has been awful since 🙁

  11. As a long time imdb user, its still and always will be a go to for looking up actors / directors and the like while binging tv. But for reviews, recommendations, and all the other social elements I’d want around tv, this is the app for that. Yes its a letterboxd for tv sure, but with that comes the complexities of dealing with shows by episodes and seasons, which this app does a fine job at solving. Always could be better, but also always looking forward to updates!

  12. This is a great app, i love how it looks and works, just what I was looking for. My only real complaint is I just wish you were able to set a start and end date when logging a show, instead of just one date, hopefully gets added in future. Other than that amazing app.

  13. It may have some issues but overall it’s pretty good. I think they should add option to write the rating in lists too. It’s hard to organize things when you can’t properly see what the specific rating you gave is.

  14. (4.5/5) This app was mentioned on Twitter as a Letterboxd but for shows so I decided to try it out after being unsatisfied with other show logging apps. UI is super slick and well designed, and honestly I think it has everything I need and want in a show logging app – the one area that could be improved on is speed. It’s running really slowly even when my internet’s fine, not sure why that is. Otherwise a great app! Looking forward to seeing it grow 🙂

  15. Ashish dice:

    It would have been awesome if there was ‘sort by average rating’ feature in your watchlist

  16. Mona dice:

    the app looks promising, but it’s veerryyy slow. it takes forever to load anything, both on the app and on the website. Also, when u upload a profile picture on the website, the picture does not show up properly. it either appears to be cropped in a way I didn’t crop it, or it stretches my picture. That wasn’t a problem in the app though, the profile picture looks fine in the app, it was just a problem for the website. like I said, it looks like it has potential, just needs some improvement 🙂

  17. Realy great app, I loved it But we all know that it’s in initial stage bugs and error will be there, so obviously things will get better and better by the time. And, I’m waiting for some cool updates

  18. Menus and UI are a tad clunky, but otherwise exactly what I’ve wanted in terms of letterboxd for TV.

  19. I own a Galaxy S7, which the Google Play store says is compatible with the app. However, it simply will not boot. I’ve reinstalled it twice. Every time I try to open it, it immediately crashes back to the OS, telling me that it’s stopped working. I really was keen to have a TV equivalent to Letterboxd, but for me at least, this app doesn’t even function.

  20. lance dice:

    I wish there was a clearer way of logging stuff, it took me a while to realize I was just clicking “watched” instead of adding it to my ‘diary’. I use a phone and it’s unclear because it’s just icons and I assumed that the star logo was to mark it as favorite. It’ll benefit with a similar “plus” icon Letterboxd has but I worry people think it’s ripping it off, but it’s practical and easy to use. I do love the app and appreciate it’s free. Keep up the good work!!!

  21. This app is genuinely better than Letterboxd. super streamlined. Very easy to navigate. Only issue I have is it seems it’s not fully optimized for phones with taller screens

  22. Was waiting for an app like this and serializd is the best choice. Very easy to use and log your fav shows

  23. I like it, as it’s kind of a letterboxd for TV, but I wish you could rate/track by episode as well, not just by season. It might seem like a picky detail, but it IS a tv tracking/rating app and individual episode stats seem important to me.

  24. Margaux dice:

    I love this app and I’ve honestly had a great time using it. There are a few bugs with ratings/reviews for shows not showing up but it was easily fixed by just quitting the app and starting it again.

  25. Kat Cina dice:

    it’s like letterboxd but for tv shows. thank you for making this app. I understand that it’s new and you still update it but here’s some suggestions 1. let us choose whether we want to add the date we watched a tv show or not. i don’t want to specify the date everytime I log a tv show 2. show us how many seasons and episodes a tv show has and if it’s ended or not. it’s important information

  26. Love it! Looking forward for future updates.

  27. t b dice:

    It’s promising. Needs to be more user friendly, too many glitches, need to let us import watch lists from other places like TV time for example, tracktv, etc. and mark each episode.

  28. Love this app. It feels very user friendly and has really good UI. I spend a lot of time on it.

  29. manu dice:

    Hello! I really like this app, it helps me so much in tracking the shows im waiting but i do have 2 things to ask: 1. Itd be nice if the watched episodes were showed in Diary, cause it only counts if its logged/rated. And 2. Id like to know if theres plans to make it work offline? cause every time i try to open it offline it logs me off.

  30. Bucket dice:

    It’s alright but has been incredibly laggy for me lately

  31. Still missing tons of features like more options to sort your list

  32. I like the UI. but the only problem is i can’t open this app

  33. Great app. The Ui is amazing. Good user interface. The only problem I’m facing is I can’t make lists. I automatically get out of the app when I’m doing so. Fix that bug. No other complain

  34. Ara dice:

    I’ve been waiting for an app as pretty and as smooth as this. It’s absolutely brilliant. Looking forward to more features and hopefully a Serializd Wrapped soon? Thanks so much for this!

  35. This is letterboxd equivalent for tv. Great job! Btw when I tap on ‘recommendations’ it returns a blank page, please take a look.

  36. RevanX dice:

    Like Letterboxd but for series. The app is still very buggy but it’s new so I guess that’s to be expected. I still give it 5 stars though because the website is great. Keep it up!

  37. W.L. L. dice:

    Love the design and so happy to finally have an app/site to log shows! Loading timesare a bit long but the tiny robot makes up for it.

  38. Plz add a list for dropped shows. There are many shows which I have left in between and don’t want to watch further. So it would be great if there will be specified list for this

  39. I give five stars because is an app with a really huge pottential, and is a very good app, but the app is soo slow in all the sections, i hope you can resolve it, Thank You ♥️🙏

  40. Bro thinks it’s letterboxd but better

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