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TIYA is a social entertainment space where you can chat with both strangers and friends, watch videos, listen to music, play games and more!

Watch Videos Together
Watch YouTube videos with multiple people simultaneously. For a better viewing experience, log into your YouTube account to share your video playlist

Share Your Screen
Share the contents of your phone screen in real time whether you’re sharing photos, gameplay, or TikTok videos, etc

Truth or Dare
A classic game where players take turns to perform a dare set by the other players, or truthfully answer a question put forth by them.

Listen to Music Together
Share and listen to your music playlist with strangers or friends while chatting.

Stay tuned for more entertainment, games, and features to be exclusively released on TIYA!

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tiyausa/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tiya_voicechat


Bug fixes and performance improvements


40 comentarios en "TIYA-Social Entertainment Hub MODDED 2022"

  1. The app is good, but I like how it used to be better. A bunch of the problems I have with the new UI are 1. You can’t search for random group chats anymore, you have to be invited to one which is boring because I liked surfing random group chats. 2. I liked the old color scheme better, teal green and white is in my opinion better than teal green and black. 3. The UI was more simple on the old version, and was easier to learn and use. There are a lot more reasons but 500 characters isn’t enough.

  2. It’s okay. My problem with it is that you can’t seem to change your input/output settings. Which would be important for people who don’t want their original speakers blasting in front of everyone if they wanna go on this app. Now, I will say that when I have my headphones connected and go into a group call, it connects. But, it’s usually just chaos which isn’t that fun. When you go into a singular call, it goes straight to your original speakers. Which I personally don’t like. Just a suggestion.

  3. Vivian dice:

    The reason I give this app 3 stars is because of how many glitches it has. The first one is that some of my friends chats are just deleted. No warning, no nothing and it gets VERY annoying quick. The second one is when I use the wheel, it gives me the same prize, a thank you card. I’ve drawn maybe 7-8 times and just got the same thing and it has no value to it.

  4. Nawt Josh dice:

    This app definitely deserves to be acknowledged a bit more, not exactly Discord, definitely differs greatly in features and conversations, and I feel as if the app itself could be monitored better, but besides that people don’t give this app enough credit, I’ve honestly found so many new friends on here it’s absolutely incredible, and I’ve had such a good time. This app takes so getting used to, as any app does, but it’s adaptable and otherwise safe. It also has features unique to itself!

  5. M3ME_JR dice:

    This app is soo good for people to find friends and play together! I was wondering if you can add a record feature where you can record you and your friend talking and playing a game. But so far this app is the good app for find friends!

  6. I give this app a 4 star because This is a really good app for meeting new friends there is just a lot of people that are inappropriate on there and they’re not the best people they kind of say weird things and it’s not really good because there’s some kids on there that are like 10 9 but who knows maybe their parents let them see stuff like that?

  7. This app was good until I lost my account and lost all my friend and it I hate how you have a spaced name you can’t login the new update is bad I don’t know why they even have the instant chat because if you use instant chat you have to add them before you can tailk to them I don’t get the point it’s called instant chat means you don’t need to add you just tailk

  8. Is amazing I can talk text and make groups with my friends it’s the best I can connect with my friends on this app has helped me out so much that’s why I gave it a five so thank you and I hope you have a great day

  9. I really do like the app but I think you should bring back where we can see when people were online and to check if people are not very old just to verify their teenagers and not 50-year-old men😭 and you guys should have where you can delete messages

  10. I’ve been using this app for 3 years and never had a problem with it. It’s definitely changed over the years but for now nothing is wrong. I’ve even got my first girlfriend on here. It’s very good for socializing if you are alone like me. Good app!

  11. I give this 3 stars because there are a lot of glitches in this app, when I try to join one of my friend group chat it kepts kicking me out, and also trying to screen share. So TIYA fix this app

  12. Great app! But it would be helpful to be able to see and change your email and password, whenever I log out I usually have to make a new account either because it’s not the right email or it’s is and it’s making me make a new account. I am also unable to login by username, no matter how much I try which is frustrating.

  13. yen dice:

    So its a pretty fun app if you roleplay and stuff also love the season updates ,so if you e-date or roleplay this is the best app so far i have been using it for 2 years now and its pretty fun

  14. This used to be a really good app, but now the 1 on 1 matching wont work and will just keep on trying to connect and my internet is perfectly fine

  15. Doesn’t have a lot of ads but it is good to socialize on you can find good friends and you can also find rude ppl and racist so beware before you download this because I’ve been cursed out 77 times, been stereotyped 17 times, and have had 12+ people be homophobic towards me because I was non binary, I am now trans and scared to tell my true identity as I don’t wanna get homophobic comments again.. the good side of tiya is great I’ve met a lot of good friends and gave money away, overall good app

  16. I love this app, but it won’t let me invite or join anyone, but it will allowmetotext people, so that’s why I rate it a 3.

  17. Sonny dice:

    I give the app 3 stars because of the the annoying glitches. The first one is when the chats get deleted. No warning or anything. The second one is when messages send twice. It’s really annoying and kinda awkward.

  18. Keeps having updates that are unnecessary and getting hard to control and people are barely on for that nobody can hear me when I’m speaking so can y’all fix this and I checked and my mic is on in my space and on 1v1 and I can’t figure out whats wrong!!!! Fix this

  19. If you could could you make a group chat have separate areas like how Discord has any if you can also let people post gift analog for the reply to other people’s messages

  20. Oueen Rev dice:

    Don’t get me wrong that app is so much fun but more kids should be one it.

  21. qwe asd dice:

    they should add cover screen So cover screen is cool and you can put image in cover screen and first you start as Default cover screen on your profile and you can put image cover screen that’s way more cooler I think

  22. Miltiona dice:

    At first it was good and all but there’s a few problems that I wish it would be fixed. 1st,the live, sometimes when we want to scroll up,it goes live,kinda annoyed. 2nd,when we turn off notifications from a group,it will shows notification after a few hours or less. 3rd,whats with the missing message? One of my friend couldn’t see my text and no matter how much ,the can’t see but after a while ,my recent one can go through and not only that,I can’t see my friend message but through notification

  23. It’s just straight up a fun and enjoyable app! 😀 (But you get clinical depression after an addiction to this app)

  24. The reason why I rated this a two it’s because it’s kind of glitchy and a lot of people can send you weird stuff so that’s why I don’t really like this game and I’m redownloading it because I remembered that I had a lot of cool friends and yeah but it’s a good app but not really good because a lot of people can be really weird and they can like ask you for your privacy and yeah

  25. Tiya is a great app and has many nice people on it and many people should download it if they want to play games while talking to their friends but I don’t like the new updates but it’s a great app.

  26. this app is amazing but there is one thing and that is that I cant screen share fix it

  27. I put 4 stars because it’s a good app to make friends but there are a lot of weird people on here

  28. I didn’t like the updates. But I like how u can sign up with TikTok. If it’s still on there.

  29. Tia listen Tia please do you believe in this everything all the time right I’m with you on this there right this always keeps not running need doing so can you please do something about that I’m making all update let the old things stay please that’s all night once I just want to play my friends please

  30. It’s a good app and fun app to meet People but idk sense the update or what but when I got on the app and when I try to go to my text messages it wouldn’t let me click on it and when I click on my profile like I was stuck on the match and than when I went back on the app again it said network error please try again later and than it said network disconnected like I was connected to the internet

  31. Alexis dice:

    This app used to be good a few years ago but it’s still sorta good but if they added back the features like being able to see the groups your friends where in then I would love this app a lot more

  32. I like the app but with every new update it becomes harder to manage. I am 17 years of age and I still have to add people before typing with them.

  33. Elaine dice:

    I love this app but ever since I update TIYA it gives me problems. 1.when I open TIYA it kicks me off of the app which is annoying. 2. When taking to some my phone it glitches were I can’t barely hear anything or they can’t hear me pleasse can you guys fix this

  34. This app is greate but since the new update random people are actually talking on your phone even if you not on the app it’s really creepy and annoying it’s like they can hear everything thing you do

  35. There’s nothing but kids. Pretending to be 18 or older. On this app. This is post to be a platform for people to be able to find. People to hang out with or play with. There are people advertising within the app. I do not like this app.

  36. its a good app it’s just that when I try to open some messages it brings me to other ones not the one I clicked on like I tried clicking on the group thing not the one where I try to join other groups anyways I clicked on it and it bring me back to a message I already saw

  37. I love this app it’s great for making new friends but there’s lots of scammers anyways I’m off topic the reason I put 4 stars is because ever since the update it was so wierd. I have no idea how to do anything on it that much now so I’m asking this, can u please return it to the way it was?

  38. This app is overall great. But the issue is that it DOESN’T HAVE THE OPTION TO LOWER THE VOLUME. It’s to the point where Tiya is actually painful. Because the volume buttons doesn’t work for my girlfriend and I. I have an Android. She has an Iphone. Any background noise is enough to hurt like hell. Please fix this.

  39. This was trash plus, the updates was terrible. Each time do not recommend, I found a few people not gonna lie, but it got worse.

  40. Watching YouTube doesn’t support my region hope you’ll do it soon And I can’t do screen share it’s said my OS version is outdated Any solution?

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