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Build your own cozy community through this live streaming app.
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Pococha, a rapidly growing live streaming platform with 2M+ downloads, is now in the US!
Share a piece of your life and communicate with people all over the country!

WATCH real-time entertainment provided by musicians, food lovers, comedians and other unique talents!

SUPPORT your favorite broadcasters by chatting, liking, and using items in the broadcasts! Your engagement is the key to an exciting performance.

BROADCAST from anywhere, anytime with just a few taps! Easy-to-apply screen filters make it possible to start broadcasting like a professional YouTuber but with only your smartphone and no editing skills required.

PARTICIPATE in exciting online events held for every rank of users! Make strategies with your virtual Family members and win special prizes.

EARN Diamonds for your broadcasting hours and the excitement in your broadcast! (Diamonds can be converted to Coins for in-app item purchases or cash)

SAFETY on the platform is ensured by the Pococha monitoring team responding to any violations or immoral activities 24/7.

Here at Pococha, we believe live social has the power to create some of life’s most amazing moments. It’s our mission to create spontaneous happiness and connect our users. Join the Pococha community and help us complete that mission.

Ready to download the app for free now and explore the world of Pococha more?






Thank you for using Pococha!
We have made some minor improvements and bug fixes.


40 comentarios en "Pococha – Live Streaming App 2022"

  1. Bad app. Not to say I actually ever wanted this app. I downloaded it for a reward in another game, in which you just have to complete several goals. One of which was logging in 7 days in a row. Every time I got to day 7, it would reset and not give me credit for it. I did this twice and refuse to waste more time on an app that can’t even have that work. lame

  2. I love the app and I actually enjoyed my first broadcast on there but then my account got age restricted. That was annoying but it could be fixed and that was two days ago now. The app is great but their customer support sucks so badly. They aren’t rude, it’s just very slow and sometimes they can be confusing. I’ll reinstall it again after I get the email that will fix my account.

  3. Great app I love that you get free coins but resetting every month. That would be nice to know. For new comers Spending all your coins to get level 2 very excited to b almost level 3 and bam sorry start all over again. Plus how are you supposed to to live your life and watch 8 people at the same time all day long for the amount of time you require to level up. Suggestion be able to watch 2 @ a time then you would not have to choose.

  4. It’s a great app but the one thing I don’t like is when I try to do a broadcast I have to keep my face showing or else it will end it automatically. But I am to shy to do that and when I broadcast I am trying to show my kittens and their mom. It’s easy to use but other than the broadcast thing it is one of the best apps I have on my phone. And so far I have not had any ads pop up.

  5. Now after the update the app eats up too much data how we can do live broadcasting and attend others it’s become impossible now please include data saver option and also the app takes too much time to open others broadcast it should be near to flawless. Please optimize the app so that it can become responsive and till now the issue of glitch in video is not yet resolved.

  6. There can always be improvements. Have you ever thought about the people that don’t broadcast? I had an idea that would be even more sufficient! What if you could gift your freeze passes to someone that does broadcast? They can be 100 coins or “free” if you have any that you’ll never use. And if you gift them, the expiration date can be reset to the max. Tell me your thoughts on this Pococha. And anyone else please give feedback as well. The rules keep getting worse and it’s driving people away.

  7. I enjoyed listening but didn’t like the fact that HAD to be talkg every 30 secs to earn pnts and rewds in the app and for the app I was also earning pnts for. It also “threatened to tell on me” to my reward app(not exact words, but basic the msg) if I didn’t stay in contact with the person doing the live stream or othrs also watchng & listeng to the live stream. Otherwise, it’s a cool app. Met some cool people. Liked the app, It also didn’t pass along proper pnts to my reward app

  8. I haven’t really had any bad experiences. The only issue I have with the app is that my favorite streamees stopped streaming a while ago bit that isn’t a problem that pococha can solve so there isn’t a reason to bring down the rating for it. I love pococoins and pocoboxes, it’s a fun system to let viewers get the app currency to donate to the streamers. This might just be me but with twitch and stuff the streamer doesn’t feel a connection with the viewer usually but with pococha that’s there.

  9. It actually a pretty cool app ngl I only downloaded it to get coins for other games like imvu etc but to my surprise it was actually a cool app some of the live stream or funny and awesome I actually really enjoyed having this app and the live stream to watch and how pretty simple it is to navigate through the app.

  10. so was pulled by an ad that this was for cosplayers, nope it’s for those who just want to go live without needing follower limits to be met. it’s OK, content is just live ppl. UI is a bit clunky. so not a bad app just not the one for me.

  11. kat k dice:

    I had the stream on for 5 seconds and I got banned for my age. I’m 20 I don’t wanna submit a form it’s way to much work. I don’t even know if I like you app yet why would I apeal a ban if I never used the app… maybe fix this and it wi have 5 stars. Otherwise no problems it seems like an okay app

  12. I have lots of streaming apps before but after being on pococha i left all the apps like Bolo Live, Elo Elo, trando, voohoo, tiki and many more… Such a well developed application… I am enjoying this application really very much

  13. So far, so great! Really easy to set up and go. Profile edits are a breeze and I can run music in the background on the same phone I’m using to Livestream. My favorite part is I don’t need a following to start live streaming! Look up and follow PlaydohPlusPandora!

  14. App is good. however people like me can’t afford to spend a lot of money here, so when you give us the 2 poco boxes can you give us more then just 2 to 3 coins cause I want to show more support but it’s been hard to do for the past 2 months

  15. I love this app you met great new people you can be a supporter or a broadcaster and meet people just like you I love the concept and how interactive it is….give it a try you’ll love it!!

  16. I think this app is diffrent I like it as I go along and experience more of it and interact with the people its getting better with they it works and can be kind of strict with there system but it has some good benefits and value to there app

  17. I Am Joy dice:

    This app has too many stupid rules. They want to block you for stupid stuff like filming while driving showing too much skin even though you are dressed appropriately walking away from the camera too much they block you if you answer the phone while on the camera they block you. You better remember I don’t need you, your app need me before you end up as another Myspace that no one knows about and no one will remember. This app can kiss my 🍑 the people are awesome the app is s***

  18. Constantly follows people I don’t care about, if I did not click the follow button on a person’s profile don’t try to push them on me, I will immediately unfollow as soon as I notice. I don’t care if they’re even strippers showing their goodies, if I don’t follow them myself I don’t care. Stop it.

  19. MoonWolfUnicorn here. I have been on this app now a few months as a broadcaster and so far I love it. Support wise it gets repetitive at times and we are limited on what we do, however the devs keep updates as we request them. I am at 5 stars pending july update. Devs please reconsider them changes.

  20. I am lucky because I be a part of pococha family. This is the first app where I see equality in earning you don’t need much big supporter like other app if you want to grow here only need good communication skills and offcourse respect. Thank you so much pococha team! For launching this awesome app in my country.❤️ Keep growing 💗

  21. Levi dice:

    Scam app. I had to log on everyday and on the last few day it never gave me my rewards. Speaking to the Fyber tech morons is the worst. They are so incompetent and never help. Delete!

  22. I downloaded the app to get rewards on another app and it only rewarded me for the first login. The Pococha app itself isn’t bad, but I can’t follow the people I want to follow and it didn’t serve the purpose I downloaded it for.

  23. I really really enjoy this app but it’s just alot of glitching on my end and when I try to switch accounts it says something like you can’t be on 2 accounts and watch broadcast or some bs idk but other then the glitching I really really enjoy this app but hopefully the new stuff y’all are about to do to it will stop the glitching…….God Bless God is King

  24. This app makes me speechless because it is the best app I have ever installed. There are so many sweet heart people up here. It’s so awesome and amazing.you guys have to try it out some time.

  25. Honestly this little video chat app sucks so bad I don’t understand the point in it I can’t gain points don’t know what to spend them on and everybody is just sitting there staring at their camera listening to music is a very boring and stagnant app

  26. Chris B. dice:

    Needs translation function. Can’t copy text from Chat and should let you know when a stream has ended it’s broadcast.

  27. I used it for the first time tonight – really used it – and spent two hours on one broadcast. The number of broadcasters is wide and vary the full spectrum. Worth taking the chance at dipping your toes in and finding a few you like. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Awesome app and community, developers, great job.

  28. For now I’m going to give this a 5 star. While the app is a little difficult to use I’m sure with time it will get better. Since giving this review I have found some major problems with this app. First off when I started this it was for points, at 2 weeks in what should have taken one week has not completed. If the creators want to cheat people than I have issues. I prefer honest apps. This is a money pit with little reward. Save your time andmoney. App does not load properly. Just a bad app.

  29. Awesome plus!!! I have established my platform and it’s amazing how people are being drawn to the Good News! Keep up the great work Pococha! XOXO ❣️❣️😊

  30. My account was given a warning and blocked for 1 day. Then to find out I’m indefinite. Just wow this app needs to be to be fixed. I want someone to contact me.

  31. This Place is the Rarest Live App I’ve ever encountered. The people are laid back easy to talk to. Somewhere I’ll be for a while. 💯

  32. Chuk Lord dice:

    I love this app and if I could add anything it’d be one thing, the ability to go live with more than 1 host.

  33. As a streamer on this app it does need improvement and I can see you guys are working on it. When I fist downloaded this app I thought it was scratchy. I love the fact you do not have to pay to help a broadcaster out they give you free coins. I met a lot of amazing people on this app an even became friends with them off the app. The one thing I have a problem with the app is supporters I see peeople support those who throw big gifts and not the ones who are there to interact and who don’t have $

  34. I really do love this app. It is not like the rest of apps. on poco you have more real people to talk to and help you in your Broadcast.

  35. From what I observe from the app it looks pretty good looks interesting I’m going to sign up and join in the fun! Create my own platform!

  36. It’s great to interact with people but it’s kinda one sided and pictures. Why can’t we have pictures the rules for smoking sure weed I get it but tobacco? I’m almost 40

  37. more Network issues with apps since getting the updates please fixed; not be able too enjoy and socialize with others with the glitçhes in general. Go live to Broadcast as independent and 97% of the time I have no viewer’s even after streaming for more than 6+ hours. Each month over 100 hours+ including supporting;but yet most lower ranks streamers are not getting equal fairness for views. Only around because of friendship’s I developed & nice people on here to chat with

  38. Got a ban for an “undefined” amount of time, they did not even say what for. Honestly this app sucks and just blows up my notifications with random people inviting me to their stream, thanks for the earn app points, I will never install this dumb wannabe app again. Edit: still banned so my account might as well be deleted, and there are no somewhat fun or interesting streamers, just a bunch of women talking about random things but mostly just reading the chat and welcoming people who got in.

  39. There is lots of entertainment and an Amazing app for unemployed person……hope u will never change your target …like 40 hrs

  40. This app is stupid. It’s all about the “beautiful” people. It’s not for real people like me. This app plays squid games/hunger games/popularity contests with the users. If you’re not some skinny, dumb person with fake hair, nails, etc., you will never make it on this app. Because I’m a 32 year old white male who would rather talk about the truth than worry about who is dropping the most gifts, likes, comments, etc., I can never broadcast and show people the truth. It is a click bait site.

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