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Build your own cozy community through this live streaming app.
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Pococha, a rapidly growing live streaming platform with 2M+ downloads, is now in the US!
Share a piece of your life and communicate with people all over the country!

WATCH real-time entertainment provided by musicians, food lovers, comedians and other unique talents!

SUPPORT your favorite broadcasters by chatting, liking, and using items in the broadcasts! Your engagement is the key to an exciting performance.

BROADCAST from anywhere, anytime with just a few taps! Easy-to-apply screen filters make it possible to start broadcasting like a professional YouTuber but with only your smartphone and no editing skills required.

PARTICIPATE in exciting online events held for every rank of users! Make strategies with your virtual Family members and win special prizes.

EARN Diamonds for your broadcasting hours and the excitement in your broadcast! (Diamonds can be converted to Coins for in-app item purchases or cash)

SAFETY on the platform is ensured by the Pococha monitoring team responding to any violations or immoral activities 24/7.

Here at Pococha, we believe live social has the power to create some of life’s most amazing moments. It’s our mission to create spontaneous happiness and connect our users. Join the Pococha community and help us complete that mission.

Ready to download the app for free now and explore the world of Pococha more?






40 comentarios en "Pococha – Live Streaming App MODDED 2022"

  1. Bad app. Not to say I actually ever wanted this app. I downloaded it for a reward in another game, in which you just have to complete several goals. One of which was logging in 7 days in a row. Every time I got to day 7, it would reset and not give me credit for it. I did this twice and refuse to waste more time on an app that can’t even have that work. lame

  2. Carol E dice:

    Although there is a rule not to date I still see a lot of people flirting and I see a lot of men trying to pick women up I hope you can look that up. I left a second time for this reason I didn’t feel safe. I even get traumatized when this happens even with the blocking feature. I also noticed that only 12 seconds were counted on my last stream and I was on for 5 minutes! And don’t tell me there’s something wrong with my internet. Please.

  3. Voy Voy dice:

    I installed it and went live for two seconds before getting my right to go live taken away because either it thot I was too young or because my little sister was in the background talking up a storm. If you look young or have kids or siblings find a different app. Pococha hates kids.

  4. Dope Streaming and Entertainment Platform! You can go Live Streaming immediately soon as you create and register for an account! Really awesome app to get out there and find new friends!

  5. more Network issues with apps since getting the updates please fixed; not be able too enjoy and socialize with others with the glitçhes in general. Go live to Broadcast as independent and 97% of the time I have no viewer’s even after streaming for more than 6+ hours. Each month over 100 hours+ including supporting;but yet most lower ranks streamers are not getting equal fairness for views. Only around because of friendship’s I developed & nice people on here to chat with

  6. Rik Chan dice:

    This vary good 😊😊😊😊😊 my fast live streaming apps thank you all of you and your hard work to make a very good apps in future you are making this sem concept app and very cute okay bye everyone this is my review But one thing you have increase your popularity in other country okay this is very nice to meet you and thank you very much

  7. Worst app ever… It’s increasing meter day by day but not the payment. It’s getting very much difficult to do the meter day by day after giving so much of time and effort also. This app should decrease their meter in such payment… And should increase the payment

  8. Sign up as a Japanese citizen or your only broadcaster options are a bunch of Americants. Also there is a section in settings where the sale of your info to other parties is active. The fact that you have to go into an app to ask it to not steal and sell your data – YOUR DATA – is fu🤬ked up.

  9. Look at the the permissions required! I think I’d rather get a ransomware attack than download this app! At least then you can usually pay to undo the damage.

  10. Every time I try to log in, it resets me to Day 1. I needed to log in for 7 days to get credit on a different app. This was of no help.

  11. I love the app and I actually enjoyed my first broadcast on there but then my account got age restricted. That was annoying but it could be fixed and that was two days ago now. The app is great but their customer support sucks so badly. They aren’t rude, it’s just very slow and sometimes they can be confusing. I’ll reinstall it again after I get the email that will fix my account.

  12. Only downside I see is that you make someone have to get lvl 20 before they can invite friends to the app. That’s advertising your losing on. Please fix this 🙏🏽

  13. the app pretty much explains itself, easy to use, and a very good way to build your followers up.

  14. The app has many broadcasters. They spam your device to try and get viewers. 5-stars. I do recommend the app.

  15. Great app I love that you get free coins but resetting every month. That would be nice to know. For new comers Spending all your coins to get level 2 very excited to b almost level 3 and bam sorry start all over again. Plus how are you supposed to to live your life and watch 8 people at the same time all day long for the amount of time you require to level up. Suggestion be able to watch 2 @ a time then you would not have to choose.

  16. This review hangs on whether or not Pococha and Swagbucks right their wrong and fullfil as stated an offer I completed. I was enjoying it. Principle is principle tho. To be continued.

  17. Faith Nu dice:

    Before anything… I need to open the app and have facts…. so, I seen this app on someone’s phone and wondered what it was, now I read, Live streaming….. But I asked this morning exactly “Do you do live streaming”. answer;NO…. and acts so puzzled when I hold out.

  18. Jeremy dice:

    So I was a top 50 pure viewer in the US server. I deactivated my account and mess up. That was my problem. But I went to go back on and the support group instructed me that it would be fine to create another account even though the waiting period is 7 days before creating a new one. Well,, that is were the issue happened. The AI for recognizing accounts alerted my account as multiple and now I am blocked for 90 days and the support says they can’t do anything about it. Support is lousy!

  19. Ask Me dice:

    It’s okay if you want to be socal on cam just not my thing seems to move. Smoothly a d would be very easy to use

  20. This is an interesting app it has a lot of potential I liked it but the thing is you come across a lot of people that are just sitting or sleeping nobody wants to watch you sleep I don’t know why they’re doing that but I don’t know nobody wants to sit there and watch you sleep I’m sorry that’s not attractive are you trying to get time or something so you can start doing your own stuff live I’m not sure on that but that wasn’t kosher….

  21. So like many others I downloaded because I wanted coins from another app. It was very confusing trying to figure out exactly what this app is for and found no instructions other than rules that left me no less baffled as to what is supposed to be going on. I quite erroneously assumed it must be like a TikTok knockoff or something… You can imagine my horror at realizing that the “broadcasters” were actually talking to me while I started at them blankly thinking how weird Pococha’s content is…

  22. It’s a scam app! It is streaming app in enhich you have to maintain your Rank without breaking the rules or else your salary will be totally deducted and you will just get money for engagement diamond. Don’t waste ur time in this app.. Cuz u can’t follow their tonnes of rules and income.. The rules have been made to deduct all streamers salary which is a big scam.. Ur hard work bcom valueless if break the pococha rules.. Beware of such fraud apps….!

  23. People are really fun on the videos and it’s a great way to interact.

  24. Dear sir I worked on the app in September but I didn’t get any payment shiba agency didn’t give me any payment. If you kindly arrange my payment I will be very much appreciated thanks

  25. Really love this app a lot of interesting people on here and they are very friendly

  26. I startes using this app a while ago and I think is okay. I don’t like the fact you can’t open the app unless you update it. Growing on a streaming platform is difficult. My streams often lagged a lot causing issues on my streams.

  27. I have noticed a glitch where when we are on others live and click to see some others things and when we move towards profile no comments and box timings starts again please look into this and please notify us how much scale or target is needed to be completed on that day. And please add a new feature where we can switch to audio broadcast when video live is not required to support others.

  28. In the very beginning of broadcasting (coming live in this app) it was nice but after that the app denied to pay your earnings, i just don’t like. The aap this is the worst app I’ve ever used there is no logics of not giving us, our salary, this is not fare to do with your team, Personally i really dont like the app at all.

  29. In the very beginning of broadcasting (coming live in this app) it was nice but after that the app denied to pay your earnings, i just don’t like. The aap this is the worst app I’ve ever used there is no logics of not giving us, our salary. Personally i really dont like the app at all

  30. In the very beginning of broadcasting (coming live in this app) it was nice but after that the app denied to pay your earnings, i just don’t like. The aap this is the worst app I’ve ever used there is no logics of not giving us, our salary. Personally i really dont like the app at all

  31. kat k dice:

    I had the stream on for 5 seconds and I got banned for my age. I’m 20 I don’t wanna submit a form it’s way to much work. I don’t even know if I like you app yet why would I apeal a ban if I never used the app… maybe fix this and it wi have 5 stars. Otherwise no problems it seems like an okay app

  32. This app is really the worst.. it cuts money from broadcasters and says that they are performing violence and in reality they are not .. I myself used to go to a broadcaster who was very kind but pococha cut his money in the name of violence. This is wrong and should not happen

  33. I 🤔 this is one of my most favorite apps! I 🥰 about hearing people’s stories, and interacting with some of my own! I’d ❤️ to broadcast, but really don’t care for going through a training course. Heck I’m old enough to be mature enough, except I act 🤪 cray cray 😜 alot. I’ve always enjoyed making people laugh, and ❤️ the people thar make me laugh 😃 😀 😄 😁 🤣 too!!! I recommend this app! 👌 it’s fun and entertaining, if your ever bored and want to just chat, then this is your app!

  34. It’s a cool app and it a great way to make friends work together as a team who worked as a family

  35. I love this so much it gives you an free live like omg 😳 so sweet just like music and all I have this app that it doesn’t have adds or anything 🙂.

  36. Downloaded this app and was really confused and looking around, apparently joined a live stream and was seeing what it was about and dude told I guess his followers he had to go ask a question and a minute later I was blocked, so I went to another live stream and dude cussed me and called me names, not even sure my camera was even on as I denied access when it asked me to go live. Really rude people, was only on the app for about 5 minutes.

  37. I’m going live from last 1 month but at the end of month payment not come they said that i didn’t live properly but i broadcast properly, interact with people etc… stupid app and stupid ip tech of app.

  38. Bhani Kh dice:

    Worst app ever, giving warning in last few days, wasted my precious time and my energy.

  39. It sucks. I just downloaded it to get coins on subway surfers. 💀

  40. Pretty cool experience especially if you’re American lots of International people to watch

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