GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding MODDED 2022


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The GoFundMe app is your all-in-one place to create and manage your online fundraiser on the go. This includes the ability to receive up-to-date donation alerts and easily thank and update your donors. Our fundraising features make it easy to share your story far and wide to raise money for yourself or the people and causes you care about.

• Get started in minutes: Set up your fundraiser and share it with supporters in just a few simple steps

• Receive updates in real time: Never miss a donation or an important update about your fundraiser with timely app notifications

• Post updates on the go: Record and share video updates or simply post photo or text updates within the app to let supporters know about your fundraising progress

• Quickly respond to donors: Send thank-you messages to your fundraiser supporters at any time from anywhere


We're constantly working to provide you with an even better experience through the GoFundMe app.
This updates covers the following:

- Introduces support for starting charity and non-profit fundraisers.
- Various bug fixes, performance and UX improvements.


40 comentarios en "GoFundMe: Best in Crowdfunding MODDED 2022"

  1. G-My-T dice:

    Brutal. Crashes constantly and you have to put your email every time. And your pw has to be 12 characters and varied. Lol. I get the security aspect of it with hacking and all. But don’t crash all the time. Thank you for your service though GFM. It’s immeasurable the amount of good you do in people live’s who need it. Keep up the good work there. Thank you. Extra star for that. But the app. Oof.

  2. Poorly designed app. Can’t delete notifications or get back to the campaigns they’re coming from. Hard to figure out how to do nearly everything. Easy to accidentally delete a post you’re writing. Trouble writing a post, I use a different app because of it. I can’t get it to import photos or videos, they have to be recorded through the app. All around hard to use. Update: It was email notifications, that I didn’t ask for and didn’t want. Hopefully it’s fixed now.

  3. The current software is surprisingly easy to use and setting up a campaign is relatively easy with any temporary confusion occurring due to various necessary steps and options. A word of advice: some functions are easier to setup on a laptop while others a better to be utilized on a hand held device. Be sure to be familiar with the app on both devices.

  4. J F dice:

    This app is awful!!! The description is all messed up. It just repeats the first two paragraphs over and over and over and over. It shows up like that when I’m signed and signed out just browsing fundraisers. Thankfully it shows up correctly on the web but if anybody opens it on the app they’re not getting the full description and I’m sure that’s caused us to lose donations because it looks like we didn’t put any effort into proofreading

  5. CJ Lewis dice:

    Good interface and design. Everything is a breeze from creating, updating, and withdrawal. The only issue I have right now is a big bug in the system… I can’t get the share page to open and load and that’s a pretty big part of it. If it weren’t for the fact I copied it to my clipboard and shared the actual link so I can copy and share that, but I can’t do it what so ever from the app. I can’t even access a share link in the app. I will update when this issue is resolved. Developers did well.

  6. The app needs a lot of work. It’s always having trouble to connect to it. I can’t update anything. And I can’t share it from the app because it says unable to connect please try again later. If they are going to charge to use the app at least make sure it works. They sure are making enough from people to make sure it’s running perfect. I have had nothing but trouble since I opened a go fund me 8days ago.

  7. The latest update (in June) is terrible. I can no longer do anything in the app because when I try to thank a sponsor or make an update (for example), I am instantly signed out. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing the app and it hasn’t helped. So, now I have to try to navigate and manage my campaign from the browser on my phone and it is a huge headache. Certainly not accessible for those of us with accessibility issues to begin with.

  8. The app will not let me sign in. I have tried several times, but it keeps saying the email or password is incorrect, but they are not and I am able to login on the website with them just fine. It is only the app that is not working. I have tried on both a Pixel 3 phone and Chromebook with same result. I tried until it said rate limit exceeded. If this gets fixed I can try again, but until then, I have no reason to keep this app on my phone.

  9. Major Fail! I installed the app, made some minor changes to my campaign text, the entire thing collapsed: it lost all formatting, bolds, line-breaks, links, pictures, videos. Had to redo the entire thing on a computer. On another note: if you don’t have facebook, you can’t have a profile pic or be a “verified” campaign organizer on GFM… lame.

  10. Wow, how disappointed I am. I downloaded the app, try to sign in and it keeps telling me “unable to connect to GoFundMe. Try again later” I tried several times. I even downloaded Facebook, still didn’t work. I can’t even make a freaking account, just great. What if someone didn’t wanna download Facebook and set up a account on there? Can you add a feature so you can actually sign in, without facebook. I’ve tried to press “skip” but the same thing about it can’t connect, fix this, just do it.

  11. Nothing but aggravation. I used this app years ago and it was great. I don’t know what happened but it sucks now. Customer service (if you’re able to get any) is anything but helpful. I can only upload one picture, can’t set up bank withdraws because the link to verify my email address isn’t working. I can’t edit updates unless I delete them and repost. It would be easier to go door to door.

  12. I cannot verify my account. I have had the verification code sent to me 5 times in a matter of minutes, but none of them have worked. This came after I couldn’t login to the app this morning. I thought that deleting and reinstalling the app would fix that, but it didn’t (at first). I’ve not got past the login stage but can’t get past the verification stage. It’s very frustrating, as I want to send my fundraising page to a friend.

  13. I was overwhelmed and drowning in a life that had veered out of control. The ability to bounce back had begun fading. “Turn to your friends for help” was the best advice I was given and through GoFundMe, I was able to reach out and ask. Thank you for allowing me this option. Without it i may have just given up

  14. Chad Dunn dice:

    Why have this app if you enter all the information and it just keeps saying unable to connect. I Uninstalled and reinstalled. Restarted the phone. So no need to use this worthless app. How can I reach a goal if I can’t open the app. And what if you don’t have a lot of friends and the ones you do have don’t share. Then you are just stuck with a useless fundraising. Tired of seeing post about people talking about they were out of beer and thousands are raised for them or because they have frie

  15. Terrible app. Have to login nearly every time, and never able to access up to date amount raised. Usually just end up clicking the link I send out to others to check the latest amount.

  16. Have been trying for 20 days to figure out how to withdraw funds. Your chat bot is annoying and not helpful at all. Also, last time I tried gofundme it was shut down without reason or warning and everyone’s money was randomly refunded to them. I really wish I had just had people send directly to PayPal instead. Also it tells me tgat fields are missing but it won’t allow me to fill in anything else. Also put in request for human help 3 days ago and haven’t heard back.

  17. This app is wonderful. I don’t know what everybody is having such a difficult time with. If they would just read the screen it’s pretty self-explanatory. There’s like five buttons on the entire app just push each one and see what happens it’s not brain surgery. This app helped me raise $1,950 in the first 24 hours I’m very grateful to be able to use a free app that can do that for me. Thank you GoFundMe.

  18. Miyoshi M dice:

    The app works when it wants to. Sometimes it let’s me log in, sometimes it doesn’t. This app needs a major update. I can’t keep using my laptop everytime the app doesn’t want to work.

  19. Hi I’m not have a very good experience with Go fund me. For instance I recieved notification that after my first donation I was to link the donation to my bank. When I went to do that with the link that was provided it came up that the website was not supported. A little help would help. Hard to find a support phone or text or something so I did it this way.

  20. I’d love to thank the people donating, but I can’t get in to the website. Username is correct, PW is correct, but it does nothing when I enter them and hit Sign In. Update over a month after the review above: Still can’t get in 98% of the time. The other 2% I get kicked out within 2-3 minutes.

  21. I can’t sign into the app. I’m running a fund a d I can’t check the status of it cuz I can’t get into it. My email notifications stopped. This is horrible. And I paid for this? My donations got funds taken out of them for me to not be able to access my page? This is ridiculous

  22. This program was amazingly helpful when my mother in laws house burned down. It was great at helping us get the word out about her plight. They also had a reasonable percentage they took out of the donations. We got the donations quickly. However, it’s glitchy. There were many times I struggled to get into the app. Also, after my mother in law got out of the hospital, I attempted to change the bank account & tried to make her the primary, and I struggled to make the necessary changes.

  23. Multiple bugs for Samsung OS. Don’t try to type your story here because it’ll keep scrolling to the bottom so you can’t see the text you’re typing, nor can you copy or paste.

  24. Aric e dice:

    we are having a very difficult time accessing the funds. although we have provided all of the correct information bank accounts and uploaded the ID. it is now been in there for over a week and it is been incredibly frustrating but other than that we have been very happy with the service

  25. GFM takes a cut on donation just for using their name, ALL the work is done by the user, we have to post and depend on the 25 friends algorhythm of FB, so after some friends and family, nobody else sees the fundraising and no donations come. Postung in Instagram is imposdibLe as the post goes in but the link DOES not open ! Same thing happens on Tik Tok. And a periodic glitch happens in the app and does not let me sign in for hours ! It happened again just now ! I am so unhappy and losing time !

  26. App is great. Love the experience. But the application is very buggy. It will not keep you logged in after closing the app, it will also disconnect from servers after going into settings and back out. Fix this bug and I’m sure it’ll benefit everyone who uses this application.

  27. I have the s22 ultra. The app has worked pretty good for me so far. The only problem is that when I go to edit it brings up the page but the middle is blank. To way to tap edit or type in the area and it doesn’t pull up what I originally had for my story. Hope it’s fixed soon.

  28. WHY do you keep logging out or rather forcing me to kill the app because it’s forgotten that I’m logged in so the only way to RE-login is to poof it then reopen it & sign in all over again! (thank goodness I have the thumbprint on or it’d be a heck of a hassle to type every single time!)

  29. Your app sucks. It won’t let me log in anymore and I know I put in the right info because I wrote everything down the day I created it. This is on you and no I’m not changing my password. If you can’t get it working I’ll just uninstall it.

  30. It was great for the first week. Then I started receiving error messages. Now I have to log in every time and hit refresh several times before I can view the information.

  31. Joel Arce dice:

    The app is nice but needs some work. So far my main complain is that I have to login every single time I close and reopen the app. It never saves the username and password.

  32. For the past month have not been able to log in, along with when trying to link my bank account it won’t allow me. I got money on it and now I’m going to lose it all because of the malfunction of this app. This is the only way I’m able to pay for my cats treatment. Thanks for letting me down

  33. The app logged me out of it and I can no longer log back in. I just get “unable to connect to gogundme, try again later”. I’ve been “trying later ” for weeks.

  34. Bella M dice:

    Liked this app. But most of the time you can’t open it or it crashes. Definitely doesn’t help when you need to update information.

  35. Edit: app very screwy. I can’t even log n. Seriously screw gofundme. They won’t even help with the issues I keep trying to verify my email. I verified once, and now when I attempt to verify, it simply opens the app to the home screen. But I can’t cash out until I verify or else it will be refunded. When I try to reach out for help, the app glitches and won’t even let me search in the search bar.

  36. Ange R dice:

    My much need money has been held way way too long. Even though my back has been set up forever, and there is money to transfer, it says “Nothing to transfer” This money is desperately needed they won’t let go of it! This should never happen, ever.!

  37. It’s been months and to no avail i still cannot sign into the app no matter what i do. Uninstall and reinstall, delete cache, delete all data, etc., nothing has worked.

  38. mj Beam dice:

    Can’t even log in anymore. No the password isn’t wrong, but each time I try and log in it just sits there. When I do get logged in, I’m logged out after a few seconds.

  39. This is my first experience with crowdfunding. I am very pleased with the easy-to-use sharing features and the excellent coaching! I would recommend this gofundme app to anyone.

  40. This app is absolutely garbage, can’t withdraw your funds you’ve raised so your pretty much raising money for the app owner designer don’t use this app. It says you can update and edit your post yet there’s no way too. Waste of time in an emergency situation someone could die out in the old before they figure out the problems.

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