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Ask anonymously, answer anonymous questions in a chat with friends
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Time to ask! Download ASKfm and ask your first question RIGHT NOW!

NEW! ⭐ Meet the most desirable feature among our users – Chats!
Have you missed long and thoughtful communication? Maybe you are looking for small talk? Check out Chats on ASKfm!

Start chatting right away – just ask another question under any answer that caught your attention. Stay anonymous or ask openly – it is still up to you!
As soon as you have your question sent, it will immediately appear under the answer it is addressed to. Anyone can join the chat and keep a discussion going. Let’s chat on ASKfm!

What is hidden in the secret ASKfm app?

It’s obvious – questions and answers! Ask anonymous questions or do it openly, more than 40M people are waiting for your questions. Find your crush’s profile? Hide behind the anonymous mask with just one swipe, ask something and be ready to hear the honest reply. Ask people around via Shoutout and make friends with strangers nearby. Answer questions from your friends, classmates, or strangers. Are you sure, you are ready, to be honest? Make your profile brighter by adding photos, videos, or gif to your answers. You are more creative than you think!

Check your wallet for ASKfm coins in it! Collect ASK coins to spend them for special offers at the ASKfm market. Who needs likes, if you can earn coins for your answers? We believe some answers deserve much more than an ordinary like, so you can also get coins when your followers tip your best answers, but don’t be greedy and tip your friends’ answers as well. Check who earns the most and challenge your friends in the weekly coin race.

We have some special cards up our sleeve! Join the VIP program to get early or even exclusive access to special features, backgrounds, and promotions. Believe your answer is more than just interesting? Set the price with premium feature Secret answer and get the coins each time, when someone wants to know the truth about you! To learn more about the VIP program write our team via [email protected].

Still, have some doubts? Like to choose this or that? Check the Versus tab and give your voice to the best options or create your photopoll to hear the thoughts of others.

Ask, answer, chat, and find new friends, people around, or even your classmates on the Q&A social network ASKfm. You can sign in via email, Facebook, or Vkontakte.

Get your copy of ASKfm – the TOP anonymous app – to reveal the deepest secrets of everyone around. Ask anonymous questions or do it openly, answer questions from your friends, classmates, or people nearby. Dive into the endless world of Q&A at ASKfm!

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Small bugfixes and UI improvements. Enjoy your ASK being the same but somewhat better.


40 comentarios en "ASKfm: Ask & Chat Anonymously MOD 2022"

  1. Zoz Zoz dice:

    The app keeps crashing everytime i try to answer any question. Just freezes and crashes. I tried every possible solution and it didnt work..the app was working fine but suddenly starts crashing and still.

  2. Muhammad dice:

    The apps automatically open another apps due to the ads. not 1 or 2 or 3, it happens many times. it sucks

  3. After subscribing it’s contantly closing with a message ‘Askfm closed because this app has a bug…’ Tried cleaning cache but doesn’t help…

  4. Tilila dice:

    The app was good for an amount of time, I downloaded it again but I can’t even get into the app, everytime I choose “I’m 18+ yo” I get “access denied”

  5. No internet connection error message keeps appearing in the app and nothing opens. This error is fatal as i am unable to use the app. This issue been happening for months. Do something, dear developer. + Tone down the ads and promotions, the app literally feel like a spam and have that fraudish vibe, not good for your image.

  6. Too busy, immediately after install it has 3-5 pop up ads for itself? Very predatorial. Difficult to find people. CuriousCat is significantly better. This is just…wow… It’s like the Kik of question apps.

  7. I wish one day this app go viral, the idea is brilliant really and better than twitter. the customer service is very friendly, yet they’re very professional.

  8. I can not use the site or application. It always gives me this message (( This site can’t be reached The connection was reset) and there is no any problem with my internet 🙂.. It got really bad 👎

  9. My personal account was connected to Facebook, but now there is no way to log in through Facebook. Why?

  10. App gives message that there is no connection although phone is connected to internet, then after a while the app doesn’t open and the site gives error !!? I have tried to reinstall the app and the same problem occurs nothing changed. What should i do !?

  11. Andrew dice:

    way too sensitive when it comes to pictures some pictures that people post on there are not inappropriate they are just normal regular pictures need to change that

  12. One suggestion would be that you can sort the question based on the time. As I would want all the latest questions on the top of my screen.

  13. I can’t log in to my old ask. fm 7 years ago to delete it because I don’t have the same email anymore.and I can’t connect via Facebook please help me

  14. I can’t access to my old account, i was entering by Facebook account but now i couldn’t!!!

  15. i usually login by my Facebook account, but now i logged out and can’t login again

  16. well i might enjoying the concept of asking random ppl on the internet but the app is just pile of ads sometime its a bit inappropriate

  17. I logged out and I cannot log in via facebook again ,plz help me to log in my account

  18. I just test the the app and its kinda ok. But after i stop using it since im having troubles setting up my profile. Multiple time they ask for my card and paymet method and says it’ll be free for time. Rhen suddenly it took money from my payment app without my consent. I want a refund…!!!

  19. Not Sure dice:

    Still my favorite. At least they encourage interesting conversations as oppossed to pics of asses.

  20. Its okay! I like the option that we can ask each other questions in secret! But I wish more people could ask questions more!

  21. Facebook button doesn’t work I can’t login right now This is really annoying

  22. There’s some issue with personal questions. I’m getting personal messages from last month now. There’s some kind of a glitch. Please solve this

  23. Aya Fathy dice:

    Only ablack screen appears this appliction dosent work whats the problem? Please fix this problem quickly…

  24. P C dice:

    Apparently, asking for a refund when you haven’t used the thing you bought is grounds for a warning strike. My child got access to my credit card, and they’re going to penalize their account for it. It cost no money to AskFM. How is asking for a refund against Terms of Use?

  25. Super slow to the point that there is nothing working at all, and it keep telling me “there is no connection” I also face the exact same problem with the website on different devices/browsers, It just seems like you don’t want users to use ASKfm at all, I hope this tells you how bad the app is, really miss the days of the dark blue Askfm.

  26. I need to log in with Facebook and I didn’t found this option please solve this problem

  27. it’s been two weeks now and it keeps showing no connection while the internet connection is good and tried to uninstall and reinstall it again and it didn’t work it does not even open at all.

  28. This application is good and constantly evolving, but it takes advantage of the location feature, so the icon of the flag of each country appears for each account holder, and this is a blatant violation of privacy and is not consistent with the title of the application (ask anonymously)

  29. Can U make this changes in next update/ 1-Users can disable Shoutout. 2-Real Block. 3 -Solution for Fake accounts. 4-rearrange the menus & separate every menu alone.

  30. Been using this app for ages, but somehow everytime when an update comes ~ the stability of the old one is lost. Like for example, the notification part when someone mentioned u, the app just actually stops notifying you. The private messaging great feature too but I think something is lacking, considering you can have your convo but you can’t even exchange photos in the middle of the chat. I just lost it. For now, I lower my review from 5 ⭐ to 2.5⭐

  31. These “updates” are really ruining the app one after the other. The new notifications’ system isn’t really that convenient or even useful. And I’m not a fan of the new aesthetics for the the icons. Forcing everyone to receive shoutouts is really annoying given how we get nothing but junk from it. And having made everyone’s Qs appear for everyone else in threads is one of the worst things you’ve implemented. It’s very annoying that you’ve made the most basic functions the hardest to access & use.

  32. Not moderated, spam, pictures dont show up, and I cant even launch the app, this is one of the worst apps ive ever been on

  33. It is a very nice app But you should find a way to make google translate available for users Almost everyone I meet on this app is using there local language making me hard to interact with people far Away

  34. Hager dice:

    Most of the recent updates are bad, for example, the shouting has not been deleted, and it has become boring!!!!

  35. No matter whatever username I enter it’s either already taken or cannot be used! The names are not even vulgar🤦‍♀️

  36. İ can’t open my account anymore because it connected with Facebook only

  37. It can be fun, once you get the hang out it. It’s almost like, using any other type of social media app. Mainly, teens and young adults. The Pick A Side feature is interesting, because you get to see what the majority of the users prefer, after you’ve cast your vote. Worldwide userbase, multiple languages.

  38. Emily dice:

    Couldn’t keep this app on phone for more than 5 minutes after downloading.. Couldn’t go one minute without my phone receiving a notification out of control! There is nowhere on the app to cancel my payment or notifications even after the free trial. Had to uninstall the app RIGHT away as I couldn’t stand hearing another notification pop up/cancelled subscription. The site is awful. Hope I don’t get upcoming bill charges after free trial or I will have to cancel my card. Too many scams out there.

  39. no chatting option it is so boring and annoying

  40. why i cant log in using my Facebook account? bro that was my oldest ask id and i just lost it, used to be a good app bit now its just a dustbin

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