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The next-generation video platform
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Watch all the videos you love. Follow your favorite creators, discuss the latest content, and share it with your community, friends, and the world.

Utreon is a next-generation video platform built to revolutionize video through great technology, beautiful design, and awesome features.

Follow Your Favorites
• Easy access to the channels you follow
• Access to their latest videos

Discover Exciting Content
• Find new content by topic, suggested channels, or suggested videos
• Browse to see the latest, or use search to find what you’re looking for

• Always see what you missed while you were away
• Keep track of new videos, and comment replies

• Native video player and app
• Minimize to any corner

Share and Participate
• React to videos via up or down vote
• Give your opinion via comments
• Share videos or channels with your friends and family


40 comentarios en "Utreon 2022"

  1. App has potential, but it has some critical issues. The big one is screen keep-alive. The app doesn’t keep the screen on when playing videos, so the screen dims after a few seconds of no touchscreen input and locks entirely after several more seconds (depending on your system settings). Video playback will always have no user interaction for extended periods of time, and the screen absolutely needs to be kept on. This is a critical UX/UI issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

  2. Just updated the app and it hides the buttons in full screen now, is a bit less stable though (failed to load at first), nice to see improvements either way! Probably the best up-and-coming YT replacement. Needs “dark mode” or something as an option in the app; my home/back/switch app buttons are always displayed in a white background, very disruptive to watching videos. Also missing full widescreen which would hide the buttons completely.

  3. A great app to use if creators you follow use it. Has a somewhat simplistic but still intuitive (and consistently improving) UI, and is well-thought-out as a direct-subscriber platform. Once a few features (like picture-in-picture) are implemented and a few overlooked issues (like the fact that it currently does not keep your phone screen from turning off), I will give this app 5 stars no problem.

  4. Claims you don’t need an account, but you do for Android. The web app doesn’t scale well on a phone. Guess I’ll use that for the handful of videos I want to watch.

  5. Needs Chromecast, I’m not watching anything without that. Needs dark mode. Need video duration in thumbnail before watching. Need ability to save videos to watch later list and playlists. Need to swipe left/right to change tabs. Browsing someone’s list of videos is jerky and quickly slows to a crawl, which makes the app completely unusable. There’s unfortunately a lot of work to do here. Good luck!

  6. Christoph dice:

    Clean UI, got potential. Hope this takes off. My two cents: 1. Add playlists or “channels” tab. To better categorise videos. Plus the ability to get notifications for specific playlist/channel. 2. Search algorithm definatly needs improving!

  7. Erik dice:

    App and web version really need a history page so you can go back and see recently watched vids. Also really needs the ability to start a video where you left off from last. Otherwise I’m glad there’s finally a viable alternative to YT.

  8. Been using this platform since early 2021. Very Impressed & easy to use. Keep up the great work! Only thing I would reccomend is to design the UI with a little more quality, but thats really all I have to say. Still very impressed and excited for its future hold.

  9. Can’t wait to transition more from YouTube to Utreon. However, the Android app doesn’t always play all video correctly (on some it’ll play the sound, but not the video, and it won’t show the controls).

  10. I like it because it’s not YouTube and finally something to compete with YouTube. However it is missing some options like clearing the search history. Privacy and Security features.

  11. Some videos say I need tier 1 to watch, but no where can I see a way to get to tier 1. How can I support the creators and get to tier 1? Update.. have to sub via web browser. Should include this in app in the future.

  12. No option to choose video quality, I prefer 240p, 360p videos because of my limited data. Another problem, app shows error when clicking on profile settings. My android verson is 6. I shared video in social media for more publicity. Thanks

  13. Not bad. Possibly, this new app will be better than youtube. I have been waiting years for a Alternative to youtube with free speech. And now I finally found one. Hopefully, in the future more updates will allow us to upload videos in mobile and on the website.

  14. Jeremiah dice:

    Constant HTTP 402 error. Videos seem to play anyways though, so no real complaints there. Already offers tons of content, so it’s well worth the switch from YouTube/Patreon.

  15. I have been using the App for last 3-4 months. To be honest I am really enjoying this new video sharing platform. It gave me the much needed break I required from YouTube. I just wish to see more UI changes on its future updates.

  16. Initial date of birth entry always puts wrong day. This has persisted for months. Such a lack of even basic functionality made me uninstall and not bother trying it out.

  17. A perfect YouTube alternative. Although this app is only in beta it is so well done. It’s super easy to find good content, it has an enjoyable viewing experience, and it now has livestreaming. I hope to see more content creators join this app.

  18. Dmitry T dice:

    Without sign in or registration not possible to browse videos and look around. I just want to.check.it, Why I had to sign up, why do you force users to sign up?

  19. You can’t save videos, and you can’t access your history either, but it has potential. I hope all these things are added in a future update. I will rate it higher then.

  20. Steve H dice:

    I should not have to sign up for anything just to preview and see if I like the platform. If I want to interact and make comments I can understand it. But I just want to test drive it and see if I like it. If they do not allow me to test drive a vehicle I am not going to buy it. Same thing goes here. Apparently this was a waste of my time.

  21. Bevis dice:

    Functional, but lacks a lot of features. The web interface is better.

  22. Very awesome interface and good potential needs more improvements keeps shutting down and messing up please fix this issue thank you

  23. The app is very good. The problem is that I don’t know how to be a creator and upload videos on Utreon because there is a lack of creators on utreon

  24. Best alternative for youtube

  25. Promising platform however my screen will turn off while the video audio continues to play.

  26. Works great, hope to see it become real competition for YouTube.

  27. Hello haven’t tried this app yet but everyone is saying it is gonna be a better version of youtube but I think I agree hope it grows more one day I like the layout

  28. The utreon app is amazing. It even continues playing after you’ve closed the app.

  29. Useless app don’t waste your time and date. Unable to sing up / login every thing gradeout

  30. Best customer service I have ever had for any app. Have a problem? They want to fix it. The literal CEO will troubleshoot your problems. What a nice guy!

  31. App wouldn’t let me sign up or log in. Edit: Works now and I like it.

  32. Freezes on sign up page after entering details and then quits after 20 secs

  33. Ryan G dice:

    started spamming my email inbox as soon as i signed up. uninstalling.

  34. Fine for browsing. Lacks creator features

  35. Would be nice to get push notifications when a video from someone I follow gets posted

  36. Lame as hell, can’t search anything (cause no videos pop up)

  37. Good app nice alternative to youtube.

  38. VERY VERY GOOD 😏😇🤣😞😍 UTERON 🥜🏓💾💕🛴 APP

  39. After download worst response to login page even tells account not found

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